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O que causa as instantâneas “experiencias fora do corpo”? Cientistas Dizem que e’ Falha nos Ouvidos!

segunda-feira, agosto 14th, 2017


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What Causes Spooky Out-of-Body Experiences? It Could Be Your Ears

And my comments posted at 8/14/2017

 Louis Charles Morelli

We have scientists and their technical article focused on the ear, and all comments below from the public saying that is not the ear, it is… a thing called “soul”. Nature working in its way, the universal duality of opposites is here. But, Nature also has another universal trait: at initial conditions of any system, arises two extreme opposites which are in mutual conflict. The conflict creates chaos around, and suffering for both. The suffering makes they wake up, conflict is worst, then, they join as a par. The par produces a third element, which is more evolved than the two parents. Ok, it means that who is right here, is not scientists, neither mystics. Must have a third alternative, with the right solution. Which is it? I think is Matrix/DNA Theory world view. It suggests that we humans, carries on ahead with the function of a egg. Inside the egg there is the amnion and placenta, which are the brain. The fact of spinal cord means that the egg was recently fecundated, the cord is the remains of spermatozoon’s tail. The creature being generated has a body under formation composed by energy from the synapses. This is the physical, hardware part of the creature. Which has under formation its software, its mind, which we call consciousness, composed by the cloud of light resulting from the energy sparks.
So, we are 8 billion half-conscious genes building a baby consciousness. My friends scientists and religious… this conflict is no intelligent. Because, genes are mortally dependable of their own success but also of the other 8 billion success. If one unique gene does not make his/her work, we – the baby – will born handicapped.
Which has the best belief that produces the best moral code for a better humanity? The scientists belief is too much “could”, mechanistic, does not respect the humans emotions, felling, etc. The “souls” believers are too much metaphysicals, while the embryo that need work is here, at material ground. The Matrix/DNA supporters are trying to help all 8 billion genes for to get good life’s conditions for doing well their job that we need. Think about that…
Other good article about this issue:
The woman who ‘can leave her body at will’: Student sheds light on the strange brain activity involved in out-of-body experiences

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Lista de absurdos escritos na Biblia

quinta-feira, agosto 10th, 2017


1. So tell me what species of animals are the fire breathing sea monsters that are found in the BuyBull. or the dragons, unicorns or leviathans with bones made of bronze. 2. How you get snakes and donkeys to talk like they do in your book of fairy tales? Smells of bullshit and fairy tales. Then maybe you can answer some other questions i have like. 3. How did Noah get all those millions of species onto one little boat? (yes millions) 4. How did all those species get there? sloths aren’t great swimmers and south america is thousands of miles away. 5. Why did they all go back? 6. Where did Noah get the food for all the animals for a year? where did he store it? Elephants eat a fuck ton of food and they were suck on the boat for a long long time. 7. where did he get all the specific foods animals need to survive? Kuala’s only eat eucalyptus and its only found in Australia. Pandas are pick fucking eaters too…. and bamboo doesn’t grow in the middle east. 8. how did 8 people care for millions of species and yet it takes hundreds to care for a Zoo? 9 How Did all the animals not kill each other…. Hippos are assholes. 10. Why didn’t all the fish die? Freshwater fish can’t live in saltwater and vice versa….. WTF 11. what did all the herbivores eat? after the flood? all the plants would of been dead. 12. What did all the carnivores eat? every meal would of been an extinction level event for years to come. 13. Where did the waters come from? Where did it go? 14. Where did you find enough trees in the Middle East? Other questions I have are 15. How can somebody live in the belly of a whale for days? no air, and filled with acid… 16.If your god is so morally right why did he send bears to kill 42 children for teasing a bald man? your gods sound kind of like a douche bag 17. If you’re made in gods image does he have an appendix too? and why have a vestigial organ that does nothing but kill you? 18. Why would this god of cancer and dead babies…. tolerate evil…. much less create it. 19. This Satan you hate so much; has killed zero people without god’s permission yet the god you worship murders and commits genocide over and over again by the thousands if not millions. why would you worship that? 20. Why would christians support rapists and forced to marry their victims? 21. Why does your BuyBull condone and support slavery? 22. what would a being that can create the universe need with worship from something as insignificant as you?? 23. How does a being create 99.99999-% of the universe in a split second need a full week to make earth? 24. Can you make a moral judgment against rape or slavery using only scripture? Can you even find the Passage that specifically says it is even wrong? Yet the bible condones it. 25. How is it acceptable to cherry pick the bible and only follow the parts you agree with? *Why do christians lie so much*?

