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I am sorry that every day posts are only in Portuguese, “Artigos”, where more than 2.000 articles are describing evidences and confirmed previsions in the last 30 years. And sorry that the website is poorly designed ( at Amazon jungle we don’t have necessary tools).  I don’t know why comments are closed and don’t know how to fix it, so, if any questions, please, send e-mail to

Sorry that my English is no good, besides I am American citizen that was born in Brasil, but, due living at Amazon Jungle where there are no fellow Americans for talking and teachers, I still didn’t have the conditions for learning it. What I know is reading English ( books, scientific papers, journals), what I do since my infanthood.

REMEMBER: Matrix/DNA Theory is merely a naturalist theory – as coined by Greek philosophers – elaborated by a naturalist philosopher researching natural systems at Amazon biosphere. I am not a scientist and this is not a scientific theory as its definition in scientific academic community. And since I am an agnostic skeptical, I do not believe in this theory, that is why I am testing it against real proved facts as natural phenomena. I have no enough brain with the ability to process all informations from a possible theory of everything or the ultimate thru – if have one. So, do not believe it either… you must search your own world view.

But… how and Nature got the idea for creating the biological chromosomes X and Y for developing this extraordinary engineery called “sexual reproduction”?

Matrix/DNA Theory suggestion:

“The systems of Amazon jungle shows an internal pattern. The pattern can be designed as a simple software diagram. This diagram shows an internal systemic circuit divided into two flows of information. Observing the final effects at the end of this circuity we see a identical mechanistic process of sexual reproduction ( see the figure below). When we name the whole circuit as X and half of the circuity as Y, we discover that everything works like chromosomes X and Y at biological systems. But, analyzing this formula we discover also that it is identical to an unit of information in DNA – the building blocks of DNA – and the same formula works pretty well as the building block of galaxies. The seven known astronomical bodies are aligned in a circuit that mimics the process of life’s cycle and works as a perfect machine, that could be described by Newtonian mechanics. So, our final suggestion is that biological chromosomes has non-biological ancestors, since billions years before life`s origins…

And how, where, Nature got the idea for modelling human hands? By chance plus adaptation? No, because the human hands were pretty designed into the Matrix formula, before life’s origins. And what about the mouth? The eyes? The ears? The mammals keeping eggs inside? The digestive metabolism? Everything has its principles working in a single formula that seems to be natural, witch does not need intelligent design, magics, everything natural. Ok, by while it is merely a philosophical theory under tests.

The Origins of Chromossomes

The Origins of Chromossomes


Sorry, the articles are being posted in Portuguese only – see Artigos

Sunday, March 3rd, 2019


SORRY, there are about 2.000 articles ( evidencies) posted in Portuguese section, due my lack o time for doing translation. I am in need of a translator…

Interesting! How a Jellyfish Express a Galaxy’s Engine and Tricks Scientists.

Friday, November 11th, 2011
Jellyfish – How it works

Last week scientists announced that they have solved one of the greatest mysteries of marine life, however, agreed to describe the process, but were wrong to interpret it. This is the question of how it can perpetuate the population of jellyfish, because the logic is that they should not exist anymore.

Tides grow and invade the shores and beaches during a half a day and reduce leaving the water back to sea. Thus, what appears to live on the coast of the continent that is floating near the surface, as plankton is always dragged by the waves out to sea, every 12 hours. But the jellyfish comes before the coast as plankton, floating on the waves as plankton and if it were dragged out to sea every 12 hours, the first trawler had already disappeared from the planet your species as it would not survive due to lack of food, etc.. In fact, contrary to all rational logic, it emerged on the planet 600 million years, long before dinosaurs and insects, and continues to survive very well; maintaining a resident population of each individual whose longevity is much longer than the 12 hours. How can this be?! This question has done for centuries, scholars and scientists scratching their heads in despair: how is it happenning?! This is not logic! We see them being taken by the waves out to sea, we know the distance from the coast they have to die. Where fall the jellyfish we see each new day on the shores of the continents? From the sky?

In the excellent section of Sciences that the New York Times published on Tuesday, came last week the article “So Much More Than Plasma to Jellyfish and Poison”, on June 7, 2011. The research group led by Dr. David J. Albert Roscoe Bay Marine Biological Laboratory in Vancouver, British Columbia, has spent decades observing and chasing each individually jellyfish near the sea and announces he discovered the solution to the mystery.

According to them, when the tide drops and the water starts to return to sea, in fact leads the jellyfish too. But before the waves reaches the far sea there is a  region called “gravel bar.” Then suddenly the jellyfish bouncing off the waves and dive deep, reaching the deepest region where the waters do not move. There are hibernating and waiting. When twelve hours after the waves start to return because of the rising tide, they rise to the surface, board and ride the waves return to the banks where have their food.

I think have very human champion surfer who should studying the jellyfish to learn some good tricks. Well actually they are the true champions of the waves.

But how and why there is such a phenomenon in Nature?! The same scientists study the jellyfish already know that they have no brain, even a nervous system structured. This means that she cannot understand and capture the tidal waves of water. So how it enters and leaves the wave at the right time and exact place?! How does she know – being in the midst of the waves – which have standing water below?! How can it discern that there is a gravel bar? And how could she know that beyond the gravel bar, she would die, or that after the bar is the high seas?!

Scientists are making a titanic effort, ferreting out the ribs and receivers / transmitters of jellyfish, and with a prior intention: to prove – contrary to what has been believed in scientific circles – that it possesses a primitive nervous structure but much more evolved than you think, and this structure would be the reason for such wisdom.

They are going the wrong way because they don’t know this real world where there is a Matrix / DNA. Never even imagined something like that. For the Matrix / DNA model has the solution to the mystery without resorting to a brain and wisdom in jellyfish that does not exist.

And which is the explanation from the Matrix / DNA about that “magic” of jellyfish? In short, the DNA of jellyfish, which is a semi-live being so primitive that connects it to the events in the origin of life on this planet and his astronomical system, still behaving the same way if the DNA / Matrix astronomical , which after all, is his father and mother, their creators.

