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Lista dos péssimos e errados designers na Natureza

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Lista feita por um anônimo:

The process of evolution by natural selection is estimated to have an IQ of about 1. It works by trial and error, mostly error. It takes hundreds of thousands of years because it is so stupid. In contrast, Yahweh is alleged to have an IQ of ∞. For some reason, he is allegedly extremely partial to humans over all other species. Evolution works by spawning variants almost identical to the parents and natural selection wipes out all but the best of them. It takes about 200 million years to notice any appreciable cumulative difference in the current generation. This means that the humans who were living at the dawn of agriculture 10,000 ago were for all practical purposes identical to us. Many creationists erroneously imagine evolution is the morphing of a single individual into a new species that takes place over a few seconds. The animal kingdom exhibits so much bungling in their design, it can’t be the work of a competent designer, much less a divine one. Which designer more likely joined the windpipe of a human to his esophagus so that if he is inattentive for even a second he can choke to death? Which designer more likely gave much better eyes and lungs to birds than to humans? Humans have the optic nerve attached to the wrong side of the retina causing a blind spot. Which designer more likely gave man a spine more suited for a quadruped, meaning he would be vulnerable to back pain? Which designer more likely gave women birth canals far too small for extruding babies (or babies with heads too big). Other animals don’t have that problem. Which designer more likely gave humans teeth that are prone to cavities and that wear out part way through life? Which designer more likely made the laryngeal nerve in a giraffe do a 4.57 metres (15 ft) needless detour? Which designer more likely added useless organs like vestigial legs on snakes, appendixes in humans, vestigial pelvises in whales, dew claws on dogs, chestnuts on horses (vestigial toes)? Which designer more likely gave the crocodile belly armour, but not the human? Which designer more likely gave humans bodies that craved foods, chemicals and drugs that were harmful to them? Which designer more likely gave humans bodies that craved a sedentary existence when they needed exercise to survive? Which designer more likely gave koalas backward-facing pouches tending to dump the young out on the ground? Which designer would pack the genome with vestigial genes from ancestor species? Creationists insist there is no such thing as ancestor species. They claim Yahweh created each species from scratch. Any similarity between species (e.g. the various types of rat) is as illusion. Which designer more likely put an additional chameleon-style visual system in a human which does not provide conscious vision, along with the usual conscious one? Evolution can explain why it is there. Intelligent Design cannot. Creationists have a problem. If they ascribe all this incompetence to Yahweh, he will be seriously insulted.

A desilusão e a barbara moral das religiões biblicas

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

‎”Se houver um Deus, Ele terá que implorar meu perdão.”

Uma frase que foi esculpida nas paredes de uma cela de campo de concentração durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial por um prisioneiro judeu.

” Pai, o Pai, porque me abandonastes?

Segundo a Biblia, ultima frase de Jesus Cristo morrendo torturado na cruz.

Minha madrasta foi uma autentica serva do Deus sugerido pela Biblia que ela leu e releu e sabia cada paragrafo de cor. Doava muito alem do dizimo para a igreja e seus bazares beneficentes e passava mais tempo ajudando na igreja que em casa. Quando adoeceu aos 75 anos com Alzheimer, nunca mais apareceu ninguem da igreja para ajuda-la e ficou mais de des anos vegetando num sofrimento horrível com essa doenca que paralisa todo o corpo. Qual seria a frase dela para o Deus da Biblia quando morreu?

Eu nunca vou aceitar nenhum tipo de intermediário entre eu e Deus. Nem humano, nem extraterrestre, nem espíritos, nem antigos judeus humanos. Claro que os tres exemplos acima mostram que o relacionamento entre Deus e humanos é totalmente diferente do relacionamento entre humanos e o Deus descrito na Biblia. E não consigo entender como os seguidores da Biblia em pleno século XX não entendem isso.

O custo desse erro infantil, fatal, o alto preço a pagar, é o individuo fazer coisas na vida sem inteligencia firmada na realidade porque fez as coisas na vida firmadas numa crença, num Deus errado, coisas que acarretam estas consequências no final da vida.

