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The Cellular ATP Motor came from the Galaxies’ Rotational Motor?!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

This article is more detailed and complete in Portuguese section, here: Sintase: Como a Terra Copiou do Céu esta Extraordinária Engenharia! )

That’s fantastical! About a hundred years, people has watching an incredible working motor inside the living cell, and we had no idea how, or from where, Nature got it. It will be very good if you watch the motor working, in the movie/animation at

Look to the complex called “ATP Synthase”. Isn’t stupendous, whimsical?! From where came this object, this phenomenon? How did it to being?! Do you believe – as many believers – that, the stupid matter of this lost planet did it, alone? Or do you believe that the matter of other planet or constellation did it? If so, is it a magic planet? Or do you believe that God – or other non-natural being – came here to Earth and did it by magic?

We found a theoretical solution, well developed and logical, rational.  The matter of Earth did it (but, not alone), the matter of others constellations also collaborated for doing it. Everything should be possible, but, we now know how was the natural process that made it, and from where it came from: it came from the body of LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestral!

Ok, let’s see the ” body of LUCA”: ( these drawinings were made in the jungle with pencils and papers, so, sorry by the bad quality. It means that an unique matricial systemic circuit rules the formation of astronomical systems, cells systems, and we had mimicked it when making the basic electric circuit of ours homes because it was encrypted into our DNA-memories):

And now, let’s see this extraordinary engineering natural job, the motor called ATP Synthase:

Ok. Seeing the two pictures, side by side, and understanding how each works, is almost automatically: we see at the astronomical ancestral proto-system a kind of proto-motor, doing the same job that the cellular machinery is doing. The picture of LUCA has a nuclei, inside the nuclei has a quasar composed by dusty and debris from stellar decomposition, and below the quasar there is the black hole. 4 billions years of Evolution, changing from celestial space and matter composed only by solid and gaseous state of matter, to Earth surface, with matter earning a new state of matter,the liquid state, and then, the chemical reactions… and finally we see the whole process of transformation at the picture below ( click on it for seeing better):

Understanding the method of investigation:

To those does not know what this website is about:

I am suggesting a theoretical model of LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestral.

LUCA does not leave at Earth, but it is surrounding Earth and contains Earth. The picture shows the seven known kind of astronomical bodies, but LUCA is every body. The picture shows the Life’s Cycle of LUCA, at least, his seven principal shapes in any lifetime. The seven pieces are connected as each shape of a human body in its lifetime are connected together. The LUCA’s Life’s Cycle – when reproducing and fixing its several shapes – becomes a closed perpetual motor, but not a system, yet. The systemic closed circuit of mass and energy carries the flow of information (genetic information of LUCA), but it exists only in relation to time; it does not exists visible in the space (like the several shapes of a human body during its lifetime can not be visible arranged as system in the space).

LUCA – its complete Life’s Cycle – becomes the building block of astronomical architectures, like galaxies. The picture of LUCA above can be seeing as the same picture of a base-pair of nucleotides, the fundamental unit of information of RNA/DNA. Extracting the circuit of energy as flow of information, from LUCA’s picture, we got the same picture of a unit of the DNA. By the process of Macro-Evolution, which is performed by seven variables – having among them the three variables of Darwinian micro-evolution - Nature applies “nanotechnology” transforming astronomical architecture into micro architecture. After several mechanisms and processes revealed inside this theory, LUCA is transformed into biological systems, and those becomes plants and animal systems, like human beings. Over the homo-erectus’ brain, the theory sees a new jump of macro-evolution, the elaboration of “consciousness” which we have a theoretical model suggesting its anatomy as natural system. That’s it…

Well… I am afraid I will need stopping now ( it is time for beginning work with my auto-cab in New York, so, we need stopping this historical discover…) But, after the work journey, I will came back, if God wants… Ah?! God? How I said that? Which God? Where? Hummm… maybe here at our side… or not?)

From Reptile to Mammals: A Heroic Act?

Thursday, September 13th, 2012


Cynodont Exaeretodon

Cynodont Exaeretodon


How and why the animals “invented” the extraordinary engineering of protection and feeding of eggs and embryos in the maternal body?!

