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Debate at REDDIT : Why some scientists believe the universe is conscious

Friday, August 2nd, 2019



Why some scientists believe the universe is conscious

Obs: Meus posts no REDDIT foram removidos por um moderador. A desgraça dos cérebros dominados pelos meios processos de pensamentos apenas do hemisfério esquerdo do cérebro impera no REDDIT também, alias, como era de se esperar, não se poderia esperar outra coisa, desde que os filósofos ali reunidos vieram todos do meio acadêmico dominante nesta era, doutrinados pela filosofia virtual e desconhecedores da filosofia naturalista. Por isso, 90% da população mundial, ou seja, 7 bilhões de seres humanos, continuarão a serem torturados sob os atuais predadores construtores desta academia, que os mantem com sua ciência e tecnologia enganosa e tendenciosa sob o ciclo da miséria tendo suas vidas perdidas, desperdiçadas, porque não podem evoluir seus cérebros exorcizando-se dos instintos para presas. Mas eu salvei os comentários e os estou postando aqui.
Minhas respostas:
MatrixDNA - 8/3/19

The Matrix/DNA Theory suggest a third alternative for existence of consciousness. Interpreting the Universe from a biological viewpoint, rather than Physics, it arrives to a whole model where the history of 9 months of human embryogenesis is a copy of the history of 13,8 billion years of this material chain of causes and effects that began with the Big Bang. The Universe – this aglomerate of galaxies – can not be conscious, since it is not a working system, it is merely a mass of sub-system, and works like a placenta or amniotic liquid. But, the theory has found that the essence of all living things – the DNA – is merely the biological shape evolved from an essence that is the building block of galaxies and atoms, a formula called Matrix/DNA. And later we found that this universal formula were not created by atoms either, it was encrypted as the anatomy of light waves, like that emitted at the Big Bang.

There is no evolution of Universe, there is the evolution of something inside the Universe, like there is no evolution of a pregnant woman’s body, but there is the evolution of the embryo body inside it. it is not the brain of an embryo that creates consciousness, it was encrypted in the fetus, in the morula, since fecundation and beyond; so, it is not the human species’ brain that created consciousness, it was encrypted as potential not expressed in galaxies, atoms… and light waves. It is a little bit different than panpsychism.

The quantum foam is the membrane that separates this Universe/amnion from what the still unknown thing existing outside. By this membrane there are changes: the universe imports waves of light containing the genetic code – or formula for natural material systems – and exports substance of consciousness.

Embryogenesis of humans takes 7 or 8 months for expressing consciousness. Embryogenesis of the ex-universal thing being produced inside this Universe takes 13, 8 billion years for expressing consciousness. What’s the problem? It is merely a relativistic issue, since that for universes the scale of time is astronomic.


Ptscholar - posted at 8/3/19

Well, it makes sense. The entire universe functions as it is suposed to function and since obviously there isn’t any personal God overseeing all, the universe must take care of itself but how could it have the knowledge to continously do such? The answer, the universe is aware of itself. I believe the problem is not whether that is true, but rather how that happens and I bet that, once we discover this how, human life will change drastically.

MatrixDNA - post at 8/3/19

No, it does not make sense. This Universe is not a system, it has no nucleus and connected interacting parts, it is a mass of subsystems (galaxies), and messy mass can not be conscious. What we know is that something inside this Universe, when it was 13,8 billion years old, and existing at Earth surface, was very complex due evolution, and began to develop a fetus of consciousness, which still has no open eyes to see its substance, shape and body.

The unique natural, pure, rational hypothesis that we can get from what we know comes from observing the universal Nature, searching if there is some similar event/phenomena. And there is one. Human embryogenesis. An embryo at 6 or 8 months suddenly begins to express consciousness. But is not the brain of the embryo that creates consciousness, it was coming from outside its bubble/womb, from the parents, living outside its “universe”. So, the rational way to think about this question is making comparisons between the human placenta composed by cells and the universe composed by galaxies, between the human expression of consciousness at embryogenesis and the thing inside the universe expressing consciousness, which can be spread in the galaxies, throughout the entire placenta, by manny other life forms. Any other hypothesis will be appeal to phantasies.

