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The Last Important Hypothesis of Matrix/DNA Theory: Natural Light has the Code for Creating Life!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

(There is a more complete article at Portuguese section)

I have no time now for writing this introduction, but I am very excited discovering it when studying light’s effects. Any segment of light, in shape of waves, capturated by our instruments and translated as spectrum, repeats the process of life’s cycles !!!??? Think a little bit about the technological, existential and philosophical aspects… See the first theoretical diagram bellow:

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum as The Code for Life Cycles?Since the publication of this article I have studied a lot about light and developed a lot of thesis where this new understanding that the cause matter acquires the dynamic of life is due the penetration of matter by light. Just now I am researching consciousness + light, arriving to conclusions that consciousness is a kind of return to the primordial light. But I have no time for inserting the novelties here, the translation process is very difficult, and I had posted some articles in Portuguese section. Sorry…

Look how Light models matter into the Matrix/DNA formula:

Matriz Universal: Software de Sistema Fechado

Janna Levin is discovering the Matrix!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Words from Janna: ” In topology, we know much about what it means to live in a spacetime. From this perspective, as observers and performers of thought experiments,we can chart out the space in which we live, just as we have charted the oceans and continents of ourt planet.

     . This might seem limited, imposing our human percepcion to try to deduce the “grandest cosmic code”.  But we are the product of this universe, and I think it can be argued that the entire cosmic code is inprinted in us. Just as our genes carry the memory of our biological ancestors, our logic carries the memory of our cosmological ancestry. We are not just imposing humancentric notions on a cosmos independent of us. We are projeny of this cosmos, and our hability to understand it is an inheritance”.  Janna Levin, advanced fellow in the department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge, in “How the Universe Got Its Spots: Diary os a Finite Time in a Finite Space, published by Princeton University Press (an extraordinary job! Lol!)

My Comments: Janna is able to express in words and most in English just what I feel and I can’t.  A “cosmic code” is the exactly definiton for the Matrix. What if Janna could be reached by this web-site and could understanding what we are talking about here? If she could see the cosmological hardware and its software? I am telling you: it is time of a new wave of evolution, it is reaching a lot of human mind in the entire world, it is the human being awake up to his/her link to the Cosmos.  Below, something more from Janna:

” Despite its great success, even Einstein’s theory is incomplete. General relativity does not fully predict the geometry of space. it does offer a theory for local curves, but it does not determine the global shape and connectedness of space. Relativity cannot distinguishy between a universe that continues forever and one that wraps back in itself, is finite and edgeless.

“The global shape and connectedness of space is the domain of topology, a branch of mathematics that has seen profound advances in the 20th century. Even thought we still don’t undesrtand the deepest connection between matter, energy, and gravity, we know much about it means to live in a spacetime. (the text follows above)…

My Comments:

Oh, then there is topology, I need running to know what it is about, it seems very interesting . But I feel some unconfortable with mathematics as the origin of a branch that is looking for the cosmic code. I think, mathematics will reveal forever the mechanical newtonian aspect of the Cosmos, only. But, the Cosmos is covered by a layer of Biological Language wich can not be reached by Mathematical Language. Maybe that’s the point avoiding the topologists to discovering the Matrix by themselves.

But, why a half-monkey/half-man isolated at Amazon Jungle could discover the Cosmic Code first than the powerful people at the University of Cambridge?!  That’s the answer: brain washing cleaning it from the culture of our civilization, which was drived to think that Cosmos is the reign of Physics alone, structured over Mathematics. The mental collapse as effect from the jungle’s hell make us to think in a different way… 

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