It was this planet Earth, along with other stars that make up the system to which it belongs, which has the core system this fabulous star and bountiful life that is the Sun, which themselves have created life on Earth’s surface. And they created simply obeying the laws and mechanisms of universal evolution, in which simple systems mutate and reproduce in some systems with more degree of complexity. It may be that behind our stellar system, beyond the galaxies before the Universe, there is some kind of an Supreme Intelligence, but if it exists, it is entitled to be called the Supreme, she would not have come here and walk around from planet to planet to create life, for even our engineers can produce pre-programmed software. For starters, look at a jellyfish and observe the shape of the Milky Way. The rounded nucleus, the arms that extend outward, the jellyfish looks like a copy of the Milky Way. The similarity in form is no mere coincidence; my grandmother knew that “son of fish, little fish look like.”

But the explanation of the Matrix / DNA is fantastic. It made the hairs on my arms stood on end with excitement, made my eyes tear of admiration, as it is hidden in this extraordinary engineering Nature!

To understand it, we need to see the software model DNA / Matrix, or how was the evolutionary shape of the Matrix when it built the galaxies, i.e., the material hardware, concrete body, she would “embody”.

The Matrix / DNA in the Form-Software Sources in the Galaxy

The Evolution of the Stars Same as Evolution of Cellular Organelles: As an Electrical System light bulbs, so the Universal Matrix makes to manifest the Materials Structures.

(Click on drawing to see better, and sorry for the bad quality of the design because it was done with pencil and paper wrapping while kneeling on the verge of stirring up the mud bogs in this research, with the skin burned off due to hundreds of those little vampires, called “piuns” and “carapanãs” sucking my blood, and under the scorching sun of the Amazon jungle)

We know that matter or energy can manifest as a particle or wave. The jellyfish represents the particle of matter in space, the body of the star that is being transformed into six forms or systemic functions, presented in the figure above. Tidal waves are the imitation of terrestrial waves of time, which in the figure are represented by arrows of the systemic circuit. The jellyfish and its connection with tidal waves repeats the process of universal life cycle where the matter sometimes appears as a particle in the space, sometimes presents itself as a wave of time.

The jellyfish do not know anything, misses nothing, nor could it. It works automatically in the hands of a clock, which jump in number to number and had no sense that they are moving, let alone knowing that there are numbers or repetitive periodic moments of time. The context “waves + jellyfish” function within an astronomical system, like clockwork, because both are products of a mechanical structure, the Newtonian clock, the  Newtonian mechanics. Like a clock moves both hands, so the galaxy moves the tide and the particles in it, like the jellyfish. It seems incredible that something as huge as the galaxy to act on something as small as a jellyfish, but becomes perfectly understandable when understanding that galaxies and jellyfish are just different forms of a single universal system under development, where size does not say anything. There is a fractal model, which is the figure displayed on this website here and called Matrix / DNA, which is the essence of this system, so the jellyfish is just a microscopic fractal of a macroscopic fractal. The structure, the skeleton, the software program, is one, although that change their protuberances, accessories, and seen from a distance by an observer unaware, the outer forms become so differentiated that does not seem to get along with each other.

Note that the arrows and the body in the circuit moves and when they arrive at Function 4 they fork. A stream of arrows-wave continues its circular path to close the circle, while another flow goes “down” towards F1. The diary cycle tidal waves / jellyfish repeats this process and reaches a point where the jellyfish moves down and separates the circular wave, looking “down” vertically into deeper waters where they are stationary. All movements displayed by the jellyfish, such as diving, emerging back to the surface, the park in deep water, is nothing more than mere repetition of the flow represented by an arrow going from F4 returning to F1. And the jellyfish and the shape of the comet at F5, reappears in the circular waves and merges with them again in F1, when they reach the  bottom of the lower end.

But note well. Would be correct to say, as scientists say, jellyfish that descends and then rises? This depends on the point of reference, the fixed point on which we say that something is up or down. Let us take as a reference point the core of the planetary system, our Sun. During half of the day the planet turns on itself has a face to the sun. An observer watching from the sun would say that the surface of this face is the highest point of planet. In the other half of the day, this face shifts to the hidden part of the planet, then the observer remains fixed on the sun would say the same face now is the lowest point on earth. In relation to the sun, well, we Americans are over and the Japanese on the other side, are beneath, or sometimes we are below, and the Japanese are up there.

So if we could dig a hole uninterrupted from the ground in America and we come up with for-head, going over a manhole on a street in Tokyo, would be right to say that we descend and then climb? Or that we plunged into the ground and then emerge from the earth …?

Then in the Sun, when the jellyfish out of the waves and dives, it really is diving, or going down, for half the day. But even from the sun, while the other half of the day she goes to the surface, it actually goes down … She is simply being led by the arrows function 5.

Now sleep with a noise like this if you can… It’s each thing that the Matrix/DNA leads us to discover that our poor little head will not last long …

The jellyfish does not dive and then emerges by itself, it simply is driven down forever, repeating the movement of their ancestral DNA, the entire galaxy! Because this process is recorded in their DNA, he was trained to do so for 10 billion years. It was only later, in most living things evolved, that this process ceased to be expressed and went to be part of what was wrongly called “junk” DNA.

I feel that here and now I have no time and computing resources to insert a graphic design I did in the paper today, reflecting about this issue. Due to the movement of horizontal rotation of the Earth around the Sun, in fact, the tide will not return. It only goes in one direction, precisely imitating the direction circular of flow on the Matrix / DNA. It turns out that if we position ourselves in the sun, and watch as the Earth, a continent that during any one half of the day is moving away to the left, continue going left when he is on the other hand, face hidden.

