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PATREON: Campanha visando angariar fundos para desenvolver os trabalhos da Matrix/DNA

Monday, October 14th, 2019


Minha webpage no Patreon:

Esta minha introducao na webpage ( verificar porque nao esta aparecendo):


I spent about U$ 300.000,00 from my own money and 30 years of hard work every day ( included seven years in Amazon jungle) in this research because I believe that the knowledge of the thing I am trying to bring to the labs will be great benefit to Humanity. Comparative anatomy between living and non-living natural systems showed a common pattern working as a universal formula for all natural systems (from atoms to galaxies to human bodies) and, later, I discovered that this pattern works as a simple software’s diagram. That’s the secret in Nature by which it organizes mass and energy into working systems. Since we have the formula in its most perfect state, we can fix any abnormality at any natural system and creating new systems as a new powerful technology. The first system to be fixed will be the human body, seeing the primary causes of diseases and eliminating them. But, my money went out and I am old now, with a little retirement that obligates me working outside for paying the little bills. I need better installations for research, I need employing all time everyday testing my results facing each new published scientific paper suggesting to researchers new methods for unraveling their “unknown mechanisms”, I have hundreds of projects going on, I will fight at least for putting everything in books for suggesting to researchers of every field new approaches that they never will mind without knowing this formulas and the new world view suggested by it. You can see my poor  website – – ( I need to pay a technician for improving and maintenance of the website, a translator and someone for sending communications to people working in these fields, etc), where there are already about 3.000 evidences as Artigos in Portuguese ( I am American citizen, but was born in Brazil, spent much time in Amazon jungle, so I write without errors in Portuguese) and lots of previous previsions later confirmed by scientific data.
Believe me, this perceivable world is like a living computer, composed by hardware and software working in feed-back: the material bodies improves sending new information to the software which build new more complex hardware and so on, this is what consists the so called “natural selection”. We can not leave this giant work dying with me alone, we need to give it to Humanity, so, if you can do something and think that Humanity deserves it, this is a great opportunity for you. 


Ensaio do primeiro post a ser postado:


