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Evolução do Cérebro? O que é Ficção Científica, Os Obstáculos da Ciência Real, e a Teoria da Matrix/DNA

sábado, setembro 16th, 2017



Artigo extraído do seguinte debate com nossa participação ( anotar que para o assunto cérebro/energia acrescento o link embaixo para a palestra de Suzana Herculano sobre como o cérebro desenvolveu devido o cozimento dos alimentos):

Evolution of the Brain? What is Science Fiction, The Constraints From Real Science and the Theory from Matrix/DNA

Robert Beckendorff – 9/14/2017

All Biology is FLAWED in some way or another. It is up to MAN to take what Mother Nature has dished up and make adjustments and improvements. Eugenics is the future, guaranteed. Piss on all the religious idiots who oppose Human Progress. Micro-Bionics is the FUTURE: Soon enough, the entire brain and nervous system, will be enhanced with micro-chip and micro-robotic systems, the Cardio-Vascular system just the same. As humans become less dependant upon flawed raw biology, life will become much richer and longer. A whole new man made level of beauty and fitness will emmerge. Biology will be employed in our computers; Bio-Electronics will be employed in our bodies. We are about to convert Raw Biology into Man Made Bio-Technology. NO one can stop it. To Hell with all the religious fanatics, the all their BS about the “End Times”.

Louis Charles Morelli – Robert Beckendorff – ” … flawed raw biology…”

