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Debate between a Creationist, a Materialist, and the Matrix/DNA world view

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

I was in a debate in the Internet when I have an idea for explaining something of the Matrix/DNA world view in a different manner. It is interesting, so, I copied it here for thinking about tonight. What do you think?


luvdomus  – 4 hours ago – 8/9/17: (Materialist, atheist)
The ‘jump” of abiogensis was a series of very small steps over millions of years.
There was no origins of life, so, no jump of abiogenesis. Biological systems (aka life) were built by the building blocks of this galaxy, which worked as photons-genes and became the building blocks of DNA. All known properties of life were existing in less evolved state at this galaxy, by entropy its information fail to Earth surface, as the initial conditions. See at my avatar and website the face of LUCA ( the Last Universal Common Ancestor) the evolutionary link between inorganic and organic, but it never came to Earth, it is surrounding us in the sky.
Ok I described my theory. But you said “The ‘jump” of abiogenesis was a series of very small steps over millions of years”, in an affirmative way. You was not there, you have not watched it, so you need to advise that you have a theory, like I did it. Time and more data will solve which theory is the best.
+Luvdomus – Why do you believe it happened by small steps? Science has never shown life to come from non life in small steps or big steps ever. So why would you believe it?
Santana Garcia ( Materialist)
+Luvdomus – that’s because bacteria and viruses also play a roll in the complexity of life , this video did not get to that yet. Also 4 billion years of evolving matter to living things is hardly a jump. Do you really understand how long 4 billion years is ?
Smoothsay2 Smoothsay (creationist)+Santana – Do you really believe that chemicals could assemble themselves into DNA that is programmed to build cells, rna, cellular machinery, & self correcting rna polymerase transcription functions & reproduction systems? Rather a wild accident isn’t it 4 billion years or 100 billion years do you actually believe this would happen?

Smoothsay2 – Now, imagine this belief growing. Then they will write their sacred book. ” There was a talking rock radiating light that separated the waters of the Red sea and came to Prophet Darwin saying that…”

I suspects in this way were wrote the Kuran, the Bible, etc. and, do you believe that till today there are people believing in that?! But, for telling the thru, I found that Genesis is the correct scientific description of the events that brought life and the man to Earth. It is the right description of LUCA (the Last Universal Common Ancestor) and the events creating life here. If you see and understand how works the system called LUCA ( its face is at my avatar – the life cycle of any astronomic body like Earth, and the building blocks of galaxies), you will discover all Genesis’s symbols there: the system was a paradise for X and Y (Adam and Eve), in shape of an apple, with a systemic circuit in shape of a snake, the spiral galaxy seems a tree, etc. In fact, X convinced Y to eat the apple ( which means the selfish state of closed system). And attacked by entropy the system falls to planet’s surface, in shape of genes-photons, which guided the terrestrial atoms to build aminoacids, molecules, RNA, till the first cell, which is the exactly biological copy of our sinner ancestor… the Milk Way.
Genesis is all about metaphors describing the scientific complexity for lay man! But how any ancient man knew that? 2 theories: 1) our ancestor and those events are registered at our DNA ( the junk DNA) which are at the center of our neurons and altered mental states produces flashes from that memory. Since ancient man did not know nothing about astronomy, he found the way to explain it by metaphors. 2) Aliens were here and told it… I don’t see another alternative, since I can not believe that a God of a multiverse came here…

 Louis Charles Morelli – the problem with metaphorical ideas is they are subject to any kind of interpretation so you will always will be able to make them match with any scientific or metaphysical theory.

oz surveillance –  Ok, then, I will invite you to a challenge:

 Find the scientific theory that matches with the following:
1) We built this modern city where humans will live as a paradise. But like the Brave New World of Huxley and under the Big Brother, humans will be stupid and stagnating in this shape forever. Take the red pill if you want living here;
2) Outside there are those humans cities in state of chaos, lots of problems, misery, diseases, etc. But, those people will be opened to their evolution, they could reach the galaxies. Take the blue pill if you want that.
This was the exactly situation the author described with Eve offering the apple: eat the apple, the red pill, standing forever in this “jungle” paradise I built for us; do not eat the apple and we fall in chaos far away from here…
We found that the vital principle is encoded in a light wave, like that emitted after the Big Bang. The code worked matter and built the atom system, the star system, and when went to build the galactic system… matter was reaching its supreme goal, which is to be a closed system at eternal termodynamic equillibrium.
The code could doing a choice, unifying with matter and living that paradise; or fighting matter, suffering at chaos but keeping the state of opened system, opened to its own evolution. The red pill or the blue pill?
The code choose the paradise, from the Universe came the Clausius Law, the entropy that produces the death of any system. The code falls at planets, here we are. Please, find the scientific theory that matches this metaphora like the Matrix/DNA Theory – a merely philosophical naturalist theory, matched it… Good look…
Then, one day after this debate, I was searching the scientific news at Internet and found a great, spetacular news ( ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”) that is just the confirmation of several theories I wrote in the debate. So, I went back writing this:
To everybody debating with me in this thread: please, see how and why the Matrix/DNA world view during the last 30 years has confirmed hundreds of its previsions. Two days ago I wrote here: ” We found that the vital principle is encoded in a light wave, like that emitted after the Big Bang”.
Today I am reading the news: ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”. I have wrote here that in this Universe is occurring a natural genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang as an act of fecundation.
And I wrote here that evolution is expanding like waves in the water: each new wave carries own the dust of the last wave and reaches more dust ahead. So the second wave of evolution receives the systems from the first wave, aggregating new information, evolving it and throwing it to next wave. The last wave has repeated all step of all waves before, that’s why a new shape, like a human embryo, repeats all evolutionary shapes. It means that the first moment of human life repeats the first moment of the Universe when the “life” of a universal natural system is began. It was a genetic code encoded by photons, then evolved to an atom like the first cell; to a nebulae of galaxies like the blastula… and so on.
I will research now what is the secret of zinc atom, it must have some property that something at the Big Bang had. But, as I said thousand times, the big secret of genome, or DNA, is that its electrons are occupied by photons with information of the life’s code. So, that light saw by scientists occurs when the male counterpart that contains the half of the code’s network meets the another half and the entire network flourishes… the mechanism is repeated when a supernova is born, as you can see at Matrix/DNA astronomical models. Three days ago another great prevision was conformed: #0 years ago when I got the copyright of this theory it contained that a star’s nucleus has a dynamics like the first frequency of light wave, which is the strongest. So, the nucleus should have a rotation fast than the above spherical rotations… This whole theory is results from calculations applying the most natural logic as I was studying the biosphere at Amazon jungle… and its right previsions has suggested that nature does not plays dice with its creatures, although we insist to play dices with her.

Debate with Matrix/DNA Theory in Science/AAAS

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017


Debate com a Matrix/DNA no Science/AAAS


Earliest mollusk probably looked like a spiky slug


A tree mimics exactly the shape of Milk Way because it was created by this galaxy. A cell system also has the same number of organelles as the number of different astronomic bodies. And there is more: each organelle performs same systemic function as each astronomic system.

But, we can see it only when we know the universal Matrix/DNA formula that built all natural systems. So, for a better understand about the first mollusc shape and functions we must have on the table the matrix formula and the exactly model of the building blocks of our creator, this astronomic system – both are at my website… but still it is a theory..



Correlations without causation

Endurance of stable shapes i.e celestial bodies are spherical due to their gravity, just like there is a limited number of shapes in organisms that provide practicality and durability. But this doesn’t connect the two systems in any way.