The answer is astonishing, surprising! It was writen in the stars, a long time ago…

Once that they are descending from the bacteria and protists, the animals started as “oviparous”, or either, the zygote is launched to the world and left `the grace of its proper luck’.  However, at some stage of the evolution, some reptiles, fish and invertebrates started to develop a system to keep eggs in the maternal body, phenomenon that finished transforming one of them into mammal.

We have described in detail the process of this transformation, but we never had reasoned about the existential aspect of this process. Why had the animals made this?!

Thinking about a typical reptile, a lizard. An animal practically without brain, a cut voracious machine for the hunting and fight for the surviving. So dismissed of any emotion that until its blood is cold, not controlling the temperature of the body. If it feels hungry is able to eat its eggs and younglings. Nothing proven and rational exists in it to do something to protect its own eggs and much less to sacrifice its life with the painful and weighed pack of the pregnancy. Imagine the discomfort in the reptile that became link with the mammals: how many of them were sacrificed because it lost the skill of the body in the hunting and in the war for the self-defense! Decidedly it does not make sensible the current explanation of that the genes or organisms play the called “strategy of reproduction”. Genes are accumulated of atoms, only lizards want to survive, both do not elaborate strategies. Even Darwin perceived this when it said: ” I am convinced that [ this ] has been the principal, but not the exclusive way of the modifications”.

Now with the models of the Matrix all the thing makes sense. There was neither strategy nor heroic, altruistic efforts, of the animals; they were genetically programmed to be transformed, there acts were only instincts produced by the laws rulling the atoms that composed their bodies. For understanding the explanation you need see the two figures (clique for expand)  below:

The Matrix/DNA as Software of Astronomical Systems's Building Blocks

The Matrix/DNA as Software of Astronomical Systems’s Building Blocks

Matrix/DNA as Universal Configuration For All Natural Systems

Matrix/DNA as Universal Configuration For All Natural Systems

Let us see the model of the Matrix in its evolutive state as the last ancestral of the biological beings, as galactic system, that tries to multiply in the Earth such as it in the sky. In F1 the “germs” are launched to the space without any consideration with its future luck, the offspring are abandoned to the flavor of the destination. But the fact is the system is closed, from it nothing escapes. But now, the system is all the body, and not only F1. Following, the embryo is coated with the placenta and becomes egg in position of planet. AFTER THAT IT IS NOURISHED AND PROTECTED BY A STAR.

Since that planets and stars are parts of the generating body, this means that: in a first phase the ancestral lays the eggs out and in a second phase it keeps the eggs inside. Now the Micro-Evolution in the Earth obeys this chronological order, first producing the organisms of the first phase and after that transforming them to fulfill the second phase.

Darwin could not understand the galaxy, could not know that the systemic project of it under the direction of a software coming beyond the Universe was also here,  acting on the reptile’s body. But he had the feeling that there was something else. This invisible way of modifications isdriving by the universal Matrix/DNA.



Google: “Evolution in Action: Lizard Moving From Eggs to Live Birth” ( to be read all items )

( A skink species lays eggs on the coast but births babies in the mountains, giving a rare glimpse at how placentas evolved, scientists say.)

Interesting! How a Jellyfish Express a Galaxy’s Engine and Tricks Scientists.

Friday, November 11th, 2011
Jellyfish – How it works

Last week scientists announced that they have solved one of the greatest mysteries of marine life, however, agreed to describe the process, but were wrong to interpret it. This is the question of how it can perpetuate the population of jellyfish, because the logic is that they should not exist anymore.

Tides grow and invade the shores and beaches during a half a day and reduce leaving the water back to sea. Thus, what appears to live on the coast of the continent that is floating near the surface, as plankton is always dragged by the waves out to sea, every 12 hours. But the jellyfish comes before the coast as plankton, floating on the waves as plankton and if it were dragged out to sea every 12 hours, the first trawler had already disappeared from the planet your species as it would not survive due to lack of food, etc.. In fact, contrary to all rational logic, it emerged on the planet 600 million years, long before dinosaurs and insects, and continues to survive very well; maintaining a resident population of each individual whose longevity is much longer than the 12 hours. How can this be?! This question has done for centuries, scholars and scientists scratching their heads in despair: how is it happenning?! This is not logic! We see them being taken by the waves out to sea, we know the distance from the coast they have to die. Where fall the jellyfish we see each new day on the shores of the continents? From the sky?

