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Debate with Matrix/DNA Theory in Science/AAAS

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017


Debate com a Matrix/DNA no Science/AAAS


Earliest mollusk probably looked like a spiky slug


A tree mimics exactly the shape of Milk Way because it was created by this galaxy. A cell system also has the same number of organelles as the number of different astronomic bodies. And there is more: each organelle performs same systemic function as each astronomic system.

But, we can see it only when we know the universal Matrix/DNA formula that built all natural systems. So, for a better understand about the first mollusc shape and functions we must have on the table the matrix formula and the exactly model of the building blocks of our creator, this astronomic system – both are at my website… but still it is a theory..



Correlations without causation

Endurance of stable shapes i.e celestial bodies are spherical due to their gravity, just like there is a limited number of shapes in organisms that provide practicality and durability. But this doesn’t connect the two systems in any way.



No, Kotsios, there is no apophenia here. It is perceiving meaningful patterns (the common at genetic inheritances) within not random data, but within data as evolutionary links. Yours scholar world view does not see these patterns because learned to be blind to the connection between cosmological and biological evolution. So, there is a big hole in their wiring of neurons.
You do not see the correlation because yours causation (origins of life) is not the first causation (origins of the universe).
If this astronomic system (Milk Way) does not connect with the first biological systems, what and who created biological systems?!  Some supernatural forces and elements coming from outside the materialistic realm of this galaxy?

And remember: such parent, such offspring, no matter the differences of environments and big mutations. By the way, if you do not know my theoretical astronomic model and the explanation how it fits exactly as the unit of information of the DNA, you never will accept that we were created by stellar system and not by dust of stars…


All you did, was to replace a supernatural creator with the Milky Way.
Celestial organisation is based on gravity.
Biological organisation is based on chemistry.

Gravity is very weak to act on the molecular level and chemistry requires much more proximity than the celestial distances allow.

There is no connection between the origins of the two systems, besides their existence in the same universe



No creators, it is all about our ancestrals. Galaxies,atoms, are our ancestrals.
The human body pressure and homeostasis acts over organs and flows, it is also to weak at atomic and molecular levels. But was not gravity neither body pressure that organized matter into systems. You are missing the essence, the code, which is the formula at my website.

Organic chemistry emerged with a new state of matter – the liquid – which was not existent at galaxies’ formation. But, chemistry alone, leads matter to eternal equilibrium, never to compose working systems.

Th new planetary surface environment, different from the space, and new state of matter caused the big mutations in biological systems. While our direct astronomic ancestor was a closed system, we happened to be opened systems.

If you believe there are no connections between the system you live inside and was here producing your past ancestors and the system you are, you need to appeal to a mystic agent, like a magical randomness.. or magical supernaturals. We do need such jumps of imaginations anymore..


You forgot about prions, viruses, RNA based life, etc.

You forgot that there are known reasons for the shapes of bodies in space, and, organ functions, etc…and that they do not share reasons.

Saying “Astronomic system” and “function” assumes things that are entirely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.


You are seeing patterns that are not there.


You are also calling a “feeling” a “theory”.

In science, a theory is an explanation that has been tested, to falsify it, and passed the tests…and so forth,

…..not merely what a stoner says after seeing a Bohr Diagram and thinking…wow, that looks like our solar system!



No TJ, I did not forget these things, all them were hardly and perfect inserted in the same evolutionary lineage, from this astronomic system to complex biological organisms.

Nature has used a unique formula for all biological systems (DNA) because Nature has used a unique formula for “all” natural systems since the beginning of this Universe. I can’t believe you can not understand this obligatory evolutionary detail.

If all galaxies are similar like all biological systems, it is because all galaxies has a common essence like DNA. Same for all species of atoms systems. The evolutionary tree does not begins with archaea, fungus, but, with atoms. That’s why we can find all biological properties (metabolism,sexual reproduction,life’s cycles,etc) at atoms ( as electromagnetic fashion) and astronomic systems ( as mechanic fashion), expressed or not due evolutionary phases.

If you can’t see the evolutionary sequitur from a galaxy to a cell system you will need some mystical belief, like “spontaneous origins of life by chance”…

There is a universal evolution of a unique system in this 13,8 billion years, so, since it is a unique evolutionary lineage, must have repetitive universal patterns among all shapes of this universal natural system.