 I don’t blame Nature due flawed Biology because it seems clear that there is a cycle “chaos>order>transcendence>degeneration>chaos>order…” so, it seems Nature has three states, and this Earth biosphere emerged in state of chaos. What you are wishing about our future is merely the natural sequence, we are going to an ordered state. Our biggest problem is the human inheritance of three animal instincts – instinct for big predator, middle predator, and prey – which are product of chaos and we still carries on these in our genetics and modeling our psyche. So, if we produces high technology now, it will not be used for the well of the whole humanity but will be appropriated by the 1% as big predators against the other two class. Preys – the big mass of 90% of the population are inertial, they don’t care about human progress, only food, which is their way to extinction due overpopulation. So, if we don’t self-exorcise ourselves from these three instincts and don’t make efforts for others doing it, high technology will lead us to worst scenario: The Brave New World ( where everybody are stupid in the paradise) under the government of the Big Brother ( where included the human minds are not free).
Robert Beckendorff2 days ago
Humans have always been ruled over and controlled by a tiny power above them. This is the natural way of things. Those who have control of knowledge in a scoiety, have the power to rule over the masses, and they do so usually in a benevolent way. Today, there is no excuse for being ignorant. We have instant global sharing, and an Internet that can settle any dispute, and answer any question.
Louis Charles Morelli2 days ago
Robert Beckendorff – Are you a hard work in construction or 12 hours/day in a factory, as 7 billion humans works or are dependent of these workers and their misery wage? And still you can pay a college where one gets such knowledge? My friend, you don’t know the third world or the reality of the “projects” at the first world and these is 90% of humans. And for your sake, it is a tactic among the big predators of the third world that the population must be kept ignorant.
redlegagent 1 day ago
Try not to allow science FICTION to override real science.  It is one thing to merely deliver a micro-electrical pulse along a nerve track or to an area of the brain in a crude fashion so as to stimulate a response – as the nervous system is already established and you are merely mimicking energy transference.  It is another thing altogether to attempt to interface with human memories in a coherent fashion which may originate from different areas of the brain and for which we are not able to understand right now.  The same for attaching synthetic parts to our bodies – again via that already pre-established system.  So I would not hold my breath just yet waiting for human/technological hybrids as we clearly have a lot to learn yet.  Our brains are as good as nature could make them.  While science fiction loves to blather on about humans supposedly developing more advanced brain capacity – our current brains already use a lot of the resources our bodies can provide.  To increase brain capacity would require a fundamental re-working of our bodies to deliver the additional oxygen and nutrients required to sustain said higher functioning.  In short – we would over-tax our organ systems which could not deliver the necessary metabolic elements without compromising themselves in the process as our brains are already “hogs” who steal a sizeable chunk of our oxygen etc. from our blood supply.
eeeaten – 1 day ago
apparently i’m somewhat more optimistic than you three. i see no reason to ascribe laws of cycles or instincts to our fates, and i doubt these are even true. newton’s second law implies a natural move towards disorder, while specific systems within the universe may or may not have increasing complexity depending on local energy sources (eg a star). in regard to humanity and instincts, we have a tendency toward increasing civility and decreasing violence (pinker’s better angels is a great read on this), suggesting humanity is capable of creating a future for itself without tyranny or even war. i don’t think human-technological augmentation is far away at all (check out ray kurzweil’s predictions). we already have infinite-information devices in front of our eyes every day: it’s a small step for these to be accessed directly by our brains – limited only by (fast-evolving) technology. as ever, the future is scary but bright.
redlegagent -n1 day ago
Think of it like the old Westerns where the bad guys would climb a telegraph pole and listen in on the wire.  Things like devices which release a small electrical charge to a section of the brain so as to “disrupt” the electrical signals to prevent a seizure or else attaching a artificial limb which likewise is connected to the existing nerve pathways is basically the same thing.  All you are doing is applying an electrical charge which then transits the existing nerve pathways by overriding natural bio-chemical signals.  That is not the same as somehow tapping into our memories and being able to generate new memories + recall and manipulate neuron transmission in a coherent fashion.  To use artificial technology to enhance our knowledge means that we must be able to accurately access the human brain – understand what areas need to be stimulated to generate specific results – and to then be able to do that.  Suffice to say we are no where near that today.  It’s not like we have a USB plug in our brains.  Our brains process different information is different places – thus one must be able to understand and influence the entire brain to facilitate new information.  As to cultures – technology has always grown at a faster pace than human behavior.  We develop new technologies – and eventually we learn how to use them in a responsible way.  Social development is always the weak link in the chain since people are individuals – each with their own wants and needs – which is why change is always slow.  The way to stimulate altruism and empathy has always been via mass communication.  The more people are connected and see what goes on in the world around them – the more that awareness stimulates responses to what they see
Louis Charles Morelli
redlegagent – “To increase brain capacity would require a fundamental re-working of our bodies”.
Maybe not. We increased the processing capacity of computers while diminishing the size of hardware by advancing electronics. Same for the relation motor capacity/truck size. This is still fiction, but the Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting a formula for systems made by biophotons and a network of biophotons could replace electrical chemical signals and network, without needing more nutrients from the body…
Louis Charles Morelli
eeeaten ” I see no reason to ascribe laws of cycles or instincts to our fates”.
So, how could be broken the natural course that all ancestors ( living and non-living ancestors) has followed to such fate? The answer would be ” self-exorcising the selfish gene” since that our surrounding environment ( this biosphere) is modeled by and for to keep the selfish gene. But how you will drive a human with tendency to be big predator to other humans beings – which has the abstract shape of canines in its psyche designed by genetics – to wish their self-exorcising? A predator has canines, no way to change its behavior. Take out the preys he will die.
Louis Charles Morelli
eeeaten – ” I think you’re implying our ancestors were all selfish and violent…”
No. They were all selfish, but about violence, there is the instinct for prey which is inertial, not aggressive neither for self-defense. This is our problem, the universal duality (hot/cold,male/female,etc.) is here, how to eliminate a universal duality? But it is not, as you said “is an inescapable part of our nature” The two opposites of any duality will arrive to a marriage (hot/cold = no temperature or a median temperature). So you can go to “no more human species” or a descendant more evolved shape resulting from the marriage. It is upon to us our fate. Till now the human history offers no hope. All social systems created till now mimics the rules in the jungle among animals: there is the big predators ( the 1% or high aristocracy), the middle predators (wolves, fox, as the middle class); and the preys ( the 90% still slaves and uneducated). That’s why I am fighting my fight: we need self-exorcise this instincts from our genetics and primary psyche at the same time we need insisting with others to do that, and it means you against the three class. That’s why I am no leftist, no rightist, neither neutral: we need a new kind of social system that does not mimicks animals… or death.
redlegagent – +Louis – computers require electricity which is not an internal part of the system but rather comes from an external source.  Look at your body.  There is a reason why oxygenated blood goes directly from the left ventricle to shunt straight to your brain – your brain requires the highest amount of oxygen of all your organs in the body to sustain itself.  Your brain is only about ~20% or so of gray matter – and gray matter is the portion which is associated with complex thinking.  The white matter represents the bulk of your brain and it is mostly there to facilitate transmission of signals for the gray matter.  This means that most of your brain is not conducive to higher thought.  So understanding that – understand that our brains place a high demand upon the rest of our body to keep it supplied with enough oxygen and blood to facilitate our currently level of cognition.  In order to foster even higher brain function – our cardio-pulmonary and circulatory systems would have to supply even more sustenance to our brains………… the expense of their own function + the rest of our body which also requires a certain level of cellular nutrition.  In short our brains are developed about as good as they can based upon what the body can supply them.  To access as noted via external devices – we must first understand where and how the bio-chemical signals which represent our memories and thought processes originate = and then be able to interface them in a coherent fashion so that our brain understands what we are trying to tell it and vice-versa in order to operate in a cogent fashion.  So while we are learning about how certain areas of the brain are associated with certain functions – that is not the same as being able to input new commands or recovering memories such as are associated with cognition.
Louis Charles Morelli
redlegagent – Thanks, by good information, you have demonstrated why Robert Beckendorff must slow down his optimism and what seems science fiction. We will wait to see how natural evolution will solve this problem ( maybe giants humans?). If you have not seen the theory of this smart scientist ( human brains developed due cocking food increasing absorption of energy), here is the link, TED TALK: By my hand, I am involved in an investigation about brain and consciousness that seems “weird” or “esoteric” by people with current world view. I am trying to get a full anatomy of the brain in 3D for superimposing the picture upon the drawing of a software diagram that works as a formula for all natural systems. If I can locate at least seven different regions/or pieces as glandules, the brain picture will fit with the formula picture, then, we can identify the specific systemic function of each piece/organ. The brain is a system in itself, so, it must have as template or blue print, this formula for systems. The second investigation is more “weird”. A surprising suggestion from the formula that I got is the explanation why we are using more the left than the right hemisphere. The brain is divided into two sides like the formula is also. In the formula there is a flow of information running in a spherical circuit but when the flow arrives to a Function 4, it is divided into two flows, one continuing the sphere and other going down towards the beginning, where is Function 1. In the brain, the trajectory of this lateral flow would be from the cortex towards the hippocampus, through the corpus callosum. Final conclusion: the human life still needs the fight for survival which needs focusing here and now and the attributes for these are at the left. We can’t lose time/energy with things beyond our survival zone, which are attributes of the right H. Then what is happening? Our thoughts happens only in half potential. When we begins a new thought, it must obey the systemic trajectory which designs the process of life’s cycle like our body. Each thought seems a living thing, with birth (must be at the hippocampal region, F1) , grow, maturation, degeneration and death. If it is useful is registered in the memory, if not, it is lost. It happens that in this still primitive phase of brain evolution, and the fight for survival, the thought as flow of energy’ information is born in F1, goes clockwise through the left h. and when arrive at the cortex, instead going to the right for to be enriched with its attributes, it quickly go down back to hippocampus. We can’t jump to a more elevated, holistic, cosmic, understanding and processing. I suspect that the effort in practices of meditation, like those Indian guys says they can reach nirvana, is the effort to push on the flow making it crossing the barrier of corpus callosum and entering into the right side. My second investigation is more “weird” yet. My formulas and models are suggesting that consciousness must be based in a more subtil network composed by biophotons, which our scientific instruments are not able to detect yet. There are too manny indications suggesting this hypothesis and, since consciousness must be a new system also based on the formula, I have indications about how is designed and evolving this network. If it will be proved existent, then, forget the problem brain/energy supply in relation to evolution and complexity of our mind, nature already has the solution: it is other kind of energy, free in space. ( ok, I told these things only as curiosity and since you like the issue about brain, maybe is your curiosity also). Cheers…