Alienigenas Conscientes teriam razoes para introduzirem aqui um Jesus Cristo fazendo exatamente o que a lenda diz que fez

segunda-feira, julho 31st, 2017


Surpreendente! O estudioso da natureza que aplicou o metodo mais cetico, extremamente materialista, em sua pesquisa, sem qualquer desvio mistico, chega a uma cosmovisao, a qual indica que inteligencias extraterrestres mais evoluidas que a humana, teria como melhor metodo para influenciar e acelerar a evolucao da consciencia neste planeta, a introducao de uma especie de software num cerebro humano para fazer exatamente o que as escrituras antigas sugerem que Jesus Cristo e Budha fizeram!

O maior interesse de alienigenas conscientes ao detectarem corpos com principios de auto-consciencia num planeta, e’ que estes fetos de consciencia cosmica facam seu trabalho, cumpram sua missao, da qual os alienigenas dependem quase que mortalmente. Pois cada bolha microscopica e fetal de consciencia que syurja em qualquer lugar deste universo, e’ a manifestacao de um gene semi-consciente que carrega em si uma informacao especifica, unica, intransferivel, sumamente necessaria, para a construcao do corpo do baby auto-consciente que devera nascer deste universo para uma dimensao alem dele. Se apenas um gene nao inserir sua informacao, nao cumprir sua missao cosmica, o baby nascera com um aleijao – um baby dentro do qual estarao fundidos numa so personalidade, todos os genes do universo, inclusive os alienigenas mais evoluidos, conscientes.

As leis naturais universais estao mais ou menos tuneladas para produzirem sistemas estelaress com “ambientes-placentas”, propicios para estes arroubos de genes se manifestarem, criarem as ferramentas adequadas para iniciarem o trabalho, as quais sao os sistemas biologicos, ou seres vivos. mas assim como algumas mulheres se engravidam sem terem as condicoes naturais para desenvolver a placenta ideal, assim sao estes ambientes. Existem forcas e elementos naturais que tem que estarem presente nas origens da vida para servirem num estagio posterior, porem, elas podem prejudicar o ambiente inicial. Um exemplo e’ a propriedade universal presente em todos os lugares e todos os tempos denominada dicotomia universal, a qual sempre que produz um elemento novo o faz dividido em pares opostos entre si. Se trata-se de temperatura, tem que haver o extremo frio e o extremo quente, se trata de reproducao sexual tem que haver a femea e o macho, e assim por diante. na verdade os humanos deram o nome errado de dicotomia pois esta propriedade tem sempre tres alternativas e nao apenas duas: tem a alternativa do meio+evolucao, que ‘e o produto final resultante das interacoes entre os dois opostos. Esta propriedade e’ mnecessaria para criar a infra-esturtura solida do universo, como as galaxias, os astros, porem mais tarde ela vai gerar um grande problema, o qual torna-se a grande dor de cabeca dos alienigenas e a qual justifica a insercao de Jesus Cristos nas infancias da auto-consciencia.

Pois esta proprieda mais tarde vai gerar nos cerebros animais ainda irracionais os tres instintos maleficos relacionados a divisao do poder: os instintos de grande predador, medio predador e de presa. E a humanidade herdou este cerebro de um antepassado que tinha os rtres instintos em si, pois ele era vegetariano como as presas, mas tinha caninos como os predadores, portanto carnivoro tambem. Como na epoca dos hebreus o instinto de grande predador de individuos mais fortes dominava as tribos, se qusisemmos introduzir um elemento que iniciasse o exercisismo da psique humana destes tres instintos, teriamos que falar uma mensagem mais contra o instinto predador e mais complacente com o instinto dominado, de presa. Foi justamente isso que Jesus fez em toda sua vida.

Outro motivo dos alienigenas seria a obediencia `a outra lei natural – a das duas fases evolutivas inevitaveis a toda nova forma do sistema natural universal (o qual e’ o baby cosmico que vem sendo desenvolvido desde o Big Bang), tal como esta nova forma denominada “auto-consciente”. As duas fases se referem ao seguinte processo:

a) Toda nova forma do sistema universal surge apos a degeneracao da forma anterior. Esta degeneracao produz um estado caotico ambiental contendo em seu meio os fragmentos…

(artigo a continuar…)

Controversia Evolucao x Inteligente Designer: Uniao Mackenzie/Sao Paulo e Discovery Institute

quarta-feira, julho 5th, 2017


Excelente cientifica palestra por Michael Behe ( fundador do ID e autor do “Darwin BlackBox) e  por Douglas Axe (autor do livro Undeniable…… A seguir ao vídeo esta o meu comentário postado e depois uma analise critica das palestras.