About theory:
Science took the name ” theory” from philosophy (the Greeks coined the word). I am using the word in its real meaning and science is not the owner of this word


The Last Important Hypothesis of Matrix/DNA Theory: Natural Light has the Code for Creating Life!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

(There is a more complete article at Portuguese section)

I have no time now for writing this introduction, but I am very excited discovering it when studying light’s effects. Any segment of light, in shape of waves, capturated by our instruments and translated as spectrum, repeats the process of life’s cycles !!!??? Think a little bit about the technological, existential and philosophical aspects… See the first theoretical diagram bellow:

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum as The Code for Life Cycles?Since the publication of this article I have studied a lot about light and developed a lot of thesis where this new understanding that the cause matter acquires the dynamic of life is due the penetration of matter by light. Just now I am researching consciousness + light, arriving to conclusions that consciousness is a kind of return to the primordial light. But I have no time for inserting the novelties here, the translation process is very difficult, and I had posted some articles in Portuguese section. Sorry…

Look how Light models matter into the Matrix/DNA formula:

Matriz Universal: Software de Sistema Fechado

Why?! Why Suddenly Human Bombs Explode Like the Boston Marathon? The Matrix / DNA Has Its Version.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

About the tragedy of Boston, a religion is being singled out as the main motivating cause of the two brothers. The Matrix / DNA has another vision. She suggests that religion pulls the trigger, but the gun and motivation are provided by deeper causes. If Brazilians or Americans were harassed by fundamentalist religion of Islam, would also do the same thing, since they already have the motivation and the gun in hand. I am saying that it is better watch what the Matrix / DNA is saying, before it’s too late. After the “Brave New World”, under the dictatorship of the “Great Mother Queen”, is completely installed here, like any social system or colony of the insects was, our mind will fall into slavery and only a new second fall from this false paradise will opens a new opportunity. But the fall is a painful surgery imposed by Nature. Because I do not have more time now to explain further, and this computer mixing English with Portuguese, Visual with HTML, etc.., and the cursor does jump to the wrong side for all screen, it takes me a long time, and there is no time to do proper translation, let me to take the message of friend Mike on Facebook and register the theme:

Mike March adicionou uma foto nova.



Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli

Then there is the Matrix/DNA explanation. The last and most evolved system here is the mind, or consciousness. Synapses froim neurons are trying to build he structure shaped like Matrix/DNA formula, each human neuron is a kind of solitary gene trying to establish firm connections with others. Meanwhile,this biosphere and our physical body has another goal: trying to get the state of selfish and isolated closed system, trying to close the doors to evolution, a kind of mind-stopper. That’s happens because our biosphere still is driven by this galactic effort of self-reproduction in biological nannoscale way.  The goal of biological life is to reproduce the sky’s eternal paradise, where the parts are slaves, the system gets its own identity, and its pleasure is speedwell circulation of energy inside its circuit. That’s why we have too much stars burning energy. The goal of biological life is not the goal of our conscious state, which is still a kind of fetus in formation. Like the embryo socks the womb mother, some minds explodes up set. The very solution just now is changing the culture of consumerism and tv spectacles by th culture of curiosity towards universal nature, which is the food for minds.And it will be our salvation, the freedom of consciousness. We can’t permit our mind falling also slave of the Brave New World under the Big Queen Mother, like insects colonies.

Mike March Radical point Louis but I too wonder if there is something going on with the natural/unnatural formation of the human mind in modem civilization. Something that we just don’t have the tools today to understand that may be misshaping personalities

Louis Charles Morelli Mike, there is an interesting process in Nature. Every time that Nature built a new evolutionary shape of system, Nature applied two phases. First, the phase when the new system comes inside an egg that is laid out and abandonded by chance to predators and tragedies. Second, when the system evolves and is kept inside the womb, the family, feeded and nurtured. It will not be different with this new system called ” consciousness”. It is a embryo yet, it was born yesterday in relation to cosmological time. We are like the butterfly before metamorphosis. But, the formula that Nature uses for bilding new systems, the Matrix;DNA, shows that, really, no new system is laid out, abandoned: it was all time inside and nurtured by another invisible and superior system. So, now we are subject to all kind of violence, suffering, but our existence is safe forever, at conscious levels. Ok, just a theory… that is being tested against real evidences.

Shawn March Good stuff!

Mike March Very interesting. Nurturing must be considered as part of the puzzle.also environmental factors of all kinds.

