Machine Learning at New York Science Academy and my e-mail with suggestions

April 26th, 2019


Natural Language, Dialog and Speech (NDS) Symposium (NYAS)

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The universal natural formula of all natural systems shows that our actual binary systems cannot learning humans properties, it is necessary a new different approach. What we are doing with the current approach is turning on, unconsciously, the biological brain into a mechanistic brain, instead the opposite that should be our goal. I am the unique man in this world that knows this formula, how to make interpretations from  it, trying to mimicking it technologically, as you can have a n initial idea seeing the formulas at my website .

Natural evolution is coming in  unique evolutionary lineage since 13,8 billion years ago. Errors in the current paradigm and approach are due also because a world view that separates biological from cosmological evolution, so, life, humans, biological evolution seems to be failed from skies by magical entities, be it gods or constructive randomness. This magical thinking never will lead our computation to learning humans. We discovered the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological, so, we have the knowledge how humans properties were already encrypted in the physic laws before life’s origins, and since we want to give life to our machines, we need know it.

Natural evolution has worked with two fronts since the Big Bang, one we can call it as hardware, the other, software. Exactly how we developed computation, natural evolution develops due feedback between this hardware and software. I am introducing the universal formula as a kind of simple algorithm where we can see the hardware and software at same time.      It happens that the universal formula has not two binary variables, but seven variables, and we can see them from atomic, astronomic, do DNA systems. Another big difference is that natural systems are based on the anatomy of light waves, which has encrypted the process of life’s cycles: any non-biological natural system is built by this living process. So, we need to transform our hardware, replacing pieces, following the natural model.

By the way, I think that my personal investigation lead me to final results that could be interesting to listen them. Since I am American citizen but most part of my life doing research at Amazon jungle,  ( English is not my native language, so, the errors here, sorry) and since I am living in New York, is you think it is good for you, I can build a stand with images in the corridors of the conference talking to people. Or another way you think about. I am sure the novelty of my approach is full of new insights that can boost the development of machine learning. Thanks… Louis Morelli (phone: xxxxxxxxxxx, e-mail : xxxxxxx




Will the secret of success lie in giving up all privacy?

April 26th, 2019


(translated by Google, waiting corrections)

A social system will be all the more defective as more private information citizens denies to Big Brother. For he will be less able to fit all different citizens into a perfect organization.

A social system will be all the more perfect as more information about each individual Big Brother knows.

Big Brother is the abstract entity of systems that emerges as the sum of all the information of all the parts plus the information of the interactions between the parts … and if the system is not isolated, about the interactions of the parts with elements external to the system. This abstract entity in the most complex systems comes from the evolution of the self-control of the non-living systems that maintains the internal thermodynamic equilibrium. It is common among biologists to talk about an “invisible command of instructions in DNA.” This is the Big Brother of genes.

All this is immediately apparent when we have in mind the universal formula that nature has applied to organize matter in all types of existing natural systems:

And the design of the internal information flow circuit of the Matrix / DNA formula in its perfect closed system version, in the form of a software diagram

Matrix / DNA formula in its perfect closed system version, in the form of a software diagram

There is a lot of people’s reluctance to share their privacy. The Petrobras director who was arrested for corruption and was found to have a hollow wall in the house with 20 million, would not want to report it to Big Brother. This would require people to report whether they masturbate or not, how often, and how often they go to the bathroom, whether they have white hair under the paint, etc. But by the definition of perfect system, if a single information, the most seemingly contemptible that can be, internal to the system, which is not summed up in the control entity, the system will not be perfect.

We are led to conclude with certainty that humankind will never have a perfect society.

But we are also sure that either the human being changes physically or humanity will be extinguished. Certainly the changes that will occur on the planet and the solar system will reach a point that will no longer support life on Earth. An alternative that seems to be the only hope is that the human being evolves by changing his physical form, in the sense of less mass and more energy. It would be the only way to make interstellar travel, to find another planet like Earth, and / or to spread through the Universe.

But to change form, there must be transcendence. And transcendence comes from the perfect harmony of all parts with openness to self-evolution itself. This perfect harmony of all parties would imply a perfect social system. And perfect system implies that all citizens totally give up their privacy.

We are apparently faced with a paradoxical problem with no rational solution.

In Aldous Huxley’s book and movie “Brave New World,” we can have a representation of a perfect social system. But the author himself observes that the human being becomes a kind of robot, stupid, where it is forbidden to discover new thing because it would alter the order of the system, it would be forbidden to create, and forbidden or non-existent free will. Obviously many of today’s humans would reject such a system, though it would provide maximum physical happiness.