Tanto a crença em desenho inteligente quanto a crença em absoluto acaso são erros como duas estradas paralelas nos lados de uma grande avenida no meio, que é o caminho do acerto, descoberto pela Matrix/DNA cosmovisão. Os deístas rebaixam um Criador de inimagináveis imensos universos e portanto de incomensurável inteligencia ao nível de um Deus nas dimensões humanas que precisaria entrar em seus universos fazendo magicas para criar detalhes violando suas próprias leis.

Quando o homem na sua pequinês já está se habilitando a produzir robots movidos a softwares que podem se auto-reproduzirem na superfície de Marte e ali plantar os inícios da vida, e tudo isto feito `a distancia, bastaria a um Deus de universos criar um código criador de universos e vida numa onda de luz e lançá-la no espaço, para que estivéssemos hoje tal como estamos, e passando por um processo aparentemente evolucionário, porem, que no fim, se revelaria um processo de reprodução Dele mesmo, na forma de Seu Filho. E foi isto que a Matrix/DNA descobriu quando, primeiro encontrou o elo evolucionário entre a evolução cosmológica e a evolução biológica, cujo elo remeteu-nos a fundo no passado até chegar nas origens do Universo e descobrir que numa onda de luz natural esta impresso o código para criar vida na matéria.

Assim os ateus realmente não veem o dedo de Deus na Historia Universal, como não veriam os pais atuando dentro do útero onde se gera e evolui um embrião  pelo desenho prévio lançado por eles desde alem do pequeno universo onde existe o embrião. A Matrix/DNA realmente constatou que muitas complexidades não são redutíveis a nada existente na Terra, porem são redutíveis ao ancestral direto da primeira célula viva, o qual não existe na Terra porque ela faz parte dele, já que se trata desta inteira galaxia. Não antropomorfize e não diminua seu Deus para teres a capacidade de realmente captares as obras ao nível de sua inteligencia e grandiosidade.

Palestra por ….  Behe

24:o8 – Behe: “Existe um problema. De onde veio a mancha sensível a luz? (light sensitive spot)?

Matrix/DNA: Os animais não surgiram com o cloroplasto como as plantas. Mas as plantas, sem terem uma mancha sensitiva, são sensíveis a luz inclusive captando a direcao da luz. Isto porque o cloroplasto esta para as plantas assim como uma estrela esta para um sistema astronomico, como podemos ver na formula da Matrix/DNA. Existe um elo, uma conexão direta entre a planta e a estrela, pela luz. No animal, parte das funções do cloroplasto (função universal F6) são executadas pela mitocôndria e/ou lisossomo (F7), e então a função aderente a F6 relacionada `a sensibilidade para com a luz da estrela desenvolveu uma nova ferramente orgânica, que iniciou na forma da mancha sensitiva e depois evoluiu para a visão.

29:12 – Behe cita como exemplo artificial de complexidade irredutível, a ratoeira (mousetrap).

Matrix/DNA – De fato, existem arquiteturas naturais complexas que não podem serem resumidas reversalmente na evolução e pela teoria Darwinista, a um inicial ancestral comum, como sendo um único objeto ou corpo. Alem dos exemplos do flagelo e motor molecular, outro exemplo evidente foi a formação da membrana que envolve uma célula. Mas pelos mecanismos e processos sugeridos como existentes pela formula da Matrix/DNA, todos os sistemas complexos são resumidos a ancestrais nos saltos entre os níveis ou estados operatórios dos sistemas, ou seja, sistemas biológicos são resumidos a um sistema astronomico mecânico, este pode ser resumido a um sistema atômico eletromagnético, etc. até chegarmos ao limite ultimo, um ancestral que vem de fora do Universo, que é uma onda de luz natural. Mas quais são estes mecanismos?