Consciencia: Orch OR’ theory

sábado, agosto 5th, 2017


Ler este paper:

Consciousness in the universe: a review of the ‘Orch OR’ theory.


Relações “mente x cérebro” e “software x hardware”

sábado, maio 20th, 2017


O texto abaixo é de um comentário postado na Internet. Alguns pontos estão relacionados com a sugestão da Matrix/DNA, como por exemplo, a sugestão de que existe um processo de feed-back evolucionário entre software e hardware. O autor relata que a mente ( o software), pode mudar a estrutura do cérebro ( o hardware), mesmo enquanto um cérebro existe… o que não foi sugerido pela Matrix/DNA. Vejamos o comentário e uma interessante resposta a ele:

” No computador, a programação está representada em estados elétricos, na mente, a memória é representada de forma simbólica, e está armazenada nas sinapses, as conexões entre os neurônios.

Só que, diferente de um computador, no cérebro a programação (que é em parte introduzida via interação social, parte já vem “pronta”, como os instintos de sobrevivência) altera a própria estrutura do cérebro. Experiências traumáticas deixam marcas indeléveis no cérebro, marcas que se traduzem em traumas e fobias.

No momento que a pessoa morre, a sua consciência se desfaz, à medida que as sinapses vão se desfazendo e os neurônios vão morrendo. Por isto um acidente que resulte em asfixia pode causar traumas tão sérios no cérebro. Também aneurismas costumam comprometer regiões do cérebro resultando em perda de memórias e perda de habilidades, que tem que ser reaprendidas (a pessoa passa a treinar outras regiões do cérebros para fazer aquela atividade que era responsabilidade da região perdida).

Não tem computador no mundo que funcione desta forma. Você pode, por exemplo, copiar a memória de um computador em outro computador, e os dois terem a partir daquele momento exatamente o mesmo conteúdo, mas como é que você vai copiar a matriz de sinapses de um cérebro em outro? Por isto também não tem como fazer a transferência de mente de um corpo para outro sem que se faça a transferência de todo o sistema neurológico (tronco cerebral completo).”

Resposta de outro comentador:

” O computador realmente não tem memória, mas assim como o cérebro, retém cargas elétricas armazenadas para indicar uma atividade. Essas cargas em forma de ponto dependem extremamente do sistema e sem este nada é.
Por favor, qualquer um que entenda informática sabe que o pc reproduz imagem e video mas não os vê, reproduz música, mas não a escuta. Da mesma forma armazena dados como se tivesse memória própria, mas não lembra de nada!”

E outro comentario:

Para melhor explicar o que penso, vou fazer uma analogia.
Vamos tomar como exemplo um PC e vamos considerar que o cérebro do PC é o processador. O processador é responsável por todas as atividades do computador e tem uma memória responsável para efetuar tarefas repetitivas. Porém não tem inteligência para escrever um texto, desenhar uma figura ou efetuar cálculos necessários para a construção de um prédio por exemplo. Todavia, o dono do computador, que está fora dele, e que consideraremos como a Consciência, resolve instalar um programa chamado Office para escrever textos e que pode ser considerado como um atributo inteligente. Assim, essa Consciência, mesmo estando fora do computador e do processador interfere nele integralmente. Depois de alguns textos escritos, o processador já saberá como se comportar e vai repetir automáticamente as tarefas de abrir o editor, escrever o texto e salvar o arquivo, mas não terá a menor noção da importância do conteúdo do texto. Quem vai ter essa noção é o dono do computador que está fora dele, ou seja, a Consciência do computador. O processador do computador poderá com o tempo apresentar defeitos o que impossibilitará a Consciência (o dono) de utilizar o computador. Da mesma forma, o nosso cérebro desempenha funções meramente automáticas e repetitivas, absorve atributos inteligentes e utiliza-os repetindo as mesmas funções automáticamente. Só a Consciência que está fora do corpo e do cérebro é capaz de fazer uso inteligente desses conteúdos. Se nosso cérebro apresentar defeitos quer por desgaste quer por uso de drogas, a Consciência não poderá mais interagir com ele.