A possible solution would be for humanity to seek to form an organized society, in the sense of harmonic, without any system. This implies, without having a core, a central government. All decisions related to the social level would be dictated by plebiscites. But for that there would have to be a slow evolution in the sense of cutting cultural, behavioral edges, approaching cultures and unique behaviors. Most would always win a plebiscite. Imagine if the majority were Muslim. Many of his decisions would be unbearable to atheists, materialists, Catholics, etc. Imagine being forced to cover your face with a cloth … never wear jeans … If most were women and with the power to dictate the rules, not even Jesus would have been able to stay in the house of the woman who would not stop moving by cleaning and tidying up the house and complaining that the men did not help in that work to be talking about philosophies, politics …

So maybe the “no system” solution is possible, but it would certainly be very slow. That all the different heads are moving in the direction of one day converge to be one head, it would have to be a process in which each generation would change a minute detail of a less common behavior in the context of the global population. But also the planet would have to change in order to reach a general homogeneity of climate, etc.

Perhaps the supreme and possible solution is concealed in a concept that was said above related to Huxley’s utopia: maximum physical happiness.

I believe there are two different kinds of human need: physical and intellectual needs, or spiritual needs. Then we could think of humanity coming to two types of harmonic organization. One, referring to physical needs, would be the perfect system, total accommodation and satisfaction for the body, and another, referring to intellectual needs, without any system, harmonic but inter-differentiated, with the whole open to its evolution. The intellectual necessity would continue to motivate the spatial evolution, and with this it would withdraw from the social machine bodies to inhabit, as for example, the space stations. For in the brave new world, stupidity would interrupt any search for evolution. The discoveries, the creation, the maintenance of the autonomous consciousness, would be given above the Earth, therefore without affecting the perfect social system. But on the ship there would be no leaders, commanders, for there could be no system there.

Bee and ant societies are the biological incarnation of the universal formula for perfect system. It is understandable that the formula encrypted in genetics has managed to self-design after it has formed the body, to be the social system: ants and bees have no intellect, not even a brain worth noting. There the queen and the incarnation of the abstract identity that emerges as control of the system. but we must note that the queen herself and slave of and in her own system. She has to submit to rigid rules of discipline. It also can not discover, can not create, can not exercise free will in its entirety, as it would alter the system. Big Brother would also be a slave to the system.

The Universe has organized – or assisted the organization – everything in a system. Even the remotest rock on the ocean floor belongs to a system, the galactic. And every system is bad, because it implies death, slavery, etc. But it seems to me that the Universe is sending a message: eternal existence, total freedom, will only be bestowed upon the species in which the parts coexist harmoniously ceasing to be parts of a system.

Anyway, for now the rational suggestion for humanity faith: transform the planet into a landscaped garden and the human inserted into a mechanically automated biosphere, where the body will have the maximum of its satisfaction, but keep the mind out of it, open to evolution.

It is possible. I have not yet solved what we are going to do with our privacy of data relating to our physical body. Which includes up to the last penny, or the bottle of whiskey that I keep hidden under the bed.And as in immigration cases, if you really want to naturalize a citizen because of marriage, you may be required to inform the color of your wife’s panties to prove that the marriage is true …

And maybe that’s where the privacy issue is going to go. You want to be from the system and you understand that for the system to exist and to maintain it has to obtain and verify information, otherwise it becomes a mess, the system can undo itself. Thus you lose all shame, all protection of your physical privacy, and voluntarily surrender your body to the brave new world … But mind, never!

There would be a way for everyone to surrender the body and everyone to maintain sovereignty over their mind. But he could not be an atheist and belong to no organized religion, no church. All would conclude and have the intuition that there is at least a much more evolved intelligence, and therefore with much or total power over the material world. This intuition would be the only common denominator among all minds. Equality of minds would end there. From this intuition each mind would begin to seek and assemble its image and concepts on what would be this “cosmic consciousness.” Since every human is different from anything else, everyone had life experiences with some different detail, there would not be one god equal to the other. It would be forbidden to speak of your God and you would not accept listening to others speak of their gods so as not to disturb your image. Each God indicates a specific path, unique, to follow. Thus all humans would have intimate, unconfessable, different directions, even though they lived together. And ‘possible, for I have been doing times just doing this, my divinity no one else can conceive the same, my temple is my brain, only I can enter into it.