Se voce analisar corretamente, perceberas que nos tres exemplos acima os tres individuos fizeram as coisas que resultaram naturalmente, fisicamente, nas trágicas consequências. Fizeram o que a Biblia mandou e se f…

Procure voce o tipo de Deus que sua intuição sugerir e fique com Ele, apenas você e mais ninguem. E não queira prega-lo a outros que pelas suas intuições diferentes pensarão num tipo de Deus em alguma coisa diferente do seu, e talvez os deuses dos outros estejam mais perto da verdade que o nosso.

Os defensores deste livro escrito por bárbaros alegam que se nao fosse a biblia nao haveria como civilizar uma especie que nasce com os instintos barbaros da besta fera. Dizem que se existe moral nesta civilizacao é porque ela veio de Deus – mas do tipo de Deus bárbaro, vingativo, cruel, imaginado por eles, o qual nada mais é que uma auto-projecao do barbarismo selvagem que estava encriptado na mente dos autores. Abaixo esta uma lista feita por um anonimo das morais sugeridas na Biblia:

Your Morality Came From God?? What you really mean is your morality came from the bible. You are presuming god wrote the bible despite all evidence to the contrary. Biblical morality is so insane and so out of date, even the most fanatical Christians ignore it, while giving it lip service. e.g. beat your wife and kids. dash out the brains of babes of neighbouring tribes. do not use antibiotics. force women to marry their rapists. keep slaves. kill anyone who eats leftovers on the third day. kill adulterous women. kill all Ameleks or any of dozens of other ethnicities. kill all Sunday shoppers. kill all brides without hymens. kill all gays, not just refuse to make them cakes. kill all prostitutes. kill all unwed mothers. kill all witches. kill anyone of a different religion and all their non-Christian friends. kill anyone who cuts his hair or beard. Elsewhere it condemns you for not trimming your beard. Elsewhere it demands rounded and square shapes. You can’t win. kill anyone who eats a shrimp, lobster, owl, rabbit, rare roast, snail, hare, clam, shrimp, oyster, camel, pork, swan, owl, eagle, osprey, bat, dog, locust, beetle or dozens of other animals. kill anyone who grows more than one species of plant in a field. kill anyone who owns a painting. kill anyone who rakes leaves on Sunday. kill anyone who says the word god. kill anyone who wears more than one type of fibre in his clothing. kill anyone with a statue in their yard. kill anyone with a tattoo. kill females who speak in public. kill sassy teens. obey rules involving ritual uncleanliness of menstruation. you must sacrifice animals. you must sacrifice your first born to Yahweh on an altar. you must use separate cookware and dishes for milk and meat. you must love your enemies. you must sell all you have and give the proceeds to the poor. Take no thought for the morrow. Become a homeless person. you must abandon your family. being horny is equivalent to adultery, but only for heterosexual males. This encourages real adultery on the grounds of being hanged as a sheep as a lamb. The purpose of this law is to keep males perpetually guilty and hence easy to manipulate. This is just the fantasy of a paedophile priest, who inspired Islam’s 72 virgins. It is ok to beat your slaves so long as they do not die immediately. JWs claim the bible commands no blood transfusions, even if it means death. There is no such commandment. Transfusions were not invented until 1818. There are commandments about eating blood, but JWs ignore the other dietary commandments. That’s not morality. That is obsessive-compulsive disorder. None of those commandments makes any sense except avoiding shellfish in a world without refrigeration, but there is no need to kill anyone. But you don’t behave like a barbarian even though you ignore the bible. So you must have some other primary source of morality namely what your culture considers acceptable behaviour and what your legal system says is acceptable. You can’t be serious proposing biblical morality to be enforced with law. You need to read the bible cover to cover before making such a preposterous claim.

O conflito da Religião com o Acaso na Teoria da Evolução, e a tolerância da Matrix/DNA

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019


Randomness and religion

Randomness can be seen as conflicting with the deterministic ideas of some religions, such as those where the universe is created by an omniscient deity who is aware of all past and future events. If the universe is regarded to have a purpose, then randomness can be seen as impossible. This is one of the rationales for religious opposition to evolution, which states that non-random selection is applied to the results of random genetic variation.

Hindu and Buddhist philosophies state that any event is the result of previous events, as reflected in the concept of karma, and as such there is no such thing as a random event or a first event.