In the excellent section of Sciences that the New York Times published on Tuesday, came last week the article “So Much More Than Plasma to Jellyfish and Poison”, on June 7, 2011. The research group led by Dr. David J. Albert Roscoe Bay Marine Biological Laboratory in Vancouver, British Columbia, has spent decades observing and chasing each individually jellyfish near the sea and announces he discovered the solution to the mystery.

According to them, when the tide drops and the water starts to return to sea, in fact leads the jellyfish too. But before the waves reaches the far sea there is a  region called “gravel bar.” Then suddenly the jellyfish bouncing off the waves and dive deep, reaching the deepest region where the waters do not move. There are hibernating and waiting. When twelve hours after the waves start to return because of the rising tide, they rise to the surface, board and ride the waves return to the banks where have their food.

I think have very human champion surfer who should studying the jellyfish to learn some good tricks. Well actually they are the true champions of the waves.

But how and why there is such a phenomenon in Nature?! The same scientists study the jellyfish already know that they have no brain, even a nervous system structured. This means that she cannot understand and capture the tidal waves of water. So how it enters and leaves the wave at the right time and exact place?! How does she know – being in the midst of the waves – which have standing water below?! How can it discern that there is a gravel bar? And how could she know that beyond the gravel bar, she would die, or that after the bar is the high seas?!

Scientists are making a titanic effort, ferreting out the ribs and receivers / transmitters of jellyfish, and with a prior intention: to prove – contrary to what has been believed in scientific circles – that it possesses a primitive nervous structure but much more evolved than you think, and this structure would be the reason for such wisdom.

They are going the wrong way because they don’t know this real world where there is a Matrix / DNA. Never even imagined something like that. For the Matrix / DNA model has the solution to the mystery without resorting to a brain and wisdom in jellyfish that does not exist.

And which is the explanation from the Matrix / DNA about that “magic” of jellyfish? In short, the DNA of jellyfish, which is a semi-live being so primitive that connects it to the events in the origin of life on this planet and his astronomical system, still behaving the same way if the DNA / Matrix astronomical , which after all, is his father and mother, their creators.

It was this planet Earth, along with other stars that make up the system to which it belongs, which has the core system this fabulous star and bountiful life that is the Sun, which themselves have created life on Earth’s surface. And they created simply obeying the laws and mechanisms of universal evolution, in which simple systems mutate and reproduce in some systems with more degree of complexity. It may be that behind our stellar system, beyond the galaxies before the Universe, there is some kind of an Supreme Intelligence, but if it exists, it is entitled to be called the Supreme, she would not have come here and walk around from planet to planet to create life, for even our engineers can produce pre-programmed software. For starters, look at a jellyfish and observe the shape of the Milky Way. The rounded nucleus, the arms that extend outward, the jellyfish looks like a copy of the Milky Way. The similarity in form is no mere coincidence; my grandmother knew that “son of fish, little fish look like.”

But the explanation of the Matrix / DNA is fantastic. It made the hairs on my arms stood on end with excitement, made my eyes tear of admiration, as it is hidden in this extraordinary engineering Nature!

To understand it, we need to see the software model DNA / Matrix, or how was the evolutionary shape of the Matrix when it built the galaxies, i.e., the material hardware, concrete body, she would “embody”.

The Matrix / DNA in the Form-Software Sources in the Galaxy

The Evolution of the Stars Same as Evolution of Cellular Organelles: As an Electrical System light bulbs, so the Universal Matrix makes to manifest the Materials Structures.

(Click on drawing to see better, and sorry for the bad quality of the design because it was done with pencil and paper wrapping while kneeling on the verge of stirring up the mud bogs in this research, with the skin burned off due to hundreds of those little vampires, called “piuns” and “carapanãs” sucking my blood, and under the scorching sun of the Amazon jungle)

We know that matter or energy can manifest as a particle or wave. The jellyfish represents the particle of matter in space, the body of the star that is being transformed into six forms or systemic functions, presented in the figure above. Tidal waves are the imitation of terrestrial waves of time, which in the figure are represented by arrows of the systemic circuit. The jellyfish and its connection with tidal waves repeats the process of universal life cycle where the matter sometimes appears as a particle in the space, sometimes presents itself as a wave of time.