If I and you will be dead before this discovery becomes public known and producing something practical, still you can get just now lots of benefit from it.
I will stimulate you to a new hobby that you will find amazing, very profitable and your knowledge/understanding of this world will increase exponentially. Every day, every minute, you will pay attention to millions of natural phenomena around you that you are seeing, but not paying attention to them, knowing how that things exists, where it came from, why it is in the way it is, etc. An example: your own face! Where Nature got the idea for creating it in the way it is?! What about each accessory in our face, like the mouth, the ears, the vision… Do you know that at 10 billion years ago there was an astronomical system with the shape of a human face? You will see the picture: Seven astronomical bodies composing a working system where each body was performing the function of each accessory of human face today. It means that our face was writing in the stars! Why? It is because the same natural formula that built that astronomical system is the formula that built our faces. Knowing the formula, which is easy, you will understand everything by yourself. You will think that If there is a God as creator, He only created the formula as a living software/template… which produced, by evolution, everything here.
Ok, you can ask these first questions here. I will bring pictures, a kind of a map, which is also a simple diagram/logarithm of software, and we will together find all explanations in Nature, in Universal Evolution. When you learn and understand how these formulas works, which are its supreme meaning, you will do it alone, solving all natural puzzles, with great pleasure, like I am getting it. 
You will discover surprising things that will empower your intelligence. But you have a better social status than I have ( everybody has better status than I have, since I invested all life and earnings in this solitaire mission, must time alone in the jungle, I got no family, no friends, nothing at hands to begin with, only hundreds of ideas and projects, and a precious gift to give to my 8 billion human bothers). and you will get your ways to translate the ideas into real things.
A big advantage of knowing these formulas is that the formulas will tech you how to improve your intelligence, when the formula will teach you how to get more things from your brain.   
Have you noticed that the human brain is divided into two parts, the left and right hemispheres? But, here you will learn that the whole brain is a natural system in itself. And when you bring the perfect natural formula for systems, you will locate the functions of each neuronal region and network, because the formula is the template/software that built and is running the brain. But, you will see that there is something wrong with human brains: the formula is a whole sphere, it is not divided into two parts. The cause of this abnormality is a long history but we can resume it: Never Nature built a perfect material system because it would be a kind of eternal perpetuum motor, a closed system in itself, and there is entropy not permitting it. Galaxies almost got this perfection as you will see our astronomic models, they are almost closed system recycling itself, but in the evolution from galaxies to the first biological cell system, the closed system was broken, becoming an opened system, opened again to its own evolution. You will see in the formula that losing the function of self-recycling which performs a meridian inside the sphere, the sphere breaks into two parts… that is our brain just now. The biggest prejudice to us is that we are not able to perform complete thoughts. The signals in the flux of thoughts begins at the hippocampus and goes to left, clockwise, but when arrives to the top where is located the neo-cortex, the synapses falls down towards the hippocampus again. Our thoughts are half thoughts, we are not getting the functions and properties of the right hemisphere. When the formula showed this, I learned that we can practice to drive our flux of thoughts for to transpassing the corpus callosum entering into the right hemisphere, and from that exercises, my understanding of this world increased exponentially. 
A second example: how to get an industrial complex totally automatized producing everything we need and recycling all used material/energy? The natural Matrix/DNA formula has built a biosphere with millions of diversified animals and plants that works by itself. With the formula at hands we learn how it did every detail, and how to mimicking it in technological way.
A third example: Look to your own hands. I am sure you never asked why your hands are in the way they are, where nature got the idea to do this, how evolution works from a initial cellular cylia towards the human hands? Easy question: the shape of the human hands, with the fingers, the palm, etc., is the same shape of a DNA’s fundamental unit of information! You will see the design of this unit of information as the exactly template of your hand. Why? Because the DNA’s unit of information has as template the universal Matrix/DNA formula. But, then, you will be very surprised discovering things about your hands that nobody saw before. The formula builds systems applying the process of life’s cycles. This is another big history that you can ask. So, look to your right hand opened with the palm facing your eyes. Learn how your hand has encrypted your body’s life cycle: the palm is the pregnant woman, the flux of the system goes to left, clockwise, then, the smaller finger is the baby, the next finger is the kid, the next the teenage becoming sexually mature, till the last finger is the old curved shape of the body. Merely coincidences? Or your hands is merely the product of exercises by evolution? yes, my friend, because universal evolution is being driven by the same process of life’s cycle by the same formula. Would be better if we got other accessories into our hand like being spherical and having lots of tentacles as the octopus, but we never will improve our hands because all the resources and the final design from the formula has finished. 
Now, imagine what will happen when the schools will teach the formula to students. We will have a totally different, improved new generations. They deserves it, they are our children, they are our future. We need everybody participating in this mission, we need voluntary works as I am that can help with any knowledge, suggestions, ideas, etc., it will be good for you and everybody, I can not doing it alone and I am very old going to die, please, do not permit that this gift does not reach the hands of our people… 


Importante para divulgar uma nova visão do mundo, ou “historia narrativa”

Sunday, August 25th, 2019


Neste TED TALK o autor capta muito bem que os nossos sistemas econômicos sociais tem sido construídos por visões do mundo, que ele chama de “stories”. Ele demonstra como isso tem atuado nos diferentes modelos econômicos aplicados no último seculo. Agora estamos numa historia, o neoliberalismo, que ja produziu a crise de 2008 e provou que não funciona. mas ele continua ai e isso porque ninguém ainda criou uma nova historia para antes de erradicar a velha. isto esta justamente numa linha de pensamento investigativo que tem sido importante dentro da Matrix/DNA: como apresentar esta nova visão para que elimine e substitua a velha?

Por ser assim importante e necessitar mais reflexão, copio o transcript aqui para traduzi-lo quando houver tempo:


Voce se sente apanhado num sistema economico quebrado? Um modelo que esta sucateando o mundo vivo e ameaca as vidas dos nossos descendentes? Um modelo que exclui bilhoes de pessoas enquanto faz uma meia-duzia imaginavelmente rica? isto nos coloca como ganhadores e perdedores, e entao culpa os perdedores por suas miserias. bem vindo ao neoliberalismo, a doutrina zumbi,  que parece nunca morrer, apesar de estar desaeditada. Agora voce deve ter imaginado que a crise financira de 2008 deveria ter colapsado o neoliberalismo. Afinal, ela expos suas centrais fraturas, as quais eram desregular negocios, mercados e financas, derrubando as protecoes do publico,jogando nos em extrema competicao uns contra outros. E intelectualmente ela de faato se colapsou. Mas ainda ela domina nossas vidas. Porque? Bem, eu acredito que a resposta fe que nos nao temos produzido uma nova historia para substitui-la.