Louis Charles Morelli People are saying that the fundamentalist religion is the cause of Boston bombing. I think that religion is order for pulling the trigger. The motivation and the weapon were furnished by a non appropriated womb surrounding this embryo consciuos state. The embryo is only socking the mother~s womb, he;she is very unhappy.


Shawn March What happens when a child is neglected or feels its cries are not being heard? It acts out. When the voice goes unanswered and your at a loss for an outlet, what seems to be receiving the most focus these days? What gets looped and looped and as you flip from channel to channel and station to station and front page to front page? When the media spin on things is to promote these events as a movie style sequence unfolding before your eyes, you hold the arm rests of your seat. The clatter of the keys on your computer like morse code to unlock the latest updates and graphic photos. This down plays the real events into nothing more than an action movie. Only the actors are real. I think it is so important to find out what it is that drove someone to do these things. In a country that is supposed to be so great, why would someone who lives in this utopia of freedoms and has so many glorious opportunities commit these acts? Because these Opportunities are there if you fit the protocol. Freedom is there if you can afford it. On a street level this mock up democracy is given a real face as a safe haven for the “Well Off” to do there biddings no matter the cost, monetary and life alike. And those same streets chant cries of the poor and hungry but are confined to community centers and rec halls. These calls are heard only in the echo refracted back to the speaker, muffled as it tries to climb the ladder of the leaders. When you go unanswered for so long, and you feel your cries are unheard or unanswered, you act out. This can be played out in a broader spectrum too. Who are these leaders working for an why is there agenda filled with the ideas of a select few? Why aren’t “Our” problems being solved yet “Theirs” are? I see it. In a sad way I get it. It’s terrible, it should not be happening but it is an I think it will be more predominant as a way for folks to get there point across. Balance is the key to everything, down to the atom an smaller. When you start throwing that balance around this is what you get. The earth is like a tire throwing its weight at this point, wobbly , unstable and off kilter. And you can’t replace “The Weights” while the wheels still spinnin’.
Mike March All true to the point and we need to recognize these facts.but I keep coming back to why so many seem to find most of their interest drawn to the violence,real or simulated, in the modern world. Why aren’t these individuals instead finding most of their interest in more positive aspects of the world. There are so many,many interesting and stimulating things that have none of the dark side of life in the 21st century.

Articles are being posted in Portuguese only

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Sorry. Since I am not having enough time for translating from Portuguese, for seeing the articles one need to chlick the Brazillian flag above. Also, I understand that the site is not explaining almost nothing about the theory. It is because the site is under construction, I have a lot of writed material but had no time and the special computers skills for doing that. I hope will do it soon. Thanks…

A simple thought

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

( I hope the errors in translation does not distorts the final meaning)

We humans are intellectually different because we believe in different things and different ways. These beliefs are being gradually inculcated into our minds since childhood. There are common to all faiths learn the strength, such that “if I put my finger in the fire is going to hurt. ” Then comes the imposition of common beliefs dictated by the cultural milieu. The most comprehensive and impressive – because it forces us to leave in the infancy the accommodate world of fantasies and enter the harsh logic of life – is the first contact with mathematics, especially in the cares with the Pythagorean theorem and the like. Most have a third wave of call for the reality in early adulthood, when he signed the various ideologies. With me it was the same script, with the difference that the third wave has produced a novel ideology. The formula of the Matrix / DNA was like a burst of light in mind as the sunrise, and the entire universe that until then seemed chaotic and unknown tune performed singing in chorus. My problem now is that at the evening the sun is haidden, the ideology disappears like clouds in the sky and at the dark night the chaotic and unknown entire universe comes back.

Here we do not close minds but try to keep the opened ones.

God did not create the universe, says Hawking

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010


God did not create Universe: Hawking 

AFP/File – God no longer has any place in theories on the creation of the Universe due to a series of developments …

You can see the article at Yahoo News, which has great repercussion ( lol, there are 49.500 comments in Yahoo already!)


New series of rational theories made the laws of physics as creator of the universe redundant (see for instance, the Universal Matrix Theory or the last model off a Universe without a Big Bang published here last week)). The Universe is not scientific falsiable yet, either “the nothing”. Take a sample: the human body. The first and primitive order of phenomena is under the laws of physics. But atoms are under the level of chemistry. And Physics and chemistry are under the biological organizational level. And driving the actions of the entire body, there is the minded level.