The jellyfish do not know anything, misses nothing, nor could it. It works automatically in the hands of a clock, which jump in number to number and had no sense that they are moving, let alone knowing that there are numbers or repetitive periodic moments of time. The context “waves + jellyfish” function within an astronomical system, like clockwork, because both are products of a mechanical structure, the Newtonian clock, the  Newtonian mechanics. Like a clock moves both hands, so the galaxy moves the tide and the particles in it, like the jellyfish. It seems incredible that something as huge as the galaxy to act on something as small as a jellyfish, but becomes perfectly understandable when understanding that galaxies and jellyfish are just different forms of a single universal system under development, where size does not say anything. There is a fractal model, which is the figure displayed on this website here and called Matrix / DNA, which is the essence of this system, so the jellyfish is just a microscopic fractal of a macroscopic fractal. The structure, the skeleton, the software program, is one, although that change their protuberances, accessories, and seen from a distance by an observer unaware, the outer forms become so differentiated that does not seem to get along with each other.

Note that the arrows and the body in the circuit moves and when they arrive at Function 4 they fork. A stream of arrows-wave continues its circular path to close the circle, while another flow goes “down” towards F1. The diary cycle tidal waves / jellyfish repeats this process and reaches a point where the jellyfish moves down and separates the circular wave, looking “down” vertically into deeper waters where they are stationary. All movements displayed by the jellyfish, such as diving, emerging back to the surface, the park in deep water, is nothing more than mere repetition of the flow represented by an arrow going from F4 returning to F1. And the jellyfish and the shape of the comet at F5, reappears in the circular waves and merges with them again in F1, when they reach the  bottom of the lower end.

But note well. Would be correct to say, as scientists say, jellyfish that descends and then rises? This depends on the point of reference, the fixed point on which we say that something is up or down. Let us take as a reference point the core of the planetary system, our Sun. During half of the day the planet turns on itself has a face to the sun. An observer watching from the sun would say that the surface of this face is the highest point of planet. In the other half of the day, this face shifts to the hidden part of the planet, then the observer remains fixed on the sun would say the same face now is the lowest point on earth. In relation to the sun, well, we Americans are over and the Japanese on the other side, are beneath, or sometimes we are below, and the Japanese are up there.

So if we could dig a hole uninterrupted from the ground in America and we come up with for-head, going over a manhole on a street in Tokyo, would be right to say that we descend and then climb? Or that we plunged into the ground and then emerge from the earth …?

Then in the Sun, when the jellyfish out of the waves and dives, it really is diving, or going down, for half the day. But even from the sun, while the other half of the day she goes to the surface, it actually goes down … She is simply being led by the arrows function 5.

Now sleep with a noise like this if you can… It’s each thing that the Matrix/DNA leads us to discover that our poor little head will not last long …

The jellyfish does not dive and then emerges by itself, it simply is driven down forever, repeating the movement of their ancestral DNA, the entire galaxy! Because this process is recorded in their DNA, he was trained to do so for 10 billion years. It was only later, in most living things evolved, that this process ceased to be expressed and went to be part of what was wrongly called “junk” DNA.

I feel that here and now I have no time and computing resources to insert a graphic design I did in the paper today, reflecting about this issue. Due to the movement of horizontal rotation of the Earth around the Sun, in fact, the tide will not return. It only goes in one direction, precisely imitating the direction circular of flow on the Matrix / DNA. It turns out that if we position ourselves in the sun, and watch as the Earth, a continent that during any one half of the day is moving away to the left, continue going left when he is on the other hand, face hidden.

