Com 44% de ateus, Holanda transforma igrejas em livrarias, cafés e casas de shows

January 12th, 2020

Então vamos mal. Saímos do hospício e entramos no manicômio. Qualquer minimo de racionalidade vai calcular que tem de haver consciências muito mais elevadas que esse feto de consciência dos humanos na Terra. Pode existir algumas delas tao elevadas que podem ser mais poderosas que os deuses imaginados pelos deístas das religiões humanas. E pela definição, ateu é aquele que não aceita tal grandeza. Isto é o outro lado da mesma moeda mistica, crer no que não é racional. Um pais sera realmente uma porta aberta para a transcendência dessa especie humana em algo superior quando a maioria for agnóstica. O agnóstico diria: “Claro que não deve existir o absurdo deus da bíblia, mas se existe ou não geradores de universos por métodos naturais eu não sei e não tem como saber com este nosso cérebro que não seria capaz de processar as informações de uma Verdade Ultima… se é que ela existe… ” Estes indivíduos são tão perigosos como os deístas porque se tornaram assim crendo que as Ciências Humanas já sabe muito ou tudo do mundo e sentem firmeza nessa visão do mundo que se tornam intelectos arrogantes, a matéria-prima das ditaduras. Quando penso na imensidão apenas deste Universo com 300 bilhões de galaxias ou mais… tenho que rir deste povo… Eu sei que eu não sei..

Mas ainda assim é melhor o que esta acontecendo na Holanda do que o crescimento dos evangélicos no Brasil ( um retrocesso) … e a razão da diferença é o maior conhecimento dos fenômenos naturais invisíveis do macro e do microcosmo por parte dos holandeses.

An strong and factual argument against the Darwinian concept of natural selection.

January 10th, 2020

Poor people have more babies than the rich people. Preys have more babies than predators. In fath, natural selection is selecting the less strong and less fitness?

What motivates us to work as human beings? The answer from Matrix/DNA world view is…

January 10th, 2020

Somebody asked this question at REDDIT, and I commented…

MatrixDNA – 10-01-2020

“what motivates us to work as human beings?”

Great insight pbdj3000 !

I am not an official philosopher but maybe I can offer to you a good food for thouth. If we ask to our genes what motivates them to work as genes, they should answer that they does not know. They even does not know what they are doing (an organism) and for what purpose… Then, I think the answer to your question is: “Besides we doesn’t know what humanity is doing here, Nature is showing to us: a new shape of natural system called “consciousness”. I think the whole Humanity is a self-projection of DNA, each human being is a self-projection of each gene, it is merely cosmological evolution going its way. But as I said, this is merely an idea…

Consciousness: a natural phenomena with easy explanation

January 5th, 2020

Someone asked:

Any thoughts on my short writing on Consciousness ?

The nature of cousciousness is perhaps the most important question asked and searched y intellectuals were it be scienticst working with the brain or philosophers trying to unlock it’s mysteries, the question on consciousness is not only understanding the reason or how we experience the state of being consciouss but it’s also related to the answer to what are humans and how we become ourselves with the gift of being able to understand and reason due to our cousciousness. It’s quite obvious that our unique ability to be couscious is what seperates us from animals and what perhaps puts us in the top of the food-chain. One of the important questions is what can it’s understanding fully give us, can we find out before we actually have a firm understanding of the nature of consciousness and the brain ? Consciousness is intresting because not only does it tell us about something as unique as it is, but can also answer us by telling us a more profound reason for our human existence : Why are we here, did someone put us here, does a God or supreme being have a connection to our presence and existence here on earth ? This can be answered by understanding where consciousness is from, it can be from outside or within our body and how we get it or is it just something natural that arrises from structures of atoms but how can it give rise to something as complex and lifefull ? Can consciousnessbe found in other things such as a bat and can it be detected, one way is if consciousness would be material, can it be recreated where it be in laboratories or in computer simulations can it’s understanding bring new laws of physics ? What implies our massive superiorite over animals, of course show-cast by our immense control and perhaps exploitation over them. Are we created in God’s image so that we can design this universe ? That can also imply that it’s quite a hard task to unlock it’s mysteries because of what the secrets could unveil us and the magnitude of possessing it, about ourselves and intelligent beings in general like are all intelligent beings human like as does it somehow affect the structure of our bodies and brain ? What does this gift of consciousness from God mean to us ? Is this some kind of strange experiment or some kind of error that happened at the creation of our universe or life. Why would we have this ability, Is consciousness even moral, it can bring alot of harm and hardship, why are we able to suffer and to make suffering ? Why would God make or creat negativity it’s a paradox as God can only be good in human mind why would he have bad as a result of his actions he cannot be a truly supreme being without having possible and human understandable imperfections