No, Kotsios, there is no apophenia here. It is perceiving meaningful patterns (the common at genetic inheritances) within not random data, but within data as evolutionary links. Yours scholar world view does not see these patterns because learned to be blind to the connection between cosmological and biological evolution. So, there is a big hole in their wiring of neurons.
You do not see the correlation because yours causation (origins of life) is not the first causation (origins of the universe).
If this astronomic system (Milk Way) does not connect with the first biological systems, what and who created biological systems?!  Some supernatural forces and elements coming from outside the materialistic realm of this galaxy?

And remember: such parent, such offspring, no matter the differences of environments and big mutations. By the way, if you do not know my theoretical astronomic model and the explanation how it fits exactly as the unit of information of the DNA, you never will accept that we were created by stellar system and not by dust of stars…


All you did, was to replace a supernatural creator with the Milky Way.
Celestial organisation is based on gravity.
Biological organisation is based on chemistry.

Gravity is very weak to act on the molecular level and chemistry requires much more proximity than the celestial distances allow.

There is no connection between the origins of the two systems, besides their existence in the same universe



No creators, it is all about our ancestrals. Galaxies,atoms, are our ancestrals.
The human body pressure and homeostasis acts over organs and flows, it is also to weak at atomic and molecular levels. But was not gravity neither body pressure that organized matter into systems. You are missing the essence, the code, which is the formula at my website.

Organic chemistry emerged with a new state of matter – the liquid – which was not existent at galaxies’ formation. But, chemistry alone, leads matter to eternal equilibrium, never to compose working systems.

Th new planetary surface environment, different from the space, and new state of matter caused the big mutations in biological systems. While our direct astronomic ancestor was a closed system, we happened to be opened systems.

If you believe there are no connections between the system you live inside and was here producing your past ancestors and the system you are, you need to appeal to a mystic agent, like a magical randomness.. or magical supernaturals. We do need such jumps of imaginations anymore..


You forgot about prions, viruses, RNA based life, etc.

You forgot that there are known reasons for the shapes of bodies in space, and, organ functions, etc…and that they do not share reasons.

Saying “Astronomic system” and “function” assumes things that are entirely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.


You are seeing patterns that are not there.


You are also calling a “feeling” a “theory”.

In science, a theory is an explanation that has been tested, to falsify it, and passed the tests…and so forth,

…..not merely what a stoner says after seeing a Bohr Diagram and thinking…wow, that looks like our solar system!



No TJ, I did not forget these things, all them were hardly and perfect inserted in the same evolutionary lineage, from this astronomic system to complex biological organisms.

Nature has used a unique formula for all biological systems (DNA) because Nature has used a unique formula for “all” natural systems since the beginning of this Universe. I can’t believe you can not understand this obligatory evolutionary detail.

If all galaxies are similar like all biological systems, it is because all galaxies has a common essence like DNA. Same for all species of atoms systems. The evolutionary tree does not begins with archaea, fungus, but, with atoms. That’s why we can find all biological properties (metabolism,sexual reproduction,life’s cycles,etc) at atoms ( as electromagnetic fashion) and astronomic systems ( as mechanic fashion), expressed or not due evolutionary phases.

If you can’t see the evolutionary sequitur from a galaxy to a cell system you will need some mystical belief, like “spontaneous origins of life by chance”…

There is a universal evolution of a unique system in this 13,8 billion years, so, since it is a unique evolutionary lineage, must have repetitive universal patterns among all shapes of this universal natural system.

About theory:
Science took the name ” theory” from philosophy (the Greeks coined the word). I am using the word in its real meaning and science is not the owner of this word


A Message From Matrix/DNA World View

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Louis Charles Morelli

Shared privately  at Google+ -  8:36 PM

Humanity is in need of a big brain evolutionary jump just now, before it will be too much late. Our Science and its technology is developing fast, but, in a wrong and dangerous way (it is what my world view based in Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting and I am not the owner of thru). It is like a gun at a kids hands or food with unknown mortal poisons.
My discoveries about the light waves having the properties for life, that DNA is merely a new universal systemic shape of a universal matrix that organized matter into all systems, from atoms to galaxies, that the building blocks of astronomical systems also have the properties of life, that at every seven elements in periodic table there are one able to make “living systems” different from everything we can imagine now, that we, as systems, are composed of software and hardware, that the software has 13,7 billion years allways surviving when changing the old hardwares, that this software about 4 billion years ago made the big mistake of becoming a closed selfish system in the shape of astronomical building blocks and we are the results, lifting up from the chaos when entropy attacked our sinner ancestral, etc. and etc., everything suggesting a new world view where we are going to repeat the big mistake again here at Earth.
The discovery that the Einstein brain is different because the two hemispheres are strongly linked came to reinforce the Matrix/DNA formula and theory, that we need exercise and learning how to develop our right hemisphery. Any thought at our brain begins with the received stimulus/informations being processed at the hippocampus, like the nuclear vortex of Matrix formula called F1 is the beginning of any new circuit flow inside the system. Then, the flow goes clockwise towards F2, F3, and when arrives at F4, instead going externally rounded, it breaks and goes down as F5 towards F1. The flow falls from the central cortex towards the hippocampus again, through the corpus callosum. It means that the right hemisphere, with its universal systemic functions number 6 and 7 and part of F1, is out of any thought. But, a lot of evidences are suggesting that one ability of the right H is to grasp the natural phenomena related to the level of light, which is the beginning of everything here. We are seeing only the mechanical aspect of systems, it is missing at least, six more aspects acting over any material object. The Matrix formula is suggesting that we can make efforts for getting the flow of thoughts changing its course, penetrating the H.R. and gettin a shower of light. It means the flow crossing the central cortex and going to F6, instead falling to F1.
The very fact that Einstein’s brain had less space between the two hemispheres, suggests that his thoughts were, at certain way, penetrating the H.R. and from there, from these thoughts getting the shower of light, he could see light in a way that nobody has seen. His intuitions about the cosmological space was due the ability of H.R. expanding through spatial construction, amplifying our horizons. I am trying experiments and exercises for getting this jump but since my poor conditions where is missing everything here, and knowing that does not will be useful only one or a few individuals getting it, but everybody, we need that you join us working hard here.
At this moment we have billions of human beings being tortured in this stupid and absurd life’s conditions, they are losing the opportunity for their brain evolution, they are our brothers, our blood, the unique beings in this Universe that can do something for us and who we must love above everything. We need be here for them. We need doing something and quickly.  we need talking about what to do, the more brains thinking here, the better. Matrix/DNA formulas are suggesting what we can do, but it is merely a theory, I am not a believer in it, it merely seems logical and rational from my personal viewpoint, and it can not be from yours, so, you need teach me what’s going wrong. But, it means that we have suggestions, that it is possible doing the right thing… bring on yours suggestion and put then over the table for everybody see it. The Matrix/DNA is saying that we are going to build  again here a closed selfish social system where every human being will be slave, til the presidents, the rich families, etc.
The Brave New World under the executive power of the Big Queen, as any insect society. But the real legislative power will be the identity of the system, a non visible force, non touchable, that will enslave all of us, will get our consciousness as prisoner, and we will fail again. Only known our real enemy we will know how to avoid it. The Matrix formula is suggesting a whole new scientific enterprise with different technology as result, lot times more superior than this we have now. It is suggesting how to eliminate our viruses and bacterias enemies, for getting a working and healthy body. Why not lose some time trying to know and debating with me what I am talking about. I payed a hard price for getting this formula ( seven years studying natural systems and total biosphere isolated at Amazon jungle), if you do the same you will get it also, I believe. Com’on, are there anything with more value than living and fighting for the welfare of our species here, now and for our next generations? We are not merely optimized monkeys, we have intelligence, we have love, we have a purpose in life, we need joining together, and if we have the eternal software as pictured and suggested by Matrix/DNA we have a marvellous future. But, if we continues doing things wrong, this beautiful future will be far away from us and our kids. At this moment billions of our brothers are being tortured and they need all our efforts, with Matrix or without Matrix, we need talking about the real facts, bring on the table the real causes, the real effects, and together thinking about what we need to do at the social level. Cheers…

The Cellular ATP Motor came from the Galaxies’ Rotational Motor?!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

This article is more detailed and complete in Portuguese section, here: Sintase: Como a Terra Copiou do Céu esta Extraordinária Engenharia! )

That’s fantastical! About a hundred years, people has watching an incredible working motor inside the living cell, and we had no idea how, or from where, Nature got it. It will be very good if you watch the motor working, in the movie/animation at

Look to the complex called “ATP Synthase”. Isn’t stupendous, whimsical?! From where came this object, this phenomenon? How did it to being?! Do you believe – as many believers – that, the stupid matter of this lost planet did it, alone? Or do you believe that the matter of other planet or constellation did it? If so, is it a magic planet? Or do you believe that God – or other non-natural being – came here to Earth and did it by magic?

