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Wednesday, March 27th, 2019



I am sorry that every day posts are only in Portuguese, “Artigos”, where more than 2.000 articles are describing evidences and confirmed previsions in the last 30 years. And sorry that the website is poorly designed ( at Amazon jungle we don’t have necessary tools).  I don’t know why comments are closed and don’t know how to fix it, so, if any questions, please, send e-mail to

Sorry that my English is no good, besides I am American citizen that was born in Brasil, but, due living at Amazon Jungle where there are no fellow Americans for talking and teachers, I still didn’t have the conditions for learning it. What I know is reading English ( books, scientific papers, journals), what I do since my infanthood.

REMEMBER: Matrix/DNA Theory is merely a naturalist theory – as coined by Greek philosophers – elaborated by a naturalist philosopher researching natural systems at Amazon biosphere. I am not a scientist and this is not a scientific theory as its definition in scientific academic community. And since I am an agnostic skeptical, I do not believe in this theory, that is why I am testing it against real proved facts as natural phenomena. I have no enough brain with the ability to process all informations from a possible theory of everything or the ultimate thru – if have one. So, do not believe it either… you must search your own world view.

But… how and Nature got the idea for creating the biological chromosomes X and Y for developing this extraordinary engineery called “sexual reproduction”?

Matrix/DNA Theory suggestion:

“The systems of Amazon jungle shows an internal pattern. The pattern can be designed as a simple software diagram. This diagram shows an internal systemic circuit divided into two flows of information. Observing the final effects at the end of this circuity we see a identical mechanistic process of sexual reproduction ( see the figure below). When we name the whole circuit as X and half of the circuity as Y, we discover that everything works like chromosomes X and Y at biological systems. But, analyzing this formula we discover also that it is identical to an unit of information in DNA – the building blocks of DNA – and the same formula works pretty well as the building block of galaxies. The seven known astronomical bodies are aligned in a circuit that mimics the process of life’s cycle and works as a perfect machine, that could be described by Newtonian mechanics. So, our final suggestion is that biological chromosomes has non-biological ancestors, since billions years before life`s origins…

And how, where, Nature got the idea for modelling human hands? By chance plus adaptation? No, because the human hands were pretty designed into the Matrix formula, before life’s origins. And what about the mouth? The eyes? The ears? The mammals keeping eggs inside? The digestive metabolism? Everything has its principles working in a single formula that seems to be natural, witch does not need intelligent design, magics, everything natural. Ok, by while it is merely a philosophical theory under tests.

The Origins of Chromossomes

The Origins of Chromossomes