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Again a new astronomical data suggesting the official academic model is wrong and the Matrix/DNA model is right

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017



This ‘Zombie Star’ Had Repeated Supernova Explosions Instead of Dying

A star exploded six decades ago and somehow survived, and apparently exploded several more times during the last few decades of its life.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) – Different faces of a unique universal system?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017


Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) -2

SNPs – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

The forms of the nucleotide are a subject of Matrix / DNA interest.

According to this theory, the fundamental unit of information in DNA consists of 4 nucleotide, because the configuration of the set of 4 nucleotide is exactly the same as the universal formula for natural systems, which means, therefore, that it is a system, which means that the building blocks of DNA are differentiated copies of one and the same system.

We are seeing a phenomena that is: there are billions of human beings, but, there is no individual human being exactly equal another. At least, a little point of difference must be the specific identity of each human being. Why is there this phenomenon? Why and how Nature produced this phenomenon? There is a purpose or it is just chance?

The entire set of human beings has its beginnings on the entire set of information in the DNA.  Where Matrix/DNA is suggesting that in these billions units of information, each one is unique, there is no unit equal other. Since that humanity is evolutionary  self-projection of DNA, or its genetics, the projected result must be similar to the thing projected. So, we know why and how Nature produced this phenomenon in relation to humanity, it is missing now to search these questions about this phenomenon in relation to DNA.

Matrix/DNA Theory already has a suggestion to this question: LUCA, the astronomic Last Universal Common Ancestor of all biological systems, is being fragmented by entropy in its bits of information, and at planets like Earth – with good conditions – these bits are working like the flow of order that lift up from every cycle “chaos>order>chaos..”. This process is trying to reproduce LUCA in this new environment ( totally different from where LUCAS was formed) resulting into biological systems. Since that these bits are emitted to the galactic internal space (thermodynamic collapse of near-closed systems), spreaded, dispersed in different time and space, the new systems gets different amount and quality of bits information, when composing amino-acids and nucleotide, which could be the answer to the polymorphisms of nucleotide.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)


                                                                SNPs – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

An important step in the search for more DNA knowledge is to look for ways to visualize this unit of information internally for to locate where each one has something different from the perfect formula, which will indicate its difference.

And for this identification, the external form of the nucleotide may also contribute. I now come across this news that academic biology already has an area of ​​research and information of the data obtained, regarding the external forms of the nucleotide, which is called SNPs – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. So open up new area of ​​research to find out what biology already knows about it.

What are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)?

( continuing reading and googling SNPs)

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) - 3


SNPs – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

New great right prevision from Matrix/DNA Theory becames evidence by great scientific discovery:” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”

Thursday, August 10th, 2017


About 5 days ago I was very happy because the news has confirmed my theoretical astronomical model, registered at copyrights about 30 years ago: the Sun’s nucleus has the strongest frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum and as effect, rotates 4 times fast than the surface’s sphere.

But, searching the scientific news today, I had another great moment. One of the most important prevision of Matrix/DNA Theory ( the final meaning of this universe and life existence) got a great evidence, if not a final confirmation. The news is: ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”.

I have no time for writing about now, so, I will post here the picture of the eletromagnetic spectrum by Matrix/DNA and what I have wrote in the debate related to the last article here:

To everybody debating with me in this thread: please, see how and why the Matrix/DNA world view during the last 30 years has confirmed hundreds of its previsions. Two days ago I wrote here: ” We found that the vital principle is encoded in a light wave, like that emitted after the Big Bang”.
Today I am reading the news: ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”. I have wrote here that in this Universe is occurring a natural genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang as an act of fecundation. And I wrote here that evolution is expanding like waves in the water: each new wave carries own the dust of the last wave and reaches more dust ahead. So the second wave of evolution receives the systems from the first wave, aggregating new information, evolving it and throwing it to next wave. The last wave has repeated all step of all waves before, that’s why a new shape, like a human embryo, repeats all evolutionary shapes. It means that the first moment of human life repeats the first moment of the Universe when the “life” of a universal natural system is began. It was a genetic code encoded by photons, then evolved to an atom like the first cell; to a nebulae of galaxies like the blastula… and so on.