We found a theoretical solution, well developed and logical, rational.  The matter of Earth did it (but, not alone), the matter of others constellations also collaborated for doing it. Everything should be possible, but, we now know how was the natural process that made it, and from where it came from: it came from the body of LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestral!

Ok, let’s see the ” body of LUCA”: ( these drawinings were made in the jungle with pencils and papers, so, sorry by the bad quality. It means that an unique matricial systemic circuit rules the formation of astronomical systems, cells systems, and we had mimicked it when making the basic electric circuit of ours homes because it was encrypted into our DNA-memories):

And now, let’s see this extraordinary engineering natural job, the motor called ATP Synthase:

Ok. Seeing the two pictures, side by side, and understanding how each works, is almost automatically: we see at the astronomical ancestral proto-system a kind of proto-motor, doing the same job that the cellular machinery is doing. The picture of LUCA has a nuclei, inside the nuclei has a quasar composed by dusty and debris from stellar decomposition, and below the quasar there is the black hole. 4 billions years of Evolution, changing from celestial space and matter composed only by solid and gaseous state of matter, to Earth surface, with matter earning a new state of matter,the liquid state, and then, the chemical reactions… and finally we see the whole process of transformation at the picture below ( click on it for seeing better):

Understanding the method of investigation:

To those does not know what this website is about:

I am suggesting a theoretical model of LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestral.

LUCA does not leave at Earth, but it is surrounding Earth and contains Earth. The picture shows the seven known kind of astronomical bodies, but LUCA is every body. The picture shows the Life’s Cycle of LUCA, at least, his seven principal shapes in any lifetime. The seven pieces are connected as each shape of a human body in its lifetime are connected together. The LUCA’s Life’s Cycle – when reproducing and fixing its several shapes – becomes a closed perpetual motor, but not a system, yet. The systemic closed circuit of mass and energy carries the flow of information (genetic information of LUCA), but it exists only in relation to time; it does not exists visible in the space (like the several shapes of a human body during its lifetime can not be visible arranged as system in the space).

LUCA – its complete Life’s Cycle – becomes the building block of astronomical architectures, like galaxies. The picture of LUCA above can be seeing as the same picture of a base-pair of nucleotides, the fundamental unit of information of RNA/DNA. Extracting the circuit of energy as flow of information, from LUCA’s picture, we got the same picture of a unit of the DNA. By the process of Macro-Evolution, which is performed by seven variables – having among them the three variables of Darwinian micro-evolution - Nature applies “nanotechnology” transforming astronomical architecture into micro architecture. After several mechanisms and processes revealed inside this theory, LUCA is transformed into biological systems, and those becomes plants and animal systems, like human beings. Over the homo-erectus’ brain, the theory sees a new jump of macro-evolution, the elaboration of “consciousness” which we have a theoretical model suggesting its anatomy as natural system. That’s it…

Well… I am afraid I will need stopping now ( it is time for beginning work with my auto-cab in New York, so, we need stopping this historical discover…) But, after the work journey, I will came back, if God wants… Ah?! God? How I said that? Which God? Where? Hummm… maybe here at our side… or not?)

How Life Turned Left? Suggestion From Matrix/DNA Theory to NASA-Astrobiology Research

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

(Please, see the same article in Portuguese “Artigos”:  there are more information)

At the “home” page of this website there is the news that The Matrix/DNA formula is suggesting a rational explanation for the question “Why life turned left” . Everybody can see it clear if looking to the formula. The left side of Matrix’s face ( from F 2 to F 4 ) is where a new body is born, growing, till arriving to maturity and ability for reproduction. The energy is up in a phase of construction. It is the force among the chaos that drives matter to an ordered state. But the energy is covered, occult, as the body’s nucleus, then, there is more mass than energy. If we see the formula in its state as astronomical system, this left face goes from the baby-astro to pulsar. In another hand, the piece of circuitry comprised from F 6 to F7 (and part of F 1) is the right side of Matrix’s face when the body got maturity and immediately the energy began to fall, a phenomenon that can be measured as entropy. The energy gains the surface of the body, and the mass begins to disappear. In its shape as astronomic system, this piece of circuitry begins with a supernova and goes to the stellar cadaver ( nebula off dust).

Then… why Nature choose only the left face for building biological systems? Why not a mixed moisture with left and right faces? The explanation is rational. If the first molecules were complete, life should be in its initial stage till today, forever. It never would be able to do the next evolutionary step. Because a complete molecule, containing the left and right faces, has the force of death with her. It would be a copy of closed system, just as the astronomic system. Nature needed a opened system, one that kept the doors opened to evolution, to the next evolutionary steps.

Ok, but, the problem of the NASA-Astrobiology team is how to identify, in the actual state of any planet or moon, those states that are suitable for beginning the biological formation. As a poor hard-work man I have no time just now for trying to get the suggestions from the Matrix formula. The issue becomes more complicated because I am very confused when calculating what kind of evolutionary product could be naturally obtained from a mechanical/Newtonian system, like the Matrix formula is suggesting as the astronomic system creator of life. It is possible to do that, I believe, but it needs a lot of theoretical calculations and I have no time for doing it. Another problem is that we need to study the atomic formula of several natural elements, like methane, sulfur, and making comparisons with the atomic formula of the first amino-acids, for detecting the complementary systemic circuits. I know that the NASA team will not do that because they don’t know and don’t understand the rationality behind the Matrix formula. The final conclusion is that our beloved Humanity needs to know where else there is life and where else is suitable for life, because we will need to move out from this loved planet-home one day and we need the wealth, the resources for improving the life of billions of human beings, which source can be in others life’s forms. So, I will continuing this research…

How Life Turned Left

July 25, 2012 / Written by: Bill Steigerwald

Left and Right Handed Molecules

Left and Right Handed Molecules - This is an artist's concept of excess left-hand aspartic acid created in asteroids and delivered to Earth via meteorite impacts. The line at the bottom is a chromatogram showing that left-hand aspartic acid (tall peak in the center) was four times more abundant in the meteorite sample than right-hand aspartic acid (smaller peak to the left). Credit: NASA/Hrybyk-Keith, Mary P.