I agree that is no God overseeing all, because I am watching here that parents can not oversee all that is happenings inside the womb of the pregnant mother. And agree that human life will change drastically when we will discover the true, but not due humans inventing a new way of life and so, merely correcting what we are doing wrong because instead asking the great questions directly to Mother Nature as a humble naturalist philosopher, we have been driving by imaginations like deism and materialist atheism.

We, humans, are 8 billion half-conscious genes building the finger of the foot of the embryo that is being built by billions of our other genes-brothers spread in this Universe, of the being composed by consciousness substance that will born at the day of the Big Birth… (maybe). The Universe will go from the Big bang to the Big Crunsh – as goes all placentas – but we will go from the Big Bang to the our Big Birth.

1 point·1 day ago·edited 1 day ago

I’m not going to lie, that was rather confusing. Not so much because I don’t understand the topic but because many claims you brought up were in nature confusing, especially your association to human embryone.

That might have been my fault but with that said, I’ll explore just one particular point, and that is precisely the one of the original post, universal consciousness. You said the universe being aware of itself doesn’t make sense because

This Universe is not a system, it has no nucleus and connected interacting parts, it is a mass of subsystems (galaxies), and messy mass can not be conscious.

Do you have any proof of that? Not that the universe seems chaotic, that’s been hinted at already by our very limited human lenses, but that the universe is just that and nothing else. No is the answer isn’t it? For even if sometimes the universe does seem chaotic, upon further inspection for some reason it always becomes ordered, always. That order may ultimately be the product of our own minds but since we know that the universe doesn’t need you or me to exist – it exists regardless of us – that is a great indicator that the order we experience actually comes from it. Since this order is, well, too ordered, it must come from an intelligent source, so like I said, the real question is what source is that and how it operates, not whether the incredible harmony present in nature is the product of a thoughtless and mindless gamble or of an intelligent unit.

MatrixDNA - 1 point· just today – 8/6/19

I understand that this seems confused to you, it is about a worldview that you never read about, and written in poor English. Do you have any proof that the Universe is a system? A working system? Where is the nucleus, which are the parts with specific systemic functions, how are they connected? I don’t know any evidence for that. Being a mass of subsystems, like a soup, does not means it must be chaotic, neither that there are working evolving order, only that is under thermodynamic equilibrium. Then, once time more, there is the similarity with human embryogenesis that I pointed out: the amnion liquid inside the egg also is not chaotic, it is under mechanic equilibrium. And the placenta around…

What is the source? If you search at my website, you will see how a single light wave contains the code for building all natural systems known in this Universe, till living systems. The code is not a message encrypted into a film, it is merely the internal anatomy of a light wave that develops when the light wave propagates into time/space. Its “organs”, or “parts” are the seven different shapes of frequencies/vibrations. So, a natural universal light wave emitted at the Big Bang works like a God genome, but, not magical, it is merely a kind of natural genetic/computational process. It is not that the Universe – as a agglomerate of galaxies – is becoming conscious, but, something inside it, developed from a light wave that is a working system in itself, that build the atom system, the astronomic systems, the biological systems is now building a conscious system. Ok, I can’t proof it yet as nobody can’t proof any worldview, merely i think mine is more rational based on reality I see here and now. Cheers…


Esta questão deriva do seguinte artigo:


“… in a universe governed by uncertainty principles rather than hard facts, what is the “material” in materialism? There is no good materialist theory of consciousness; far from it, an article in Chronicles of Higher Education last year labeled the current research a “bizarre” field of science.

Outros artigos links citados:

The universe may be conscious, say prominent scientists


Próximo post como abertura de novo tópico:

Com este post eu provavelmente serei banido do REDDIT e assim levarei a politica do REDDIT para ser debatida em outros canais de comunicação. 90% da população humana, ou seja, 7 bilhões de pessoas ainda mantendo o instinto de presas estão sendo neste momento torturados e impedidos de evoluírem por esta politica de instinto predador com sua produzida ciência e tecnologia desumanas como armas de dominação para continuarem a dominar a especie tal como as religiões deístas dominaram a academia intelectual outrora. O problema esta na forma como o cérebro modelado na passagem do macaco para o homo sapiens foi dividido em duas partes opostas entre si e configura as conexões neuroniais de maneira que estes cérebros não poderiam processar informações da realidade natural que exigiria um cérebro completo, integrado. Se tiveres curiosidade procure meus desenhos da anatomia cerebral e como os circuitos do cérebro dividido funcionam diferente dos circuitos do cérebro integrado. Portanto não existem meios de outra visão de mundo produzida por outro cérebro num nível mais integrado sequer se comunicar com os moderadores do REDDIT e por isso desisto. Mas insisto neste ultimo post me dirigindo a comunidade de filósofos aqui reunidos para sondar se existe algum amante da filosofia que esteja em processo de integração cerebral, que tentaria ao menos entender algo do que estou trazendo, para iniciar-mos uma comunidade `a parte.