Crise na reciclagem do lixo e solucao na formula da Matrix/DNA

Friday, August 16th, 2019


Os recicláveis dos USA estavam sendo comprados pela China, a qual parou de comprar e agora estao sendo jogados nos lixões ou no mar, um problema serio que tende rapidamente se tornar calamitoso, considerando a noticia seguinte:

” While the industry stalls, residents and businesses are consuming and generating more waste than ever. In 2014, Los Angeles County generated approximately 22 million tons of waste. By 2018, that number had climbed to 30 million tons…

O fenomeno “reciclagem” nos lembra logo da formula universal para todos os sistemas naturais, pois nela é praticada a reciclagem do material degradado. Portanto vamos ler a noticia no link abaixo e trazer para ca’ a formula ver o que ela sugere como solucao:

As California’s recycling industry struggles, companies and consumers are forced to adapt

E a formula da Matrix/DNA:

The universal matrix/DNA as closed system

The universal matrix/DNA as closed system

Bem… na verdade este assunto sera melhor visivel no esboço feito na selva da formula:

Matriz DNA Universal

Vemos na formula que o fluxo de energia/informacao do sistema se apresenta como um circuito fechado que se auto recicla. Quando o fluxo chega na funcao 7 ( que representa o “cadaver” do sistema) ele se decompõem em poeira ou particulas e nesta forma vai reconstruir a funcao 1, que é o ponto inicial do fluxo. Outro detalhe a se notar é que o fluxo se compoe alternativamente de particulas e ondas. na verdade o fluxo e a trajetória de um unico corpo material que rola ao sabor do seu ciclo vital, transformando-se em novas formas que se tornam as partes ou pessas do sistema.

Entao, F1 é onde inicia a formacao do corpo. trata-se do cone rotativo, um especie de caldeira em turbilhão. Para ele vem todos os ingredientes como materia-prima para formar o corpo. Alem de F5 que traz a energia que mantem a rotação, o rodamoinho recebe as impurezas na forma de massa degradada da morte do sistema anterior. esta formula é a base de todos os sistemas naturais, de atomos a galaxias a corpos vivos, porem, um dos seus aspectos principais é o de ser a formula que mostra como funciona um sistema aberto e um sistema fechado em si mesmo. Mostramos a formula no seu aspecto de sistema fechado porque seria o estado perfeito, eterno, como um moto-perpetuo. Para imaginar seu aspecto de sistema aberto basta cortar o circuito esferico entre F7 e F1, ficando o circuito com duas pontas que não se tocam, e portanto o sistema não seria auto-reciclavel, mas sim com morte predeterminada.

Sendo a formula do sistema perfeito, tem que ser a formula de um sistema completamente automático. neste aspecto o sistema é a mais perfeita maquina possivel. Que processa materia-prima fornecida por ele mesmo e produz um produto final, que  é ele mesmo.

Entao para o homem se livre do trabalho estupido rotineiro, ele deve buscar implantar um sistema mecânico automatizado de producao e consumo, baseado na formula. Vamos supor que o sistema sera implantado na producao, consumo, limpo e auto-sustentavel, de refrigerantes. Em F1 chegam os ingredientes do conteúdo do produto e se for o caso, tambem para embalagem do produto. de F1 o protótipo do produto vem ‘a luz e segue para F2, o qual ainda esta no meio da carga de materiais degradados e outros ingredientes que serao agregados ao protótipo. Em F3 o produto esta pronto para consumo, em F4 é comprado e consumido ( F5 seria o retorno da energia para retroalimentar F1, que neste caso, pode ser o dinheiro pago pelo consumidor). A partir dai o que é consumido pode ser ejetado para fora do sistema em F4 se for um sistema aberto ( mais na forma de urina) e o resto continua para F6, retornando os frascos para ser reciclado m F1.

Em outras palavras, no sistema automatizado perfeito, o material reciclável deve retornar diretamente para a fabrica que o produz. E ela ter a instrumentação para fazer a reciclagem.

mas o sistema de producao/consumo humano veio junto com o humano do estado caótico da Natureza, e não diretamente do estado de ordem do sistema astronomico. Portanto é   inevitável a fase inicial de problemas caóticos, que tem que serem aos poucos resolvidos visando o estado de ordem automatizado e eficiente, inclusive mantendo inalterado a fonte da materia-prima e sem poluir o exterior. Nesta fase caótica o mercado global caótico faz com que o consumidor esteja nos USA e a fabrica na China. Isto distorce a formula tendo que se inserir uma enorme distancia entre F7 e F1 + F2. Esta distancia tem que ser percorrida com energia vinda de fora da maquina, aumentando o custo do processo producao/consumo/reciclagem.

vamos separar o local da producao deixando a fabrica na China e a central de reciclagem nos USA, transportando o produto ja reciclado para a China? O certo mesmo era trazer de volta as fabricas que estavam nos USA que nunca deveriam ter ido para a China, pincipalmente quando existe um conflito de interesses entre consumidos e fabricantes.