So,… every time that the universal system is recreated, the event of the Big Bang is repeated! What happens at the fecundation of the Universe, 13,8 billion years ago, happens at the fecundation of any animal ovule. It is light everywhere, because the universal code for life first came in shape of a light wave!


Why? Because this Universe is not a magician. It can not create new information than those inserted in it at the act of its creation. It can not creating things by another method than that it was created. Anther method would means ” never existed before new information”, and this would be magics


What you see and think is new information is merely the result of fuzzy logics, the mixing of two or more standard information generating the possible levels of sub-information between them.

I will research now what is the secret of zinc atom, it must have some property that something at the Big Bang had. But, as I said thousand times, the big secret of genome, or DNA, is that its electrons are occupied by photons with information of the life’s code. So, that light saw by scientists occurs when the male counterpart that contains the half of the code’s network meets the another half and the entire network flourishes… the mechanism is repeated when a supernova is born, as you can see at Matrix/DNA astronomical models.
Three days ago another great prevision was conformed: #0 years ago when I got the copyright of this theory it contained that a star’s nucleus has a dynamics like the first frequency of light wave, which is the strongest. So, the nucleus should have a rotation fast than the above spherical rotations… This whole theory is results from calculations applying the most natural logic as I was studying the biosphere at Amazon jungle… and its right previsions has suggested that nature does not plays dice with its creatures, although we insist to play dices with her.
Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

Light – The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

A little bit of information about this issue – how to interpret the graphic:

At the extreme right ( before the gamma ray), there is the source of the wave. At the gamma ray occurs the event of fecundation ( it can be fecundation for a new  universal system, like the Big Bang, or the fecundation of an ovule, or the gestation of anew astronomical body, which begins by the nucleus, that’s why I predict the strongest vibration, or rotation, at Sun’s nucleus). See that the wave is merely the process of life’s cycle, so, the genetic code that became very complex today, at its begining was too much simple, merely the process of life’s cycle. At another articles here I describe how this light wave becames the Matrix/DNA formula.


The Cellular ATP Motor came from the Galaxies’ Rotational Motor?!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

This article is more detailed and complete in Portuguese section, here: Sintase: Como a Terra Copiou do Céu esta Extraordinária Engenharia! )

That’s fantastical! About a hundred years, people has watching an incredible working motor inside the living cell, and we had no idea how, or from where, Nature got it. It will be very good if you watch the motor working, in the movie/animation at

Look to the complex called “ATP Synthase”. Isn’t stupendous, whimsical?! From where came this object, this phenomenon? How did it to being?! Do you believe – as many believers – that, the stupid matter of this lost planet did it, alone? Or do you believe that the matter of other planet or constellation did it? If so, is it a magic planet? Or do you believe that God – or other non-natural being – came here to Earth and did it by magic?

We found a theoretical solution, well developed and logical, rational.  The matter of Earth did it (but, not alone), the matter of others constellations also collaborated for doing it. Everything should be possible, but, we now know how was the natural process that made it, and from where it came from: it came from the body of LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestral!

Ok, let’s see the ” body of LUCA”: ( these drawinings were made in the jungle with pencils and papers, so, sorry by the bad quality. It means that an unique matricial systemic circuit rules the formation of astronomical systems, cells systems, and we had mimicked it when making the basic electric circuit of ours homes because it was encrypted into our DNA-memories):

And now, let’s see this extraordinary engineering natural job, the motor called ATP Synthase:

Ok. Seeing the two pictures, side by side, and understanding how each works, is almost automatically: we see at the astronomical ancestral proto-system a kind of proto-motor, doing the same job that the cellular machinery is doing. The picture of LUCA has a nuclei, inside the nuclei has a quasar composed by dusty and debris from stellar decomposition, and below the quasar there is the black hole. 4 billions years of Evolution, changing from celestial space and matter composed only by solid and gaseous state of matter, to Earth surface, with matter earning a new state of matter,the liquid state, and then, the chemical reactions… and finally we see the whole process of transformation at the picture below ( click on it for seeing better):

Understanding the method of investigation:

To those does not know what this website is about:

I am suggesting a theoretical model of LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestral.