Evolucao do Cerebro e Despertar da Consciência nos Sistemas Biologicos

sábado, maio 20th, 2017


Isto esta’ baseado na perspectiva da evolução neo-darwinista:

1-Cérebros de peixes a pequenos anfíbios
Economia de energia (sossego, paz) e Reação rápida (susto).

2-Cérebros de répteis a pequenos pássaros
Reconhecimento mútuo (aconchego) e mais os dois anteriores.

3-Cérebros de pequenos e grandes predadores homeotérmicos:
Territorialismo (bravura, egoísmo) e mais os três anteriores.

4-Cérebros de grandes herbívoros e mamíferos graciosos:
Expressão vocal (conversas) e mais os quatro anteriores.

5-Cérebros de grandes predadores gregários:
Estratégia (matemática básica) e mais os cinco anteriores.

Embora estes seis grupos zoológicos possam incluir quase todo cérebro, inclusive e de muitos dos que se dizem deuses, é preciso lembrar que falamos de consciência.

6-Cérebros de humanos:
Consciência (capacidade de reflexão) e mais os seis anteriores.

?-Cérebros de grandes humanos:
Transcendência (capacidade de saber-se) e mais os sete anteriores.

Consciência: Teoria “Espaço do Trabalho Global”

sábado, maio 20th, 2017


A Ciência Moderna tem duas teorias eleitas sobre a consciência. Uma e’ a Teoria da Informação Integrada sobre a qual escrevi outro artigo aqui. neste artigo vamos pesquisar a outra teoria, espaço do Trabalho Global. Meu primeiro conhecimento desta teoria foi no link:

Cientistas se aproximam da Teoria da Consciência

Texto sobre a teoria:

Espaço de trabalho global

Esta teoria promissora sugere que a consciência funciona um pouco como a memória do computador, que pode lembrar e manter uma experiência mesmo depois dela ter passado. Bernard Baars, neurocientista do Instituto de Neurociências de La Jolla, Califórnia (EUA), desenvolveu esta teoria, que é conhecida como a teoria do espaço de trabalho global. Tal ideia é baseada em um conceito antigo de inteligência artificial chamado de quadro negro, um banco de memória que diferentes programas de computador poderiam acessar.

Qualquer coisa, desde a aparência do rosto de uma pessoa a uma memória de infância pode ser reproduzida na lousa do cérebro, onde a informação pode ser enviada para outras áreas do cérebro que irão processá-la. De acordo com a teoria de Baars, o ato de transmissão de informações no cérebro a partir deste banco de memória é o que representa a consciência.

A teoria do espaço de trabalho global e a teoria da informação integrada não são mutuamente excludentes, diz Koch. As primeira tenta explicar em termos práticos se algo é consciente ou não, enquanto a segunda procura explicar como a consciência funciona de forma mais ampla. “Neste momento, ambas podem ser verdade”, conclui.


Integrated Information Theory (IIT): Moderna Teoria Sobre Auto-Consciencia

sexta-feira, maio 12th, 2017


A Ciencia Moderna tem duas eleitas teorias sobre a consciência. Uma chama-se Espaco de Trabalho Global, desenvolvida pelo neurocientista Bernard Baars, do Instituto de Neurociências de La Jolla, Califórnia (EUA), sobre a qual escrevo outro artigo. A qui vamos tratar da outra teoria, a Teoria da Informação Integrada.

Phi, the symbol for integrated information.

Primeiro conhecimento da Teoria obtida no debate com vídeo  e participação do autor da teoria, Giulio Tononi, em:

Consciousness: Explored and Explained


Consciousness: Explored and Explained

My 2 comments posted at the video/YouTube:

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/17/2017

Sir Giulio Tononi will advance his research if he learns about the universal formula discovered by matrix/DNA Theory for all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies to brains and probable, consciousness ( it must be a system also, and it must have a configuration that is the projection of the brain’s system). It is very hard dealing with systems without knowing what really is a system, why they exists and why they works the way they does. Nature has applied a formula for doing them and the formula explains everything. Integrated information, reducible mechanisms, everything are there, in the formula. How each part of a system is built by the same life’s cycle process, which are the specific universal function of each part, their locations and shapes, etc. For example, the identity of systems becomes very clear looking to the formula. But, just identity of systems is a good evidence that consciousness is an entity under evolution from systems to systems since the beginnings of time, before life’s origins.
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/17/2017
Matter is able to become conscious of itself, alone? Every scientific work done about consciousness is like Integrated Information Theory. See the paper: it is hard work collecting natural phenomena related to what we think consciousness does, surrounding the phenomenon, but, as black holes, never reaching or touching or seeing it. No problem, this is the normal procedures in Science, it is the secret by which we had known invisible things. But, there is a belief driving the scientific investigation. That brains produces consciousness. Which means: matter can become conscious of itself. My question is: ” What if the belief is wrong? How much time, money, effort, we will loose? Which evidence or other natural parameter without the human brain we have for believing in this way? What if the knowledge of consciousness is only possible by a different scientific approach? At Matrix/DNA Theory, our theoretical models are suggesting that consciousness has nothing to do with the event of the Big Bang, but it was there, beyond and before the event. Like a human brain gets consciousness at 6 or 8 months at embryonary state but is no the brain creating consciousness first time in the world, it was existing before and beyond the little embryogenetic universe of the embryo, it was existing at potential state inside the genetics of the embryo, waiting the brain reaching the right level of complexity. So, it is we an our universe. Consciousness can flourish at any place where a natural system reaches such complexity, but, consciousness never will be explained while we are inside this universe. Which means that we must continuing these scientific efforts trying to know the effects of consciousness, not its explanation, origins, formation.