Researchers actually have reason to admire the complexity and behaviors in a jellyfish. Dr Albert says:

“Looking at all these behaviors, you have to wonder what it would take to organize them and run them. ” These are not simple reflexes are organized behavior. “Albert concluded that she must have some kind of brain. “A brain controls behavior. ”

Here is the reason for my despair at not appear anyone to help me to disclose and make known the worldview of the Matrix / DNA. A large army of students and researchers like Dr. Albert urgent need to know the formulas of the theory. If he knew he would not say it and would be directing their research and the other way more correct. Not always when there exists an organized behavior need has a brain controlling. All objects in the world are influenced by the hierarchy of natural systems. Systems distant and invisible to our eyes may be influencing a stone or a plant in front of us, not in person realizing it. For example, the Arab who becomes a suicide bomber is behaving differently than normal for a human being, which seeks to survive and not kill himself. It occurs that above the society and the invisible man is a system called “religion” which influences and alters the normal behavior of man. The system far distant, invisible that influences the behavior of jellyfish, exists since 10 billion years ago and is the size of a galaxy, but he is encrypted in the DNA of jellyfish and he built the biosphere, the environment in which it exists . The Matrix is within us and around us, everywhere. It is therefore extremely important that we know it and know of their existence.

But she does all this because the formula of Nature software to organize the matter in systems, while driving that matter, always repeats this same engine. It is through our learning of these mechanisms, building on the work of giants, patient and dedicated observation for years by scientists as the group of Dr. Albert, who will mind raising this extraordinary natural engineering information and knowledge that we have new insights to develop new technologies that will help us survive and improve our living conditions. Congratulations to the group of Dr. Albert and the Theory of Matrix / DNA.



1) Like everyone else, each topic as this written here is a new area of ​​research based on the worldview of the Matrix / DNA. So each topic is always open to be anything new added, any new fact related that may to be discovered.


Scientists have induced a cell to produce laser light, according to an article published in the journal Nature Photonics. Laser light differs from normal because it has a narrower spectrum of colors, like light waves that oscillate together in sync. The team used a green fluorescent protein found in a species of jellyfish  - Green Fluorescent Protein, or GFP, its acronym in English. Subject of many studies, the molecule GFP revolutionized biology by acting as a “lantern” that can illuminate living systems.

Comment Matrix / DNA:

There is no doubt: the jellyfish is very important  for us to test – whether or not the formula of the Matrix / DNA is real and to better understand it. This is because the jellyfish is – evolutivelly – very close to our ancient astronomical, the form of a closed system. See how things go knocking. I’ve already said many times here that the existence of proteins in our world is the explanation that they are the so-biological material that represents the circular arrows in the systemic circuit of Matrix’s software. In other words, a protein is the biological material, the  tool that serves for acting and doing the process of life cycle, and the set of all proteins is the sum of all of the information flow of system information. It is the circuit of our ancestor that “lights up” the stars. When our intelligence intuitively copied the system Matrix in the form of household electrical circuit is the circuit that lights the lamps. Therefore, since the proteins represent the total circuit, had to be a protein that would be the biological molecule capable of producing light, and had to be a biological system that was one of the copies or more faithful reproduction of the astronomical system in the form, i.e. the jellyfish. No wonder the intuition of the scientists induced to think of a “torch” lit inside a living being.

On the other hand, there is another topic dedicated to light. This is because we are coming to the conclusion that the principle of everything in this Universe is housed in natural light when we are finding that the seven different ways of frequencies and periods of the light wave contains the shape of the life cycle. It seems that light is the tentacle, the hand of God in this world, the essence that contains the first form of the software of the Matrix / DNA. And this news about the GFP protein must be brought to the research topic of light also.

The Demon Matrix in Action: One more of its Techniques

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

O Demonio Matricial em Ação: Mais uma de suas Técnicas

The Demon Matrix in Action: One more of its Techniques

O excelente artigo abaixo escrito por uma conselheira educacional e professora norte-americana me fêz descobrir mais uma das maneiras que ameaçam perigosamente o futuro da liberdade da mente humana. Segundo os modêlos da Teoria da Matriz/DNA, o nosso DNA é vivo e biológico mas êle veio do mundo anterior naturalmente, do mundo das galáxias e dos átomos, os quais portanto são nossos ancestrais. Mas nessa história dos nossos não-biológicos ancestrais a evolução dêles foi muito influenciada por uma tendência da matéria que é construir para si mesma um “paraíso fechado” onde existe equilibrio termodinamico, proteção e segurança sem trabalho, para sua parte massa, e,  campo aberto para a alta velocidade e fricções que comprazem sua parte “energia”. Dominados por seu lado material, o espirito ainda primitivo dos nossos ancestrais não-biológicos caíram na armadilha de construírem LUCA – the Last Universal Common Ancestor – segundo o modêlo que apresento aqui neste website. Foi o verdadeiro Paraíso do Eden para a matéria mas um inferno insuportável para a mente, ou espirito, na sua fase da infancia do crescimento. Como resultado, caíram aqui para rastejarem sendo filhos da necessidade e até agora estamos tentando nos levantar de novo.