LUCA does not leave at Earth, but it is surrounding Earth and contains Earth. The picture shows the seven known kind of astronomical bodies, but LUCA is every body. The picture shows the Life’s Cycle of LUCA, at least, his seven principal shapes in any lifetime. The seven pieces are connected as each shape of a human body in its lifetime are connected together. The LUCA’s Life’s Cycle – when reproducing and fixing its several shapes – becomes a closed perpetual motor, but not a system, yet. The systemic closed circuit of mass and energy carries the flow of information (genetic information of LUCA), but it exists only in relation to time; it does not exists visible in the space (like the several shapes of a human body during its lifetime can not be visible arranged as system in the space).

LUCA – its complete Life’s Cycle – becomes the building block of astronomical architectures, like galaxies. The picture of LUCA above can be seeing as the same picture of a base-pair of nucleotides, the fundamental unit of information of RNA/DNA. Extracting the circuit of energy as flow of information, from LUCA’s picture, we got the same picture of a unit of the DNA. By the process of Macro-Evolution, which is performed by seven variables – having among them the three variables of Darwinian micro-evolution - Nature applies “nanotechnology” transforming astronomical architecture into micro architecture. After several mechanisms and processes revealed inside this theory, LUCA is transformed into biological systems, and those becomes plants and animal systems, like human beings. Over the homo-erectus’ brain, the theory sees a new jump of macro-evolution, the elaboration of “consciousness” which we have a theoretical model suggesting its anatomy as natural system. That’s it…

Well… I am afraid I will need stopping now ( it is time for beginning work with my auto-cab in New York, so, we need stopping this historical discover…) But, after the work journey, I will came back, if God wants… Ah?! God? How I said that? Which God? Where? Hummm… maybe here at our side… or not?)

The Last Important Hypothesis of Matrix/DNA Theory: Natural Light has the Code for Creating Life!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

(There is a more complete article at Portuguese section)

I have no time now for writing this introduction, but I am very excited discovering it when studying light’s effects. Any segment of light, in shape of waves, capturated by our instruments and translated as spectrum, repeats the process of life’s cycles !!!??? Think a little bit about the technological, existential and philosophical aspects… See the first theoretical diagram bellow:

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum as The Code for Life Cycles?Since the publication of this article I have studied a lot about light and developed a lot of thesis where this new understanding that the cause matter acquires the dynamic of life is due the penetration of matter by light. Just now I am researching consciousness + light, arriving to conclusions that consciousness is a kind of return to the primordial light. But I have no time for inserting the novelties here, the translation process is very difficult, and I had posted some articles in Portuguese section. Sorry…

Look how Light models matter into the Matrix/DNA formula:

Matriz Universal: Software de Sistema Fechado

Incredible! Discovered a binary code of computer controlling the forces of the Universe! We live in a simulation of the Matrix?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

( Sorry, this translation by machine is not corrected yet)

For to read:

The Symbols of Power

 Wiki: Adinkra symbols (physics)

( Note: Begining to learn this issue, the first idea is that, despite this “theory” from James Gates have found something like Ihave found, the big difference is that these computer code and these “adinkras” are death codes while mine are living codes. This difference can be seen that adinkras are geometric stational figures, while Matrix/DNA code is a software diagram with internal/external dynamics)

A small adinkra graph, that is graph isomorphic to a cube.

I’m saying that the bombardment of horrifying information from Science is making me more dizzy than I already was. An hour ago I open my email and read a news: telescopes caught in flagrante rocket planets moving between galaxies at almost the speed of light! The Universe as seen from above is like those pinball machines, crazy thing. My head started buzzing with crazy ideas: if planets travel at this speed and says Einstein’s formula (E = mc2) that accelerating mass becomes pure energy then means that photons can exist on the size of planets! And if them are traveling near the speed of light it is solved our problem to make long distance space travel: just take a ride on a planet of these, even when I get there I was turned into a barbecue spit!