Researchers actually have reason to admire the complexity and behaviors in a jellyfish. Dr Albert says:

“Looking at all these behaviors, you have to wonder what it would take to organize them and run them. ” These are not simple reflexes are organized behavior. “Albert concluded that she must have some kind of brain. “A brain controls behavior. ”

Here is the reason for my despair at not appear anyone to help me to disclose and make known the worldview of the Matrix / DNA. A large army of students and researchers like Dr. Albert urgent need to know the formulas of the theory. If he knew he would not say it and would be directing their research and the other way more correct. Not always when there exists an organized behavior need has a brain controlling. All objects in the world are influenced by the hierarchy of natural systems. Systems distant and invisible to our eyes may be influencing a stone or a plant in front of us, not in person realizing it. For example, the Arab who becomes a suicide bomber is behaving differently than normal for a human being, which seeks to survive and not kill himself. It occurs that above the society and the invisible man is a system called “religion” which influences and alters the normal behavior of man. The system far distant, invisible that influences the behavior of jellyfish, exists since 10 billion years ago and is the size of a galaxy, but he is encrypted in the DNA of jellyfish and he built the biosphere, the environment in which it exists . The Matrix is within us and around us, everywhere. It is therefore extremely important that we know it and know of their existence.

But she does all this because the formula of Nature software to organize the matter in systems, while driving that matter, always repeats this same engine. It is through our learning of these mechanisms, building on the work of giants, patient and dedicated observation for years by scientists as the group of Dr. Albert, who will mind raising this extraordinary natural engineering information and knowledge that we have new insights to develop new technologies that will help us survive and improve our living conditions. Congratulations to the group of Dr. Albert and the Theory of Matrix / DNA.



1) Like everyone else, each topic as this written here is a new area of ​​research based on the worldview of the Matrix / DNA. So each topic is always open to be anything new added, any new fact related that may to be discovered.


Scientists have induced a cell to produce laser light, according to an article published in the journal Nature Photonics. Laser light differs from normal because it has a narrower spectrum of colors, like light waves that oscillate together in sync. The team used a green fluorescent protein found in a species of jellyfish  - Green Fluorescent Protein, or GFP, its acronym in English. Subject of many studies, the molecule GFP revolutionized biology by acting as a “lantern” that can illuminate living systems.

Comment Matrix / DNA:

There is no doubt: the jellyfish is very important  for us to test – whether or not the formula of the Matrix / DNA is real and to better understand it. This is because the jellyfish is – evolutivelly – very close to our ancient astronomical, the form of a closed system. See how things go knocking. I’ve already said many times here that the existence of proteins in our world is the explanation that they are the so-biological material that represents the circular arrows in the systemic circuit of Matrix’s software. In other words, a protein is the biological material, the  tool that serves for acting and doing the process of life cycle, and the set of all proteins is the sum of all of the information flow of system information. It is the circuit of our ancestor that “lights up” the stars. When our intelligence intuitively copied the system Matrix in the form of household electrical circuit is the circuit that lights the lamps. Therefore, since the proteins represent the total circuit, had to be a protein that would be the biological molecule capable of producing light, and had to be a biological system that was one of the copies or more faithful reproduction of the astronomical system in the form, i.e. the jellyfish. No wonder the intuition of the scientists induced to think of a “torch” lit inside a living being.

On the other hand, there is another topic dedicated to light. This is because we are coming to the conclusion that the principle of everything in this Universe is housed in natural light when we are finding that the seven different ways of frequencies and periods of the light wave contains the shape of the life cycle. It seems that light is the tentacle, the hand of God in this world, the essence that contains the first form of the software of the Matrix / DNA. And this news about the GFP protein must be brought to the research topic of light also.

Articles are being posted in Portuguese only

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Sorry. Since I am not having enough time for translating from Portuguese, for seeing the articles one need to chlick the Brazillian flag above. Also, I understand that the site is not explaining almost nothing about the theory. It is because the site is under construction, I have a lot of writed material but had no time and the special computers skills for doing that. I hope will do it soon. Thanks…

Sir Isaac Newton: The Universal Law of Gravitation

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

There is a popular story that Newton was sitting under an apple tree, an apple fell on his head, and he suddenly thought of the Universal Law of Gravitation. As in all such legends, this is almost certainly not true in its details, but the story contains elements of what actually happened.

What Really Happened with the Apple?

Probably the more correct version of the story is that Newton, upon observing an apple fall from a tree, began to think along the following lines: The apple is accelerated, since its velocity changes from zero as it is hanging on the tree and moves toward the ground. Thus, by Newton’s 2nd Law there must be a force that acts on the apple to cause this acceleration. Let’s call this force “gravity”, and the associated acceleration the “accleration due to gravity”. Then imagine the apple tree is twice as high. Again, we expect the apple to be accelerated toward the ground, so this suggests that this force that we call gravity reaches to the top of the tallest apple tree.

Sir Isaac’s Most Excellent Idea

Now came Newton’s truly brilliant insight: if the force of gravity reaches to the top of the highest tree, might it not reach even further; in particular, might it not reach all the way to the orbit of the Moon! Then, the orbit of the Moon about the Earth could be a consequence of the gravitational force, because the acceleration due to gravity could change the velocity of the Moon in just such a way that it followed an orbit around the earth.

This can be illustrated with the thought experiment shown in the following figure. Suppose we fire a cannon horizontally from a high mountain; the projectile will eventually fall to earth, as indicated by the shortest trajectory in the figure, because of the gravitational force directed toward the center of the Earth and the associated acceleration. (Remember that an acceleration is a change in velocity and that velocity is a vector, so it has both a magnitude and a direction. Thus, an acceleration occurs if either or both the magnitude and the direction of the velocity change.)

But as we increase the muzzle velocity for our imaginary cannon, the projectile will travel further and further before returning to earth. Finally, Newton reasoned that if the cannon projected the cannon ball with exactly the right velocity, the projectile would travel completely around the Earth, always falling in the gravitational field but never reaching the Earth, which is curving away at the same rate that the projectile falls. That is, the cannon ball would have been put into orbit around the Earth. Newton concluded that the orbit of the Moon was of exactly the same nature: the Moon continuously “fell” in its path around the Earth because of the acceleration due to gravity, thus producing its orbit.  