Ai esta a solucao final sugerida pela formula: os consumidores, a fabrica, e a central de reciclagem devem estarem no mesmo local, ou regiao, ou pais. Qualquer outra alternativa continuara sendo prejudicial a humanidade. O artigo diz que a solucao deve vir dos “lawmakers”, os politicos que fazem as leis. Estes deveriam conhecer melhor este mundo conhecendo sua formula basica.

Systemic Cognition: Organização reconhece atraso e procura tateando no escuro

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019


A Global Shift to Systemic Cognition

Updated: Nov 25, 2018 –  Victoria Wilding

True systemic cognition is currently almost non-existent. Most ‘systems thinking’ is done with mental/rational representations and cognition. Post-modern cognition is incapable of rigorously understanding complex phenomenon, and people at this level are commonly anti-cognitive.

It seems unlikely that systemic cognition will develop quickly enough to meet global challenges unless it is spread intentionally and consciously.

What is needed is a New Enlightenment. It will be similar to the First Enlightenment in that it will be driven by a shift to higher cognition. But this time the shift will be from the analytical/rational thought of the First Enlightenment to systemic cognition and the shift will be developed and spread intentionally and consciously.

At present there is no body, process or system that has the responsibility or power to ensure that humanity continues to evolve successfully on this planet into the future, overcoming the global crises that threaten us. There is no driver of the planetary car. Furthermore, the cognitive capacities needed to steer and re-organize the human system are almost non-existent. And the few who are developing these capacities do not have the power to enact solutions. Worse still, humanity is currently organized in ways that encourage and incentivize the actions that produce the crises. Our current economic and social systems self-organize destructive behaviour irrespective of the intentions of the participants within these systems. ( cont. reading)

Meu comentario enviado neste link em 7/30/19

Hi, Ms. Victoria…This is a great service to humankind, trying the evolutionary jump from reductive thought to systemic thought. The last great initiative was from Ludwig Bertalanffy whit his book “General System Theory”. But,… it had no continuation because neither Mr. Bertalanffy knew what a natural system really is. I am the author of a new theory called “The universal formula Matrix/DNA of all natural systems and life cycles” because I think have discovered a common pattern at all systems which is the internal circuit carrying on the flow of information/energy that connects all parts. I think maybe it can improve your teachings because this formula is for perfect systems which works like a machine, so, all artificial man-made systems has errors in it that can be fixed looking to the perfect formula. For example, any factory owner can make comparisons between his/her system with the formula and see the differences for improving it. This formula tells a new different Universal History, linking the evolution from atoms to galaxies to biological systems, so it is a good source for understanding the meaning of natural evolution and planning what to do next. If you are curious about, my goal is merely helping you because this will be good for human kind, look this link, where you can get a first idea about:

Researchgate: my project at my profile

Saturday, July 20th, 2019


Obs: for to find this text in the profile, click “home”, then click “research”, then click “project”, and finally click “project log”.

Actually, LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestor, remains a theory and is not useful in applied science. But, I will fight to convince people that the knowledge about the anatomy of LUCA is one of the most important for every scientific research and the making of new technologies. Why?
In the anatomy of LUCA there are all information about everything created in this terrestrial biosphere. Like the DNA has all information of a final baby. Every time I read an article of a scientist saying ” we doesn’t know what’s the mechanism here”, or “we doesn’t know the cause”, I look to LUCA anatomy and quickly there is a suggestion as solution. But, where and how I got this theoretical model of LUCA?
Comparative anatomy between the first living being ( a complete and functional eukaryote cell system) and the last most evolved natural systems existing at origins of life: this galaxy. What?!!
There is no other rational solution: life emerged inside this galaxy, produced by this galaxy alone. But… how could it to be?
First: Galaxies are so simples, and the first cell so complex. Explanation: No, this galaxy is not so simple. There is the building block of galaxies which is identical the building blocks of DNA. Only seeing the two models at my website you will begin to understand it.
Second: Galaxies are so big, cells are microscopic. No problem: your body is so big, but your genome was microscopic.  Nature applies nanotechnology and the opposite, giantology.
Third: By which process the astronomic building block could producing the RNA/DNA’s building blocks?! Hereditary transmission, same of genetic process. I have already calculated every step of this process.
LUCA is the most natural perfect machine possible to exist, described by Newtonian Mechanics and something of relativity due touching in a hidden phenomena to our modern science: all life’s properties were/are existing and working at astronomic systems, in less evolved and reduced mechanistic and electromagnetic fashions. For example, in the sideral space, two different types of astros plus a nuclear galactic vortex can make sexual reproduction… the babies are seeds of new stars. LUCA is self-recycling: it die and self-assemble again, continuously. So, the anatomy of LUCA contains all solutions for to fix any deviations in natural systems as human bodies, like diseases, and offers ideas for the most perfect machine and automatized systems from production to transport.
If any researcher, as curiosity, tell me about a problem of mechanism, process or unknown cause about the phenomena being studied. I will look at LUCA and offering a suggestion grateful. I need these challenges as testing the models. Cheers… Louis C. Morelli