Primeiro, o método da fragmentação entropica de um sistema. Enquanto na reprodução dentro dos sistemas biológicos os novos seres vivos que nascem proveem de um único pacote de informações encerrado dentro de um envoltório, como no genoma o DNA contendo o código inteiro do gerador, na reprodução do sistema universal, quando acontece as transformações de níveis, as informacoes se separam e sao transmitidas separadas no tempo e espaco, assim como certos seres marinhos desovam no oceano. Estas informacoes comecam a se desligarem do circuito sistemico pela periferia e dai se dirigindo internamente rumo ao centro nuclear. Entao na passagem de sistema galactico para o primeiro sistema biologico as informacoes se deparam com a superficie de planetas como a Terra e ai’ interrompem sua derrocada penetrando na forma de fotons os eletrons dos atomos do planeta. Fotons dentro de um atomo percebem fotons dentro de outros atomos vizinhos assim como as plantas percebem e se curvam na direcao da luz do Sol. Ao se conectarem fotons localizados em diferentes atomos tendem a criar uma network de sinapses assim como os neuronios fazem no cerebro. Porem, as conexoes serao fracas se um foton contem uma informacao de um trecho do circuito sistemico distante do outro trecho do qual o outro foton tem sua informacao. Mas se dois fotons que eram vizinhos no circuito sistemico se conectam, estabelece uma forte e duradoura sinapse. A seguir estes dois fotons encontram um terceiro que era seu vizinho, e a sinapse se expande para tres fotons, Assim por diante ate’ que formam ao menos uma funcao universal e com isso adquirem uma meia-vida propria. Agora, ao inves de unidades de informacoes separadas entre si, formam pequenos pacotes de informacoes, de maneira que se os seis pacotes se conectarem, o sistema ancestral e’ reproduzido nas novas circunstancias do novo ambiente, cujo diferente material provoca a super-mutacao, o salto evolutivo de um sistema mecanico para um sistema biologico.

O segundo mecanismo a considerar e’ que esta auto-montagem de sistemas naturais, ou auto-organizacao, coloca cada parte ou pessa do sistema na mesma sequencia do ciclo vital, porque esta e’ a sequencia das partes na formula matricial. Entao estes diferentes pequenos pacotes separados no ambiente tendem a se juntarem novamente na ordem em que eram vizinhos e quando completam-se com todas as partes, o novo sistema esta’ pronto. Ora, isto faz com que partes de um sistema complexo, como a ratoeira, convergem para um mesmo ponto no tempo e no espaco e geram a identidade do sistema ( o software e’ remontado), e quando pronta com todas as pessas no lugar, esta identidade “liga” energcticamente o sistema fazendo pessas que foram feitas separadas funcionarem ao mesmo tempo. E’ como ligar o hardware do computador na tomada de eletricidade, sendo que aqui a tomada de eletricidade ‘e o software feito com fótons, que esta energizado e esta inserido dentro do computador.

46;40 – Behe mostra a maquina molecular do flagelo e menciona que os darwinistas ainda não explicaram a evolução dessa maquina pelo processo darwiniano, nem eu expliquei ainda pela Matrix ( ou sera outro exemplo do que expliquei na maquina da produção da energia mitocondrial?)

Mas então Behe traz outro forte argumento que e’ a presença de gears (rodas dentadas, engrenagens) em insetos. Isto posso explicar pela formula. Quando o circuito vai de F1 a F4, a energia esta crescente. Quando o circuito entre na face direita, em F6 e vai a F1 a energia esta decrescente. Se separarmos as duas meias-faces, temos uma haste com energia em direcao oposta a da outra haste. Ora, estando separadas e lado a lado ( como são as hastes do DNA), e depois juntar as duas hastes numa só haste, forçosamente as F se fixarão intercaladas, na sequencia F2>F7>F3>F6…

Então já temos os dentes, as duas rodas dentadas lado a lado encaixadas. Porem, a engrenagem não se moveria pois os dentes F2,F3 puxariam na direcao A>B e F7,F6 na direcao oposta, B>A. Para a engrenagem funcionar basta que uma haste, ou roda, esteja sendo alimentada por energia externa numa direcao enquanto  a outra roda inicie parada, sem energia. Então talvez a solução seja referente ao aspecto dominância/recessividade, onde a recessiva se anula, ou referente a questão da entropia. O fato e’ que a formula da Matrix/DNA possui o mecanismo da engrenagem em estado latente potencial podendo ser usado por qualquer sistema que o necessite.


Religião: Boa definição para uma consciência superior

segunda-feira, junho 19th, 2017


“… a deism of the sort that Thomas Jefferson advocated (“While reason, mainly in the form of arguments to design, assures us that there is a God, there is no room either for any supernatural revelation of that God or for any transactions between that God and individual human beings”).”