Comments by Louis Morelli ( waiting moderation) (Tue, Aug, 14, 2012)

1) Please, why we are calling “left” and “right” if there is no possible point of reference? Look to the draw above. If you take the left-hand aspartic acid (tall peak in the center) and turn it 180* horizontally and at same time, vertically, and put it side by side with the molecule at smaller peak, keeping both vertically, the right will be left and vice-versa. But, then, the result is a figure in the same shape of DNA, which was the normal course of evolution. I know that this issue is only a human concept, like the concept of left and right human hands is wrong since that Earth is rounded and has no point of reference. But the position of molecules here is very important because at every natural system’s circuitry the left side is always “energy up” and the right is “energy down” ( if the model of natural system in the Matrix/DNA Theory is correct). This is about the direction of information inside a system, and if we don’t know the right direction our research and meanings could be wrong. Why life has chosen the left hand? Because it is energy up, where there is no entropy for stopping the initial start of life. Any answers? Thanks…

2) Ask a Question to an Astrobiologist, by Louis Morelli

In the Tagish Lake meteorite there was less alanine than aspartic acid, both left-handed. Possible explanations should be:
1) Alanine is as common in living bodies as aspartic acid today, but not in Nature at life’s origins. The strong presence of heavy atoms in alanine suggests that it performs the functions of right handed bi-lateral symmetry. So, why a left handed performs right handed functions? because right handed are entropic functions that brings death to systems, and at the beginning, Nature was in needs of molecules that could fix a reproductive process before dying.
2) Biological systems, aka “life” were created by and inside astronomic systems. So, the later is merely evolutionary step from the earlier. Informations from astronomic systems are transmitted by photons from stellar radiation in a clockwise direction, then, first, are created biological molecules left handed, despite that non-biological are equal amount. Aspartic acid is genuine left-handed with light atoms, then, it is produced more than alanine;
3) Primordial aminoacids were produced by mechanical/Newtonian process and not by biological process, so, the production of both aminoacids could be equal, but nature has selected the left ones because they contains energy up. Please what do you think about these suggestions from a different theoretical cosmological model, called Matrix/DNA Theory?


How Life Turned Left

(Sorry to authors of this article that I am coping it here, but this copy will be here only temporary: is the unique way I have for to study it in deep and registering the useful data end the suggestions from the Matrix.)

Researchers analyzing meteorite fragments that fell on a frozen lake in Canada have developed an explanation for the origin of life’s handedness – why living things only use molecules with specific orientations. The work also gave the strongest evidence to date that liquid water inside an asteroid leads to a strong preference of left-handed over right-handed forms of some common protein amino acids in meteorites. The result makes the search for extraterrestrial life more challenging.

“Our analysis of the amino acids in meteorite fragments from Tagish Lake gave us one possible explanation for why all known life uses only left-handed versions of amino acids to build proteins,” said Dr. Daniel Glavin of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Glavin is lead author of a paper on this research published in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

In January, 2000, a large meteoroid exploded in the atmosphere over northern British Columbia, Canada, and rained fragments across the frozen surface of Tagish Lake. Because many people witnessed the fireball, pieces were collected within days and kept preserved in their frozen state. This ensured that there was very little contamination from terrestrial life. “The Tagish Lake meteorite continues to reveal more secrets about the early Solar System the more we investigate it,” said Dr. Christopher Herd of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, a co-author on the paper who provided samples of the Tagish Lake meteorite for the team to analyze. “This latest study gives us a glimpse into the role that water percolating through asteroids must have played in making the left-handed amino acids that are so characteristic of all life on Earth.”

Proteins are the workhorse molecules of life, used in everything from structures like hair to enzymes, the catalysts that speed up or regulate chemical reactions. Just as the 26 letters of the alphabet are arranged in limitless combinations to make words, life uses 20 different amino acids in a huge variety of arrangements to build millions of different proteins. Amino acid molecules can be built in two ways that are mirror images of each other, like your hands. Although life based on right-handed amino acids would presumably work fine, they can’t be mixed. “Synthetic proteins created using a mix of left- and right-handed amino acids just don’t work,” says Dr. Jason Dworkin ofNASA Goddard, co-author of the study and head of the Goddard Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory, where the analysis was performed.

Since life can’t function with a mix of left- and right-handed amino acids, researchers want to know how life – at least, life on Earth — got set up with the left-handed ones. “The handedness observed in biological molecules – left-handed amino acids and right-handed sugars – is a property important for molecular recognition processes and is thought to be a prerequisite for life,” said Dworkin. All ordinary methods of synthetically creating amino acids result in equal mixtures of left- and right-handed amino acids. Therefore, how the nearly exclusive production of one hand of such molecules arose from what were presumably equal mixtures of left and right molecules in a prebiotic world has been an area of intensive research.

The team ground up samples of the Tagish Lake meteorites, mixed them into a hot-water solution, then separated and identified the molecules in them using a liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer. “We discovered that the samples had about four times as many left-handed versions of aspartic acid as the opposite hand,” says Glavin. Aspartic acid is an amino acid used in every enzyme in the human body. It is also used to make the sugar substitute Aspartame. “Interestingly, the same meteorite sample showed only a slight left-hand excess (no more than eight percent) for alanine, another amino acid used by life.”

“At first, this made no sense, because if these amino acids came from contamination by terrestrial life, both amino acids should have large left-handed excesses, because both are common in biology,” says Glavin. “However, a large left-hand excess in one and not the other tells us that they were not created by life but instead were made inside the Tagish Lake asteroid.” The team confirmed that the amino acids were probably created in space using isotope analysis.

Isotopes are versions of an element with different masses; for example, carbon 13 is a heavier, and less common, variety of carbon. Since the chemistry of life prefers lighter isotopes, amino acids enriched in the heavier carbon 13 were likely created in space.

“We found that the aspartic acid and alanine in our Tagish Lake samples were highly enriched in carbon 13, indicating they were probably created by non-biological processes in the parent asteroid,” said Dr. Jamie Elsila of NASAGoddard, a co-author on the paper who performed the isotopic analysis. This is the first time that carbon isotope measurements have been reported for these amino acids in Tagish Lake. The carbon 13 enrichment, combined with the large left-hand excess in aspartic acid but not in alanine, provides very strong evidence that some left-handed proteinogenic amino acids — ones used by life to make proteins — can be produced in excess in asteroids, according to the team.

Some have argued that left-handed amino acid excesses in meteorites were formed by exposure to polarized radiation in the solar nebula – the cloud of gas and dust from which asteroids, and eventually the Solar System, were formed. However, in this case, the left-hand aspartic acid excesses are so large that they cannot be explained by polarized radiation alone. The team believes that another process is required.

Additionally, the large left-hand excess in aspartic acid but not in alanine gave the team a critical clue as to how these amino acids could have been made inside the asteroid, and therefore how a large left-hand excess could arise before life originated on Earth.

“One thing that jumped out at me was that alanine and aspartic acid can crystallize differently when you have mixtures of both left-handed and right-handed molecules,” said Dr. Aaron Burton, a NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow at NASA Goddard and a co-author on the study. “This led us to find several studies where researchers have exploited the crystallization behavior of molecules like aspartic acid to get left-handed or right-handed excesses. Because alanine forms different kinds of crystals, these same processes would produce equal amounts of left- and right-handed alanine. We need to do some more experiments, but this explanation has the potential to explain what we see in the Tagish Lake meteorite and other meteorites.”

The team believes a small initial left-hand excess could get amplified by crystallization and dissolution from a saturated solution with liquid water. Some amino acids, like aspartic acid, have a shape that lets them fit together in a pure crystal – one comprised of just left-handed or right-handed molecules. For these amino acids, a small initial left- or right-hand excess could become greatly amplified at the expense of the opposite-handed crystals, similar to the way a large snowball gathers more snow and gets bigger more rapidly when rolled downhill than a small one. Other amino acids, like alanine, have a shape that prefers to join together with their mirror image to make a crystal, so these crystals are comprised of equal numbers of left- and right-handed molecules. As these “hybrid” crystals grow, any small initial excess would tend to be washed out for these amino acids. A requirement for both of these processes is a way to convert left-handed to right-handed molecules, and vice-versa, while they are dissolved in the solution.