Locais para Divulgação de Livros

Friday, July 12th, 2019




Ver isso no CATARSE:



Machine Learning at New York Science Academy and my e-mail with suggestions

Friday, April 26th, 2019


Natural Language, Dialog and Speech (NDS) Symposium (NYAS)

( mandei este e-mail visando participar com uma stand no evento. Checar e-mail desde 04/26 e checar notifications no meu dashboard).

The universal natural formula of all natural systems shows that our actual binary systems cannot learning humans properties, it is necessary a new different approach. What we are doing with the current approach is turning on, unconsciously, the biological brain into a mechanistic brain, instead the opposite that should be our goal. I am the unique man in this world that knows this formula, how to make interpretations from  it, trying to mimicking it technologically, as you can have a n initial idea seeing the formulas at my website .

Natural evolution is coming in  unique evolutionary lineage since 13,8 billion years ago. Errors in the current paradigm and approach are due also because a world view that separates biological from cosmological evolution, so, life, humans, biological evolution seems to be failed from skies by magical entities, be it gods or constructive randomness. This magical thinking never will lead our computation to learning humans. We discovered the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological, so, we have the knowledge how humans properties were already encrypted in the physic laws before life’s origins, and since we want to give life to our machines, we need know it.

Natural evolution has worked with two fronts since the Big Bang, one we can call it as hardware, the other, software. Exactly how we developed computation, natural evolution develops due feedback between this hardware and software. I am introducing the universal formula as a kind of simple algorithm where we can see the hardware and software at same time.      It happens that the universal formula has not two binary variables, but seven variables, and we can see them from atomic, astronomic, do DNA systems. Another big difference is that natural systems are based on the anatomy of light waves, which has encrypted the process of life’s cycles: any non-biological natural system is built by this living process. So, we need to transform our hardware, replacing pieces, following the natural model.

By the way, I think that my personal investigation lead me to final results that could be interesting to listen them. Since I am American citizen but most part of my life doing research at Amazon jungle,  ( English is not my native language, so, the errors here, sorry) and since I am living in New York, is you think it is good for you, I can build a stand with images in the corridors of the conference talking to people. Or another way you think about. I am sure the novelty of my approach is full of new insights that can boost the development of machine learning. Thanks… Louis Morelli (phone: xxxxxxxxxxx, e-mail : xxxxxxx




