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The Matrix/DNA arriving to be reaveled in the biological DNA! Big hopes!

Sunday, July 7th, 2019


This Radical New DNA Microscope Reimagines The Cellular World

Jul 02, 2019

Paper deste artigo ( livre, mas nao li):

DNA Microscopy: Optics-free Spatio-genetic Imaging by a Stand-Alone Chemical Reaction

rainbow cell segmentation in DNA microscopy biotechnology

Since 30 years ago I have written: ” The building blocks of biological DNA is the exactly copy, with different materials, of the building blocks of galaxies.”

Nobody could accept it, neither to research my work searching something in it. I agree it is a very stranger idea for humans.  Since our primordial times we have separated us from what we see in the skies. Nobody thought that we could be an evolutionary continuum from the evolution of what’s in the sky.

The cause is that we are not seeing the real sky and the real microscopic structures of our bodies. We didn’t know about Nature ability to practice nanotechnology, although nature always revealed it to us, when a big human body becomes a microscopic code inside the genome. But…

” It’s not every day that something from the 17th century gets radically reinvented.” – says this article.

” … this month, a team from the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard took aim at one of the most iconic pieces of lab ware—the microscope—and tore down the entire concept to recreate it from scratch.”

And what is the initial results? - “The first time I saw a DNA microscopy image, it blew me away,” said Regev.

Yes… the sky is coming down to be see by humans how it is. Look to the above image. And now look to the image below:

Image result for the universe

I find it impressive that when we are at the middle of the macro and the micro, and we see above and below, we see the same image. I think that if we goes towards the above and towards the micro at same time, we will continuing seeing same images. because the two far away images will be clarifying at the same proportion. And when we will arrive the last frontier of the sky and of the particles, we still will see the same images. But, then, we will see things working, will extract the supreme meaning of this two structures. And they will be the same. We will see the Matrix/DNA formula as foundation of everything, at least, everything material inside this Universe, and our bodies.

For the Matrix/DNA to be discovered in full inside the DNA we need technology that reveals the network of synapses built by the connections among the photons that are inside the particles as electrons and protons inside the atoms inside the DNA. Still is missing a lot, but advances like this news in this article deserves a big commemoration.


Meu post no Facebook:

Great! Vejo o mundo humano dividido em dois níveis. Um, inspirado na leitura do livro da Melinda Gates, me causa imensa tristeza, ao conhecer os extremos do sofrimento ainda existente na maioria dos humanos, os quais estão nas camadas mais pobres. Outro, baseado em artigos como o link abaixo, vejo a humanidade forcando o avanço da tecnologia, caminhando com pressa na direção de descobrir nos segredos da Natureza o significado da nossa existência, que trara novos valores morais, e não a tecnologia, mais estes novos valores morais, vão nos levar a consertar o que de horrível esta acontecendo com a população pobre. Pois como sempre pensei, a Melinda esta mostrando que a estrategia para salvar os pobres desta carnificina e pobreza não é lhes dar dinheiro e comida agora, mas antes disso é mudar sua cultura, a errada interpretação do mundo que eles tem nas suas cabeças. Mudar cultura é mudar valores morais e mudar valores morais é mudar o comportamento, os objetivos, e estes mudam a economia em qualquer tribo. Os macacos podem estar a viver em cima de jazidas de riquezas, mas sempre serão fracos e pobres por causa de sua incipiente e quase nula visão do mundo, a qual determina seus comportamentos e objetivos nas suas vidas. Assim como os macacos menores são canibalizados pelos maiores, dentre os humanos ainda a maioria dos empresários vampirizam as energias, o tempo, a vida de seus empregados. Estes empresários que tiveram acesso a níveis superiores de educação escolar ainda tem uma visão do mundo baseada, por exemplo, nas imagens do seu DNA ocorrendo uma competição, uma luta,entre os genes, para vencer o mais forte e deixar maior descendência. Mas a imagem que ainda veem do DNA é aquela do seculo dezessete (XVII), vista de tao longe como hoje vemos as galaxias distantes e delas quase nada vemos e entendemos quase tudo errado. mas as recentes imagens do DNA já consertam muita coisa e produz novas impressões no cérebro destes empresários, levando-os a pensar no Universo quando veem o DNA. Esta ampliação dos horizontes humanos levarão a uma correção nas nossas atitudes com o planeta e os seres vivos aqui existentes.

Figure thumbnail gr5

Figure 5Inferred Large-Scale DNA Microscopy Images Preserve Cellular Resolution

New Debate Between Creationists and Atheists about the Mystery of Existences and the Suggestion from Matrix/DNA

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016


It takes a fool to deny the obvious

And my comment published at the Myers’ article:

The Matrix/DNA
July 6, 2016 – Amazon Jungle

Creationists and atheists world views are both “magical thinking” due a fundamental mistake: they are forgetting the naturalist systemic perspective. Any living thing is a system, a systemic biological organization of matter and energy. And systems can only coming from other system. Nobody had discovered a system coming from a part or piece of a system, neither from something not belonging to a system.
So, the first amino-acids were systems in itself, made by atoms systems and this astronomical system. Since that atoms system are too much simple, and galactic systems are lots more complex, the logic’s suggests that amino-acids were a production of astronomic nanotechnology, like human genome, chromosomes,ovules, are products of human natural nanotechnology.

Following this line of logic’s we got a new world view called Matrix/DNA where a new theoretical astronomical and atomic model fits just as the ancestors of the first living cell.

Now the problem would be:but the first system, be it an atom or an elemental particle composed by other smaller particles as a system, where it came from?

We found that all these natural systems were made by a unique natural formula. Then, we found that any universal set of radiation performing a light wave has the same formula for systems. Conclusion? The forst natural system in this Universe and perceptible dimension was a light wave.

Where the light wave came from? No other simplest thing in this Universe was detected as ” the light wave producer”. Our method of rationalization is suggesting that the first natural light wave worked as the genome of some ex-machine entity. If so, this Universe is merely a kind of egg where is occurring a natural process of genetic reproduction of the systemic thing that produced it. Is is God? If you want call it by that name, remember that it is not magical, it does things by natural process. Is is a big absolute chance? If you want call it by tat name, remember that it is a phenomena that is being reproduced exactly like it happened once, so, when this process arrive to an end, it will not be the absolute chance, because it would be an event that has been repeated.

What matters here is the final moral concept from this world view: we are 8 billion genes plus trillion of genes spread in this Universe building a kind of baby. So, each of us – as gene – has a unique, specific, not mimicked, not able to be stolen – information. It is our mission and we are not conscious about that. If one of us dies not do his/her job, the baby will born handicapped. So, let yours brother free for doing its mission. If creationism, atheism or Matrixism are wrong interpretations of this world, our inner mission will correct our wrong beliefs. And we got correction every time that we learn something new about the Universal Nature. That’s why I made the Amazon jungle my second house: there are plenty of natural phenomena for learning there.