The constant of proportionality G is known as the universal gravitational constant. It is termed a “universal constant” because it is thought to be the same at all places and all times, and thus universally characterizes the intrinsic strength of the gravitational force.

The Center of Mass for a Binary System

If you think about it a moment, it may seem a little strange that in Kepler’s Laws the Sun is fixed at a point in space and the planet revolves around it. Why is the Sun privileged? Kepler had rather mystical ideas about the Sun, endowing it with almost god-like qualities that justified its special place. However Newton, largely as a corollary of his 3rd Law, demonstrated that the situation actually was more symmetrical than Kepler imagined and that the Sun does not occupy a privileged postion; in the process he modified Kepler’s 3rd Law. Consider the diagram shown to the right. We may define a point called the center of mass between two objects through the equations

where R is the total separation between the centers of the two objects. The center of mass is familiar to anyone who has ever played on a see-saw. The fulcrum point at which the see-saw will exactly balance two people sitting on either end is the center of mass for the two persons sitting on the see-saw.Here is a

Center of Mass Calculator that will help you make and visualize calculations concerning the center of mass. (Caution: this applet is written under Java 1.1, which is only supported by the most recent browsers. It should work on Windows systems under Netscape 4.06 or the most recent version of Internet Explorer 4.0, but may not yet work on Mac or Unix systems or earlier Windows browsers.)

Newton’s Modification of Kepler’s Third Law

Because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, Newton realized that in the planet-Sun system the planet does not orbit around a stationary Sun. Instead, Newton proposed that both the planet and the Sun orbited around the common center of mass for the planet-Sun system. He then modified Kepler’s 3rd Law to read,

where P is the planetary orbital period and the other quantities have the meanings described above, with the Sun as one mass and the planet as the other mass. (As in the earlier discussion of Kepler’s 3rd Law, this form of the equation assumes that masses are measured in solar masses, times in Earth years, and distances in astronomical units.) Notice the symmetry of this equation: since the masses are added on the left side and the distances are added on the right side, it doesn’t matter whether the Sun is labeled with 1 and the planet with 2, or vice-versa. One obtains the same result in either case.

Now notice what happens in Newton’s new equation if one of the masses (either 1 or 2; remember the symmetry) is very large compared with the other. In particular, suppose the Sun is labeled as mass 1, and its mass is much larger than the mass for any of the planets. Then the sum of the two masses is always approximately equal to the mass of the Sun, and if we take ratios of Kepler’s 3rd Law for two different planets the masses cancel from the ratio and we are left with the original form of Kepler’s 3rd Law:

Thus Kepler’s 3rd Law is approximately valid because the Sun is much more massive than any of the planets and therefore Newton’s correction is small. The data Kepler had access to were not good enough to show this small effect. However, detailed observations made after Kepler show that Newton’s modified form of Kepler’s 3rd Law is in better accord with the data than Kepler’s original form.

Two Limiting Cases

We can gain further insight by considering the position of the center of mass in two limits. First consider the example just addressed, where one mass is much larger than the other. Then, we see that the center of mass for the system essentially concides with the center of the massive object:

This is the situation in the Solar System: the Sun is so massive compared with any of the planets that the center of mass for a Sun-planet pair is always very near the center of the Sun. Thus, for all practical purposes the Sun IS almost (but not quite) motionless at the center of mass for the system, as Kepler originally thought.

However, now consider the other limiting case where the two masses are equal to each other. Then it is easy to see that the center of mass lies equidistant from the two masses and if they are gravitationally bound to each other, each mass orbits the common center of mass for the system lying midway between them:

This situation occurs commonly with binary stars (two stars bound gravitationally to each other so that they revolve around their common center of mass). In many binary star systems the masses of the two stars are similar and Newton’s correction to Kepler’s 3rd Law is very large.

Here is a Java applet that implements Newton’s modified form of Kepler’s 3rd law for two objects (planets or stars) revolving around their common center of mass. By making one mass much larger than the other in this interactive animation you can illustrate the ideas discussed above and recover Kepler’s original form of his 3rd Law where a less massive object appears to revolve around a massive object fixed at one focus of an ellipse.

These limiting cases for the location of the center of mass are perhaps familiar from our afore-mentioned playground experience. If persons of equal weight are on a see-saw, the fulcrum must be placed in the middle to balance, but if one person weighs much more than the other person, the fulcrum must be placed close to the heavier person to achieve balance.

Here is a Kepler’s Laws Calculator that allows you to make simple calculations for periods, separations, and masses for Keplers’ laws as modified by Newton (see subsequent section) to include the effect of the center of mass. (Caution: this applet is written under Java 1.1, which is only supported by the most recent browsers. It should work on Windows systems under Netscape 4.06 or the most recent version of Internet Explorer 4.0, but may not yet work on Mac or Unix systems or earlier Windows browsers.)

Weight and the Gravitational Force

We have seen that in the Universal Law of Gravitation the crucial quantity is mass. In popular language mass and weight are often used to mean the same thing; in reality they are related but quite different things. What we commonly call weight is really just the gravitational force exerted on an object of a certain mass. We can illustrate by choosing the Earth as one of the two masses in the previous illustration of the Law of Gravitation:

Thus, the weight of an object of mass m at the surface of the Earth is obtained by multiplying the mass m by the acceleration due to gravity, g, at the surface of the Earth. The acceleration due to gravity is approximately the product of the universal gravitational constant G and the mass of the Earth M, divided by the radius of the Earth, r, squared. (We assume the Earth to be spherical and neglect the radius of the object relative to the radius of the Earth in this discussion.) The measured gravitational acceleration at the Earth’s surface is found to be about 980 cm/second/second.