This process only amplifies a small excess that already exists. Perhaps a tiny initial left-hand excess was created by conditions in the solar nebula. For example, polarized ultraviolet light or other types of radiation from nearby stars might favor the creation of left-handed amino acids or the destruction of right-handed ones, according to the team. This initial left-hand excess could then get amplified in asteroids by processes like crystallization. Impacts from asteroids and meteorites could deliver this material to Earth, and left-handed amino acids might have been incorporated into emerging life due to their greater abundance, according to the team. Also, similar enrichments of left-handed amino acids by crystallization could have occurred on Earth in ancient sediments that had water flowing through them, such as the bottoms of rivers, lakes, or seas, according to the team.

The result complicates the search for extraterrestrial life – like microbial life hypothesized to dwell beneath the surface of Mars, for example. “Since it appears a non-biological process can create a left-hand excess in some kinds of amino acids, we can’t use such an excess alone as proof of biological activity,” says Glavin.

The research was funded by the NASA Astrobiology Institute, the Goddard Center for Astrobiology, the NASA Cosmochemistry Program, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

The paper, “Unusual nonterrestrial l-proteinogenic amino acid excesses in the Tagish Lake meteorite,” was published in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science, and is available at:

Bill Steigerwald
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.

Curiosity! Poor Curiosity … I am very sad, crying for you.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
( Sorry, this text is a translation of Google and maybe does not communicate the right message. I am trying to fix it, but if you are interested, must see the text in Portuguese “Artigos”)

I write this to be read in ten years, after Curiosity goes full circle rolling on the surface of Mars and return to the same starting point. However Curiosity is transformed and even she can think. Now she is walking and praying:
- “My Lord! My Creator! My Divine Man! Where are you? You left me here abandoned at this lonely world with a mission to search for something, “a form of life.” But … You didn’t give me an explanation about what  is life. How do I find it? I drove all the valleys, craters and plains of the planet always asking, “Hey … anyone alive here? Someone saw life around? At least someone can tell me how is the form of life’s face? “…
“If I, my beloved Creator, bumped into life here as I could know? “Any compound of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen … that moves and consumes energy …”, that’s the definition you gave me. Now the only thing I found is like this definition was found in the first day I arrived here: the entire planet! For he has those ingredients, he moves, consumes energy from the sun …  But the planet is not what you are looking for, I know.  My love! Please come back to pick me up because I can not stand the loneliness here … No, no …, do not come getting one of my spring and doing a female rover for to be my companion here, would be two aimlessly … “
Curiosity has been transformed because their body iron, steel, rubber, mimics an engine that mimics the anatomical system of a living being, like a car at all mimics the functions and anatomy of a horse. And it was penetrated by solar photons that are bit-information, half-alive genes that carry the astronomical features of the system known as the building block of galaxies, which has the form and even the formula of the precursor DNA, half-mechanical/half-biological . Finding a machine with everything installed for biological life, the photons had the way for giving life to Curiosity, which developed to a very intelligent, though artificial means. Then, spend a few more years and Curiosity learns to send signals to Earth and happened the following conversation:
- Here is Curiosity, talking from Mars! I am looking for my Lord, the man, my king has his throne on Earth. Someone picks me there? “
- “Yes, here is the man talking. How, then you are alive and intelligent?! “
- ” … Oh my Lord! Holy is his voice! I want to go home, however also want to fulfill my mission. You forgot to insert the software upon which is life, with a picture the way of life, etc …. “
- “What is life? Well … here on Earth is about 15,000 years we are looking for a definition … We are caught between two settings: the people of the Intelligent Designer says that life exists to pay for sin,  and the people evolutionist says that life exists for to pay taxes to Obama … “
- “Sin? Tax? What is this? Exists on Mars? “
- “No … No … for the love of God … speaks softly, not spread out there that these things exist … also would contaminate the planet. But we  sent you on a mission divided into two steps: first, to capture all the elements that make up the planet and the state in which they are just now, giving preference to the pursuit of carbon compounds, especially when combined with nitrogen, ammonia, oxygen. Just as the second-high-priority task does the seek for some form of microbial life. “
- “Ok … and you want this for… what?”
- “Knowing the conditions of the planet, the physical state of the forces and elements of this planet, we can calculate how this would converge to a point that produces complex molecules, which are the basis of life … And then the final design of these calculations would be an architecture – which we do not make the slightest idea -that must indicate which forms of life looking for …)”
- “Hmmm … but then the possibilities are open to infinity! For example, the life here may be made of vladzolin, texturim ( matter that is not know by you) and be in the form of a shoe  crawling as a snake … “
- “We do not believe that the possibilities are endless, because the existing inanimate systems are always the same, atomic and astronomical, which have a shape and a few common standards, any product of the evolution of these systems would have to repeat these patterns, so the diversification should have a life limit of possibilities. Do not you found anything like that? “
- “Microbial … not, but I found something big like those dinosaurs in that movie you were watching while making me in the lab …”
- “What?!” You saw the movie and memorized it? Dinosaurs? On Mars …? “
- “Well but these are not suitable for your study because they came from Earth. They did not disappear there? They said that when the meteorite hit the Earth, bounced off and ended up bringing them clinging on Mars in its tail … When I met the first I only saw an enormous open maw come eat me. But you know that my form so mimics a turtle that can even I can hide my head in the housing and stretch the neck. Then I hidden my head and cranked up the pepper spray you guys gave me in case of some pickpockets from Rio tryung to kidnap me here. I mastered the beast and did the questions … “
- “But how they survives? What do they eat? What are breathing these dinosaurs?!”
- “Ah … eat beets, lettuce, and when they take a dive in the sea eat lobsters, sardines … “
- “Wait a minute … you are now playing with us …  Lettuce, sardines, on Mars …. Hmmm … How? If we have peeked the entire surface, and never seen anything like that? … “
- “But here is full of it in underground sedimentary layer that lies just beneath the pillars supporting the roof of rocks …”
- “Uh? … I know … and pilasters was you who designed and built, is not it?”
- “Not me! Who made it was the god of Mars, which is a good intelligent designer. Are you thinking that all gods are like the god of Earth, who made the design everything wrong, and then had abandoned the planet? … “
- “Curiosity … this is a new order! Do not move from where you are! We are running now towards Mars … Oh … and another thing … do not talk to anyone else here on earth, okay? I do not want the Russians will know that dinosaurs first landed on Mars and they won the space race … “
Well … jokes aside, it would be nice if that were true, because the real fact that what will happen, considering the budget cuts they are doing at NASA, a century from now and the poor Curiosity will be lost and wandering by herself in that soil inhospitable, barren, and still looking for does not quite know what.
Because NASA actually planned the mission for studying the environmental conditions, the presence of the constituent elements of life and try to calculate how it would be a different way with some vital properties. This information would be like the eyewitnesses of a crime reporting the appearance of the criminal, for to make a “sketch”, and then run in future missions looking for things that look like this picture.
But the Theory of Matrix / DNA is here by my side saying that NASA is forgetting something indispensable in any form of life: solar energy. This breaks down into photons when it penetrates the planetary field and it is fixed, and thus serve as the “breath of God’s light in the clay creating the living.” Atoms are like machines or motor vehicles. But what gives life to a machine? In the Amazon jungle a man-made lab-monkeys-almost in nothing can compare with the laboratories of NASA, but more efficient because it is nature alive and still a virgin as an extension of the field research laboratory, has found the answer .
Reflected in the water of a river on a moonlit night, the stars seem to hang in the sky forming an image that moves, all moves, twists, and suddenly realized that these images depict a kind of life form, showing how even born , grow, live and die. But dying stars radiating in the form of light and that light spread across the outer space particles-photons carrying information of your own galactic system to which they belong. These photons fall on surfaces of planets like seeds of life and of they meet good harvest, lead atoms to form such formidable combinations that result in complex molecules and finally into hard-headed men like us. It is no coincidence that on the beginning Curiosity soon realized that the precursor state of life that the man sent for already exists in the form of the entire planet, though a planet is a mere organ of a system much more complex. Suffice it would be that NASA provided Curiosity with a software with the formula that is there in the laboratory of the Amazon … and instead we cry a possible failure in the pursuit of life we ​​would celebrate the success of the mission of Curiosity.