March 27th, 2019



I am sorry that every day posts are only in Portuguese, “Artigos”, where more than 2.000 articles are describing evidences and confirmed previsions in the last 30 years. And sorry that the website is poorly designed ( at Amazon jungle we don’t have necessary tools).  I don’t know why comments are closed and don’t know how to fix it, so, if any questions, please, send e-mail to

Sorry that my English is no good, besides I am American citizen that was born in Brasil, but, due living at Amazon Jungle where there are no fellow Americans for talking and teachers, I still didn’t have the conditions for learning it. What I know is reading English ( books, scientific papers, journals), what I do since my infanthood.

REMEMBER: Matrix/DNA Theory is merely a naturalist theory – as coined by Greek philosophers – elaborated by a naturalist philosopher researching natural systems at Amazon biosphere. I am not a scientist and this is not a scientific theory as its definition in scientific academic community. And since I am an agnostic skeptical, I do not believe in this theory, that is why I am testing it against real proved facts as natural phenomena. I have no enough brain with the ability to process all informations from a possible theory of everything or the ultimate thru – if have one. So, do not believe it either… you must search your own world view.

But… how and Nature got the idea for creating the biological chromosomes X and Y for developing this extraordinary engineery called “sexual reproduction”?

Matrix/DNA Theory suggestion:

“The systems of Amazon jungle shows an internal pattern. The pattern can be designed as a simple software diagram. This diagram shows an internal systemic circuit divided into two flows of information. Observing the final effects at the end of this circuity we see a identical mechanistic process of sexual reproduction ( see the figure below). When we name the whole circuit as X and half of the circuity as Y, we discover that everything works like chromosomes X and Y at biological systems. But, analyzing this formula we discover also that it is identical to an unit of information in DNA – the building blocks of DNA – and the same formula works pretty well as the building block of galaxies. The seven known astronomical bodies are aligned in a circuit that mimics the process of life’s cycle and works as a perfect machine, that could be described by Newtonian mechanics. So, our final suggestion is that biological chromosomes has non-biological ancestors, since billions years before life`s origins…

And how, where, Nature got the idea for modelling human hands? By chance plus adaptation? No, because the human hands were pretty designed into the Matrix formula, before life’s origins. And what about the mouth? The eyes? The ears? The mammals keeping eggs inside? The digestive metabolism? Everything has its principles working in a single formula that seems to be natural, witch does not need intelligent design, magics, everything natural. Ok, by while it is merely a philosophical theory under tests.

The Origins of Chromossomes

The Origins of Chromossomes


Whats the meaning of life

March 26th, 2019


Question posted at Yahoo Answers and answer by us below…

TheUniversalMatrixThe Matrix/DNA posted at 4/5/19
We are 8 billion like half-conscious genes carrying on and nurturing inside our head-eggs and brain-placenta one genetic characteristic of a cosmic consciousness baby which is being building by millions of others genes at other worlds inside this Universe. We are facing hard times due two problems:
1) Our remotely ancestor – which means ourselves when in primitive forms – made the big mistake of building a kind of paradise from its own body becoming a self-closed system, closing the doors to its own evolution, refusing to accomplish his mission that is delivering its genetic information. Tis kind of free-will triggers entropy, then, the closed system was fragmented and falling at Earth for beginning everything again and correcting the soul from this sin;
2) Every new evolved shape of cosmic genes is a cycle divided into two phases; the first one is “eggs out”, like our biological shape came from bacterials till reptiles: the second phase is “eggs in”, when the new being is protected and nurtured. This new universal systemic shape here at Earth – consciousness – still is a fetus, and as egg out, that’s why we faces tragedies, predators, etc.
Ok, no human knows which is the real final meaning of life and this world, maybe there is no meaning, but, you can choose your own bet. I described above the meaning suggested by Matrix/DNA Theory, which, I think, is the best, most logical and rational facts based that I know.

Sorry, the articles are being posted in Portuguese only – see Artigos

March 3rd, 2019


SORRY, there are about 2.000 articles ( evidencies) posted in Portuguese section, due my lack o time for doing translation. I am in need of a translator…

What is the scientific explanation on how the universe was made?

December 12th, 2018


( A question posted in Yahoo Answers and my answer -

What is the scientific explanation on how the universe was made? Please be specific! Thank you!?

TheUniversalMatrix Louis C. Morelli – answered at 03/16/2019

Scientific explanation has only 4 evidences for Big Bang Theory and an event like that needs thousands of evidences. But, besides scientific there is the naturalistic explanation, the method of Matrix/DNA Theory.

When you have any question about something far away from here and now ( like the origins of life) you search in Nature something that is equal here and now. So, what we can see here and now that is similar to the origins and the later development in this Universe? Human embryogenesis.

