Sofrimento (suffering): Aceita-lo docilmente como inevitável no mundo natural? Nunca!

Pure indoctrination from predators to keep the slave preys as hardworking and quiet. A big compilation of thoughts from philosophers from middle class seated at air conditioning. No one scientific materialist view point about suffering. No one thought from a slaved philosopher like me, carrying on stones in foundations works during the day and seeing molecules with a small microscope at night. From Epicurus to Nietzsche, only bullshits. I can break down every statement from all philosophers you have selected.

Is suffering inevitable since I am alive? Yes, it is surrounding me, but instead accepting it as threat, I take my gun and attack it with hate. Hate against this natural world that contains horrors and suffering, hate for any god or spiritual level that appreciates misleading arguments for imposing it to any living beings here. Accepting it as inevitable for getting knowledge or pure soul? To the hell with your talking.
Suffering exists here due biological systems containing deformations and not adapting well to the deformations of this external world. These deformations were produced by the state of chaos, this biosphere was produced by chaos, we are sons of chaos. But, chaos is 33% of Universal Nature, being a part of cycling circles which other 33% is the state of mechanical thermodynamic order, which rules our surrounding astronomic systems. From each phase of chaos must lift up the flow of order. That’s me, with a gun against chaos, suffering, and all humans predators that wish to enslave me with these stupid metaphysical doctrines. Predators like those Buddhists mongers, and I don’t agree with this nowadays effort to bring on the eastern doctrines to the western side because I am watching Asia with billions of peoples enslaved under misery as result of these doctrines.
Sorry, but yours philosophers should go carrying on stones at foundations work for learning something from the real world, or at least, talking something that we the philosophers from the low class could agree. Yours message is leading humans to be comfortable with suffering and this is a bad job, you are prejudicing our job applying the scientific method against any kind of terrorist suffering. 

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