Na teoria da Matrix/DNA existe e não-existe randomness. O destino do Universo esta pre-determinado, aqui esta ocorrendo um processo de reprodução genética, o embrião vai nascer e o Universo sera descartado como a placenta ( a não ser que seja possível existir uma força mais potente que o universo, vinda de fora, e interrompa a gestação, pois o ser que fecundou esta gestação não é magico, nem omnipotente, é simplesmente um ser natural). Então num processo de reprodução, todos os passos no aumento da complexidade são interpretados pelos humanos como sendo um processo de evolução, o que esta certo, relativisticamente falando. Se todos os passos estão pre-determinados, não teria lugar para acontecimentos ou estruturas formadas pelo acaso no tronco da arvore da evolução. Mas acontece que em paralelo a arquitetura que esta sendo o objeto da reprodução, o mundo esta se movendo, acontecimentos acontecem… (bah…), chuvas chovem, e as vezes estes acontecimentos penetram a dimensão da arquitetura. Podem causar um repentina mutação genética, mas geralmente são logo descartadas pela Natureza quando não batem com o template, o genoma, sendo seguido. Porem, ainda por acaso, pode ser que um evento ao acaso produziu uma mutação que é exatamente a mutação que a Natureza ia produzir a seguir, e nesses casos, para que a Natureza iria descartar e refazer o mesmo? Creio mesmo que a Natureza nem pode saber o que fé mutação programada ou mutação ao acaso. Não, a mutação ao acaso é selecionada pelo template, que é a forma final da especie sendo reproduzida, e mantida no tronco da arvore da evolução. No conflict with randomness.




From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Randomness is the lack of pattern or predictability in events.[1] A random sequence of events, symbols or steps has no order and does not follow an intelligible pattern or combination. Individual random events are by definition unpredictable, but in many cases the frequency of different outcomes over numerous events (or “trials”) is predictable. For example, when throwing two dice, the outcome of any particular roll is unpredictable, but a sum of 7 will occur twice as often as 4. In this view, randomness is a measure of uncertainty of an outcome, rather than haphazardness, and applies to concepts of chance, probability, and information entropy. ( continua…)

Religiões: Origens e evolução – scientific paper

Friday, October 11th, 2019


Hunter-Gatherers and the Origins of Religion

( não li o paper – Ler que é de livre  acesso )

Imaginação: Muito importante, o que é, de onde vem…

Friday, October 4th, 2019


A imaginação é um fenômeno real que esta sempre se manifestando e afetando nossas vidas. Portanto precisamos tentar saber o que ela é, de fato, apesar de saber-mos ser isso quase impossível, pois ela é invisível, intocável, incontrolável. Mas creio que nada existe neste mundo que com o devido esforço consigamos conhecer por completo, então, mesmo começando tateando no escuro, temos que enfrentar a escuridão e tatear, esse fenômeno é real e nos afeta. Principalmente para os pais será muito mais importante saber algo sobre imaginação, o que passa no interior dos cérebros em formação dos seus filhos, para saber melhor orienta-los desde o berço, para serem mais bem sucedidos na vida. O ideal seria que os adultos já estivessem conscientes dos efeitos de suas próprias imaginações em suas vidas, os efeitos negativos, e tomarem o cuidado para não passarem estas suas imaginações para seus filhos.  Por isso fui a Internet procurar o que os estudiosos e as ciências humanas já aprenderam sobre a imaginação, quais as principais teorias, etc. E lendo uma descrição técnica obtida pela filmagem dos movimentos no cérebro quando indivíduos estão imaginando, minha própria imaginação veio a mente e comecei a imaginar uma cena a qual acho que sera uma boa alegoria para se entender a imaginação. Vou tentar:

Imagine-se passeando no meio de um monte de macacos num parque florestal cercado. Você observa que eles são demasiadamente ativos, agitados, e que seus movimentos são de dois tipos: um tipo de movimentos são meras macacadas, não conduzem a nada, o macaco corre, pula de galho em galho numa direção, chega num ponto, para, nada faz, se vira a correr em outra direção, para nada fazer. O conjunto todo daqueles movimentos parece um caos total. Outro tipo de movimentos fazem mais sentido logico, estes macacos se movem na direção de uma comida, procura um galho mais baixo quando quer descer, etc. Se você mentalmente separa os dois movimentos pelos grupos de macacos observados, você terá a impressão que os movimentos lógicos mostram, ao invés do caos, um principio de ordem.