Mas o problema é que nós como seres biológicos surgimos como bactérias surgem dentro de um corpo, portanto, o meio ambiente é ainda dominado pelo corpo, temos que dançar a musica que êle toca. Portanto, alem de LUCA ser a base de nossa herança genética, estando portanto dentro de nós, ele é o senhor do mundo externo a nós, estamos dentro dele. Esta herança de um êrro que nós mesmo cometemos na forma de nossos antepassados é o que se chama “gene egoísta”, e tende a nos conduzir a reconstruir o paraíso perdido, a mesma armadilha que nos complicou a existência e nossa evolução. Genética e ambientalmente somos conduzidos a refazer o sistema fechado em si mesmo que funcionava ou funciona ainda como uma maquina perfeita, o relógio newtoniano, dirigindo e mantendo a estrutura astronomica. 

Mas se continuar isto, tôda a biosfera terrestre estará conectada com a maquina astronomica e nós humanos sem o perceber-mos estaremos nos tornando uma mera peça do sistema mecânico. Nossa mente e auto-consciência que ainda está em sua fase primitiva, larvária, será pêga pela máquina antes que a percebamos e amordaçada, algemada, emprisionada, deixará de evoluir, até que novamente o Universo acione sua lei da degenerescência entrópica, nos salve da prisão, para recomeçar-mos de novo.

Esta teórica visão do mundo surgiu da minha interpretação dos modêlos da Matriz/DNA e quando me deparei com ela fiquei muito preocupado, óbviamente. Como ainda é teoria não sei se tudo isto está correto ou se apenas parte dela. Mas o bom samaritano deve ser previdente. Ficar de olho no que está ocorrendo à volta. Sempre me faço esta questão: “Estamos vendo sinais de que estejamos sendo conduzidos para o Admiravel Mundo Novo de Huxley sob o Império do Big Brother de Orwell, profecias que foram perfeitas descrições do que seremos se reconstruir-mos LUCA aqui na Terra? ‘

Pelo menos uma pessoa, ou seja eu, tenho que ficar de olho aberto. E sempre que vejo algo suspeito indo naquela direção, vou registrar nêste website, de maneira que, se um dia conseguir provar a existência da Matriz/DNA, os que ficarem já terão o trabalho adiantado. Vai daí que por acaso lí na Internet o artigo em questão que seria um exemplo e uma evidência que os modêlos da Matriz/DNA estariam corretos.

O que pode abrir um sistema fechado, para desespêro de LUCA, é sua parte masculina, a qual tem o poder de manter a reciclagem do sistema re-ejaculando a energia e o pacote de informação que replica o sistema, mas isto se ele dirigir o jato da sua ejaculação para dentro do sistema, na direção da parte feminina que se aloja no nucleo, na Função 1. Ora, é da Natureza masculina a força centrífuga, a expansão, e para isso êle precisa existir como sistema aberto. O fato de que a parte masculina contribuiu para construir o sistema fechado em LUCA  foi sua fraqueza perante as tentações da matéria formando seu corpo, e por deixar-se convencer pela sua anti-cara-metade, a parte feminina que tem as tendencias da fôrça centrípeta, de internalizar-se. Adão foi convencido por sua Eva a qual já havia caído na armadilha da serpente enrolada no sistema de circuito esférico como é o corpo de LUCA. Então, tanto para os Adões como para as Evas de agora, a salvação depende de que nossa metade masculina exerça a sua natureza. Mas o homem está ameaçado. 