There was an ovule, then came an spermatozoon that had its membrane exploded at the center of that ovule, than a life began but before it that was the shapes of morulae, blastulae, like the shape of atoms, galaxies, the whole thing expanding, and so on. Matrix/DNA Theory has found that the a complete natural wave of light of first generation ( stars’ light are second generation) propagates in spacetime by the process of life’s cycles like human bodies does, and the seven parts of this wave works as part of a functional system, so, it is like the fundamental unit of information of DNA, which is composed by two lateral pars of nucleotides.

Matrix/DNA Theory has found also the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution, showing that since the Big Bang there is a unique natural universal system under the same evolutionary lineage, which changed shapes as atoms, galaxies, cells and now, humans. You must understand that this Universe is not magical, so, it can’t do anything for which he has no information for. The Universe can not create new information from nothing. So, where came from all information for embryogenesis? Simple: all information were encrypted as the anatomy of the first light wave emitted with the Big Bang, like all information for your body were in that parents` genome.

Finally: Matrix/DNA Theory final results suggests that in this Universe is being nurtured by genetic process a kind of son of the unknown thing that produced the Big Bang. Since the last most complex thing here and now is consciousness, and each human being is nurturing a bit of a fetus of consciousness inside their brain, must have billions of other life forms at other worlds nurturing another bits of the same fetus and the final product at the last day – the day of the Big Birth – will be a fully formed universal baby consciousness… Ok, you can ask to religion or academic Science and believe in their explanations, but I thin it would be more rational asking straight to Nature. When someone is humble and ask it, Nature shows the signals where the explanation lies, Nature does not plays dice with her creatures. The draw below is the face of LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestor and the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution. Just this design, which is a working system has the same shape and functionality of the fundamental unit of information of DNA. This system can performing mechanistic sexual reproduction, metabolism, etc. it has all life’s properties as less evolved fashion. The first living cell was a reproductive copy of it with mutations due different environment and substances.

Phi: Sobre website

December 19th, 2017


What is Phi? (The Basics of the Golden Ratio)

(Comment posted by Matrix/DNA at 12/19/17

The number Phi is the mathematical representation of the natural force responsibly by all reproductive processes and events in Nature from stars systems to human bodies. Every time everywhere this force is present, and when Nature organizes matter into systems, if the systems has the tendency to self-recycling it is this force that does the job. The most common presence of phi is at spirals. Why is there phi in spirals? Because a living spiral has the tendency to self-expansion, and for doing it needs to reproduce the last circular wave into a new wave. Who help grabbing the shape, constitution, etc., of the last wave and projects its ahead into empty space? Phi.

Once time – at the origins of life – there was only RNA, no DNA yet. RNA was not a complete and working system, but, when the force of phi acted upon it, the RNA was fixed as left face and the left face was reproduced as right face. Phi is force that came and go, it does not belongs to systems, it is temporary, responsible by cyclic processes. Then, cyclic menstruation, lunar cycles, etc. For acting in matter, this force needs to build a material tool, it is condensed into matter/energy. So, for acting upon RNA it build the Uracil base and after the reproduction it was retired, DNA has no Uracil. DNA grows by making and adding new building blocks. So, the force comes again ( maybe with help from RNA-uracil) and reproduces the last building block.

Ok. Nobody never told or published the suggestions above, so, how I arrived to this conclusion? I am the author of natural’s systems diagram/formula, a pattern that I saw ( first time in Amazon jungle), flowing as the circuit of energy/information that runs inside systems. From atoms to galaxies to cells to human bodies to brains: all are copies of a unique template system, universal, which we represent as a simple software diagram, it is at my website. The flow running inside is represented by parts (particles in relation to space) and arrows ( waves, in relation to time). About Phi I discovered it in the formula when measuring the scales of the circuit, then, there was a systemic function located at a point that resulted into 1,618… Studying the function and grasping all traits, I arrived to Phi definition above. But, take care: I am not the owner of thru, I have merely a new theory, which is under testing, so, I am repeating that it is not a scientific theory, but a philosophical one. You must have yours conclusions.

Para transformar a Formula em equacao: uma ideia

December 19th, 2017


If numbers then separation or difference
if separation then equations

Se existem numeros, entao existe separacao, diferencas

Se existe separacao, entao existem equacoes.

A Matrix/DNA e’ um sistema constituido de partes separadas. Se a logica acima for correta, ela pode ser representada por uma equacao, matematica. E isto seria de extrema importancia para conduzir a cosmovisao `a comunidade cientifica. Porem, como fazer esta equacao?