Pois quando o cérebro humano esta se formando embrionariamente, os neurônios recém-formados se comportam da mesma maneira que os seus macacos no parque. Vamos ver como a Ciência ( link abaixo), explica isso: )

“O cérebro se desenvolveu, desde animais inferiores, numa intrincada e orquestrada sequencia de estágios. Ele mudou de formas desde uma simples protuberância parecendo um pequeno tumor na ponta frontal de um feixe de nervos nos seus mais primitivos estados, como nas minhocas, para um complexo arranjo e ordenamento de diferentes áreas e conexões. Neurônios são  criados numa zona especial que contem células-tronco, e então imigram através dos tecidos primários para alcançarem suas definitivas posições. Uma vez que os neurônios tem se posicionado, um grosso cílio desabrocha e se torna longo, ao qual denominamos “axon”, e o cílio navega através do cérebro, se ramificando em vários galhos e se estendendo enquanto avançam, ate que alcançam seus alvos, que pode ser outro grupo ou região de neurônios, e assim formam as conexões sinápticas.

E aqui vem , na minha titubeante opinião, a parte mais importante para entender de onde veio a imaginação humana: ” Num certo numero de partes do sistema nervoso, neurônios e sinapses são produzidos em excessivo numero durante os estágios da formação, a produção de sinapses parece caótica. Mas em seguida vai ocorrendo uma ordenação, neurônios mais agitados são aquietados e se suas sinapses são desnecessárias que nada produzem de útil pra o cérebro, são inibidas ou ate eliminadas.”

Vamos voltar ao parque dos macacos. Enquanto você passeia e observa, entra no parque um grupo de adestradores dizendo que querem ordem entre os macacos. Carregam redes com as quais apanham os macacos agitados desordeiros, e trazem também bananas, dando-as como recompensa apenas aos mais calmos que se movimentam na direção de metas logicas. Agora você nota que a cena que vês é diferente da cena vista quando você entrou, o caos cedeu lugar a ordem. E’ a diferença que veria se pudesses entrar num cérebro infantil e no mesmo cérebro tornado adulto.

Voltemos ao nosso tópico, a imaginação. Quando a criança nasce, seu cérebro é o estado inicial do parque. Parece que a mente da criança tem miragens, pois ela corre numa direção, move um objeto, sem razão logica, depois muda ou joga o objeto. Nestas correrias cai, quebra objetos. Então vem os adultos reprimindo aqueles movimentos, como se os adultos fossem adestradores com redes de apanhar neurônios desordeiros e portando bananas ou elogios para recompensar neurônios que se movem com logicas.

Os adultos aqui representam o mundo real, os duros fatos da vida, que são incômodos, indesejáveis, mas não adianta lutar contra eles, porque caímos, porque quebramos nosso patrimônio, e se não disciplinar-mos nossos movimentos no sentido do trabalho construtivo, vamos morrer de fome, vamos ficar jogados ao sabor das intempéries, etc.

As miragens são tão ilógicas, tao fora da realidade, que ao contrario dos pensamentos normais que se tornam ordenados pela criação da linguagem, as miragens não tem uma ferramenta como a linguagem, o que conecta as miragens são fios virtuais que se desfazem quando afrontam a realidade. Dentre as miragens criadas pela mente as mais notáveis são as que produzem lendas, mitos, deuses imaginários, os quais são prosseguimentos dos fantasmas amigos imaginários que as crianças inventam para conversarem. E certas miragens são tão atraentes, produzem certos confortos e prazeres mentais que as crianças lutam contra os fatos para mante-las, muitas vezes continuam essa luta quando entram na vida adulta, e algumas ate morrem mantendo estas miragens.

Penso que, se certas miragens imaginativas habituais ( como por exemplo a imaginação de que somos heróis com poderes supernaturais atuando no mundo real para ser importante e mudar os fatos desagradáveis, ou que somos escolhidos enquanto os outros não são, por deuses amigos com poderes supernaturais que vão nos proteger se o teto da igreja durante a missa ruir), nos causam estados mentais agradáveis, realmente não faria mal mante-las, desde que sob certo controle e estado de vigilância, apenas para serem curtidas quando estamos bem acomodados em relativa segurança, mas afastadas assim que temos de levantar e enfrentar o mundo real. Muitos são pegos de surpresa em verdadeiras tragedias porque estavam com a cabeça no mundo da lua das miragens, e nem os seus poderes supernaturais, nem os amigos fantasmas com poderes supernaturais aparecem para salva-los. Como conseguir este controle, esta disciplina, de saber separar a hora da meditação agradável desapegada da realidade, da hora de estar no mundo real, é o que vamos procurar.