A Message From Matrix/DNA World View

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Louis Charles Morelli

Shared privately  at Google+ –  8:36 PM

Humanity is in need of a big brain evolutionary jump just now, before it will be too much late. Our Science and its technology is developing fast, but, in a wrong and dangerous way (it is what my world view based in Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting and I am not the owner of thru). It is like a gun at a kids hands or food with unknown mortal poisons.
My discoveries about the light waves having the properties for life, that DNA is merely a new universal systemic shape of a universal matrix that organized matter into all systems, from atoms to galaxies, that the building blocks of astronomical systems also have the properties of life, that at every seven elements in periodic table there are one able to make “living systems” different from everything we can imagine now, that we, as systems, are composed of software and hardware, that the software has 13,7 billion years allways surviving when changing the old hardwares, that this software about 4 billion years ago made the big mistake of becoming a closed selfish system in the shape of astronomical building blocks and we are the results, lifting up from the chaos when entropy attacked our sinner ancestral, etc. and etc., everything suggesting a new world view where we are going to repeat the big mistake again here at Earth.
The discovery that the Einstein brain is different because the two hemispheres are strongly linked came to reinforce the Matrix/DNA formula and theory, that we need exercise and learning how to develop our right hemisphery. Any thought at our brain begins with the received stimulus/informations being processed at the hippocampus, like the nuclear vortex of Matrix formula called F1 is the beginning of any new circuit flow inside the system. Then, the flow goes clockwise towards F2, F3, and when arrives at F4, instead going externally rounded, it breaks and goes down as F5 towards F1. The flow falls from the central cortex towards the hippocampus again, through the corpus callosum. It means that the right hemisphere, with its universal systemic functions number 6 and 7 and part of F1, is out of any thought. But, a lot of evidences are suggesting that one ability of the right H is to grasp the natural phenomena related to the level of light, which is the beginning of everything here. We are seeing only the mechanical aspect of systems, it is missing at least, six more aspects acting over any material object. The Matrix formula is suggesting that we can make efforts for getting the flow of thoughts changing its course, penetrating the H.R. and gettin a shower of light. It means the flow crossing the central cortex and going to F6, instead falling to F1.
The very fact that Einstein’s brain had less space between the two hemispheres, suggests that his thoughts were, at certain way, penetrating the H.R. and from there, from these thoughts getting the shower of light, he could see light in a way that nobody has seen. His intuitions about the cosmological space was due the ability of H.R. expanding through spatial construction, amplifying our horizons. I am trying experiments and exercises for getting this jump but since my poor conditions where is missing everything here, and knowing that does not will be useful only one or a few individuals getting it, but everybody, we need that you join us working hard here.
At this moment we have billions of human beings being tortured in this stupid and absurd life’s conditions, they are losing the opportunity for their brain evolution, they are our brothers, our blood, the unique beings in this Universe that can do something for us and who we must love above everything. We need be here for them. We need doing something and quickly.  we need talking about what to do, the more brains thinking here, the better. Matrix/DNA formulas are suggesting what we can do, but it is merely a theory, I am not a believer in it, it merely seems logical and rational from my personal viewpoint, and it can not be from yours, so, you need teach me what’s going wrong. But, it means that we have suggestions, that it is possible doing the right thing… bring on yours suggestion and put then over the table for everybody see it. The Matrix/DNA is saying that we are going to build  again here a closed selfish social system where every human being will be slave, til the presidents, the rich families, etc.
The Brave New World under the executive power of the Big Queen, as any insect society. But the real legislative power will be the identity of the system, a non visible force, non touchable, that will enslave all of us, will get our consciousness as prisoner, and we will fail again. Only known our real enemy we will know how to avoid it. The Matrix formula is suggesting a whole new scientific enterprise with different technology as result, lot times more superior than this we have now. It is suggesting how to eliminate our viruses and bacterias enemies, for getting a working and healthy body. Why not lose some time trying to know and debating with me what I am talking about. I payed a hard price for getting this formula ( seven years studying natural systems and total biosphere isolated at Amazon jungle), if you do the same you will get it also, I believe. Com’on, are there anything with more value than living and fighting for the welfare of our species here, now and for our next generations? We are not merely optimized monkeys, we have intelligence, we have love, we have a purpose in life, we need joining together, and if we have the eternal software as pictured and suggested by Matrix/DNA we have a marvellous future. But, if we continues doing things wrong, this beautiful future will be far away from us and our kids. At this moment billions of our brothers are being tortured and they need all our efforts, with Matrix or without Matrix, we need talking about the real facts, bring on the table the real causes, the real effects, and together thinking about what we need to do at the social level. Cheers…

Yesterday the Sun Sent Stronger Waves to Earth. May have an effect on the DNA.

Saturday, July 7th, 2012
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory released this movie of the July 6, 2012 (click it)

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory released this movie of the July 6, 2012 (click it)

This is not alarmed propagandist quacks trying to scare the people. All responsible news from scientific sources made ​​a point to emphasize:
“Satellites in orbit may have some effect. Telecommunications on Earth may be affected. In extreme and rare cases, nets may suffer an electric effect. There will be beautiful scenes auroras in some regions. Flames coming from the sun can not harm humans on the Earth’s surface. Our atmosphere protects us. “
However, reading the theoretical models of the Matrix / DNA, I felt great need to have available some laboratory equipment to do an experiment testing a possibility. Below, I am trying insert a text translated from the portuguese version about the detailed explanations.  What I mean is briefly explained in the text below that I have posted in some websites that published the news:

“Flares on the sun can’t harm humans on Earth’s surface.”