Pois o artigo em questão está revelando algo que eu não havia notado mas cujos efeitos nocivos eu sentí, e acho que todos os homens sentiram, quando ainda crianças e jovens nas escolas. O modêlo de escola que existe parece ter sido uma artimanha de LUCA. A escola típica engole o aluno homem para dentro de uma sala fechada, a classe, e ali o põem sentado horas a fio, imóvel, assistindo aula teórica. Ora, a escola devia ser uma área aberta, quase uma fazenda, com ar livre e muito espaço para o aluno homem extravazar sua tendência natural, que é o movimento, e movimento extrovertido, para fora, para a expansão, o mexer nas coisas e tentar transforma-las, etc.. Do jeito que nossas escolas estão desenhadas elas são adequadas para meninas, que tem como tendência a de ficarem sentadas dentro de um ambiente doméstico, protegido, seguro.

O resultado dessa distorção está aparecendo agora e a cada dia mais forte. Veja as estatísticas apresentadas pela genial conselheira nêste artigo, relacionadas ao rendimento de homens nas escolas de hoje. Mas porque sómente agora este efeito está se revelando a ponto de ser notado por quem nem sequer conhece a Matriz/DNA? Porque antes as horas de aula eram em menor numero, os recreios eram mais extensos, os alunos só tinham a escola oficial. Hoje as escolas aumentaram suas cargas horárias, o curriculum teórico é muito pesado e precisa ser comprimido tornando os recreios menos extensos, e alem disso o aluno sai da escola oficial e geralmente cai em outra, fazendo algum curso suplementar. Está do jeito que LUCA quer, podando no homem sua possibilidade de abrir o sistema e se conformando a ser uma mera peça estática, sentada. O intrépido caçador de aventuras, o desbravador, o amante do conhecimento de sistemas desconhecidos, atraído para os mistérios de terras longinquas, está sendo amordaçado, manietado, para se tornar um monumento estático, sedentário, uma peça sentada e assentada na engrenagem. Precisamos mudar isso, nossas crianças-meninos estão sendo torturadas pelo inimigo, o qual, aliás, existe dentro de nós e somos nós mesmos. O resultado está bem explicito nas estatisticas, e com Matriz/DNA ou sem Matriz alguma isto é preocupante. Vejamos o artigo:

It’s Your Day

Topics in Education for Parents, Teachers, and Schools

Boys and Girls Learn Differently: What Makes Boys’ Learning Unique

Por: Lori Day

January 1st, 2011

Boys, boys’ education, and how boys learn in America are popular topics among parents and schools these days. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sang that we should teach our children well and feed them of our dreams, but for millions of parents of sons, dreams are only that, and boys are falling behind educationally at an alarming rate in this country.  According to Michael Gurian, author of the book titled The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and in Life, boys get the majority of D’s and F’s in most schools, make up 80% of the discipline problems, are four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD and medicated, account for 70% of diagnosed learning disabilities, become 80% of the high school dropouts, and now make up less than 44% of the college population.  If you look in your newspaper in June, you will see the photos and bios of valedictorians from many of your local high schools, and will notice that the majority of them these days are girls.  Our boys need our attention, and although some of what I’m about to write pertains to girls as well as boys, and although gender differences naturally fall across a continuum and no single description fits all boys or all girls, there are nonetheless a number of characteristics that differentiate the two genders generally speaking.

As the mother of a female only child, my parenting experience, while not always idyllic, has been relatively peaceful.  As a toddler, my daughter was sedentary and cautious, and seemed to have nowhere she needed to go.  She would sit in one spot on the floor for hours with a pile of books, “reading” to herself.  I could shoot from room to room accomplishing tasks, and she would smile up at me from her place on the living room rug as if wondering, what’s the hurry?  She was much like I was as a child, and nothing like the brothers I had grown up with who requisitioned large expanses of the floor plan of our house for their games, commandeering space like an army of two.  The entire finished basement was needed for indoor hockey (and windows were expendable).  Outdoors, acres of woods were barely enough for their imaginary villages and the conquering of foreign lands. Unwitting trees were the patient recipients of nails and ropes and bungee cords, bending uncomplainingly to the weight of whatever animate or inanimate objects were tied, strapped or hung from them.  Once, my brother devised a pulley system to ferry a dangling ceramic soap dish full of birdseed back and forth between his bedroom window on the third floor and a distant pine tree in the back yard, only to have it immediately collapse under its own weight, sending the heavy chunk of porcelain careening downward in a 90-degree arc until it came into abrupt contact with a doomed sliding glass door.  This was a terrific lesson in physics.  It was also funny.