Outro fator não menos importante é o tal “imaginário social”. precisamos nos lembrar que a Humanidade é um fenômeno bastante recente no mundo, tendo em vista a escala cósmica do tempo. Em relação ao mundo universal a Humanidade surgiu nas ultimas horas. E Humanidade é uma auto-projeção mesclada de cada individuo humano, portanto as mentes individuais são mescladas e criam a mente social. Como a Humanidade nasceu muito recentemente, a mente social ainda esta na sua infância, o que nos poe uma pulga na orelha quando pensamos no tal “senso comum”, ou nas regras sociais. Pode ter certeza que são coisas infantis, carregadas de imaginação sem muita relação com a realidade do planeta, do mundo natural. Assim o amigo fantasma de cada criança se torna o amigo Deus de uma religião, com quem todos os fieis acreditam conversar. Talvez existam outras dimensões nos envolvendo, onde são possíveis existirem entidades supernaturais, quem pode saber? Mas o triste é assistir que mitos inventados com credulidade infantil como se fossem parte do mundo real por antigos analfabetos, perduram no imaginário social o qual funciona como feed-back, retroalimentando os cérebros de cada individuo da seita. os adultos humanos teriam que serem muito bem informados da realidade, da Historia, dos fenômenos naturais, para analisarem impessoalmente quais os efeitos do imaginário social sobre as vidas dos humanos, para separar o joio do trigo, e não passar os efeitos maléficos para seus filhos, os quais vão continuar sofrendo desses efeitos. Muitas vezes uma analise depurada de nossas opiniões mal informadas funcionam como estímulos aos macacos e neurônios que se movem sem metas praticas para sua melhor sobrevivência.


trecho traduzido da Wikipedia:

The brain develops in an intricately orchestrated sequence of stages.[60] It changes in shape from a simple swelling at the front of the nerve cord in the earliest embryonic stages, to a complex array of areas and connections. Neurons are created in special zones that contain stem cells, and then migrate through the tissue to reach their ultimate locations. Once neurons have positioned themselves, their axons sprout and navigate through the brain, branching and extending as they go, until the tips reach their targets and form synaptic connections. In a number of parts of the nervous system, neurons and synapses are produced in excessive numbers during the early stages, and then the unneeded ones are pruned away.

Debate between a Creationist, a Materialist, and the Matrix/DNA world view

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

I was in a debate in the Internet when I have an idea for explaining something of the Matrix/DNA world view in a different manner. It is interesting, so, I copied it here for thinking about tonight. What do you think?


luvdomus  – 4 hours ago – 8/9/17: (Materialist, atheist)
The ‘jump” of abiogensis was a series of very small steps over millions of years.
There was no origins of life, so, no jump of abiogenesis. Biological systems (aka life) were built by the building blocks of this galaxy, which worked as photons-genes and became the building blocks of DNA. All known properties of life were existing in less evolved state at this galaxy, by entropy its information fail to Earth surface, as the initial conditions. See at my avatar and website the face of LUCA ( the Last Universal Common Ancestor) the evolutionary link between inorganic and organic, but it never came to Earth, it is surrounding us in the sky.
Ok I described my theory. But you said “The ‘jump” of abiogenesis was a series of very small steps over millions of years”, in an affirmative way. You was not there, you have not watched it, so you need to advise that you have a theory, like I did it. Time and more data will solve which theory is the best.
+Luvdomus – Why do you believe it happened by small steps? Science has never shown life to come from non life in small steps or big steps ever. So why would you believe it?
Santana Garcia ( Materialist)
+Luvdomus – that’s because bacteria and viruses also play a roll in the complexity of life , this video did not get to that yet. Also 4 billion years of evolving matter to living things is hardly a jump. Do you really understand how long 4 billion years is ?
Smoothsay2 Smoothsay (creationist)+Santana – Do you really believe that chemicals could assemble themselves into DNA that is programmed to build cells, rna, cellular machinery, & self correcting rna polymerase transcription functions & reproduction systems? Rather a wild accident isn’t it 4 billion years or 100 billion years do you actually believe this would happen?