Integrated information theory (IIT) attempts to explain what consciousness is and why it might be associated with certain physical systems. Given any such system, the theory predicts whether that system is conscious, to what degree it is conscious, and what particular experience it is having (see Central Identity). According to IIT, a system’s consciousness is determined by its causal properties and is therefore an intrinsic, fundamental property of any physical system.[1]

IIT was proposed by neuroscientist Giulio Tononi in 2004, and has been continuously developed over the past decade. The latest version of the theory, labeled IIT 3.0, was published in 2014 ( cont.)

  • ver lista de referencias de papers relacionados na Wikipedia


Primeiro Paper do autor da teoria, Giulio Tononi, publicado em 2014, na PubMed, livre para leitura:

From the phenomenology to the mechanisms of consciousness: Integrated Information Theory 3.0.

( Observar Funding Statement: This work was supported by a Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grant, by the McDonnell Foundation, and by the Templeton World Charities Foundation (Grant #TWCF 0067/AB41). )


Artigo na Nature ( somente abstrato livre):

Integrated information theory: from consciousness to its physical substrate

Ver lista de referencias na Nature sobre papers publicados e relacionados a IIT


Copia de uma analise em português desta teoria:

Informação Integrada

O neurocientista Giulio Tononi, da Universidade de Wisconsin-Madison (EUA), desenvolveu uma das teorias mais promissoras para a consciência, conhecida como teoria da informação integrada, na qual Koch também trabalhou, em parceria com Tononi.

Entender como o cérebro produz o material de experiências subjetivas, tais como a cor verde ou o som das ondas do mar, é o que o filósofo australiano David Chalmers chama de “problema difícil” da consciência. Tradicionalmente, os cientistas têm tentado resolver este problema com uma abordagem que vai de baixo para cima, um tipo de processamento de informação baseado em dados vindos do meio ao qual o sistema pertence para formar uma percepção. “Você pega um pedaço do cérebro e tentar espremer o suco de consciência [dali]”, explica o diretor científico do Instituto Allen. “Mas isso é quase impossível”.

Em contraste, a teoria de informação integrada começa com a própria consciência e tenta trabalhar de marcha ré para entender os processos físicos que dão origem a este fenômeno. A ideia básica é que a experiência consciente representa a integração de uma grande variedade de informações e que esta experiência é irredutível. Isto significa que quando você abrir os olhos (supondo que você tenha uma visão normal), você não pode simplesmente optar por ver tudo em preto e branco, ou ver apenas o lado esquerdo de seu campo de visão.

Em vez disso, seu cérebro tece perfeitamente em conjunto uma rede complexa de informações dos sistemas sensoriais e processos cognitivos. Vários estudos têm mostrado que é possível medir o grau de integração utilizando técnicas de estimulação cerebral e de gravação.

A teoria da informação integrada atribui um valor numérico, “phi”, ao grau de irredutibilidade. Se o phi é zero, o sistema é redutível a suas partes individuais, mas se o phi é alto, o sistema é mais do que apenas a soma de suas partes. Este sistema explica como a consciência pode existir em diferentes graus nos seres humanos e em outros animais. A teoria incorpora alguns elementos do pampsiquismo, a filosofia de que a mente não está presente apenas em humanos, mas em todas as coisas.

Um corolário interessante da teoria da informação integrada é que nenhuma simulação de computador, não importa o quão fielmente replica uma mente humana, jamais poderia tornar-se consciente. Koch colocar desta forma: “Você pode simular o tempo em um computador, mas ele nunca vai ficar ‘molhado’”.



Fluido Cerebroespinal: O Fluido do Circuito da Matrix?! Veja O Vortice…

sábado, janeiro 28th, 2017


The Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Appearance of “I Am”, Mauro Zappaterra

Prestar atenção na forma dos ventrículos, do vórtice acima da cabeca…

Ver também o paper provando que o DMT (conhecido como “a molécula do espirito”, o alucinogeno no Santo Daime e plantas), existe na glândula pineal e várias outras partes do corpo levado pelo CSF:


O dia em que descobri que o cérebro está deitado (na horizontal) e nao em pé … Pois estas imagens sugerem como os ventrículos estruturam a fórmula da Matrix/DNA, e aqui a formula está na horizontal. Isto vai modificar toda a orientacao na busca de identificar as partes do sistema.