And Matrix/DNA answered:

Only at 6 or 8 months a human embryo has brain structure for expressing consciousness? Only after 13,8 billion years something inside the Universe has natural structure for expressing consciousness? This difference of time means nothing, it is merely a relativistic issue. The question is: if you know how and why consciousness emerges from a brain here and now, why the hell you do not know how consciousness emerges in this world?! It must be a unique, same natural process.

The embryo’s brain has not created its own consciousness and the first time in the Universe. Neither its consciousness appeared by magics of some god. Consciousness was existing outside and before the little embrionary universe, and since the first moment of fecundation, it was “previously designed” in the genes, coming from its parents, which are natural systems.

So, what is the problem to accept that consciousness was existing before and beyond this Universe, that it was inserted at the event of the Big Bang – an act of fecundation produced by an ex-universal natural system – and it was all this time of 13,8 billion years existing as potential at all our ancestral systems – from atomos to galaxies to amoebas and monkeys – and is being expressed now synchronized with its astronomical scale of time?

If you are watching here and now, facing yours eyes, the process by which consciousness arises, why are you ignoring it as the rational explanation for the existence of consciousness in this world, and instead, inventing theories and hypothesis of processes and mechanisms that never nobody saw anywhere?! Have you seen any magics? Have you seen any matter becoming conscious by itself? At my writings in my website you will see how the known real process has evolved in 13,8 billion years with every detail…

Notice: since we discovered that has an evolutionary link between Cosmological Evolution and Biological Evolution ( between the 10 billion years of atoms/galaxies and the last 4 billion years of plants/animals) and that link must be composed by a network of photons, and after these discoveries, we have discovered that a wave of natural light like that produced at the Big Bang contains an anatomy which is a perfect natural system, and it has worked as a kind of software evolving by feed-back in parallel to a hardware which is the visible material natural systems, we arrived to the conclusion that this Universe full of galaxies is merely the placenta or egg within which is occurring a normal natural process of genetic reproduction of the unknown natural system existing before and beyond this Universe… then we tracked consciousness here in this 13,8 billion years of evolution…

Circadian Rythym: the big puzzle…

January 5th, 2020

Without an alarm or other external source for waking us up, what prevents our brains from being asleep forever?

The scientific explanation: You have a really complicated internal clock called your circadian rythym that helps you know when to sleep and wake up. In short you have neurons that run in a loop, activating and deactivating themselves (a bit like a Redstone clock actually if you play minecraft), and similar proteins too that inhibit their own production so they come in waves. Essentially, using these complicated systems and synchronizing them frequently with light and other stimuli, your body can determine when to sleep, when to wake up, how to regulate temperature, and so on. This system would wake us up after about eight hours of sleep by stopping melatonin, and increasing seratonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine production. Without the external cues though our body has a tendency to drift from 24 sleep cycles to slightly longer cycles (anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours longer, depending on the study.)

What are these self-inhibiting proteins and how does this work? It’s actually called CLOCK (I know, biologists are great at naming things. Stands for Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput) and it can bind to its own section of the DNA and prevent it from being transcribed. So as more of it is made, the higher the chance it is bound more often and less of it is produced, then as it degrades over time it begins to be produced more and more again, restarting the cycle.

The Matrix/DNA comments: Self-inhibiting proteins and self-activated or self-deactivated neurons?! Ok if you believe in it. I am sure it is not a proved scientific fact. How it could be? Any kind of “self” implies a command coming from inside. Proteins and neurons are merely a bunch of atoms. There are no self-rolling stones. I think the problem here is the conflict between reductionist/systemic mindset. It is an opened question waiting for work by opened minds. At Matrix/DNA world view we believe that all these movements are result of the flow of information/energy that runs inside a circuit of a dynamic formula which can be designed as a simple diagram software. It happens that we are detecting this formula every time we see a new natural system. This formula is the software behind a fundamental unit of information of DNA ( two lateral opposite nucleotides), it is the template of brain anatomy, as well the template of any building blocks of astronomic systems. So, the circadian rythym in a human body is produced at same time by the bigger astronomic fractal as the smaller genetic DNA fractal totally synchronized. The formula is the master, neurons and proteins are the soldiers. Soldiers at work are not self-something. But, like the reductionist can not show the internal trigger of selfies in neurons and proteins, we can not show also the internal and external formula, which must be composite by a network of photons.