I rushed to write the article here and record the news fot to digest it later with time, I returned to the e-mail … and another bomb, referring to the title above. So is too much. Before reading the article I decided to take a break and prepare myself mentally going to get a coffee at the corner bar. Upon exiting the gate is my neighbor walking with an open umbrella! I greeted him by asking, “Will it rain?”. And running he explained: “The TV said there is coming a magnetic rain from the sun that can burn all our hair. I go with the open umbrella because you know that: the prevident dies old.” As if the fabric of the umbrella was worth something against magnetic storm … but then I stopped at my neighbor’s hair salon next door and shouted into it: ‘Do not buy anything over time now because may you’ll not have to cut more hair … ”

The article with the news and even a video can be viewed at the address below, but first lets me prepare you in advance what I think I have understood:

The academic intelligentsia today is betting that the universal nature can best be explained by the String Theory. Right? This theory was based on mathematical equations developed by Claude Shannon in the 1940s. At that time he, like most, did not know upon your computer with binary code, at least not applied it in their elocubrações upon mathematical cosmology. But now one wag to be a beast of mathematical genius discovered that the equations entire run smoothly upon a river consists of a binary code of our computers! What?!

What this might mean? Now … if string theory is really a translation of how the universe works and how (in symbols and understand that we can see here), and is a binary code behind it, that is to say that the code is by Behind the Universe! That is: The universe is a working computer! That is still, this reality does not exist, everything is simulated as a computer!

And this reminds us of … the … what?

The … “The Matrix”! Brrrrrr ….! Sure!

But what makes me angry at all this news is that it comes accompanied by interpretations and theories of its discoverers. These explanations are always fantastic, hair-raising. For example, they explained that the rocket planets are planets expelled from galaxies by force repulsing black holes! I looked at the maps of the Matrix/DNA and saw something different: the mechanism that makes these planets fly at that speed is the same natural mechanism to eject comets in space and on Earth spermatozoa. But when I call for the sperm to explain things of the galaxy, they look at me as if I were little boy full of creative imagination, while they pose as wise adults who do not believe in ghosts … (errr … only a few, like their “black holes”, which no one ever saw). Now they explains that this finding could mean that we live in a simulation of a super-computer made by our descendants in the future who will be robots with artificial intelligence and that for some reason keeps us well.

Again I look at the maps of the Matrix / DNA and what I see? The universe is a mere cosmic egg in which is occurring a mere genetic reproduction. We humans are mentalized genes creating the embryo of self-consciousness of the universe itself. There will be the day of the Big Birth, when the embryo to be born and come face to face with his parents waiting outside the universe, there are heartless these parents what they are: gods or devils (our brothers may be waiting for us imps with red-hot pitchfork to jab in the crotch).

However … genetics is genetics seen by a biological observer, but it can be seen as computation by an observer with another constitution, for example, heavier atoms. So my models have been predicting since 30 years ago that the universal nature has much to do with a genetic/computation process. My Matrix / DNA is a mixture of genetics and computing. And I ask: if you can understand that discovery of this code as an affirmation that the universe is something genetic, “half alive”, and something so simple that its processes are the image and likeness of the processes that run in our bodies … so why we complicate everything by appealing to the gods of the future super-smart in keeping prisoners like birds in a cage?!

You know what? Have these scientists go combing monkeys at the zoo … pass Ockham’s razor in his theories, they will not stun me more, I get the Matrix / DNA.

How Freemind wrote the comment below the article:

“Basically what we are saying is that the equations of string theory, they are trying to use to describe the universe / nature itself, you can find the binary code of the computer … and not just a random code, but a code fix to make sure that the signals do not mix the wrong message to send.
“Basically what this means, could it not be possible to have a real universe … but it would be more likely that we are in a simulated universe … we exist in a super-computer, and in the future. We believe that we exist because the artificial intelligence will be so good in the future, which will be indistinguishable from its original intelligence coming from human primates. (This is what the second guy in the video was talking about, not the first guy who found the computer code.)