Mass and Weight

Mass is a measure of how much material is in an object, but weight is a measure of the gravitational force exerted on that material in a gravitational field; thus, mass and weight are proportional to each other, with the acceleration due to gravity as the proportionality constant. It follows that mass is constant for an object (actually this is not quite true, but we will save that surprise for our later discussion of the Relativity Theory), but weight depends on the location of the object. For example, if we transported the preceding object of mass m to the surface of the Moon, the gravitational acceleration would change because the radius and mass of the Moon both differ from those of the Earth. Thus, our object has mass m both on the surface of the Earth and on the surface of the Moon, but it will weigh much less on the surface of the Moon because the gravitational acceleration there is a factor of 6 less than at the surface of the Earth.By such reasoning, Newton came to the conclusion that any two objects in the Universe exert gravitational attraction on each other, with the force having a universal form:

Origins of Life: Eigen, hipercycles, and the software Matrix/DNA

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

( Matter of study today, Wed, April 14, 2010)

Hypercycles were initially proposed by Manfred Eigen in the 1970′s, and opened a novel framework to study the matter self-organization in the context of the origins of life in prebiotic evolution. One of the most important evolutionary properties of the hypercycle is that this system allows to overcome the Eigen’s error catastrophe transition, which is present in earlier replicators, which have a quasispecies distribution. Eigen (1971) argued that primitive genomes must have been segmented (consisting of physically unlinked genes) and that these single genes would had the tendency to compete with one other so, consequently, some mechanism ensuring their coexistence was needed.

My Comments:

Eighen has almost touched the formula of Matrix/DNA when thinking about unlinked genes and filling the necessity of a system’s circuit for linking them, which he called (hypercycles). His problem was he forgot to look the entire state of the world that was envolved in the life’s origins, notably the astronomic world (maybe due the wrong vision of Nebular Theory). The mechanisms that leads de single genes (probably they were terrestrial atoms populated by photons coming from sun’s radiation and Earth’s nucleus radiation, beeing that those photons made the atoms combinating in the same way that the astronomic building block is combinated) to the tendency to compete with one other is clear seen in the Matrix/DNA model of the software of a closed system and in the model of LUCA as astronomic hardware, I think.

(opened field for research)

LUA – Analyse of paper about LUCA

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Setembro | 27 | 2009

Studying the excellent paper mentioned bellow, I think, one of most complete about this issue. The paper cvan be seen at:

The Universal Ancestor

  1. Carl Woese*

+ Author Affiliations

  1. Department of Microbiology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B103 Chemical and Life Sciences Laboratory, MC-110, 601 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801
  1. Contributed by Carl R. Woese

Next Section


A genetic annealing model for the universal ancestor of all extant life is presented; the name of the model derives from its resemblance to physical annealing. The scenario pictured starts when “genetic temperatures” were very high, cellular entities (progenotes) were very simple, and information processing systems were inaccurate. Initially, both mutation rate and lateral gene transfer levels were elevated. The latter was pandemic and pervasive to the extent that it, not vertical inheritance, defined the evolutionary dynamic. As increasingly complex and precise biological structures and processes evolved, both the mutation rate and the scope and level of lateral gene transfer, i.e., evolutionary temperature, dropped, and the evolutionary dynamic gradually became that characteristic of modern cells. The various subsystems of the cell “crystallized,” i.e., became refractory to lateral gene transfer, at different stages of “cooling,” with the translation apparatus probably crystallizing first. Organismal lineages, and so organisms as we know them, did not exist at these early stages. The universal phylogenetic tree, therefore, is not an organismal tree at its base but gradually becomes one as its peripheral branchings emerge. The universal ancestor is not a discrete entity. It is, rather, a diverse community of cells that survives and evolves as a biological unit. This communal ancestor has a physical history but not a genealogical one. Over time, this ancestor refined into a smaller number of increasingly complex cell types with the ancestors of the three primary groupings of organisms arising as a result.

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Biologists have long subscribed to the powerful, unifying idea that all life on Earth arose from a common ancestor (1). Nothing concrete could be said about the nature of this ancestor initially, but it was intuitively assumed to be simple, often likened to a prokaryote, and generally held to have had little or no intermediary metabolism (2). Only when biology could be defined on the level of molecular sequences would it become possible to seriously question the nature of this ancestor.

The unrooted universal phylogenetic tree that emerged from ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequence comparisons provided the first glimpse of our ultimate ancestor,

( I will come back with the world view of Matrix/DNA Theory)


Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

                                                    ( Please, click upon the image to see details) 



And here is the picture of LUCA – the Last Universal Common Ancestor 

lLUCA - The Last Universal Common Ancestral

LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestral

LUCA is the link between the past Cosmological Evolution and the nowaday Biological Evolution. LUCA is a PROTO-SYSTEM composed by its own different SHAPES from its own LIFE’S CYCLE.  LUCA is the building block of GALAXIES and reproduces as NUCLEOTIDE, the information’s building block of RNA and DNA. 