SirWallaceIIofReddit – answering to Matrix/DNA comments:

They are definetely real, like just finished reading about them in my text books real. The proteins work like I described in my other comment, inhibiting the DNA that codes for them, but I did oversimplify the neurons thing. They are actually cirquits of neurons. The super simplified version would be a two neuron systems. One of them is inhibitory and one excitatory, and both send signals to the other. The excitatory one activates, activating the inhibitory one, which deactivated the excitatory one, which stops activating the inhibitory one, and so on and so forth, creating a reliable rhythm. As for the second half of your post I’m a little confused, could you try to explain it a different way?

MatrixDNA answering to SirWallace:

I agree with your description about what we see, our disagrement is about the explanation and the primary causes. I think that it would be good for you trying to look at a new perspective of the brain – which is at my website ( I don’t want divulgation here but there is no other way). It has a lot of food for thought and new discoveries. The brain is itself a natural system and all natural systems are build by a unique natural formula, which is at my website. Then, if you superpose the brain’s anatomy upon the formula, you can see the systemic circuit flowing and activating glandules, neurons, proteins, etc. The hippocampus is upon F1 and the cortex is upon F4. Pay attention that the formula is divided into two halves. The left side is energy up, the right side begins entropy, so, is energy down. So, a neuron is not inhibitory or excitatory by itself, it is the systemic flow that control them; if the flow is up, the neuron is activated while the other os kept entropically null. When a protein ( or the code for it) meets its counterpart of the other half, both are out. I know that you will not understand it now, it is not a complex issue, but it is different from everything we have learned. In theory, it has worked very well for me… Cheers…

Só 9% dos adolescentes de 15 anos conseguem diferenciar fatos de opiniões

January 4th, 2020

HypeScience de 29/12/19

E meu comentario postado no artigo:

O ser humano nasce com a tendencia de falsear a realidade, o mundo de toda criança é magico. O fato de que aos 15 anos os seres humanos continuam com essa tendencia prejudicando sua distinção entre o falso e o real significa que os adultos em nada atuaram para corrigir este defeito infantil. Ese os adultos no papel de pais não atuaram nessa correção significa que eles proprios como adultos continuam crendo no falso. As duas visões de mundo reinantes – a mística magica religiosa e o materialismo igualmente místico – são produtos desse magicismo na mente adulta que reverte contra eles mesmos. Por tudo o que tenho visto publicado seja na Internet ou impresso, eu sou o unico lutando para defender uma nova visao do mundo que interpreta os fenomenos e eventos naturais de forma diferente das duas tendências dominantes, mas é como se um alienígena estivesse falando a macacos.

Porque os pobres não se associam a outros pobres contra as mafias predadoras: as causas vem das origens do Universo!

January 3rd, 2020

Tudo o que existe aqui e agora na Natureza, são evoluções de tudo que era simples nas origens do Universo. Inclusive os instintos animais, que evoluíram para os comportamentos humanos, tem seus princípios e causas nas forças naturais regulando o microcosmo que ainda mantem o estado inicial do Universo. E se não detectamos estas causas a 13,8 bilhões de anos atras, nada entendemos do porque humanos se comportam do jeito que o fazem.

Por exemplo, eu nunca entendi e aceitei o extremo egoismo dos pobres que são incapazes de associarem em cooperativas e associacoes para consumirem e produzirem em grupo defendendo-se das grandes mafias corporativas. Isto revela ignóbil burrice, como se fossem cegos ou animais irracionais, e pagam com sangue e suor inclusive de seus filhos devido este defeito nas suas psiques.

Porque é assim? Porque existe este fenômeno na Natureza, já que humanos são corpos naturais? De onde veio os mecanismos, processos e forças naturais que se juntaram aqui e agora produzindo este fenômeno na frente de meus olhos? ( assim vive a raciocinar os filósofos naturalistas). Justo agora lendo sobre mais uma descoberta cientifica, fui descobrir onde e como o fenômeno que vejo entre humanos agora esta também ali, dentro dos átomos, a 13,8 bilhões de anos!