Facing the world (maybe a super-agglomerate of agglomerates of universes) we are like particles inside atoms watching only the physical level. Nobody can say how should be the biological or minded level of the world. And is rational to think they exists, because we can see human bodies and we can see that the universe is not magic, so, it only can do things which has at some another place or time or dimension.

Hawking is losing the control of his mind. I hope it is not happening with another’s scientific ethics and behavior. But, as I said here before, LUCA, the model of our Last Universal Common Ancestor, has people like Hawking as his agent here, trying to get the final control of expression of our selfish genes. Why Hawking? See this:

Hawking lost his sensorial human complex. He is informed about the external world through an electro-mechanic brain and he feels the external world throughout the sensors and tentacles of that brain.

The first time human beings got the tools that are extensions of our sensorial complex (like telescope, microscope, thermometers, radars, television, radio, etc) for to see larger horizons of the external world began a distortion of our natural world view. Because those tentacles are mechanics, they discriminate dates, selecting only those at physics laws level. Newtons’ science and his astronomical watch model is the best sample. When we got the computer as a mechanistic projection of our brains’ configuration and abilities, we attached those sensorial tentacles to the computer and sent it to the micro and macro dimensions for watching them and bring on to us, informations.

That was the first interaction between our natural brain and the electro-mechanical brain. The natural brain was at the command; it was the instructions command invisible code behind the robots. Then the computer got the first packet of informations and feed the natural brain. Based on this packet, the natural brain re-wired the electro-mechanical brain and sent it back. A new packet came. But, of course, the natural brain was being re-wired by the electro-mechanical brain and his kind of external world perception. This succession has continued and the natural brain is no more at the command, anymore. Then appeared Hawking with his disease which makes him the best representative of the machine among us.

Final results?

Our modern world view is not produced by our natural brain, it is produced by the electro-mechanic brain with its own sensorial complex. He cannot grasp the biological or minded level, the natural systems that are performed at those levels, so, it can’t grasp the forces and influences that came from the hierarchy of systems and acts over any natural object.

The modern world view is something like this:

1)      The origins and first machines, the ancestors of the electro-mechanic brain were based on the explosion motor. So, the universe began with an explosion;

2)      The final mean of a machine existence is triturate prime matter, as information, for to produce new products. So, the final means of the universe is the creation of new products by matter fined tunneled for doing it. With no purpose, because the machine does not recognize the human being that created it.

3)      The life of the machine is the gearing that came-and-go. So, the universe is an infinite expansion and contraction…

We see that LUCA, our ancestor, made the big mistake of doing the goals of the matter composing it: the thermodynamic equilibrium state as closed system. The genetics of LUCA was fragmented by entropy, which created the chaos at planets’ surfaces, and that genetic charge is trying to lift up under the state of order towards that closed system again. We are a byproduct of this goal, we inherited the LUCA’s genetic. This is the reason of our selfish genes. So we are surrounded by the environment modeled by LUCA and the goal of LUCA is inside our genetics. We are going to make the eternal paradise again over Earth and under the command of the Big Mother. A kind of Admirable New World.

  • I don’t know the true. I have no scientific data for to prove this theory. Maybe the Earth Paradise is the best for us. But I am worried because I am afraid that in The Admirable New World human beings are the losers, because they are like parts of a machine and lose the control and liberty of their minds. I am not sure about that. Maybe the destiny pointed out by Stephen Hawking is the best for human kind. So, I am a blind man but not a irresponsible one, I will not make followers, I am not trying to sell or imposing my theory. I will follow the path that my mind want, alone, or doing partnership with somebody else that thinks like me.

Portuguese to English translation ( from here, it is missing the correction of translation)

What physics has of concrete so far? In short a lot, it all starts with the quantum field theory. It would be a kind of vacuum without matter, without any particle material, but is not nothingness, the void is not total, because electromagnetic waves exist in this space. Whence came or electromagnetic waves, I do not know if physicists know. But from them – with the help a lot of theories such as broken symmetry, the gauge-bosons, the Higgs Mechanism – arise massless particles that acquire mass, like the hypothetical set-Higgs bosons. All this was introduced on a large, final Toer called The Standard Model, which would be sufficient to explain the existence of the universe. For this theory become confirmed will be necessary to prove that the Higgs-boson particles really exist, so they spent a fortune building the largest bump into Geneva. While such Higgs bosons are not found, everything remains what it is today: theory. But still, to prove not only that the universe was just a material existence, one must know how was the creation of the universe, to which we need a broader theory that the Standard Model. So they are looking hard and she appeared in this sense a five string theories or string theories. None is sufficient in itself in spite of going deeper than the Standard Model. Munusculas exist strings when the strings are stretched like a guitars, vibrate, but instead of musical notes produce particle materials, ie, matter, and with it, the universe and us. Maybe that vibration was the producer of electromagnetic waves – but do not know yet what physicists are thinking. And of course, is the question: where they came from the strings? Perhaps the answer, do not know. Then recently came the M-Theory, which seems that meets all five string theories and reveals itself as the Theory of Everything. Finish! The job is done! It proves everything that exists and how it came from nothing spontaneously. It is this theory that Hawking is working and he thinks when he says that the laws of physics solved the problem without requiring the creation of God (note that it does not say God does not exist. Fortunately it does not touch on this issue. He just says that the universe does not God needs to be created. What is different from saying that God does not exist.)