Existe a filosofia virtual – praticada aqui neste canal do REDDIT e que vem dos filósofos gregos frequentadores da corte imperial debatendo no reino do imaginário se recusando a arregaçar as mangas, por a mão na massa da realidade natural do povo la’ fora da corte, para testar suas conclusões virtuais -  e a naturalista, sendo que a naturalista pode entender algo da virtual mas a virtual não pode entender nada, nem a linguagem, da naturalista. Imagine uma sala cheia de pessoas onde a maioria são de filósofos acadêmicos debatendo animadamente em inglês e no meio tem um pequeno grupo de índios falando apenas entre si no seu inglês influenciado pelo idioma nativo debatendo sua visão de mundo animadamente. Os índios vão estar atrapalhando o debate acadêmico, funcionando como ruídos na comunicação, os acadêmicos desprezam os indios e acreditam que sua visao do mundo esta totalmente errada, e darao seu jeito de separar o grupo, ou calar suas vozes expulsando-os para outra sala.

Pois meus posts removidos daqui são as vozes dos índios que foram expulsos da sala. Porque na juventude universitária eu estudei a filosofia acadêmica tendo meu cérebro modelado por ela e entendo algo dela, mas depois vivi 7 anos na selva que remodelou meu cérebro, aprendi a filosofia naturalista dos nativos e comparando as duas construí uma terceira visão do mundo, e conclui que para a evolução de todos os 8 bilhões de humanos ( predadores e presas), eles tem que aprenderem esta terceira visão. Mas assim como fui expulso da selva pelos nativos devido eu falar em sua linguagem de forma incompreensível, sou expulso também pelos nativos da academia dominando a moderação no REDDIT.

Para o moderador deve ter sido torturante tentar ler meu post num inglês quase incompreensível. Mas esta incompreensão é causada mais pelo desconhecimento da interpretação do mundo diferente da sua é – a qual tende a desprezar outras -  do que pelos erros na gramatica. Ele não sabe que se houver outros participantes com conexão neuronial diferente se interessariam em decifrar o conteúdo, e assim ele pode estar banindo um grupo, sem o saber e jamais vai entender. Nos poucos minutos que este post ficara no ar aqui, esperarei se alguém com cérebro funcionando similar ao meu se manifeste para criarmos um grupo separado.


A native from the jungle searching here someone interested in a debate between our two different worldview and philosophies

With this post I will probably be banned from REDDIT and thus I will lead the REDDIT politics to be debated on other communication channels. 90% of the human population, ie 7 billion people, still holding the prey instinct, are now being tortured and prevented from evolving their brains by this predatory instinct policy with its inhumane produced science and technology as weapons of domination to continue to dominate the prey, sort of as how the deist religions dominated the intellectual academy at Middle Age. The problem is how the brain was modeled in the “ape-to-homo sapiens passage”. It was split into two opposing parts which state configures the neuronal connections and its produced mindset, so that these brains can not process information from natural reality that would require a complete, integrated brain. If you’re curious look at my drawings of brain anatomy and how divided brain circuits work differently from integrated brain circuits. So there is no way for another worldview produced by another brain at a more integrated level to even communicate with REDDIT moderators and so I give up. But I insist in this last post directing myself to the community of philosophers gathered here to probe if there is any philosophy lovers who are in the process of brain integration, who would at least try to understand something of what I am bringing, for to start a community apart.