Smoothsay2 – Now, imagine this belief growing. Then they will write their sacred book. ” There was a talking rock radiating light that separated the waters of the Red sea and came to Prophet Darwin saying that…”

I suspects in this way were wrote the Kuran, the Bible, etc. and, do you believe that till today there are people believing in that?! But, for telling the thru, I found that Genesis is the correct scientific description of the events that brought life and the man to Earth. It is the right description of LUCA (the Last Universal Common Ancestor) and the events creating life here. If you see and understand how works the system called LUCA ( its face is at my avatar – the life cycle of any astronomic body like Earth, and the building blocks of galaxies), you will discover all Genesis’s symbols there: the system was a paradise for X and Y (Adam and Eve), in shape of an apple, with a systemic circuit in shape of a snake, the spiral galaxy seems a tree, etc. In fact, X convinced Y to eat the apple ( which means the selfish state of closed system). And attacked by entropy the system falls to planet’s surface, in shape of genes-photons, which guided the terrestrial atoms to build aminoacids, molecules, RNA, till the first cell, which is the exactly biological copy of our sinner ancestor… the Milk Way.
Genesis is all about metaphors describing the scientific complexity for lay man! But how any ancient man knew that? 2 theories: 1) our ancestor and those events are registered at our DNA ( the junk DNA) which are at the center of our neurons and altered mental states produces flashes from that memory. Since ancient man did not know nothing about astronomy, he found the way to explain it by metaphors. 2) Aliens were here and told it… I don’t see another alternative, since I can not believe that a God of a multiverse came here…

 Louis Charles Morelli – the problem with metaphorical ideas is they are subject to any kind of interpretation so you will always will be able to make them match with any scientific or metaphysical theory.

oz surveillance –  Ok, then, I will invite you to a challenge:

 Find the scientific theory that matches with the following:
1) We built this modern city where humans will live as a paradise. But like the Brave New World of Huxley and under the Big Brother, humans will be stupid and stagnating in this shape forever. Take the red pill if you want living here;
2) Outside there are those humans cities in state of chaos, lots of problems, misery, diseases, etc. But, those people will be opened to their evolution, they could reach the galaxies. Take the blue pill if you want that.
This was the exactly situation the author described with Eve offering the apple: eat the apple, the red pill, standing forever in this “jungle” paradise I built for us; do not eat the apple and we fall in chaos far away from here…
We found that the vital principle is encoded in a light wave, like that emitted after the Big Bang. The code worked matter and built the atom system, the star system, and when went to build the galactic system… matter was reaching its supreme goal, which is to be a closed system at eternal termodynamic equillibrium.
The code could doing a choice, unifying with matter and living that paradise; or fighting matter, suffering at chaos but keeping the state of opened system, opened to its own evolution. The red pill or the blue pill?
The code choose the paradise, from the Universe came the Clausius Law, the entropy that produces the death of any system. The code falls at planets, here we are. Please, find the scientific theory that matches this metaphora like the Matrix/DNA Theory – a merely philosophical naturalist theory, matched it… Good look…
Then, one day after this debate, I was searching the scientific news at Internet and found a great, spetacular news ( ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”) that is just the confirmation of several theories I wrote in the debate. So, I went back writing this:
To everybody debating with me in this thread: please, see how and why the Matrix/DNA world view during the last 30 years has confirmed hundreds of its previsions. Two days ago I wrote here: ” We found that the vital principle is encoded in a light wave, like that emitted after the Big Bang”.
Today I am reading the news: ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”. I have wrote here that in this Universe is occurring a natural genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang as an act of fecundation.
And I wrote here that evolution is expanding like waves in the water: each new wave carries own the dust of the last wave and reaches more dust ahead. So the second wave of evolution receives the systems from the first wave, aggregating new information, evolving it and throwing it to next wave. The last wave has repeated all step of all waves before, that’s why a new shape, like a human embryo, repeats all evolutionary shapes. It means that the first moment of human life repeats the first moment of the Universe when the “life” of a universal natural system is began. It was a genetic code encoded by photons, then evolved to an atom like the first cell; to a nebulae of galaxies like the blastula… and so on.
I will research now what is the secret of zinc atom, it must have some property that something at the Big Bang had. But, as I said thousand times, the big secret of genome, or DNA, is that its electrons are occupied by photons with information of the life’s code. So, that light saw by scientists occurs when the male counterpart that contains the half of the code’s network meets the another half and the entire network flourishes… the mechanism is repeated when a supernova is born, as you can see at Matrix/DNA astronomical models. Three days ago another great prevision was conformed: #0 years ago when I got the copyright of this theory it contained that a star’s nucleus has a dynamics like the first frequency of light wave, which is the strongest. So, the nucleus should have a rotation fast than the above spherical rotations… This whole theory is results from calculations applying the most natural logic as I was studying the biosphere at Amazon jungle… and its right previsions has suggested that nature does not plays dice with its creatures, although we insist to play dices with her.