I need time to investigate it since no one dares me to explain it in short words, but I think the problem for physics resolve the ultimate question is to explain not only the existence of Higgs bosons, but also the provenance or origin of electromagnetic waves filling the void.

I feel very comfortable in this storm all because it really is so – the last thing, the last frame of Truth is the scene of total emptiness filled with electromagnetic waves that create matter, the Higgs bosons-first – whether there is something even besides all this, as a God or a multiverse, the fundamental basis of the theory of matrix was confirmed: this universe is a genetic reproduction, a simple process between father and son, where father and son are a natural Darwinian species, composed of a substance : mental. Why? Because I see the last production of the universe in these parts that is the human being, endowed with four levels of organization of matter: the physical, chemical, biological and mental. It is possible that the mental can not be included here because it is not material, that is, as Fritjof Capra theorized, it is possible that the mind is just a process that emerges from the brain. A brain dies, it vaporizes the mind. But I see this mental process as a scene where a network, a network of filaments of energy producing waves of energy, perhaps electromagnetic, the background resulting from the flow of signals at the synapses between neurons. However, if the mind is expressed through a process of electromagnetic waves, this means the end of the universe meets your own beginning: because the beginning is the quantum field empty padded only by electromagnetic waves. But now I know what it is and where it comes from the electromagnetic waves: the mind. It would be a creative mind the origin of everything and the only thing that would remain the end of evolution, the existence of everything? Hopefully the Physical dating or not, the Higgs bosons. All expectations are focused now that the 12 km tunnel underneath Geneva. If not found, the laws of physics are no concrete foundation. For in the same way that we can formulate the overwhelming question: and where it came from God? we can formulate the withering question and where it came from the laws of physics?

Please, see at:



The article:

Stephen Hawking Says God Did Not Create the Universe: What Do You Think?

And Comments

Posted by:
w5dxp 8:26 AM

Man is one of the great apes and shares 95+% of his DNA with chimpanzees, one of the other great apes. With few exceptions, all living things, including man, share common sections of DNA – 26% between man and a single-celled yeast. One can argue that evolution is just a tool in God’s toolbox and doesn’t say anything about where the first DNA came from. The universe is about 12.5 billion years old. Humans came into being something like 250,000 years ago. One wonders what God was doing for the other 12 billion years?

My answer as Austriak727 12:18 PM

You said: One wonders what God was doing for the other 12 billion years?

Answer: He was busy creating the other thousand of billions species of extraterrestrial life in the whole universe.

You said: Understanding spontaneous mutations of DNA over a billion years is key to understanding evolution.

Answer: But, the Evolution Theory didn’t prove that understand mutation. The belief about transcriptional error by chance is not proved experimentally. There is the more rational theory about feedback between shape (phenotype) and content (genotype) from the Universal Matrix Theory, but then mutations does not occur by chance. They occur from the relation individual/environment which is previous designed by Cosmological Evolution which came before the Big Bang. It is possible there is a porpoise and there are anything proving that it is was not made by some god.  

You said: One can argue that evolution is just a tool in God’s toolbox and doesn’t say anything about where the first DNA came from.

Answer: The models of Universal Matrix/DNA Theory have rational suggestion about where the first DNA came from. The fundamental unit of DNA, nucleotide, came from the entropy and fragmentation of Earth/Sun life cycle proto-system. DNA is merely the biological shape from a matrix existing at atoms and galaxy systems which can be resumed into a kind of primordial quantum vortex, which came beyond the universe and Big Bang. While you do not prove how Nature made the first biological DNA, there is no proof that some god was not necessary.