Boys learn by doing and by moving their bodies through space.  As Gurian explains in his book, the primitive hunters men used to be were the product of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.  Spatially-developed male brains resulted from physical interaction with the environment that allowed sensory input to stimulate the right hemisphere and build white matter and synapses in ways that would be useful for survival.  Even though the concept of the square school with the square classroom with one teacher to 20 or more kids has been around for a few hundred years, our boys are still young hunters whose brains need the same types of stimulation to grow and be healthy as did their male ancestors millennia ago. Our schools are vastly different from the setting of family, tribe and natural environment that used to be the educational milieu for growing boys. Our modern educational system works for many children, particularly girls, but for some boys (and girls) it places constraints on a very normal and necessary experiential type of learning that some kids require.

I am not advocating for a return to life in caves and an educational system for boys involving the activities and rituals described in my college anthropology book.  What I do advocate for is a greater understanding and appreciation for who boys are and how they learn best, and the subtle modifications to “how it’s always done” that would benefit millions of children.  Simple changes to the pace and tempo of the school day, such as incorporating several brief recesses throughout the day, devoting more time to physical education, and including more hands-on activities go a long way towards alleviating some of the natural restlessness of boys and harnessing male energy in positive ways.  Increasing a boy’s exposure to the arts nurtures his creative side and provides a counterbalance to the athletic nature of many boys.  Including more multi-sensory approaches to the teaching of academics, particularly reading and writing, helps boys reach their potential as learners, facilitating access across the corpus callosum to the left hemisphere of the brain where verbal skills, often less developed than in girls, reside.  Gurian’s book provides many other concrete examples of small things that parents and teachers can do that strengthen boys’ skills and that honor the true nature of boys.

Once an admissions director at an all-boys school, I would awake very early every morning and leave my sleepy daughter as she got ready for school, heading to the 304 boys who awaited me there.  Coffee helped me with this dramatic transition, but so did my excitement for whatever adventures the day would bring.  Many people ask me why I chose to work at a boys’ school, and my usual answer includes some version of, “Why not?”  I am fascinated by boys, by the way they think and learn, by their very difference from me and from the child I am raising.  Just as we collectively addressed the needs of girls over the past couple of decades and closed their achievement gaps in math and science, let us now turn our attention to our nation’s boys and take equally deliberate steps to assure their success in school and in life, as Michael Gurian suggests.  The revolution in brain science over the past ten years gives us the knowledge and the tools we need to do this, and we must, for as a society we are setting our boys up to fail in a system that is stacked against them, stacked against the very way they are neurologically wired. This is not to say that social and cultural influences are not contributing factors to who boys are today, but we now have medical evidence, once elusive, that illuminates the very significant role biology plays in male/female brain development and learning. We do not need to throw the baby out with the bath water, but we do need to become better educated about how boys and girls really are different, and how to best meet the needs of each.  At some colleges today, boys are being given a boost in the admissions process because they have become a minority.  If we do not address boys’ educational needs earlier in life than this, the skewing of college enrollment, and thus opportunity in life, will only get worse.

The other day I stood and watched a fourth-grade boy tossing a Nerf football with some friends on a patch of grass in front of his school.  It was a sunny day without much wind, and the ball spiraled to the right of the boy, to the left, over his head, seemingly always just out of reach, yet he caught it every time.  The perfect synchronization between his legs propelling him upward, in whatever direction necessary, and his outreached hands awaiting the ball, seemed almost a dance.  The physicality of it had that kind of beauty, and I observed with awe, knowing that my own body, even at that age, could never have accomplished what this boy made look so easy. I thought about how this very simple act, seen every single day in yards and on fields and playgrounds everywhere, was not just toning this boy’s muscles or improving his eye-hand coordination—it was actually developing neural pathways in his brain through which information will always travel, be processed, and be recalled during his lifetime.  This boy, and millions like him, and girls like him, which there surely are…all of them are in our hands.  Meeting the learning needs of all of our children is a lofty yet imperative goal.  The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” is an overused but apt statement, and in the villages of schools and of families and of communities, we must join together to nurture and celebrate what it is to be female and what it is to be male and the very essence and value of the difference. And after all, boys will be boys.