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Para transformar a Formula em equacao: uma ideia

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017


If numbers then separation or difference
if separation then equations

Se existem numeros, entao existe separacao, diferencas

Se existe separacao, entao existem equacoes.

A Matrix/DNA e’ um sistema constituido de partes separadas. Se a logica acima for correta, ela pode ser representada por uma equacao, matematica. E isto seria de extrema importancia para conduzir a cosmovisao `a comunidade cientifica. Porem, como fazer esta equacao?

Maos a obra: ( uma intuicao: talvez devo meditar a partir do phi number: ele ja foi encontrado, e’ o elemento que fornece um numero na formula e devo lembrar isto:

Phi ( Φ 1.618033988749895… ), most often pronounced fi like “fly,” is simply an irrational number like pi ( p = 3.14159265358979… ), but one with many unusual mathematical properties.  Unlike pi, which is a transcendental number, phi is the solution to a quadratic equation…. raiz quadrada)

Ver comentario que postei no link a seguir, procurando um matematico… em 12/19/17 as TheMatrixDNA

Mathematics of Phi, 1.618, the Golden Number

We – the human species -, and in relation to Phi, is in need of a Mathematician for an altruistic job. There is a unique pattern always applied by Nature when organizing matter/energy into a working complete system. This pattern is built by the process of life cycle. You know, it is about the phenomena that makes our bodies – as systems – born,glow,mature,degeneration,death – when our bodies changes its shapes all time. So, using this process of life cycle Nature has created systems, from atoms to galaxies to cells to human bodies. How? Nature build an inanimate object body from any nebulae, or dust. Then Nature applies the force upon several inanimate objects of same shape/constitution, which will have their shapes, functions, changed into new shapes. When Nature gets 6 different shapes from that kind of object, it arranges the shapes in a linear sequence. But the location of each object must obeys the sequence of life cycle ( birth,grow,maturation,etc.). As the shape of your body known as teenage has as left neighbor the shape of kid and as the right neighbor the shape of adult ( so, there is a link about time, etc., between neighbors) and the natural tendency of neighbors to keep together, the different objects are aligned mimicking the life cycle sequence, which creates links between them and finally, a running circuit. The system is ready.

We make no idea how this knowledge is important for us to make the word a better place for everybody. this is the natural principle of automation productive process, reproduction, life, etc.

I got the metaphorical representation of all these process into a working system as a formula, em shape of software diagram. With this formula I am understanding every natural and event phenomena from a very interesting new perspective. But, we need to learn how to reproduce this formula as material tools for practical applications. And for making plans, strategies, creating new systems, etc. I am merely a naturalist philosopher observing Nature in the Amazon jungle, with no knowledge of modern technology, complex Math. We need to find a way for representing the formula as an equation. That’s why we are in need of a Mathematician that grasp something of this new idea and trying to find the equation. my research job is not profitable, I am selling nothing ( only spending), it is merely altruistic, so, I can’t hiring a Mathematician, but, if the mathematical equation based on the formula gets some donations, by sure, we will share it half and half. Someone there?…


Wikipedia – Equacao:


My Website Reaching New Record in September (270,000 HITS , 195,000 pages ) in the month ! Despite the Apathy of Brazil and Missing Translations. Any Help? Remember: We are doing this to our next generations.

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Meu Website Batendo Mais Um Recorde em Setembro (270.000 HITS, 195.000 paginas lidas) no mês! Apesar da Apatia do Brasil

My Website Reaching New Record in  September (270,000 HITS ,  195,000 pages ) in the month ! Despite the Apathy of Brazil and Missing Translations

Since its founding in 2008 have had about 1 million visits from around the world , especially USA , Russia , China and even Luxembourg. Would have had more if publishing articles in English, if he had some kind of feature to announce that it exists and if it was made all that remains to be a really full website . If only I had time to enter all the articles I write in haste on sheets of paper and charts / figures that are never published . Even to produce a readable article explaining all the details I don’t have time ( I am at hard working about 70 hours a week only for to pay the bills, so, my time here is very short).  Lack help, participation , anyway , because the content is public utility and unimaginable can be the benefit for mankind if the formula of the Matrix / DNA is proven as actually existing ( despite having thousands of the evidence , I’m still in doubt , as it should be with all naturalistic philosopher ) . I suspect that these accesses is specialized people or students doing research when they type a few words in the search . The following data come in my Awstats ( meanwhile indicators of access for the public , such as Google Analytics, Alexa, and others continue to say that access is zeroe … Why ? What is missing in the program ‘s website for these agencies perceive the reality ? ) The Portuguese and  Brazilian people , who have a greater ability to read and understand as this in your language , is still far from interest in the issues addressed here . No wonder the intellectual and religious  levels poorly compared to other countries … just watch the international publication of scientific papers or theses intellectuals everyday .

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