Holmes was dealing with X-ray in neuroscience, smoking weed and taken Vicodin, searching casual sex, and in financial trouble, getting out from the apartment.  He was involved in the study of altered states of mind, the lines between reality and illusion, and the way he told mimicking Joker to the range manager months ago, his trouble with the university,  suggests his mind was out of control a long time. Another observable factor is that only men, never a woman, are actors in this kind of massacres. Having these information, I am trying to get the motive looking the universal formula for natural systems, as human bodies, like Holmes. The formula is suggesting that the force behind Holmes action came naturally from the psyche doing the reverse pathway of evolution and recovering and expressing genes dormant at the junk-DNA regions. Those genes are about remotes ancestrals were exploding himself and the system is deterministic, so deep that the explanation requires a description of the whole Universe. You can see our article about (  Is the Force Driving a Man to Violent Explosions Coming From Our Deep Past and was Written in the Stars?! ). By the way is necessary an investigation also about the theories he learned in his course of computational neuroscience, like the one entitled “Illusion and reality” . Trying to get the final cure for this non-human force requires that the death penalty does not destroy Holmes’ DNA, keeping it for scientific investigation: was there something different in the junk-DNA?