Uma força muito importante que esta empurrando, obrigando, a evolução mental dos humanos é o método cientifico criado por eles. A cada nova descoberta das invisíveis dimensões microscópicas e macroscópicas se desvelam vários mecanismos e processos existentes na Natureza que ainda se desconhecia. E justo agora leio sobre mais uma descoberta que veio justo elucidar este defeito racional entre os pobres.

Acima das famílias dos pobres existe sempre um grupo de predadores humanos dominantes que elaboram as regras sob as quais os pobres devem viver. E como estrategia de dominação existe o lema “dividir para reinar”, do qual produzem varias situações para impedirem os pobres de se reunirem principalmente para conversarem ou militarem com alguma estrategia para obterem mais liberdade. Assim, enquanto dentro das casas dos pobres existe uma forte interação entre os membros das famílias, essa interação enfraquece um pouco na relacao entre vizinhos e some totalmente na interação entre famílias do mesmo bairro e mesma cidade. A força que emana da classe dominante, assentada como governo, começa a se apropriar das famílias impondo regras sociais, encargos ou benefícios, de maneira que as famílias começam a se desligarem porque “cada um tem que cuidar da própria pele quando o leão ataca ou quando os recursos são limitados”: primeiro minha família, em segundo vem minha família, depois os vizinhos, os deserdados sem família e casa, etc. Os pobres são maioria, tem a força e se quisessem ninguém os dominariam, mas o instinto de ovelha que vem dos instintos das forças internas dos átomos os enfraquecem.

A cosmovisão da Matrix/DNA já elucidou a causa primeira universal da existência do egoismo nos animais e humanos, trata-se da força atômica da repulsão que se torna com a evolução a tendencia dualista natural para se ser sistema fechado em si mesmo, e a força oposta que é o altruísmo, a tendencia a ser sistema aberto as relações com as partes adjacentes do sistema a que se pertence e entre os diferentes sistemas.

A cosmovisão da Matrix/DNA também já detectou que tudo neste mundo natural esta representado como fractais, uma enorme hierarquia de fractais, uns dentro dos outros. Assim cada nível e fractal ( como um corpo humano) é composto pelo fractal microscópico ( átomos, células, que compõem estes corpos) e influenciado pelo mesmo fractal a nível macroscópico ( o meio ambiente, o sistema astronômico que o envolve, etc.)

Juntando tudo isso para estudar o motivo do defeito associativo entre os pobres, aprendemos que este motivo resulta da soma do auto-egoismo individual produzido pelas unidades fundamentais dentro de seus corpos mais a força que vem de cima, do grupo predador dominante.

Mas porque tem que ser assim?! Porque esse “bad”, péssimo design na Natureza? de onde vieram os elementos que convergiram para produzir este tipo de influencias micro e macro sobre a psique humana?! Onde estavam e como eram estes elementos e forças nos nossos ancestrais sistemas astronômicos e atômicos? Aqui vem a resposta:

No artigo intitulado “Existe um Grande Mistério Oculto Dentro de Cada Átomo do Universo”, num paragrafo se lê:

What exactly happens inside atoms?
(Image: © Shutterstock)

” Enquanto os quarks (leia-se: “os humanos membros de uma família”), que são as partículas subatômicas que compõem os núcleos dos átomos, interagem fortemente dentro de cada proton e neutron (leia-se: “dentro das suas casas”), os quarks em diferentes protons e neutrons ( leia-se: “em diferentes casas”), não podem interagirem muito entre si. A força dentro dos núcleos ( das casas, das quadras, das vilas) é tao forte que ela eclipsa a força conectando os diferentes núcleos de diferentes átomos (das diferentes casas).

Imagine você sentado em sua sala conversando com dois amigos e com as janelas fechadas. O trio dentro da sala são os três quarks que normalmente compõem um proton ou um neutron. Uma leve briza esta soprando la fora. A briza é a força que conecta os protons e neutrons dentro da sala aos outros protons e neutros que estejam na sala da casa vizinha. Mesmo que entre uma pequena lufada da briza dentro da sua sala ( a família vizinha teve a luz cortada por falta de pagamento) isto pouco ou em nada afetará você. Mas se a força de conexão dentro de uma família fosse igual entre famílias vizinhas, ao invés de apenas os membros da outra família ter que lutar para pagar a luz, agora seriam o dobro, ou multiplicados por todos os vizinhos conectados.