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The Human Being  is “in essence”, DNA:  The Code of Life. But the DNA is just a pile of one species of Building Blocks called Nucleotides. In the figure above, we see both sides of the stem DNA (orange), formed by alternating between a molecule of sugar and a phosphate. Also see a pair of nucleotides, which are complementary to the four common nitrogenous bases (guanine, cytosine, adenine, thymine) and a fifth alternative, the uracil. So the biggest secret of the Code of Life is its fundamental unit, the Nucleotide: the fundamental unit of information. How and why the Nature (or whatever else) used this method to organize some atoms in this architecture? The answer leads us to one of the biggest and revolutionary discoveries of all time: our link with this immense starry sky around us, called the universe!
  The Cosmos also has DNA.  His DNA also has a fundamental unit, ie the whole ” Cosmic Building” was built with a single type of “Building Block,” which is composed of seven types of bodies: Black Holes, Quasar, Germ of Star or Moon, Planet, Pulsar, Star, Comet. In this sequence the seven bodies forming a Proto-System, along the lines of the figure. It happens that,… (and here is designed a fantastic bid for extraordinary natural engineering ), it happens that the shape, the anatomy, of the Astronomic Proto-System is “identical” to the shape and anatomy  of… Nucleotides! Not only the same form of fundamental unit of information is available both in heaven and the human body, but also the function of each body in their Proto-System is “identical” to the function of each molecule in the “System Nucleotides”! What does this mean?
You have heard of nanotechnology. We can summarize a written letter “A” in size, containing thousands of atoms between ink and paper, with only five atoms and thus put all 30,000 volumes of the Library within the head of a pin! Nature applied Nanotechnology  when your body was summarized  from yours parents, the size and weight that present in a chromosome MICROSCOPIC bag! Does not matter the size of a body, but the quantity of units of different information. However, a planet like the Earth has quaquilhoes units with the same information, because the astronomic body is very simple, may not have more than a thousand particles-differentiated information. So it would be possible to summarize the size while maintaining an identical copy and place often 30,000 planets in the head of a pin!
Now we can return to the theme “Building Blocks of the astronomic bodies in the Uuniverse identical to the Building Blocks of the Human body” and reply what this means. About  4  billion years ago, the evolution cosmology that began with the Big Bang had produced a kind of architecture that occupied the top of evolution, as well as the human species is the top of the evolution from biological systems on Earth. And the species that was on top was the Proto-System. Then, atoms of the Earth began to behave strangely, if combined in a way that never did before, were the combinations known as molecular and about 3′5 billion years ago a wonderful first living being left dragging on the surface of this planet. Magic? Produced by divine creation or  Absolute Chance? Or would have been just another evolutionary step from the last species evolved at that time? Where were and how were organized, the forces, substances and other elements that converged to the same point and at the same astronomic time and produced the Life?
The first RNA / DNA occurring in the first living already contained about three hundred packets of information, called “genes.” Moreover, the body of them had already been done by this information. But they were information about what? Who? With what meaning? Would be it only information on the history of 3.5 billion years of biogenesis, ie the gestation of the first living being? Or would there information about something else?
Now it seems that we are beginning to resolve the tracks, the puzzle, the greatest puzzle of all time, one that more closely applicable to humans. While a human body takes nine months to be managed, the first biological system took billions of years! We are therefore speaking of astronomical size. This necessarily requires us – in our ultimate research on our origins – to divert the eyes of the soil of the Earth and raise the head to observe the sky where lies the astronomical size. The first living being already was a “system” – the phone  (eh…eh…. the Google translation makes me smile… it is not phone, but cell, stupid) – the cell system,  and not just a piece or part of systems. Therefore, its creator, which should be included in packets transmitted genetic gestures and a new creature for so long, it must have been a “system”. But on the surface of the Earth bare and arid with poor configuration system was not close to what appeared here. Forces and substances certainly came from somewhere else besides Earth. But how, in what way?
As seen above, the state of the world at that time presented as the evolutionary top, the Astronomic Proto-System. This creature, formed by seven bodies floating in space, was or had the “DNA” more evolved in the Universe. And we saw that ‘ the image and likeness of its “DNA” are functionally identical to the first living being. We already saw that there is  Nanotechnology and Nature knows how to make use of it. Therefore, I believe it is not necessary to expose more reasons and arguments and evidence here: the Code of the Cosmos evolved to the Code of Life!
Already “makes no sense anymore to talk about  “the origins of life”.  First because the word “origin” means a sharp drop in the natural development of causes and effects by some non-natural, and I never saw this happen. The second because the way how the Proto-System Astronomy - though mostly be covered by the Newtonian laws of mechanics - using seven mechanical functions that are identical to the seven most vital properties (reproduction, metabolism, self-regulation of pressure, etc.), so no more division between life and inanimate, unless referring to pieces isolated or broken parts of their systems.
Now completed 200 years since Charles Darwin had the idea of “Evolution” and since then an army of positivist chemical and physical and biological agents in all areas kneels in the mud of swamps and mud of the oceanic floor in search of the most mysterious character all time: the primitive MICROSCOPIC common stock that would have triggered life on Earth. The theory of evolution Neo-Darwinian based on this formula VSH (Variation, Selection, Inheritance). But Darwin could not have achieved the true essence of the process of evolution with the knowledge of his time, he was limited to three postulates universal variables, the clues really pointed to the residence as microcosm of LUCA (the Last Universal Common Ancestral ), he dealt only with Micro-Evolution and established the foundations for a cosmic building of  proportions unimaginable which dances under the laws of Macro-Evolution, which implies that evolution has seven variable universal and not just the three  discovered by Darwin, and that instead of a  MICROSCOPIC LUCA is dragging the swamps of the Earth, the true creator of Life on Earth is  Macro-Cosmic and stands in the sky covering us everywhere, we are in it and he is within us, in the core of our DNA!
This change of point of reference to the basis of a vision of the world, the discovery of our link with the universe, could not be more slow and comes at an opportune moment. Our species has been humiliated, weakened, we lose our home as a cosmic center of the universe, our position as the center of creation, we were seen as mere extension of animals descended from monkeys improved, lost the harmony with our nature and we are about to lose our freedom of conscience. It comes as a  spectacular human reaction, capable of turning back to the center of existence, and now we go after something else:  the divine code of our ”Consciousness”!
Congratulations … humans! You are to be congratulated!

The Code of Life is the DNA. But the bodies and systems in the sky have a code also. Both codes are under evolution, getting more information, complexity. The Code under Cosmological Evolution, about 4 billions years ago, reached the shape of LUCA, pictured above. It is composed by seven different shapes of one astronomic body: black hole, star germ, planet, pulsar, supernova, dying star, and comet. When extracting the flow of information from the body of LUCA and picturing it aside, we notice that is the same picture of a nucleotide! Which appeared at Earth surface about 3 billions years ago, at Life’s origins! So, the conclusion is obvious: DNA is merely another shape of a Universal Code, which I called “Universal Matrix”. The Matrix is a kind of living software’s diagram, which can create it is own hardware (any physical natural system like atoms and the human body)  and every developed hardware gets new information giving it back to the software. Then, there is a process of retro-alimentation or cybernetic feedback between “body and soul”. LUCA is encrypted inside our DNA, it is surrounding us and we are inside him. The Biological Evolution at Earth was merely a macro-evolutionary process of LUCA’s auto-reproduction, but, the appearance of the liquid state of matter cause big mutations and so, we are here, human beings!