Yesterday the Sun Sent Stronger Waves to Earth. May have an effect on the DNA.

Saturday, July 7th, 2012
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory released this movie of the July 6, 2012 (click it)

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory released this movie of the July 6, 2012 (click it)

This is not alarmed propagandist quacks trying to scare the people. All responsible news from scientific sources made ​​a point to emphasize:
“Satellites in orbit may have some effect. Telecommunications on Earth may be affected. In extreme and rare cases, nets may suffer an electric effect. There will be beautiful scenes auroras in some regions. Flames coming from the sun can not harm humans on the Earth’s surface. Our atmosphere protects us. “
However, reading the theoretical models of the Matrix / DNA, I felt great need to have available some laboratory equipment to do an experiment testing a possibility. Below, I am trying insert a text translated from the portuguese version about the detailed explanations.  What I mean is briefly explained in the text below that I have posted in some websites that published the news:

“Flares on the sun can’t harm humans on Earth’s surface.”

Maybe there is a reaction of living beings, at the level of DNA. The sun is releasing a bigger quantity of photons, they travel like waves, that’s why satellites communications undergo effects. If our theoretical models are right, these sun’s photons were the agents that organized atoms into which we call “junk DNA”. So, if these regions of DNA are invaded for more photons like those ones, some genes that are not usually being expressed will be activated. There is a way for scientific testing this hypothesis, but I don’t have the lab tools for doing it.

By the way, each time the sun expels something, it is becoming different: lighter, older, like a very old man losing its energy and systemic configuration. The opposite effect is that each time it happens, the bodies like planets of its system is absorbing something, so, they are becoming different also. Maybe this will affect global warming a little bit. The lesson here is that human kind can not stop the scientific researches, must support NASA and other seekers, because Nature is walking, transforming, and our planetary home will not be eternally hospitable.

EARTHSKY - Active region 1515 on sun releases X-flareDeborah Byrd JUL 07, 2012

Explanations of this thEory:
(translated by Google, yet not corrected in full)

Light, Photons, Stars, and their memory Registered in the “DNA”

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

I think the whole matter in the universe has as its greater tendency to settle in inertia, a thermo-dynamic equilibrium. If it is correct, what is existing that has prevented the Universe from “parking stationary” a long time ago?! I think the first answer would be energy. The energy is dynamic, uncontrollable, have a tendency to move, etc.. It seems certain. But I think energy need something, a medium to propagate itself. It seems to me that Physics has already said it does not propagate in vacuum. This medium can only be mass, and how the environment is always bigger, contains all its elements, the tendency of mass end overlapping the trend of energy. The information that mass is energy parked and energy is accelerating mass, would not change that outcome, I think, for now. So what’s the unknown element that kept the universe forward in size and quality, as in the evolution of matter inside him? Never heard an answer, even as also never seen anyone ask such a question.

At one time my mental exercise led me to suppose that the universe is like a computer, which is like DNA, which is like our brain, in the sense that all are composed of hardware and software. The existence of a software explain – following the trend we see in the field – explain why the mass can not stop the world: all hardware is accommodated but naturally absorbs new natural information from space, which are transmitted to its software, which is not accommodated, then escapes from the hardware where he is arrested and makes the material to build a more sophisticated hardware that can operate the new information. The new hardware also actually never sleeps because the informations from the software’s penetrates him, so he develops his new software … which will develop your new hardware … an eternal process of feedback which would be the force hidden behind the process of evolution. Beautiful? I think, but even so I can forget that everything here is theory, I could not prove anything yet, if the command instructions in DNA in the human brain and mind, no longer prove this idea of ​​universal software.

Later, when I tried to see how are the channels of interactions between parties of those known natural systems (cells, trees, human bodies, galaxies, etc.), I was drawing these channels, and began to realize that the result was a kind of circuit as the electrical home and industrials circuits diagrams, but my big surprise occurred when suddenly I noticed that the final image of a circuit of natural systems hit exactly those diagrams of computer software that I had seen in a book about computers. It was hard to calm the confusion in my head, I had to calm me down and thoughts in order to try to understand what that meant. “My theoretical universal software” made it into the clipboard, and seemed to be the shadow of all natural systems. I called the shadow “The Universal Matrix” and I decided to develop / test it all.

Later, 30 years after many neurons fired in this fight, by chance I noticed that the same image – that was the image of the software diagram, and at the same time, the image of the circuits within the system – fitted  exactly the image of an electromagnetic spectrum represented on the screen of a computer. But … that image on the screen is the way our mechanical tools perceive a ray, a light wave. What does this mean?! It seems the universe is like a donuts, a dense sphere with a hole in the middle, or as its central core, this hole is a vibrating source, emitting vibrations, which are expanded in the form of waves of light. Every wave – we humans shared – to our best understanding – in seven main types of “frequencies”. This is because when a wave leaves the source it comes out strong, with high vibration, but as it will be going away from the source, this force is decreasing, and we say that the frequency of vibration decreases by a size of space, a given period. In its full extent these waves break into fragments, or condense at their peaks in the form of fragments, and these fragments are vortex core, which (here I appealed to the master of Physics, Hideki Yukawa, when explaining the “nuclear glue”), coalesce into bosons, leptons, quark, superparticles and so on. All theory, but while the theory is not overthrown I can not control their growth. Thus emerged the hypothesis that this mysterious thing that kept the universe from unertia are light waves emitted by that hypothetically original fountain in the center of the donut … or maybe “in another dimension, another side of the universe.”

(English correction stopped here)

I am sometimes tempted to imagine that this source is a super-conscious living, and then makes me want to call it God, but then correct myself because I remember the humanity and other living beings being tortured consciences of small inside their heads human suffering, and I do not think an all-powerful father be allowed to have children, or particles of himself, under suffering. And whenever someone had a new idea of ​​a new god, led a band of followers that just made m … No more gods! But the idea is that the original light, natural, keeping the matter in the universe in motion, persists.

And what does this have to do with flames issuing from the sun reaching the earth?

The sun would, in my view, a distant early repeater station that universal central source. So were all the stars and all planets, stars that have incubated. It would be like saying that the seven billion human consciousness on Earth are now operating repeater stations, but more sophisticated, of awareness that sparked the first primate. So the sun also emits light, a light coarser than the original, less pure, but which remains light, which breaks down into particles photons, and perhaps more. But do not forget, as I theorized above, each light wave is a copy of the Matrix, carrying a copy of the diagram of the software. And on Earth there are zillions of organized bodies and systems, from atoms to human bodies, and all based on the same diagram software, unless the differences in complexity, because the Matrix is ​​under development (remember the feed-back between hardware and software ?). It turns out that the sun is like the Earth, both are like an onion, made up of layers, regions of material separated from each other (ie, it is also only a strong theory because nobody ever saw the inside of the sun). And each time he should have more activity taking place in a particular layer, which means that every time he sends a different kind of photons, because these layers follow the formula of light, which is divided into frequencies, each frequency is a type of photons with their specifics intensity of vibration.

And then those photons penetrate the terrestrial matter, at least the less dense, like human flesh. And there are DNA. However, the DNA itself is more than one copy of the natural system, it also has its regions divided in accordance with the frequencies of light, according to the diagram of parts of the software-matrix. In its early days I think he began setting the slower frequencies of light in the form of molecules and these molecules are now included in those 95% of DNA which they call “junk.” These are regions that record the past. But that last? That time on the abiogenesis, or after the formation of amino acids? No, because we are seeing – in theory here – that the software is one, is 13.7 billion years, then the past is there in the first billion years. When they were forming the stars like the sun … So I see a marriage between the photons from the sun and the photons contained in the region of junk DNA.