Maybe there is a reaction of living beings, at the level of DNA. The sun is releasing a bigger quantity of photons, they travel like waves, that’s why satellites communications undergo effects. If our theoretical models are right, these sun’s photons were the agents that organized atoms into which we call “junk DNA”. So, if these regions of DNA are invaded for more photons like those ones, some genes that are not usually being expressed will be activated. There is a way for scientific testing this hypothesis, but I don’t have the lab tools for doing it.

By the way, each time the sun expels something, it is becoming different: lighter, older, like a very old man losing its energy and systemic configuration. The opposite effect is that each time it happens, the bodies like planets of its system is absorbing something, so, they are becoming different also. Maybe this will affect global warming a little bit. The lesson here is that human kind can not stop the scientific researches, must support NASA and other seekers, because Nature is walking, transforming, and our planetary home will not be eternally hospitable.

EARTHSKY – Active region 1515 on sun releases X-flareDeborah Byrd JUL 07, 2012

Explanations of this thEory:
(translated by Google, yet not corrected in full)

Light, Photons, Stars, and their memory Registered in the “DNA”

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

I think the whole matter in the universe has as its greater tendency to settle in inertia, a thermo-dynamic equilibrium. If it is correct, what is existing that has prevented the Universe from “parking stationary” a long time ago?! I think the first answer would be energy. The energy is dynamic, uncontrollable, have a tendency to move, etc.. It seems certain. But I think energy need something, a medium to propagate itself. It seems to me that Physics has already said it does not propagate in vacuum. This medium can only be mass, and how the environment is always bigger, contains all its elements, the tendency of mass end overlapping the trend of energy. The information that mass is energy parked and energy is accelerating mass, would not change that outcome, I think, for now. So what’s the unknown element that kept the universe forward in size and quality, as in the evolution of matter inside him? Never heard an answer, even as also never seen anyone ask such a question.

At one time my mental exercise led me to suppose that the universe is like a computer, which is like DNA, which is like our brain, in the sense that all are composed of hardware and software. The existence of a software explain – following the trend we see in the field – explain why the mass can not stop the world: all hardware is accommodated but naturally absorbs new natural information from space, which are transmitted to its software, which is not accommodated, then escapes from the hardware where he is arrested and makes the material to build a more sophisticated hardware that can operate the new information. The new hardware also actually never sleeps because the informations from the software’s penetrates him, so he develops his new software … which will develop your new hardware … an eternal process of feedback which would be the force hidden behind the process of evolution. Beautiful? I think, but even so I can forget that everything here is theory, I could not prove anything yet, if the command instructions in DNA in the human brain and mind, no longer prove this idea of ​​universal software.

Later, when I tried to see how are the channels of interactions between parties of those known natural systems (cells, trees, human bodies, galaxies, etc.), I was drawing these channels, and began to realize that the result was a kind of circuit as the electrical home and industrials circuits diagrams, but my big surprise occurred when suddenly I noticed that the final image of a circuit of natural systems hit exactly those diagrams of computer software that I had seen in a book about computers. It was hard to calm the confusion in my head, I had to calm me down and thoughts in order to try to understand what that meant. “My theoretical universal software” made it into the clipboard, and seemed to be the shadow of all natural systems. I called the shadow “The Universal Matrix” and I decided to develop / test it all.

Later, 30 years after many neurons fired in this fight, by chance I noticed that the same image – that was the image of the software diagram, and at the same time, the image of the circuits within the system – fitted  exactly the image of an electromagnetic spectrum represented on the screen of a computer. But … that image on the screen is the way our mechanical tools perceive a ray, a light wave. What does this mean?! It seems the universe is like a donuts, a dense sphere with a hole in the middle, or as its central core, this hole is a vibrating source, emitting vibrations, which are expanded in the form of waves of light. Every wave – we humans shared – to our best understanding – in seven main types of “frequencies”. This is because when a wave leaves the source it comes out strong, with high vibration, but as it will be going away from the source, this force is decreasing, and we say that the frequency of vibration decreases by a size of space, a given period. In its full extent these waves break into fragments, or condense at their peaks in the form of fragments, and these fragments are vortex core, which (here I appealed to the master of Physics, Hideki Yukawa, when explaining the “nuclear glue”), coalesce into bosons, leptons, quark, superparticles and so on. All theory, but while the theory is not overthrown I can not control their growth. Thus emerged the hypothesis that this mysterious thing that kept the universe from unertia are light waves emitted by that hypothetically original fountain in the center of the donut … or maybe “in another dimension, another side of the universe.”