Maos a obra: ( uma intuicao: talvez devo meditar a partir do phi number: ele ja foi encontrado, e’ o elemento que fornece um numero na formula e devo lembrar isto:

Phi ( Φ 1.618033988749895… ), most often pronounced fi like “fly,” is simply an irrational number like pi ( p = 3.14159265358979… ), but one with many unusual mathematical properties.  Unlike pi, which is a transcendental number, phi is the solution to a quadratic equation…. raiz quadrada)

Ver comentario que postei no link a seguir, procurando um matematico… em 12/19/17 as TheMatrixDNA

Mathematics of Phi, 1.618, the Golden Number

We – the human species -, and in relation to Phi, is in need of a Mathematician for an altruistic job. There is a unique pattern always applied by Nature when organizing matter/energy into a working complete system. This pattern is built by the process of life cycle. You know, it is about the phenomena that makes our bodies – as systems – born,glow,mature,degeneration,death – when our bodies changes its shapes all time. So, using this process of life cycle Nature has created systems, from atoms to galaxies to cells to human bodies. How? Nature build an inanimate object body from any nebulae, or dust. Then Nature applies the force upon several inanimate objects of same shape/constitution, which will have their shapes, functions, changed into new shapes. When Nature gets 6 different shapes from that kind of object, it arranges the shapes in a linear sequence. But the location of each object must obeys the sequence of life cycle ( birth,grow,maturation,etc.). As the shape of your body known as teenage has as left neighbor the shape of kid and as the right neighbor the shape of adult ( so, there is a link about time, etc., between neighbors) and the natural tendency of neighbors to keep together, the different objects are aligned mimicking the life cycle sequence, which creates links between them and finally, a running circuit. The system is ready.

We make no idea how this knowledge is important for us to make the word a better place for everybody. this is the natural principle of automation productive process, reproduction, life, etc.

I got the metaphorical representation of all these process into a working system as a formula, em shape of software diagram. With this formula I am understanding every natural and event phenomena from a very interesting new perspective. But, we need to learn how to reproduce this formula as material tools for practical applications. And for making plans, strategies, creating new systems, etc. I am merely a naturalist philosopher observing Nature in the Amazon jungle, with no knowledge of modern technology, complex Math. We need to find a way for representing the formula as an equation. That’s why we are in need of a Mathematician that grasp something of this new idea and trying to find the equation. my research job is not profitable, I am selling nothing ( only spending), it is merely altruistic, so, I can’t hiring a Mathematician, but, if the mathematical equation based on the formula gets some donations, by sure, we will share it half and half. Someone there?…


Wikipedia – Equacao:


Again a new astronomical data suggesting the official academic model is wrong and the Matrix/DNA model is right

November 14th, 2017



This ‘Zombie Star’ Had Repeated Supernova Explosions Instead of Dying

A star exploded six decades ago and somehow survived, and apparently exploded several more times during the last few decades of its life.

Snowflake: The right term for using against those fundamentalist, be it from the “atheist scientific right-wing” or from ” the left-wing religious

November 13th, 2017


I have discovered that it is possible to elaborate new world views based on the empirical and scientific real facts we know today. I discovered it when doing what philosophers usually does – getting the biggest collection of these facts and mixing them again, trying to connect them for getting a big picture. The big new picture is Matrix/DNA “Theory”. I found it very reasonable, logical in relation to the way that my brain is hard-wired by my life’s experiences, but, I know that my little and poor brain with these few and weak sensors is not able to get the final thru picture. And I don’t want that someone tell the final picture, because my poor brain could not processing these information. So, my job now is collecting everyday the new discovered natural facts and events and trying to testing this theory. I don’t believe in my preferred world view, I know it is not the final thru, I can’t believe in any world view made by humans. So, I am not a fundamentalist, neither  any radical. I keep advocating the theory at every opportunity I can for testing it against other kinds of hard-wired brains and trying to get useful information. So, I am never offended by criticism, I appreciate them, but I usually reacts a little hard against fundamentalists that bring on hard offenses without any real fact backing their assertions. Then, talking about this issue to a friend he told me:

- ” You can probably use this term right back at these people advocating their world views as fanatics: snowflake ( it is an English slang, which definition is: 

A hypersensitive, irrational person who can’t stand to have their world views challenged, or be offended in any perceived or even slightest of ways; they will have any number of emotional reactions: impugning character and/or motives, blocking on social media, shouting, interrupting, threatening, assaulting, etc. They often live in an echo chamber of their own beliefs and surround themselves exclusively with people and opinions that agree with their own. This term is most often use to describe people left-leaning people, but can be applied both left and right wing people

Fantastic! I will use it because we need debates, discussion, in peace, and not with name calling and offenses.