Articles are being posted in Portuguese only

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Sorry. Since I am not having enough time for translating from Portuguese, for seeing the articles one need to chlick the Brazillian flag above. Also, I understand that the site is not explaining almost nothing about the theory. It is because the site is under construction, I have a lot of writed material but had no time and the special computers skills for doing that. I hope will do it soon. Thanks…

This is a good solution marrying God with the laws of Physics at the creation of the Universe?

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Let’s go to analyze this question from a new approach? We have the free will for to choose if we will be a closed system (dominance of selfish gene) or an opened system. God, evolution, or whatever want us evolving. And closed systems are closed doors to evolution. When a creature chooses to be a closed system he can built a paradise and accommodate itself in thermodynamic equilibrium. But since the Universe, God, or whatever, cannot permit someone stops evolution, applies the Law of Clausius, entropy, which makes the Fall from the Paradise and the creature began again in middle of chaos. Slowly it will get the state of order for evolving.

On the pathway of evolution there is the shape of mind, or consciousness, which shape is at embryonary state inside eggs, the human heads, since that it was born less than a second of astronomic time. Then, there is this thing about eggs: from primitives organisms to reptiles the eggs were laid out, the offspring abandoned to chaos, random events and tragedies. From the mammalian cyanodont to human specie the eggs are kept inside de womb, the offspring is nurtured till the birth and sometimes to the eighteens. Today humanity, and its mind, is at the state of eggs laid out. You see it living in the jungle: the biosphere is chaotic. Then, it should means that we came from a state of extreme closed system, a paradise built by our ancestors.

Why should an intelligent and benevolent God make such a plan for evolution? There is a rational possible answer.

Long time ago and before the universe, a hermaphrodite God shared into Father and Mother had a son with all love of the world. But, growing the son showed to be unhappy. Why? He had everything? He was the son of the supreme king!

He could not be happy because he was not the king, were not him that made the world, so, he feels that was not totally free, omnipotent. Then he left the God rein saying that should doing his own world, by his way, where he should be the supreme king.

Crying, Father and Mother God saw him leaving. Then, Father said to Mother: “Let him to build his own world, which he is thinking will be the perfect world, better than the world we did. He will make the first world, experiment it and will be not satisfied. He will make the second, the third, a lot of different worlds; he will forget us and our world. Then, one day, after thousands, millions of experiments, he will finally do the best world and will feel happy. Not totally. He will feel alone. It will be missing something, something like him, with the same intelligence, to share his rein, with love. It is not like a man wanting a woman, because spirits are hermaphrodite. And  because  the best  world he can do must be the mirror of our world his mind will have flashes of memory, scenes of his infanthood at a place where has someone like him, who loves him,

Then he will travel to the infinite searching the scenes of his mind. Arriving here he will be happy to know we exists, just someone like him, and will invite us for living in his world. We will go. Why? Because his world will be the same world we have now. There is no possibility to do a most than perfect world. It will be his illusion: he made the world. He is the supreme king. And we will be with him with love. Just like here. Anything will change, only his feeling that he is the final supreme: but he will be satisfied to concede to us the sharing of the ruler. Like now we share with him the power of the ruler. Let he to think that he is God.

So, this son was called Lucifer. And he is us, just now, trying to lift up from the fragmentation of our last built world for to do the next experiment.

Of course, this smell likes a tale. Merely a product of human imagination. It is probable that there a lot of unknown dimensions and things we don’t know, and the real history could be different. But whatever could be the history, whatever the first cause we are here and whatever the final destiny, the supreme meaning, the ultimate sense of existence, could be the meaning extracted from this tale.