At the next corner, a big surprise was waiting an agnostic: LUCA could be described using religious metaphor also: he is hermaphrodite, having the two sexual counterparts that we could call Adam and Eve ; LUCA has a body that is the most thermodynamic system under equilibrium, really a perpetual motor, but, it has the shape of a Serpent ; LUCA has grateful food reaching its mouth and he/she is under sexual intercourse all time, he/she does not need working, and being a closed system, he/she is protected as the Emperor of the Sky… then, we could say, he/she lives in the Paradise  ; the circuit performed by the flow of information (the blood of LUCA) has the shape of an Apple   - which is the shape of a perfect closed system and closed system is the extreme manifestation of selfishness. We inherited this character from our ancestral LUCA, it is encrypted at our genetic code as “the Selfish Gene”, which could be called  “The Original Sin”. Finally, LUCA was attacked by entropy, was fragmented in its bits of information and this kind of genetic code fall out to the space. We can call it “ The Fall 

I am not saying that the Bible description in Genesis is the real description of LUCA, a physical and natural and perfect thermodynamic, closed system, but, it is identical, a surprising metaphor translating a phenomena that employs the most complex scientific knowledge, like general relativity theory, quantum mechanics theory, theorem of Symmetry CPT, etc..  I am not religious and I don’t know how LUCA is in the Bible. Don’t ask it to me, but I have a theory about: LUCA is registered at human memory, he can be seen at special mental state as flashes, and if the person does not know what LUCA is about, could think that is seeing supernatural things.

Existência da mente humana: será mesmo que isso vai ocorrer conosco?!

Friday, July 31st, 2009

A Teoria da Matriz/DNA tem sugerido que a mente humana é um  produto evolucionário da longa história do Universo no desenrolar das relações entre software e hardware. Por conseguinte, a mente é mais uma forma, a ultima aqui nestas paragens e nestes tempos, do sistema natural universal. Mais exatamente ela é a forma atual do software universal e devido as propriedades que nestamos detectando nela, temo-la denominado “auto-consciencia”. Como tal ela deve sair-se com alguma variação sofisticada da Matriz. E sendo uma nova e ultima forma, recém-surgida, temos o problema de discernir qual é o seu estágio exato, se esse recente surgimento faz parte daqueles eventos em que cada novo sistema é recem-fecundado, ou recem-transformado digasmos, de feto para embrião, ou se foi um evento em que ela desabrochou do casulo embrionario, se já veio à luz, ou não.

Mas aqui me surgiu esse pensamento hoje logo ao acordar, e me deixou intrigado. Trata-se do seguinte. Sabemos que um embrião humano sente seu corpo, mas deve estar muito intimamente ligado ao material em que ele existe, como o liquido amniótico, a placenta, etc, tudo dentro da bolsa uterina. Deve ser um evento ruim aquele em que ele nasce, quando é obrigado a abandonar seu mundo. Mas ele não é expelido apenas da bolsa uterina, e sim de um universo muito maior, que é o corpo da mãe. O mundo novo em que ele cai deve ser sentido como o peixe retirado da agua sente e se debate tentando voltar nela. Ele deixa, numa primeira fase, o unico mundo que ele conhece (a bolsa) e numa segunda fase, o segundo mundo que nele sentia ou pressentia algo a distancia, e cai num terceiro mundo, um planeta a céu aberto! 

Pois bem…

Se a auto-consciencia tem a cabeça humana como seu ovo ou bolsa embrionaria – sendo o cerebro a sua placenta, etc. – ela tem o corpo humano como um segundo mundo… tem o planeta Terra como uma extensão disto… um dia vai ter que ser expelida deste planeta e cair num terceiro mundo que ela não pode pressentir nem fazer a menor idéia do que seja…

E isto é intrigante. Pensando bem, é muito importante. É espetacular.

Pois seguindo a lógica natural, a norma observada no mundo real, é a esta conclusão que se chega. Acho que ela é inevitável.

Imagine o que sente um bebê quando nasce e começa a abrir os olhos. As primeiras inspirações e exalações da respiração. O primeiro alimento. Isto tudo vai acontecer com a nossa mente no momento que ela for expelida do seu ovo – o conjunto “cabeça humana mais o resto de um  corpo humano”, em seguida expelida do corpo que alojava este ovo, o qual é um planeta? 

Bem… raios! Olhe que para o feto, e mesmo para o embrião, de nada lhe adiantaria se perguntar como deve ser o mundo alem dos reduzidos limites que ele pode sentir com seu complexo sensorial, é impossível que possa imaginar coisas como a mãe, o planeta, o espaço celeste. Portanto, acho que de nada adianta à nós, como auto-conscientes, nos perguntar-mos como será o mundo das auto-consciencias. E oxalá ele exista, oxalá a Natureza continue aplicando sobre a mente humana os mesmos processos que ela tem aplicado a todos os sistemas naturais… oxalá, pois isto significa que seguiremos existindo…