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I am sometimes tempted to imagine that this source is a super-conscious living, and then makes me want to call it God, but then correct myself because I remember the humanity and other living beings being tortured consciences of small inside their heads human suffering, and I do not think an all-powerful father be allowed to have children, or particles of himself, under suffering. And whenever someone had a new idea of ​​a new god, led a band of followers that just made m … No more gods! But the idea is that the original light, natural, keeping the matter in the universe in motion, persists.

And what does this have to do with flames issuing from the sun reaching the earth?

The sun would, in my view, a distant early repeater station that universal central source. So were all the stars and all planets, stars that have incubated. It would be like saying that the seven billion human consciousness on Earth are now operating repeater stations, but more sophisticated, of awareness that sparked the first primate. So the sun also emits light, a light coarser than the original, less pure, but which remains light, which breaks down into particles photons, and perhaps more. But do not forget, as I theorized above, each light wave is a copy of the Matrix, carrying a copy of the diagram of the software. And on Earth there are zillions of organized bodies and systems, from atoms to human bodies, and all based on the same diagram software, unless the differences in complexity, because the Matrix is ​​under development (remember the feed-back between hardware and software ?). It turns out that the sun is like the Earth, both are like an onion, made up of layers, regions of material separated from each other (ie, it is also only a strong theory because nobody ever saw the inside of the sun). And each time he should have more activity taking place in a particular layer, which means that every time he sends a different kind of photons, because these layers follow the formula of light, which is divided into frequencies, each frequency is a type of photons with their specifics intensity of vibration.

And then those photons penetrate the terrestrial matter, at least the less dense, like human flesh. And there are DNA. However, the DNA itself is more than one copy of the natural system, it also has its regions divided in accordance with the frequencies of light, according to the diagram of parts of the software-matrix. In its early days I think he began setting the slower frequencies of light in the form of molecules and these molecules are now included in those 95% of DNA which they call “junk.” These are regions that record the past. But that last? That time on the abiogenesis, or after the formation of amino acids? No, because we are seeing – in theory here – that the software is one, is 13.7 billion years, then the past is there in the first billion years. When they were forming the stars like the sun … So I see a marriage between the photons from the sun and the photons contained in the region of junk DNA.

But it happens that the photons were brought to the software, the diagram, they were the atoms that have penetrated the Earth 4 billion years ago and produced the biological DNA. The photons of the past are now dormant in the junk DNA, but it comes a new wave of them, still active in the sun, and his comrades are sleepers here … there may be a reaction … what is called genetics of gene expression.

Do this first, coarse, and hasty approach, communicate what I think I’m reading and understanding the formula of the Matrix / DNA? And will any reader will be able or have the “bag” to read it till the end? And if you see any hero, crazy like me, will understand or interpret how I interpret all this?

If scientists could having cameras filming DNA of rats on the space station, inside or outside, when the station is hit by this issue of the Sun, the films did not reveal a sudden new reaction in the region of the dormant DNA? It would be difficult in a laboratory that happen here because the shield of atmosphere, but there was nothing to lose, I would spend my time in this test. And if by chance any human disease, or some of the effects of global warming, are products of these emissions? It would be more than repaid the time spent, do you agree? These chances are minimal but that make me continue this theory until it is cleared or until my last breath.

A Case Study for Matrix/DNA

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The Deegan Group

Nonlinear Science laboratory

Simple systems driven from equilibrium will spontaneously form patterns. A classic demonstration is a pot of water on a stove. If the stove is not turned on, the water remains still. The fluid is in equilibrium, and all parts behave the same; there is no structure. But if the heat is turned on, the water begins to move in an organized manner. The water rises along the walls of the pot and falls in the middle. From initially homogeneous conditions the water has developed an organized dynamical structure. The world is filled with countless examples of this general phenomenon from the mundane—the ornate architecture of a snow flake, the crown-like splash of a drop, the dark ring around a coffee strain—to the exotic— the Earth’s magnetic field, sunspots, the large scale structure of the universe.

Is all the structure in world around us an inevitable product of the forcing? Is life itself a generic manifestation of driven systems? These are fascinating issues that research on nonequilibrium systems and pattern formation will hopefully one day answer.

My research focus is patterns in fluids and solids. Lately, I’ve been working on drop impact, vibrated shear thickening fluids, vibrated drops, the statistics of caustic networks, and exploding seed pods. Some past projects include the fracture of rubber and silicon, and the formation of rings from a drying drop.

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