There is the virtual philosophy – practiced here on this REDDIT channel, which comes from the Greek philosophers attending the imperial court debating in the realm of the imaginary, refusing to roll up their sleeves, putting their hands on the mass of natural reality where was living the people outside the court, to test its virtual conclusions – and the naturalist, since the naturalist can understand something of the virtual but the virtual can understand nothing, nor the language, of the naturalist. Imagine a room full of people where most are academic philosophers debating animatedly in English while in the middle there is a small group of Indians speaking only to each other in their native language-influenced by English, debating their worldview excitedly. The Indians will be disrupting the academic debate, working as noises in communication, the academics despise the Indians and believe that their view of the world is totally wrong, and will give their way of separating the group, or silence their voices by expelling them to another room. .

My posts removed from here are the voices of the Indians who were expelled from the room. Because in my college youth I studied academic philosophy having my brain modeled on it and I understand something of it, but then I lived 7 years in the jungle that reshaped my brain, learned the naturalistic philosophy of the natives and grasping different signals from that biosphere, and by comparing the two I built a third worldview, and I have conclude that for the evolution of all 8 billion humans (predators and preys), they have to learn this third vision. But just as I was kicked out of the jungle by the natives because I speak their language incomprehensibly due an unknown world view, so I am kicked out by the academy natives dominating REDDIT moderation.

For the moderator it must have been torturous to try to read my post in almost incomprehensible English. But this misunderstanding is caused more by ignorance of a different interpretation of the world, other than yours is – which tends to scorn others – rather than errors in grammar. He does not know that if there are other participants with a different neuronal connection they would be interested in deciphering my content, so he may be banishing a group without knowing it and will never understand. In the few minutes this post will be in the air here, I will wait if someone with a brain working similar to mine comes forward for us to create a separate group.

The Matrix/DNA arriving to be reaveled in the biological DNA! Big hopes!

Sunday, July 7th, 2019


This Radical New DNA Microscope Reimagines The Cellular World

Jul 02, 2019

Paper deste artigo ( livre, mas nao li):

DNA Microscopy: Optics-free Spatio-genetic Imaging by a Stand-Alone Chemical Reaction

rainbow cell segmentation in DNA microscopy biotechnology

Since 30 years ago I have written: ” The building blocks of biological DNA is the exactly copy, with different materials, of the building blocks of galaxies.”

Nobody could accept it, neither to research my work searching something in it. I agree it is a very stranger idea for humans.  Since our primordial times we have separated us from what we see in the skies. Nobody thought that we could be an evolutionary continuum from the evolution of what’s in the sky.

The cause is that we are not seeing the real sky and the real microscopic structures of our bodies. We didn’t know about Nature ability to practice nanotechnology, although nature always revealed it to us, when a big human body becomes a microscopic code inside the genome. But…

” It’s not every day that something from the 17th century gets radically reinvented.” – says this article.

” … this month, a team from the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard took aim at one of the most iconic pieces of lab ware—the microscope—and tore down the entire concept to recreate it from scratch.”

And what is the initial results? - “The first time I saw a DNA microscopy image, it blew me away,” said Regev.

Yes… the sky is coming down to be see by humans how it is. Look to the above image. And now look to the image below:

Image result for the universe

I find it impressive that when we are at the middle of the macro and the micro, and we see above and below, we see the same image. I think that if we goes towards the above and towards the micro at same time, we will continuing seeing same images. because the two far away images will be clarifying at the same proportion. And when we will arrive the last frontier of the sky and of the particles, we still will see the same images. But, then, we will see things working, will extract the supreme meaning of this two structures. And they will be the same. We will see the Matrix/DNA formula as foundation of everything, at least, everything material inside this Universe, and our bodies.

For the Matrix/DNA to be discovered in full inside the DNA we need technology that reveals the network of synapses built by the connections among the photons that are inside the particles as electrons and protons inside the atoms inside the DNA. Still is missing a lot, but advances like this news in this article deserves a big commemoration.