Mas que hoje me nasceu mais um grilo na cuca, raios, para já se somar aos milhares que estão aqui dentro, não é muito alvissareiro: agora vou, volta e meia, tentar imaginar o que vou encontrar alem desta placenta… Mas o problema principal é a teimosia: eu não consigo ter certeza que isto vai acontecer, mesmo que todas as experiencias da Natureza indicam que assim vai acontecer. Isto é ilógico de minha parte. De alguma maneira, minha mente insiste em que acreditar que as leis naturais serão rompidas,m transformadas, mesmo que ela suponha que nserá prejudicada nestas mudanças. Talvez seja porque existimos numa cultura que tem ridicularizado a idéia de vida após a morte.  E a culpa não seria da nossa mente mas sim das religiões e ideologias, que pintaram estas possiveis existencias com coisas demasiado fantasiosas. Acho que os religiosos a longo tempo vem caminhando na minha frente: eles, como bebes mentais, já saberiam que a mente está no estado fetal dentro de um casulo, que vai ser expulsa do planeta, e foram mais longe, se perguntaram, analizaram, e concluiram as respostas: o céu, o inferno, Deus…

Mas… ora, sabemos que será inutil a qualquer feto ou embrião humano se perguntar o que existiria alem de sua placenta… O que importa aqui é que o nosso conhecimento nos leva a uma conclusão racionalista, lógica, que a morte do corpo humano pode ser, naturalmente possivel, o evento de nossa expulsão deste mundo e a entrada, o abrir de olhos em outro mundo, onde se entra engatinhando e não tendo que passar por São Pedro na porta e mostrando as credenciais…    

The discover of LUCA is a new victory to Evolution Theory?

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

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Postby Louis Morelli » Sat May 16, 2009 5:37 pm

Eversbane wrote:The universe does not need explaining. The scientists you see around you are here only to describe it. No need to explain anything. Thanks anyway.”

My answer: “ Huh? The Blind Sciencemaker ?!…  Ok, it is not me that want change your mind, since that I know I am not the owner of the thru, and so, I am a blind seeker. I am very grateful to scientists that are experimentalist because I need the data they collects and distributes, my investigation in the jungle is supported over their shoulders. But… are you really right?! Let’s see an example about an interview with Stanley Miller, at .

Question: Who came up with the idea of the reducing atmosphere?
Miller: “Oparin, a Russian scientist, began the modern idea of the origin of life when he published a pamphlet in 1924. His idea was called the heterotrophic hypothesis: that the first organisms were heterotrophic, meaning they got their organic material from the environment, rather than having to make it, like blue-green algae. This was an important idea. Oparin also suggested that the less biosynthesis there is, the easier it is to form a living organism. Then he proposed the idea of the reducing atmosphere where you might make organic compounds.
He also proposed that the first organisms were coacervates, a special type of colloid. Nobody takes that last part very seriously anymore, but in 1936, this was reasonable since DNA was not known to be the genetic material..
In 1951, unaware of Oparin’s work, Harold Urey came to the same conclusion about the reducing atmosphere. He knew enough chemistry and biology to figure that you might get the building blocks of life under these conditions.

Question: Tell us about the famous electrical discharge experiment.
Miller: The experiments were done in Urey’s lab when I was a graduate student. Urey gave a lecture in October of 1951 when I first arrived at Chicago and suggested that someone do these experiments. So I went to him and said, “I’d like to do those experiments”. The first thing he tried to do was talk me out of it. Then he realized I was determined. He said the problem was that it was really a very risky experiment and probably wouldn’t work, and he was responsible that I get a degree in three years or so. So we agreed to give it six months or a year. If it worked out fine, if not, on to something else. As it turned out I got some results in a matter of weeks.”

So, dear EVERSBANE, either Oparin and Urey’s contributions were ideas emerged when seeking explanations for ultimate causes, which results in hypothesis and theories. Miller did not worked as a blind sciencemaker but he was guided by those ideas. See the words from Stanley Miller, below:
“In the 1820′s a German chemist named Woeller announced the synthesis of urea from ammonium cyanate, creating a compound that occurs in biology. That experiment is so famous because it is considered the first example where inorganic compounds reacted to make a biological compound. They used to make a distinction between organic, meaning of biological origin, and inorganic- CO2, CO and graphite. We now know that there is no such distinction…. However, it remained a mystery how you could make organic compounds under geological conditions and have them organized into a living organism. A number of people tried prebiotic experiments. But they used CO2F, nitrogen and water. When you use those chemicals, nothing happens. It’s only when you use a reducing atmosphere that things start to happen.”
So, I think it is clear that the method of unification of theories and experimentation was the guide for the brilliant Miller’s results and not the method of “blind experimentations”.
But, since the Miller-Urey’s experiments we never got the next step, making the aminoacids working alone for producing proteins or RNA. The Miller-Urey experiments remain a dead end, as said somebody here in the “abiogenesis forum”. I think that, again, Miller has the right explanation for “why?” we did not get it. See his words below:
“ The more important research are the experiments these days, rather than the trading of ideas. Good ideas are those that when reduced to an experiment end up working. Our approach is to do experiments and demonstrate things, not just talk about possibilities.”
If someone that make the job of naturalist philosopher and, in preference, in stranger lands, like the salvage Amazon jungle, does not try to organize the immense collection of data we have today, plus the inspiration get from the observation of crude nature, and try to organize it in models of a theory, we will not get the next step, I think.
By the way, the jungle is telling me that without the photons from sunlight and/or the materials from Earth nucleus, the amino acids of miller will not work alone. My models are suggesting some kind of laboratory experiments, I can’t do it from here.
There are something else I need suggest here: “ never think about, or never tell the words “origins” , “life” , “creation”, “spontaneous emergence”. There is no origin; there are no origins of life. The word “origins” means a broken event of natural flow of forces, means that cause-effect was broken by something non-natural, and we, here, in the jungle, never saw it happens. Instead using the word “ life” I use the word ‘biological systems’, facing ‘electro-magnetic systems’, ‘atomic systems”, ‘Newtonian mechanic system”, etc. The opposite of life is death and not non-living, there is no such distinction, I think. The word “origins” has been the cause of a lot of human mind deviation from the real nature, it is a cause for creating religions and erroneous ideas of “spontaneous generations”. The currently models in Astronomy are based upon the idea of “spontaneous generation of bodies in the sky”, and since I never have seen spontaneous generations here in the jungle, I don’t believe in it. Cheers…