But it happens that the photons were brought to the software, the diagram, they were the atoms that have penetrated the Earth 4 billion years ago and produced the biological DNA. The photons of the past are now dormant in the junk DNA, but it comes a new wave of them, still active in the sun, and his comrades are sleepers here … there may be a reaction … what is called genetics of gene expression.

Do this first, coarse, and hasty approach, communicate what I think I’m reading and understanding the formula of the Matrix / DNA? And will any reader will be able or have the “bag” to read it till the end? And if you see any hero, crazy like me, will understand or interpret how I interpret all this?

If scientists could having cameras filming DNA of rats on the space station, inside or outside, when the station is hit by this issue of the Sun, the films did not reveal a sudden new reaction in the region of the dormant DNA? It would be difficult in a laboratory that happen here because the shield of atmosphere, but there was nothing to lose, I would spend my time in this test. And if by chance any human disease, or some of the effects of global warming, are products of these emissions? It would be more than repaid the time spent, do you agree? These chances are minimal but that make me continue this theory until it is cleared or until my last breath.

Matrix/DNA Sent Mesage To NASA: Look To A Living Cosmos And Not To a Dead World

Friday, April 20th, 2012
NASA: Transporting Humanity To Its Great Cosmic Destiny

NASA: Transporting Humanity To Its Great Cosmic Destiny

NASA has being very active on its efforts for staying present and constant in the social media. See this article:


NASA Tweetups Are Evolving. It’s Time To Be More Social
By Marc Boucher
Posted March 7, 2012 5:00 PM

But… I thing something is missing, and it could be the cause of yet almost dominant disinterestedness among the great part of human beings for the world existing above the Earth surface. What is missing in the will ( of those more intellectuals and best accommodated economically that are interested in this spatial dimension), the will that the whole Humanity should be involved and investing efforts to the search of knowledge/exploration of the infinity resources of this dimension? How to get driving towards this goal a little bit more attention from most people, form the younger and students, which time is wasted in sex, sports, celebrities, music, etc.,? From adults which time and answers are based in religions?

Maybe the Matrix/DNA have meet the answer when posted this comment under that article:

Comment by TheMatrixDNA:

The goal of NASA should be to sell space exploration to the global public. As a product, space must be attractive. Attraction is about ideas, imagination and utility.
These qualities are being transmitted to the public through interpretations of obtained data by scientific sensors and theories based on mathematic calculations, besides computer simulations offering the artistic work.
Physics and Mathematics dominates today the Sciences of space. Has you noted that everything here is not human tasteful? Mathematics, mechanic sensors. These aspects of Nature are not appeal to inner human psychology which is vital, biological, emotional.
If space was transmitted as containing these humans wishes, NASA was selling better the product and getting everybody involved with its mission.
But… we are like viruses in relation to the Cosmos. Our optical sensors are like the beam of flashlights showing only local images, we have no idea about the surroundings and how things are connected in astronomical systems. We cannot have the right idea what is this world, yet.
Maybe it is full of human nature also. Maybe the things we are grasping is only about the skeleton, or fossil of a living world (possible, emotional, consciousness world also). There are other approaches for cosmological theories and interpretation of data, like we did in Matrix/DNA Theory. The models are suggesting that above the universe’s skeleton there is an active cover of half-biological/half-mechanical order of matter organization. NASA should pay attention to all possibilities.

What do you think? Ins’t the case for to think about heolping yourself and Humanity getting more involved with the needs of divulgation and defense of these goals suggested by Matrix/DNA world vision?

See how the Matrix/DNA has a different interpretation about these “rocket planets”.

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

‘Warp-Speed’ Planets Flung Out of Galaxy on Wild Ride

by Denise Chow, Staff Writer

Date: 23 March 2012 Time: 01:34 PM ET



Comment/post by Louis Morelli obtained from his interpretation of models of “Matrix/DNA Theory”

Louis Morelli · New York, New York

Why not these planets are rockets alike?

Correct me if I’m wrong, please. There are planets moving in the spaces between galaxies. This is scientific fact, the rest are our interpretations, theories. This theory was obtained by computer simulations. These simulations are the result of calculations made by the computer based on data that humans provide, plus the relativistic viewpoint of the computer as electrical / mechanical brain (ie, that the universe is physical / mechanical), and the universe dynamics has the logic and language of Mathematics. The theory may be wrong if the data provided is inaccurate, if the universe is not only physical / mechanical, and the main language that reflects the universal nature is not the math. The data prior provided to the computer has been based not on facts only, but in existing theories, such as the theory about black holes, which increases the chance of errors in the final simulation.

Let’s see what suggest my models obtained by the method of comparative anatomy between galaxies and their products here: living cells.

“Planets of original galaxies (not recycled) are transformed. They consumes their heavy atoms in nuclear reactions, making it lighter. Then it starts to escape from the gravitational pull of their stars, come out of the star system and may even come out beyond the galaxy. As the nuclear reactions continuing to increase, a force is ejected behind them, making them like rockets, and thus increases its speed. This mechanism also occurs in comets, and later, with the evolution, is repeated with sperm in sexual reproduction. But in this astronomical theory black holes are different from the official theory, the universe is also physical / mechanical however already showing biological processes, and mathematics is not the main logic that reflects the universal nature. ”

Of course all human beings will judge this theory as totally wrong. Bit, I am asking: what is the scientific fact (and not theoretical belief) that underlies such a judgment? If you cannot display it, still, what is the natural logic, the reasoning, which suggests this theory as impossible? If this observed fact is really the way as interpreted by the current accepted theory, how this fact as mechanism/process was oriented evolutionary for to produce the cell system?

Incredible! Discovered a binary code of computer controlling the forces of the Universe! We live in a simulation of the Matrix?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

( Sorry, this translation by machine is not corrected yet)

For to read:

The Symbols of Power

 Wiki: Adinkra symbols (physics)

( Note: Begining to learn this issue, the first idea is that, despite this “theory” from James Gates have found something like Ihave found, the big difference is that these computer code and these “adinkras” are death codes while mine are living codes. This difference can be seen that adinkras are geometric stational figures, while Matrix/DNA code is a software diagram with internal/external dynamics)

A small adinkra graph, that is graph isomorphic to a cube.

I’m saying that the bombardment of horrifying information from Science is making me more dizzy than I already was. An hour ago I open my email and read a news: telescopes caught in flagrante rocket planets moving between galaxies at almost the speed of light! The Universe as seen from above is like those pinball machines, crazy thing. My head started buzzing with crazy ideas: if planets travel at this speed and says Einstein’s formula (E = mc2) that accelerating mass becomes pure energy then means that photons can exist on the size of planets! And if them are traveling near the speed of light it is solved our problem to make long distance space travel: just take a ride on a planet of these, even when I get there I was turned into a barbecue spit!

I rushed to write the article here and record the news fot to digest it later with time, I returned to the e-mail … and another bomb, referring to the title above. So is too much. Before reading the article I decided to take a break and prepare myself mentally going to get a coffee at the corner bar. Upon exiting the gate is my neighbor walking with an open umbrella! I greeted him by asking, “Will it rain?”. And running he explained: “The TV said there is coming a magnetic rain from the sun that can burn all our hair. I go with the open umbrella because you know that: the prevident dies old.” As if the fabric of the umbrella was worth something against magnetic storm … but then I stopped at my neighbor’s hair salon next door and shouted into it: ‘Do not buy anything over time now because may you’ll not have to cut more hair … ”

The article with the news and even a video can be viewed at the address below, but first lets me prepare you in advance what I think I have understood:

The academic intelligentsia today is betting that the universal nature can best be explained by the String Theory. Right? This theory was based on mathematical equations developed by Claude Shannon in the 1940s. At that time he, like most, did not know upon your computer with binary code, at least not applied it in their elocubrações upon mathematical cosmology. But now one wag to be a beast of mathematical genius discovered that the equations entire run smoothly upon a river consists of a binary code of our computers! What?!