The Laws of Physics alone cannot prove if this universe is not under (like the human body is) the chemistry, biological and/or minded organizational level of matter. Quantum Field Theory need to show where the hypothetical electro-magnetic waves filling the void come from, for to prove that is not manifestation of the mind of some god.

Ok, but, if Mr. Hawking say so, bring on the universe over the table for experimental test. I promise to you that if we found some god inside we will send the FBI to arrest him, because he lies telling that he created the universe.

For to be considered:

“To expand a bit on my reasoning of the First Law of Thermodynamics (Basically, you can’t make something from nothing)…. If we MUST rely on Science, as you infer, we have to accept that the First Law of Thermodynamics is broken in order to have what we now call the Earth, Galaxy and Universe. Because it is here, and you claim that it arrived here from nothing. That is a Law that is broken. So – for those of you that are reading this hogwash from Mr. Hawking you have to accept this. But by doing so you must have to accept the fact that the First Law of Thermodynamics is FALSE. Therefore, By “REASON” (this is another portion of the Science Def.) By Reason, we must conclude that Science is unreliable based upon this observation I just stated. I’m sorry Mr. Hawking, but your theory has too many holes punched in it and your ad-hock ideas are the religion because it takes a whole lot more faith to believe your side than it does mine, with MY Creator God,…”


this is sounding more and more like a new religion to me.time will tell…. :)
Posted by:
moominmona Sep-7
Even Einstein had to consider something higher than ourselves. In his 1949 book The World as I See It, he wrote: “A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestations of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty, which are only accessible to our reason in their most elementary forms…”
like the level of phenomenons studied by physic?
jack59801 “That is my point, he can’t definitively say God did not create the universe if he can’t answer the question as to how gravity came about. It is too open ended.
Posted by:
TGIF7 Sep-7

“A Grand Bargain Over Evolution” by Robert Wright, Was Predicted by Matrix/DNA Theory

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Article Published in The New York Times, Sunday, August 23, 2009, page 9, Sunday Opinion


 Robert Wright is brilliant on his thesis that natural selection could be made even before life’s origins and he reveal some arguments for that. Then he says that        “… God did his work remotely. His role in the creative process ended when he unleashed the algorithm of natural selection (whether by dropping it into the primordial ooze or writing its eventual emergence into the initial conditions of the universe or whatever).”


 Of course, to say that God trusted natural selection to do the creative work assumes that natural selection, once in motion, would do it. This claim turns out to be scientifically plausible.


Matrix/DNA Theory Comments: “ Our models suggests that processes like natural selection were existing before the Big Bang. Resuming, when the models says that this Universe is a genetic production, he suggests that there is a father/mother of the universe, be it whatever system is. So, this Universe has the final purpose to reproduce his father/mother system. it means that what we see as evolution – be it Cosmological and Biological evolution – it is really, small steps in a big process of reproduction. And at any reproduction process there is natural selection: the final body of the father/mother drives the process to finally reproduce their own shape. So, among any events by chance, any species that arouse as sub product or in parallel to the real fetus, can be selected and gets his eternal place in the trunk of the evolutionary tree, or can be discarded by natural selection. The agent behind natural selection is the genome that came beyond the universe. But ( the good news for atheists) it not means that God did it. It means that an unknown system that was existing before is as natural as the universe and our land.But ( the good news for theists) it is plausible that beyond the natural creator of the Universe there is a God and He did it remotely… 

The Meaning of Life

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The meaning of Life is measured by its last evolved product, the final result from its entire existence. And till now, here, at this cosmic region, the final result we can see is to give birth and nurture “conciousness”. We can not know the meaning of life, but, rationally, we can calculate it. So, follow the way of your consciousness and from here, think in the meaning of life.

And, if there is no another thing more evolved than consciousness in the whole Universe, it means that conciousness is, till now, the final product of the Universe. Since that the Universe can not create nothing that it have no information for, it is suposable that consciousness is built with information that come from outside and before the Big Bang.

My logic is wrong? Why? Where?

When something develops with prior informations is like your body that was give birth, nurtured with previous information from your parents. So, conciousness must have its parents beyond this Universe, whose that innoculates here the informations for consciousness.

If this logic is right it is more an affirmation of the models of Matrix/DNA Theory: the models suggests that this Universe is a genetic production. A kind of Cosmic Egg.

By the way, maybe you have a brilliant and long future ahead. I hope so. Cheers. :toast:

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