Acontece que alem e acima dos quarks, dos protons, dos neutrons, existe a força do sistema atômico, que mantem conectados inclusive os elétrons a estes núcleos. Esta força chamada de interação fraca pelos físicos, é na verdade , e representa, a força da classe dominante através de seus governos nas sociedades humanas. Como nuvens que pairam no céu, dela vem tempestades que imitam o rugir dos leões nas colinas, e podem causar grandes estragos nas famílias, se as famílias não obedecerem as regras de ordem.

A cosmovisão da Matrix/DNA me levou a descobrir que o mistério/causa da incrível organização das sociedades de formigas e abelhas nada mais é que a copia do circuito de conexões entre as partes do sistema universal representado pela formula da Matrix/DNA. Não são formigas – seres praticamente sem cérebro – que inventaram aquele tipo de organização, a divisão dos papeis e funções de trabalho, etc. – mas sim seus corpos sem intelecto apenas obedecem as forças de conexão que vem doas átomos que compõem seus corpos reforçadas pelas mesmas forças que vem do fractal que a as envolve, expressado através do ambiente biosférico e astronomico em que existem.

Mas isso justamente acontece também com os humanos que ainda não possuem um intelecto formado pelas reais interpretações dos fenômenos naturais providos pelo método cientifico. Sem ter conhecimento das forças externas que os prejudicam, não são motivados a resistirem, lutarem contra e elaborarem seu próprio código de comportamento, visando seu beneficio.

Conclusão final: Por isso os dominantes colonialistas tudo fazem para evitarem que os povos dominados estudem Ciências e que sejam mantidas as religiões criadas por eles. E daqui extraímos o que temos a fazer para eliminar mais esta situação da sociedade humana: lutar para divulgar e atrair o interesse dos pobres para os fenômenos reais da natureza. Como aconteceu comigo agora lendo um artigo que nada tem a ver com comportamentos humanos, a imagem formada no cérebro pelo ensino destes fenômenos vai bater com a imagem de uma situação real acontecendo dentro da anatomia do próprio cérebro, a nível atômico, e assim ocorre a auto-identificação, e desta, o despertar.


Trecho real do artigo em singles:

While quarks, the subatomic particles that make up nucleons, strongly interact within a given proton or neutron, quarks in different protons and neutrons can’t interact much with each other, he said. The strong force inside a nucleon is so strong it eclipses the strong force holding nucleons to other nucleons.

“Imagine sitting in your room talking to two of your friends with the windows closed,” Hen said.

The trio in the room are three quarks inside a neutron or proton.

“A light breeze is blowing outside,” he said.

That light breeze is the force holding the proton or neutron to nearby nucleons that are “outside” the window. Even if a little snuck through the closed window, Hen said, it would barely affect you.

There’s a Giant Mystery Hiding Inside Every Atom in the Universe

How to fight anxiety, stress…

December 25th, 2019

This thread posted om Reddit lead me to the comment below:

MatrixDNA – 25/12/19

I think that Matrix/DNA world view has the best suggestion on this issue. There are people that believes the genetic code in the DNA was made here by magics from some gods. This magical thought modeled the neuronial configuration, but, far away off the real world, because there are no magics, never nobody saw it. Other people believes that the genetic code was made by the stupid matter of this lost planet at a by chance event. DNA produces natural systems like our bodies as a natural system, as a product of the state of order, which does not arises spontaneous from chaos, nobody never saw it. These people has the brain configured by animals instincts coming from the jungle’s environmental chaos, chaotic and not complete thoughts are echos in their brains. Anxiety, stress, are inherited from animals brains because our environment was produced by chaos which can brings tragedies to us, and a chaotic modeled psyche is not strong for avoiding them. But, the existence of DNA and natural systems here shows that the principle for state of order is here and inside us, which can fight the surrounding chaos, and keeping this knowledge, practicing it, is the way for one changing slowly the way his/her brain is configured. No magical and no chaotic/random/animalist thoughts, both are corrupted scenarios. We are discovering that the genetic code was not invented/created here, it is merely an evolutionary natural formula coming from astronomic/atomic/light waves systems, since the Big Bang – or before it, so, the religious and the materialist academic world views are wrong. Another discovery is that chaos here is merely local in this immediate environment and not the general rule beyond us, we are inside a more bigger and astronomic ordered system, its genetics is inside us and we must use this force for fixing our brains and installing order around us. In ordered state there is no anxiety and stress… it is enough that you keep the natural real world view

Começando a destrinchar a anatomia da consciência e a maquinaria neural em que ela se assenta no cérebro!