Meu post no Facebook:

Great! Vejo o mundo humano dividido em dois níveis. Um, inspirado na leitura do livro da Melinda Gates, me causa imensa tristeza, ao conhecer os extremos do sofrimento ainda existente na maioria dos humanos, os quais estão nas camadas mais pobres. Outro, baseado em artigos como o link abaixo, vejo a humanidade forcando o avanço da tecnologia, caminhando com pressa na direção de descobrir nos segredos da Natureza o significado da nossa existência, que trara novos valores morais, e não a tecnologia, mais estes novos valores morais, vão nos levar a consertar o que de horrível esta acontecendo com a população pobre. Pois como sempre pensei, a Melinda esta mostrando que a estrategia para salvar os pobres desta carnificina e pobreza não é lhes dar dinheiro e comida agora, mas antes disso é mudar sua cultura, a errada interpretação do mundo que eles tem nas suas cabeças. Mudar cultura é mudar valores morais e mudar valores morais é mudar o comportamento, os objetivos, e estes mudam a economia em qualquer tribo. Os macacos podem estar a viver em cima de jazidas de riquezas, mas sempre serão fracos e pobres por causa de sua incipiente e quase nula visão do mundo, a qual determina seus comportamentos e objetivos nas suas vidas. Assim como os macacos menores são canibalizados pelos maiores, dentre os humanos ainda a maioria dos empresários vampirizam as energias, o tempo, a vida de seus empregados. Estes empresários que tiveram acesso a níveis superiores de educação escolar ainda tem uma visão do mundo baseada, por exemplo, nas imagens do seu DNA ocorrendo uma competição, uma luta,entre os genes, para vencer o mais forte e deixar maior descendência. Mas a imagem que ainda veem do DNA é aquela do seculo dezessete (XVII), vista de tao longe como hoje vemos as galaxias distantes e delas quase nada vemos e entendemos quase tudo errado. mas as recentes imagens do DNA já consertam muita coisa e produz novas impressões no cérebro destes empresários, levando-os a pensar no Universo quando veem o DNA. Esta ampliação dos horizontes humanos levarão a uma correção nas nossas atitudes com o planeta e os seres vivos aqui existentes.

Figure thumbnail gr5

Figure 5Inferred Large-Scale DNA Microscopy Images Preserve Cellular Resolution

What is the scientific explanation on how the universe was made?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018


( A question posted in Yahoo Answers and my answer -

What is the scientific explanation on how the universe was made? Please be specific! Thank you!?

TheUniversalMatrix Louis C. Morelli – answered at 03/16/2019

Scientific explanation has only 4 evidences for Big Bang Theory and an event like that needs thousands of evidences. But, besides scientific there is the naturalistic explanation, the method of Matrix/DNA Theory.

When you have any question about something far away from here and now ( like the origins of life) you search in Nature something that is equal here and now. So, what we can see here and now that is similar to the origins and the later development in this Universe? Human embryogenesis.

There was an ovule, then came an spermatozoon that had its membrane exploded at the center of that ovule, than a life began but before it that was the shapes of morulae, blastulae, like the shape of atoms, galaxies, the whole thing expanding, and so on. Matrix/DNA Theory has found that the a complete natural wave of light of first generation ( stars’ light are second generation) propagates in spacetime by the process of life’s cycles like human bodies does, and the seven parts of this wave works as part of a functional system, so, it is like the fundamental unit of information of DNA, which is composed by two lateral pars of nucleotides.

Matrix/DNA Theory has found also the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution, showing that since the Big Bang there is a unique natural universal system under the same evolutionary lineage, which changed shapes as atoms, galaxies, cells and now, humans. You must understand that this Universe is not magical, so, it can’t do anything for which he has no information for. The Universe can not create new information from nothing. So, where came from all information for embryogenesis? Simple: all information were encrypted as the anatomy of the first light wave emitted with the Big Bang, like all information for your body were in that parents` genome.

Finally: Matrix/DNA Theory final results suggests that in this Universe is being nurtured by genetic process a kind of son of the unknown thing that produced the Big Bang. Since the last most complex thing here and now is consciousness, and each human being is nurturing a bit of a fetus of consciousness inside their brain, must have billions of other life forms at other worlds nurturing another bits of the same fetus and the final product at the last day – the day of the Big Birth – will be a fully formed universal baby consciousness… Ok, you can ask to religion or academic Science and believe in their explanations, but I thin it would be more rational asking straight to Nature. When someone is humble and ask it, Nature shows the signals where the explanation lies, Nature does not plays dice with her creatures. The draw below is the face of LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestor and the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution. Just this design, which is a working system has the same shape and functionality of the fundamental unit of information of DNA. This system can performing mechanistic sexual reproduction, metabolism, etc. it has all life’s properties as less evolved fashion. The first living cell was a reproductive copy of it with mutations due different environment and substances.