Human Ventricular system colored and animated.gif

Rotating 3D rendering of the four ventricles and connections. From top to bottom: Blue – Lateral ventricles Cyan – Interventricular foramina (Monro) Yellow – Third ventricle Red – Cerebral aqueduct (Sylvius) Purple – fourth ventricle Green – continuous with the central canal

Rotating 3D rendering of the four ventricles



Meu comentario postado no Youtube:

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 01/28/2017

Dr. Mauro and everybody that is studying the brain and consciousness need to know the universal formula that build all natural systems, because brain is a system and human consciousness is an embryo of ex-machine consciousness, which is also a system. I am telling that because we need to sum our different expertises into this investigation. You can developing your understanding of the CSF when seeing its picture side by side with the formula’s picture. I can’t say more here because I can’t bring on the formula here, which is at my website,

First of all, the 3rd ventriloque is at the position of F1 (at the formula). The two lateral ventriloques performs the whole sphere. CSF is the flow of information that runs inside the spherical systemic circuit. The branch that leave the sphere for running as spinal cord is due the brain being an opened system ( my formula is draw as the closed system state), so the spinal cord is the extension of the system’s brain for connecting with another system, which is the body, built as an accessory.

We need to identificate which gland and cerebral region represents each systemic function, then, we will have a total understanding of the brain. The vortice above the head is saw by natives of Amazon jungle when drinking the beverage called “Saint Dayme”, a kind of ayahuasca which I think contains DMT. I watched those natives and hypnotizing them to see things that I was looking for. My big surprise is that they described a picture identical to the one described by Asian religions where they talks about kundalini and chakras, but, going further in my questions I found that the picture is anything else than the DNA ( two kundalinis in spiral are the two DNA’s streams and the chakras are the nitrogenous basis. It makes sense: the alucinogenos make our neurons to reveal what is at their nucleus – DNA. Since that the Amazon and Asian natives does not know DNA, they invented this mystical interpretation.

The vortice ( as described in Amazon) is composed by tiny, colored, microscopic flying things that moves around us. When they feel a next brain, they falls towards the cortex, drawing the spiral vortex. They enters inside CSF, they are added to another particles coming from the body and neurons and they are the energy and bits of informations carried by CSF. These particles are equal the draw of some particles described by Physics. I think that they are solar atoms burned at the Sun and sent to the space. They seem as a lizard, having a central body like a line in ice color, which, the formula suggests, is composed by protons and neutrons from the burned atoms. And they have luminous points that seems as legs, but each leg has a different color. These legs are electrons, and the different colors is due photons inside them. The Matrix/DNA formula comes from cosmic radiation and from stars like the sun, fragmented as these photons.These things penetrates our body through the top of the head, by the vortex. In this way, biological systems like human bodies and brains are built by evolution.

We have a problem to solve. The CSF running inside the spinal cord should be two ways, one going down and other going up. Like the trunk of trees. At least, this is what the Matrix/DNA formula is suggesting. But, the information I have is that till now is detected only one flow, going down. Is it right?


Cerebralspinal fluid CVS (liquido cefalorraquiano ou Fluido cerebrospinal)

Líquido cefalorraquidiano


File:1316 Meningeal LayersN.jpg

O fluido (amarelo) passando pelo cortex e rodeando o cerebro. A divisão longitudinal ‘e o corpus callosun dividindo os hemisférios – fonte:



Global Consciousness Project

quinta-feira, janeiro 26th, 2017


Publicada minha sugestão ao Projeto:

Louis Charles Morelli: A suggestion to this project:

(Verificar respostas na pagina do projeto no Facebook)

Nature is cyclical, also em relation to chaos em order. The cosmological states of order and chaos are measured by astronomic time, but these cycles are composed by micro-cycles at human time’s scale. We don’t know which natural forces are behind these states, and I am suspecting that these forces has effects over human consciousness – or mental states. You know the fairy-tale in the Bible about the seven years of fat cows and tiny cows. I think that these forces acts over humans instincts inherited from ancestrals animals – the instincts for predator and prey. These instincts are located at the low brain and in conflict/interactions with the neocortex ( maybe the consciousness location) at the high brain. These instincts cames in our genetic charge and it is dependable if a person will born from predator or prey status and culture, which instinct will be dominant at each person.

Several events in the last months indicates that our planet is under a wave of the force that supports the predator instinct. Brexit, Trump, the return of the extreme right in Brasil, etc. It suggests that a kind of mental super-organism surrounding the gaia surface turns on the predator mind to be strong ( its fat cows) which means that the prey mind becomes weak (its tiny cows period). Is there a way for yours numbers generators testing this hypothesis? Any additional study, I have several articles about in my website. Cheers…


A ideia básica deste projeto e’ de que havendo uma coerência de consciências, os eventos ao acaso passam a serem dominados tornando-se eventos numa certa ordem. Para testar isso, espalha-se coletores de dados ( ramdom generators numbers) no planeta e procede-se a analise destes dados, procurando uma relacao entre as ocorrências e estado emotivo da consciência global.

Matrix: Talvez a intenção do projeto esteja equivocada. Ele parte da suspeita de que um evento ocorrido no ambiente físico de grande repercussão cause um pico de estado emocional na população. Mas, por exemplo, as grandes ondas das vacas gordas para o instinto predador que são as vacas magras para as presas, não vem de um ambiente físico conhecido, e parece ser mais relativo a camada mental que reveste a superfície do planeta, no estilo da hipótese do super-organismo de Gaia.