December 18th, 2019

Daniel Dennett, with the publication of his influential book Consciousness Explained (1991) is actually a very powerful (metaphorical) description of the relationship between phenomenal consciousness and the underlying neural machinery that makes it possible.

Here is how he puts it:

When I interact with the computer, I have limited access to the events occurring within it. Thanks to the schemes of presentation devised by the programmers, I am treated to an elaborate audiovisual metaphor, an interactive drama acted out on the stage of keyboard, mouse, and screen. I, the User, am subjected to a series of benign illusions: I seem to be able to move the cursor (a powerful and visible servant) to the very place in the computer where I keep my file, and once that I see that the cursor has arrived ‘there’, by pressing a key I get it to retrieve the file, spreading it out on a long scroll that unrolls in front of a window (the screen) at my command. I can make all sorts of things happen inside the computer by typing in various commands, pressing various buttons, and I don’t have to know the details; I maintain control by relying on my understanding of the detailed audiovisual metaphors provided by the User illusion.

Agora este assunto esta num artigo em:

Sob o titulo:

Consciousness is real

Consciousness is neither a spooky mystery nor an illusory belief. It’s a valid and causally efficacious biological reality

O qual foi levado para discussão no REDDIT em:

Na qual tive a intuição de que o que estou fazendo tem relacao com o assunto e me motivou a postar o seguinte comentário no REDDIT:

MatrixDNA – 18/12/19

My personal investigation is driving me to know the natural machinery supporting consciousness. If my method is wrong or right, nobody has knowing facts do decide it. Consciousness is based on a natural formula for systems which can be represented by a kind of simple software diagram – which is at my website. The evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution is this formula made of photons coming from stellar and cosmic radiations – it is the “DNA” of atoms and galaxies – which becomes the biological DNA by evolution. When I got this link I got also the whole history of this “DNA”, till arriving to the Big Bang, for discovering that it emerged here as simple natural light waves. This universal “matrix/DNA” is encrypted into light waves, and from here, you discover that consciousness is a abstract substance that has a body, which is this formula made of light. This formula is the template of the brain’s anatomy, so, we can infer that he body is the anatomical projection of the “mind”. If you know the body and its template, you can get how is the anatomy of consciousness as a natural system, and that is what I am trying to do now. O know that my theory is weird for you, and writing in poor English becomes worst to understand, but, what do you think?

Nova teoria da consciência: o estado de ordem, a meia-face da natureza oposta ao estado do caos

December 13th, 2019

Dialogo em Rousseau:

  • ” O homem nasce bom, é a sociedade que o corrompe!”
  • Ë quem corrompe a sociedade?”

Nesta minha resposta num debate em espanhol surgiu-me a intuição para esta teoria, a qual vou dedicar uma pesquisa mais cuidadosa:

Ao viver na selva amazônica por sete anos aprendi que todos os sistemas sociais criados até hoje são exatas copias do sistema social entre animais na selva. Sea capitalismo, comunismo, monarquia, etc., todos son divididos em três classes determinadas pela fuerza bruta. Assim los dominantes possuem la psiche dominada pelo instinto dos grandes predadores, la classe media pelo instinto dos médios predadores e a classe pobre pelo instinto das presas. De onde vem la corrupcion natural da selva? Observamos que a biosfera terrestre foi produto do estado de caos, a meia-face da natureza oposta ao estado de ordem, que vemos por exemplo na mecânica astronômica. E sabemos que de todo caos se levanta o fluxo da ordem. Entonce minha teoria es de que o humano tiene la parte baja do cérebro herdado dos animales com seus instintos tudo produzido pelo caos. Mas no humano aparecio la parte alta, o neocortex, que esta em formacion, desenvolvimento. Esto explica los milhones de insatisfeitos com o que a humanidad tiene producido, pois son desejosos de criar um novo tipo de sistema social ou sistema nenhum, que ainda ninguno conseguiu imaginar. Mas entonces o que denominamos de consciência me parece ser nada mais que a manifestação do estado de ordem, a outra meia-face da natureza. E acima do caos e da ordem deve vir a Sabedoria, quando então ocorre la transcendência do que hoje es este feto de consciência no humano, o qual nascera para a luz. Por enquanto, a sabedoria esta em não defender nenhum tipo de sistema social, procurar não alimenta-lo, não fortalece-lo, pois todos são animalescos. E procurar os conscientes~que já se auto-exorcizaram destes instintos para unir fuerzas e debater como sera o estado da harmonia total, sem divisões de classes.