“And when you think about it and that this may be true … then all you see, touch, smell, hear, taste, everything is converted into electronic signals inside our body and our brain transforms these signals back around us, forming our outer world. Basically … you can never actually touch anything, because this thing is being transformed into an electronic signal into your body and your brain just projects the sense of touch. ”

For those who want to see the news:

COMPUTER CODE Has Been discovered embedded WITHIN the equations of superstring theory

This discovery was made two years ago, but of course, because of its importance, the discovery is first brought to the government, trying to understend what it means, and how no one understood anything, was released to the public in waiting for someone to decipher. As for me, I have no doubt: I see the code that appears in the video the face of the Matrix / DNA, or better, the same diagram software I have here on Home page. For example, the two balls in the upper and lower ends are F1 and F4, which correspond to the vortex core galactic, and the pulse in astronomical terms correspond to the two lateral branches of the sugar nucleotides, in terms of DNA, and corresponds to the core mitochondria, and will in terms of cellular system. The two bands of black spheres represent the right and left sides of the matrix and the central band represents the entire system as a functional variable that has six functions and omits the seventh which only appears when a fractal matrix is ​​reproduced (F5). What the government does not know that someone cracked the code because I would have to spend the rest of life signing autographs and would not have more time to study.

However there’s one more interesting question in this matter. They do not know how this code could be driving the evolution of the universe, which is occurring, the universe is simulated or not. Just know by now that this code is a blocker of mistakes, ie, he ensures that a program will present a pre-determined outcome. And with that old ideas stir me from my chest crown, which have been bothering me a long time. What they say means that the universe is predetermined, or at least our perception of a simulated universe. This means that in the end there is no “free will”. It hits straight on top of the Matrix / DNA that is suggesting that within this universe is a reproduction by the process occurring genetic / computational: we, as genes in this world, and all other forces of nature, we have free will to do what we decided. However not realize that there is a natural selection process consists of computer code that subtly rule eliminates what is done against predetermined design and is only kept what we do that is in keeping with the design. But that would be the supreme will of Every father and mother, who, although they can not control and see what genes in the belly of pregnant woman are doing, want assurance that their child will be born perfect. Got it?

What the code is more or less suggesting is this: the creator of this universe does not really matter that I was born in this life all wrong and live complaining of chaos and lack of design, or an accident that killed someone crushed … because as a gene I have a specific mission to fulfill and whatever happens at the end of the universe it will be fulfilled to perfection … hopefully this is true!

But there is also another possibility. The code that this is not a code, but only the shape of the Matrix / DNA when it is the basis of galaxies whose shape is a closed system in itself. It is the dark side of the Matrix / DNA, opposite the face of an open system. Theory and models are suggesting that the formula of the Matrix / DNA in this state, ie, the galaxy within which life arose and it was made, is encrypted and terrestrial biosphere into our DNA. That is, it acts upon us from outside to inside through the environment and acts on us from the inside out. A similar situation is to a pregnant mother, the mother acts upon the embryo from the outside when it produces the uterus while acting within the embryo because the genes are hers. The models suggest that the galaxy through this whole biosphere (humanity included) is trying to play, now in organic form. But Life, organic form, is mischievous, inprevisivel, uncontrollable, then how the galaxy would have her baby live here in perfect shape? Well, galaxies are stupid things, reproduce without consciousness as giraffes do not know their bellies grow due to the sexual act and unborn babies. Galaxies and giraffes are not doing anything to make sure that their offspring will be healthy. Then as the galaxy introduced this code in our biosphere, in our nature? A correction code guarantee that nothing will go wrong? Simple. She did not introduce any computer code. She is the code! It is a closed system in itself, an extraordinary machine engineering that there is nothing to enter or leave not to disturb its operation eternal. The professor discovered that this was the genetic background of the Matrix / DNA. Now sleep with a noise like if you are able …

After all, there is a code error correction. But this code came from parents existing beyond the universe, who want a perfect, or came from the progenitor galaxy that is “perfect” in itself? Because he can also be the galaxy as a system to be opened for Life. Now the galaxy took the wood of the Universe when it discovered that she had become a form of provisional estagnadora evolution, triggered the Universe and the Law of Clausius, the second principle of thermo-dynamics, a force degeneradora measured by entropy, which starts from their galaxy photons that are his “genes-bits-information”, and puts it to crawl on the surface of the Earth. It was the code of the broker acting universe. He began a new attempt. We have free will. We can choose between us we make the baby or the baby of the galaxy in the universe. if we choose wrong, no matter, the code is there to lead us to a second “fall.” Which is not really a code, is simply the genetic load that created the universe, whatever that creator some god or some devil or something like a giraffe …
- “Damn! Now … we have more on this issue: to investigate if this code is good or evil … ”