What this might mean? Now … if string theory is really a translation of how the universe works and how (in symbols and understand that we can see here), and is a binary code behind it, that is to say that the code is by Behind the Universe! That is: The universe is a working computer! That is still, this reality does not exist, everything is simulated as a computer!

And this reminds us of … the … what?

The … “The Matrix”! Brrrrrr ….! Sure!

But what makes me angry at all this news is that it comes accompanied by interpretations and theories of its discoverers. These explanations are always fantastic, hair-raising. For example, they explained that the rocket planets are planets expelled from galaxies by force repulsing black holes! I looked at the maps of the Matrix/DNA and saw something different: the mechanism that makes these planets fly at that speed is the same natural mechanism to eject comets in space and on Earth spermatozoa. But when I call for the sperm to explain things of the galaxy, they look at me as if I were little boy full of creative imagination, while they pose as wise adults who do not believe in ghosts … (errr … only a few, like their “black holes”, which no one ever saw). Now they explains that this finding could mean that we live in a simulation of a super-computer made by our descendants in the future who will be robots with artificial intelligence and that for some reason keeps us well.

Again I look at the maps of the Matrix / DNA and what I see? The universe is a mere cosmic egg in which is occurring a mere genetic reproduction. We humans are mentalized genes creating the embryo of self-consciousness of the universe itself. There will be the day of the Big Birth, when the embryo to be born and come face to face with his parents waiting outside the universe, there are heartless these parents what they are: gods or devils (our brothers may be waiting for us imps with red-hot pitchfork to jab in the crotch).

However … genetics is genetics seen by a biological observer, but it can be seen as computation by an observer with another constitution, for example, heavier atoms. So my models have been predicting since 30 years ago that the universal nature has much to do with a genetic/computation process. My Matrix / DNA is a mixture of genetics and computing. And I ask: if you can understand that discovery of this code as an affirmation that the universe is something genetic, “half alive”, and something so simple that its processes are the image and likeness of the processes that run in our bodies … so why we complicate everything by appealing to the gods of the future super-smart in keeping prisoners like birds in a cage?!

You know what? Have these scientists go combing monkeys at the zoo … pass Ockham’s razor in his theories, they will not stun me more, I get the Matrix / DNA.

How Freemind wrote the comment below the article:

“Basically what we are saying is that the equations of string theory, they are trying to use to describe the universe / nature itself, you can find the binary code of the computer … and not just a random code, but a code fix to make sure that the signals do not mix the wrong message to send.
“Basically what this means, could it not be possible to have a real universe … but it would be more likely that we are in a simulated universe … we exist in a super-computer, and in the future. We believe that we exist because the artificial intelligence will be so good in the future, which will be indistinguishable from its original intelligence coming from human primates. (This is what the second guy in the video was talking about, not the first guy who found the computer code.)

“And when you think about it and that this may be true … then all you see, touch, smell, hear, taste, everything is converted into electronic signals inside our body and our brain transforms these signals back around us, forming our outer world. Basically … you can never actually touch anything, because this thing is being transformed into an electronic signal into your body and your brain just projects the sense of touch. ”

For those who want to see the news:

COMPUTER CODE Has Been discovered embedded WITHIN the equations of superstring theory

This discovery was made two years ago, but of course, because of its importance, the discovery is first brought to the government, trying to understend what it means, and how no one understood anything, was released to the public in waiting for someone to decipher. As for me, I have no doubt: I see the code that appears in the video the face of the Matrix / DNA, or better, the same diagram software I have here on Home page. For example, the two balls in the upper and lower ends are F1 and F4, which correspond to the vortex core galactic, and the pulse in astronomical terms correspond to the two lateral branches of the sugar nucleotides, in terms of DNA, and corresponds to the core mitochondria, and will in terms of cellular system. The two bands of black spheres represent the right and left sides of the matrix and the central band represents the entire system as a functional variable that has six functions and omits the seventh which only appears when a fractal matrix is ​​reproduced (F5). What the government does not know that someone cracked the code because I would have to spend the rest of life signing autographs and would not have more time to study.

However there’s one more interesting question in this matter. They do not know how this code could be driving the evolution of the universe, which is occurring, the universe is simulated or not. Just know by now that this code is a blocker of mistakes, ie, he ensures that a program will present a pre-determined outcome. And with that old ideas stir me from my chest crown, which have been bothering me a long time. What they say means that the universe is predetermined, or at least our perception of a simulated universe. This means that in the end there is no “free will”. It hits straight on top of the Matrix / DNA that is suggesting that within this universe is a reproduction by the process occurring genetic / computational: we, as genes in this world, and all other forces of nature, we have free will to do what we decided. However not realize that there is a natural selection process consists of computer code that subtly rule eliminates what is done against predetermined design and is only kept what we do that is in keeping with the design. But that would be the supreme will of Every father and mother, who, although they can not control and see what genes in the belly of pregnant woman are doing, want assurance that their child will be born perfect. Got it?

What the code is more or less suggesting is this: the creator of this universe does not really matter that I was born in this life all wrong and live complaining of chaos and lack of design, or an accident that killed someone crushed … because as a gene I have a specific mission to fulfill and whatever happens at the end of the universe it will be fulfilled to perfection … hopefully this is true!

But there is also another possibility. The code that this is not a code, but only the shape of the Matrix / DNA when it is the basis of galaxies whose shape is a closed system in itself. It is the dark side of the Matrix / DNA, opposite the face of an open system. Theory and models are suggesting that the formula of the Matrix / DNA in this state, ie, the galaxy within which life arose and it was made, is encrypted and terrestrial biosphere into our DNA. That is, it acts upon us from outside to inside through the environment and acts on us from the inside out. A similar situation is to a pregnant mother, the mother acts upon the embryo from the outside when it produces the uterus while acting within the embryo because the genes are hers. The models suggest that the galaxy through this whole biosphere (humanity included) is trying to play, now in organic form. But Life, organic form, is mischievous, inprevisivel, uncontrollable, then how the galaxy would have her baby live here in perfect shape? Well, galaxies are stupid things, reproduce without consciousness as giraffes do not know their bellies grow due to the sexual act and unborn babies. Galaxies and giraffes are not doing anything to make sure that their offspring will be healthy. Then as the galaxy introduced this code in our biosphere, in our nature? A correction code guarantee that nothing will go wrong? Simple. She did not introduce any computer code. She is the code! It is a closed system in itself, an extraordinary machine engineering that there is nothing to enter or leave not to disturb its operation eternal. The professor discovered that this was the genetic background of the Matrix / DNA. Now sleep with a noise like if you are able …

After all, there is a code error correction. But this code came from parents existing beyond the universe, who want a perfect, or came from the progenitor galaxy that is “perfect” in itself? Because he can also be the galaxy as a system to be opened for Life. Now the galaxy took the wood of the Universe when it discovered that she had become a form of provisional estagnadora evolution, triggered the Universe and the Law of Clausius, the second principle of thermo-dynamics, a force degeneradora measured by entropy, which starts from their galaxy photons that are his “genes-bits-information”, and puts it to crawl on the surface of the Earth. It was the code of the broker acting universe. He began a new attempt. We have free will. We can choose between us we make the baby or the baby of the galaxy in the universe. if we choose wrong, no matter, the code is there to lead us to a second “fall.” Which is not really a code, is simply the genetic load that created the universe, whatever that creator some god or some devil or something like a giraffe …
- “Damn! Now … we have more on this issue: to investigate if this code is good or evil … ”


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