  • Matrix: Verificar o Super-Organismo Mental de Gaia
  • In 2003, a New York Times article concluded “All things considered at this point, the stock market seems a more reliable gauge of the national—if not the global—emotional resonance.”
  • According to The Age, Nelson concedes “the data, so far, is not solid enough for global consciousness to be said to exist at all. It is not possible, for example, to look at the data and predict with any accuracy what (if anything) the eggs (70 coletores de dados e geradores de numeros ao acaso espalhados no planeta) may be responding to.”
  • Robert Matthews said that while it was “the most sophisticated attempt yet” to prove psychokinesis existed, the unreliability of significant events to cause statistically significant spikes meant that “the only conclusion to emerge from the Global Consciousness Project so far is that data without a theory is as meaningless as words without a narrative”

(Wiki) –

The GCP’s methodology is based on the hypothesis that events which elicit widespread emotion or draw the simultaneous attention of large numbers of people may affect the output of hardware random number generators in a statistically significant way.[1][non-primary source needed] The GCP maintains a network of hardware random number generators which are interfaced to computers at 70 locations around the world. Custom software reads the output of the random number generators and records a trial (sum of 200 bits) once every second. The data are sent to a server in Princeton, creating a database of synchronized parallel sequences of random numbers.


A metodologia do GCP e’ baseada na hipótese de que eventos os quais motivam o espalhamento de emoção ou desenha a atenção simultânea de grande numero de pessoas podem afetar o geradores de números ao acaso num hardware numa significantemente estatística maneira. O GCP mantem uma rede de hardware geradores de números ao acaso os quais são interfaceados com computadores em 70 localidades em volta do planeta. Um software lê as amostras do RNG e registra um julgamento (soma de 200 bits) uma vez a cada segundo. Os dados são enviados a um servidor em Princeton, criando uma base de dados sincronizada paralelamente as sequencias dos números ao acaso.

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP, also called the EGG Project) is a parapsychology experiment begun in 1998 as an attempt to detect possible interactions of “global consciousness” with physical systems. The project monitors a geographically distributed network of hardware random number generators in a bid to identify anomalous outputs that correlate with widespread emotional responses to sets of world events, or periods of focused attention by large numbers of people.[1][non-primary source needed] The GCP is privately funded through the Institute of Noetic Sciences[2] and describes itself as an international collaboration of about 100 research scientists and engineers.

Em paralelo, existe o…

Web Bot

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Web Bot is an internet bot computer program whose developers claim is able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. It was developed in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends.[1] The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website

The Global Consciousness Project
Meaningful Correlations in Random Data



Institute of Noetic Sciences

A Guerra Materialista Contra a Auto-consciencia: O Cogumelo que Transformou o Cérebro do Macaco?

quarta-feira, janeiro 18th, 2017


Graham Hancock sempre foi um escritor e jornalista famoso, mas agora esta causando polêmica com sua teoria sobre as origens da auto-consciência. Ele esteve no Peru tomando ayuhaska ( Santo Daime?) com xamans, teve suas experiencias alucinógenas e elaborou esta teoria pela qual esta’ militando agora. E’ uma interessante e plausível teoria, mas está sendo combatida pelo pessoal do materialismo ortodoxo que acredita nem existir consciencia, e sim um fenômeno produzido pelo cérebro, por acaso. Porém, eu também estive com xamãs, também observei os efeitos destes alucinógenos nos xamãs, e com minha teoria diferente tenho alguns senões os quais foram publicados no vídeo do Youtube e copiado abaixo:

BANNED TALK Graham Hancock The war Over Consciousness

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – jan-01/18/2017

My experiences in Amazon jungle watching shamans drinking the beverage called Saint Daime gave me a different theory. At altered state of mind, he described what was seeing and feeling and I wrote and draw the images. My surprise is that the drawing showed the figures of chakras and kundalini, but it was the same image of DNA. Also, flying colored microscopic lizards were the same diagrams of particles physics, more exactly, photons.

Since that I was investigating the systems that composes the Amazon biosphere and got a constant pattern – which I call Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems – and the formula lead me to compose different atomic and astronomic theoretical models, I think that the hallucinogenic substance makes the brain revealing to consciousness what is registered at our DNA. But not only the registration of our human DNA, and so, the registration of a universal Matrix/DNA that is 13,8 billion years old.

Why and how native people that never left jungle, the American continent, describes images and histories described by the founders of I Ching which are the same images and history at the Genesis, in the Bible? And all of them, all these images, are just the DNA that are at the center of our neurons? If my theoretical models of atoms and galaxies are the right ones, how those people described those models?

To me the answer is clear: atoms and the Milk Way are our ancestrals same way that are reptiles and mammals, so, they are registered at our memories ( My bet is the junk DNA). The modern materialism is the product of inherited genetics from the system/ancestral surrounding us, which created us, and it is described by Newtonian mechanics: this astronomic system. It is a closed system. The whole biosphere is driving to reproduce biologically our flesh/meat creator. so, the goal is to reduce human kind as a common piece of the final machine ( The Brave New World under the Big Brother which will play the rules of the astronomic system non-conscious identity). That’s why they are trying to eliminate the essence of consciousness.

The problem is that consciousness is coming from beyond and before the formation of this galaxy, it was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and animals and is now a kind of embryo waken up at human beings. And it is an opened system, then, there is the conflict with our immediate creator. Our flesh meat body is the last generation of a universal systemic hardware while our mind is a universal evolving software.

