The Universal Matrix of Natural Systems and Vital Cycles


         I am suggesting a new naturalistic explanation for the existence of Life, never published before, which can provide new elements to improve the lives of human beings. See the pictures below about news suggested.
         Bio-Physics of Natural Systems and Comparative Anatomy between systems animated systems and inanimate matter were the most common methods for six to seven years in the observation and investigation of the biosphere and atmosphere of a virgin region of the Amazon Jungle in search of the ancestral proto-system of the first cellular system or the first living being, trying to understand the causes and origins of Life.
         Some of the many results of these methods in the form of anatomical models are displayed in this order:
         1) The anatomical shape of an evolutionary link - here called LUCA, an acronym for "The Last Universal Common Ancestor" – between inanimate matter from the period of Cosmological Evolution and the organized matter into biological systems from the period of Biological Evolution;
         2) LUCA is a proto-astronomical system formed by bodies like the Earth under the transformations of its life cycle and has the same shape and functionality of a pair of nucleotides, the fundamental unit of DNA information;
         3) If the DNA exists in living beings and its ancestor exist in astronomical systems, I followed their ways even in the simplest of atomic systems and their origins have been suggested to be vortices constituents of particles, which has brute forces as the rudiments of vital properties. Thus I suggest the existence of a universal genetic code of extra-universal origin, here called "Matrix/ DNA Universal " from which the DNA is only its biological form;
         4) The Matrix leads us to re-interpret the Cosmological Evolution and Biological Evolution erecting a new version of the Universal Natural History. It also suggests that - like the man is body and mind, DNA is material structure and an unknown command of instructions, and computer is software plus hardware - the process of universal evolution is composed of hardware and software that interact among themselves retroactively;
         5) This new version of the Universal Natural History leads inevitably to a foray into metaphysics and there I suspect that this universe is merely a structure where there is a process of genetic reproduction of a natural intelligent system that existed before the Big Bang. Whence I infer that we are like genes building our own and unique body that in the future will be a natural intelligence in the image and likeness of the generating system. Thus, this new worldview suggests a new significance and meaning to our existence that has the power to improve relations between human beings and for those with Nature.
         The period of seven years of research in the jungle between 1980 and 1987 are added to the last 23 years employed in testing the models against the facts and actual events of naturals phenomena. A huge amount of accurate predictions and evidence accumulated without detecting a single natural fact or natural law which would invalidate the theoretical models requires me to divulge this work with the hope of getting members to continue this work there since I'm at the end of my forces. The aims copyrighted restrain any use by third parties for individuals or groups seeking financial goals, political or religious. They are released since that we identify its use for the benefit to Humanity as a whole without distinction of race, color, religion or other discriminatory predicates. Another reason for divulgation is the possibility suggested here that the new mechanisms and natural processes, if proven true, could contribute to the development of current technologies, sciences, especially medicine, as well as the behaviors and wealth for individual and social. Although this is not a work with scientific pretensions, the models are scientifically falsiable or testable since there are resources to do so.
         I am entering in the "Articles" the new evidence and lessons that constantly arise. Any participation in this work will be welcome. Placing myself at your disposal for any explanation in the "Contacts"
         Sincerely, Louis C. Morelli"

Louis C. Morelli

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Humam Life's Cycle and Astronomical Life's Cycle

In this figure we see two streams of circuits consisting of two life cycles: the outer represents the human life cycle and the internal circuit represent the life cycle of any astronomical body. How the matter of the Earth (which until 3, 5 billion years ago built only solid bodies such as rocks and gases and water) was conducted to build bodies that are born, grow, live and die !? The primordial soup did it because there were natural forces driving it, the forces that came from a planet that has a life cycle…

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The Matrix´s Software at the Evolutionary Stage of Closed System (as LUCA)

Extracting the circuits performed by the two streams of information from the two life cycles above I got a design of a perfect closed system in the shape of a software´s diagram, like those simple ones we see in computation. Then I saw the diagram is identical the shape of a nucleotide. It could be an astronomical DNA?! Nature reveals that is composed of matter (as hardware) and an evolutionary command of instructions (as software), which I called The Universal Matrix/DNA.

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The Nucleotide as Matrix´s Biological Structure

The life cycle of any astronomical body like the PLANET EARTH breaks up by entropy into fragments which are units of cosmological information. These fragments in the form of photons bombard the surface of other astronomical bodies and then they self-organize as the SOFTWARE/MATRIX above, which leads atoms for to build nucleotides, which are the UNITY OF DNA INFORMATION. Each nitrogenous base has the same function of each astronomical body. Thus a Celestial Code becomes the HUMAN COSMIC CODE.

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Animal and Vegetal Cell Built By The Matrix

Starting from the nucleotides was built the RNA, and then came proteins which built a molecule under evolution copying the seven Matrix/Software functions, which became organelles. RNA is the left face of Matrix which built its right face becoming DNA. So, the software made the self-organization appearing the first real living being, a plant cell that mimics the astronomical closed life cycle ( a closed door to Evolution) and the animal cell without photosynthesis opening the astronomical system to evolution.

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Origin Of Sex Chromosomes

The first CELLS inherited the hermaphroditic state from LUCA. But making a cell to express as dominant the total circuit of a closed system (X), which includes the female quasar, and another cell to express as dominant the left half of the circuit (Y), the Matrix separates the sexes, making the biological system more opened to diversity of species and evolution. Also the phenomenon of left-handed life ( chiral ) came by the same mechanism.

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The Cycle Of Cholesterol And The Matrix

Notice how the SOFTWARE / MATRIX is the formula applied by Nature for to arrange the matter into systems and cycles. The cholesterol performs a similar circuit where the liver is at the place of Function 1. But, in the bad cholesterol circuit there is one difference: note that the body out of the loop between F2 and F3 (HDL) should be between F3 and F6. This defect could be the cause of making the proper and essential good cholesterol into the bad cholesterol which can kill us? The Matrix´s models suggest different and new approaches to Medicine.

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LUCA - the Last Universal Common Ancestor

Darwin and The Matrix/DNA Theory agreed with the idea of Evolution and with the suggestion that there was a primitive common block which would have brought forth life on Earth. But Darwin thought LUCA as a microscopic stump and could never imagine that LUCA is astronomical, formed by the seven shapes of astronomical bodies! This picture is the Face of LUCA. This discovery enhances the idea of evolution by adding four more variables observed in LUCA upon the Darwinian formula with only three variables (VSI - Variation, Selection, and Inheritance), fulfilling the gaps and explanations in the biological and cosmological evolution, and suggesting the existence of an Intelligence Supreme beyond the borders of this universe.

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