I spent seven years in Amazon jungle but never smoking or drinking those hallucinogenic because I believe that my mind is the unique thing that I have in fact and I never will permit that nobody with religions and no plants with their temptations get the control of my mind. I knew how to hypnotize the shamans and getting what they was experiencing, or better, I could drive them to see what I want. I think Mr. Hancock did it wrong smoking/drinking drugs and my advise to you is avoiding these strange chemicals. The description of the Eden Paradise, with all its symbols – like Adam and Eve, the serpent, the apple, etc._ is just the exactly description of the galactic anatomy and state of existence. It was/is our creator and ancestral.

So, we know the source that was the foundations of all these bigger religions: our non-biological memories triggered as non-sense flashes by chemical substances. And their wrong interpretations because the authors of the Eden and the chakras and kundalini did not know about DNA. ( if someone wish to know more about my research and theoretical results search ” The Universal Matrix for natural Systems and Life’s Cycles). It is food for thought. Cheers…


Segundo comentario:

Louis Charles Morelli – jan-01/19/2017
We need understand the deep roots of this war over consciousness. Who banned Mr. Hancock? My theory is that it comes from the animals instincts we inherited, and these animal instincts comes from this astronomic system that created us, which has the tendency to be closed system. Think about a big predator, to say, lions. They are the strongest, they are the kings, they reached the super-specialized state of existence. So, they are conservator, don’t want any change or perturbation in their territory and over their preys, which are working transforming plants into meat. They would fight any smaller predator (wolves, foxes,etc.) or any preys could bring perturbation due reaching some intelligence or consciousness.
This instinct is in our genetic and are very strong in some individuals, which composes the 1%, or the wrong called high class. Add to them those medium predators that works keeping the preys controlled and the territory safe. There are lots of them at the education system. They do not want any change in the status quo. They has the tendency to be a closed system in itself, the extreme expression of selfishness. They hate the idea that something could came from unknown natural dimensions, like the kings dinosaur hated the meteorite that came from the sky. Then, they want to believe that consciousness is merely a product of the brain, a natural thing that can be controlled.
But… every time that a human embryo reaches 6 or 8 months, consciousness emerges in a new brain. We know that it is not each brain inventing first time in the Universe, this phenomena. Consciousness was there before the fecundation outside the embryo’s little universe, was there at the fecundation moment ( the embryo’s big bang), it was sleeping at the morula phase, the blastula phase, was dreaming at the fetus phase, hidden in the embryos genetics. These non biological ancestrals were systems and systems has an individual identity, which is set of informations from the sum of informations of all parts plus the informations arising by the connections among the parts and interactions with environment. This identity works as software, while the physics structures are the hardware. generations of hardwares goes to garbage but the software survives and keeps evolving. Our mind or consciousness is the state of this universal software just now.
The history of this Universe – 13,8 billion years – is the history of a unique natural system. It was an atom, then, a stellar system, then, a galactic system, later was reproduced as a cell system, today is a brain system, and now it is going to be a consciousness system. It is still an embryo inside humans heads ( and all other possible intelligent life in this universe). To this universal system, 13,8 billion years is what 8 months seems to human beings. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and animals, and is am embryo beginning to lift up at human beings. An like our history, it was there, at the Big Bang, and before it, as consciousness was here at Earth, inside our species and parents heads, it was inside some ex-machine natural system. The big predators can produce an abortion of this embryo, if the human specie will be extinct before our cosmological adventure. That’s why we need fighting who is fighting consciousness.
Ok, this is my theory – like Mr. Hancock has his one and the materialists has their, a valid one – which is detailed explained at my website, but I don’t believe in it, I am continuing my search and testing my models against real facts, and I could be totally wrong,… but I think it makes more rational sense

Visão Academica Sobre a Origem da Consciência versus Visão da Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, dezembro 12th, 2016


The Neuroscience of Consciousness

( The University of Melbourne )


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – dez-12/12/2016 (comentario postado no Youtube)

After 13,8 billion years, consciousness emerged in the Universe. In another hand, after 6 or 8 months, consciousness emerges in a human embryo. So, it is not each human embryo creating consciousness, first time in the world.
Consciousness was sleeping at the blastula, dreaming at the fetus, woke up at the embryo. It was all past time hidden in the genetics of the new body and it came from outside the embryo’s little universe – the embryonary sac. Consciousness was existing before the existence of the baby, at its parents, the human species.
It is not each Universe creating consciousness, first time in the multiverse. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms systems, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and lifted up at human beings ( and lots of more evolved life at other planets). This Universe is not magic, it can not create things with informations it does not received at its birth. So, the Universe makes its creatures by the same method it was made. The, consciousness was existing before the Big Bang, at a kind of conscious natural system.
We, human beings, are 8 billions of genes for consciousness, carrying on our creation inside our egg-head. The brain is only the placenta, or the amnion. And must have many billions genes like us doing another parts of a universal, cosmological consciousness. So, our consciousness is not mortal, that’s it!
If we have here and now a known and visible fact showing how consciousness arises, why these people are searching unknown and never saw imaginary solutions for it? Why this continuous and disastrous tendency to mystic and metaphysics? I can’t understand… Is it very difficult to calculate that 13,8 billion years of astronomical time is equal 7 months of human time? They don’t know general relativity?!