I only would change the words:

…. assures us that there is most evolved than us conscious beings, there is no room either for any supernatural revelation of any superior conscious being or for any transactions between any superior conscious being and individual human beings.”

Existe Vida Depois da Morte? O melhor video com o melhor debate entre crentes e ceticos

quinta-feira, maio 18th, 2017


E meu comentario com a opiniao da Matrix/DNA postado no Video:

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/18/2017

My 2 cents:

1) The word “life” is the culprit of so much confusion. Change it for ” biological systems”, differing from atom systems, galactic systems and there is no such separation between “living systems” and “no-living systems”. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering that all biological properties has its counterparts as mechanistic properties at astronomic systems and electromagnetic properties at atomic systems. There is a unique natural universal system that began with the Big Bang in shape of “wave light system”, which got the shape of atoms, galaxies, humans, consciousness, and still is alive for 13,8 years old. Consciousness and natural world is like software and hardware. Consciousness could not work at the ancient systems like Bill Gates could not making working the windows inside the ancient calculators machines.

2) A human brain gets consciousness at 6 or 8 months old. It is not each brain that creates consciousness, it already was existing before and surrounding the embryo’s little universe. The universal natural system gets consciousness at 13,8 billion years, wherever there is a system with the necessary complexity. Each is not that human species creates consciousness, neither that all other conscious aliens created consciousness: it was existing before and surrounding our universe;

3) At Matrix/DNA Theory we discovered that the entropy attacking an astronomic system produces its defragmentation into bits-information, carried on by photons. These photons works like genes, building the new shape of the universal system, which are biological shapes. Since photons were also composing the first universal shape of system – waves of light – emitted by something existing before and beyond our universe, we conclude that  this original light is linked directly to consciousness. So, if we want to see and touch the substance of consciousness we need go beyond electrochemical signals, synapses and we will see darkness. Cleaning this darkness we will see a astonishing network of photons located inside the electrons of the atoms that composes neurons and brains. But it is merely the matrix/dna of consciousness.

4) We are still almost blind. We see only one and half part of a light that has seven parts. We only touch a world made by two and half parts of vibrations which has seven kinds of vibrations, to say, seven dimensions. Our brain is still primitive, our sensors are evolving yet and we will get more complex sensors. Then, Mr. Physicist will perceive that Physics reveal merely the skeleton of the universe, any natural systems and human bodies. it can not grasp anything about the soft meat, the neurology… and they pretends that know something about consciousness… My Go… oh, I mean, My Almighty Lord Pink Unicorn…

Intelligent Designer: Bio-Complexity, Peer-Review Of Articles

terça-feira, maio 16th, 2017


Eu sempre desejei que os cientistas do ID fizessem experimentos buscando desmentir muitas das asserções do neo-darwinismo, pois isto iria me ajudar. Eles fariam isso buscando provar que houve inteligente designer, quando então eu poderia pegar a oportunidade para argumentar que houve “prévio” design, mas não inteligente e pela Matrix/DNA.

Uma entrevista dada por Ann Gauger (cientista pro-ID) me informou que o ID esta executando experiencias cientificas para provar sua crença. Os papers referentes a estas pesquisas não são aceitos por jornais oficiais de ciências para peer-review, então criaram um jornal com uma equipe de peer-review onde estes papers são listados e livres para leitura. Abro este capitulo para uma pesquisa no assunto. O jornal chama-se Bio-Complexity, no link:


BIO-Complexity is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a unique goal. It aims to be the leading forum for testing the scientific merit of the claim that intelligent design (ID) is a credible explanation for life. Because questions having to do with the role and origin of information in living systems are at the heart of the scientific controversy over ID, these topics—viewed from all angles and perspectives—are central to the journal’s scope. (cont. a ler)


Entrevista de Ann Gauger:

Integrity in Science — A Facebook Dialogue

Os Tres Conflitos Entre Deísmo, Ateísmo e Agnosticismo

quarta-feira, maio 3rd, 2017



EVOLUÇÃO vs DEUS, documentário que enfurece ateus em todo o mundo. Assista! ( legendado em português)

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – Maio – 5/3/2017

O vídeo é uma farsa, como e’ uma covardia apelar pela falsa associação entre ateísmo e comunismo. Porem, os ateus merecem estes ataques. Pois ao invés de procurarem corrigir as falhas obvias nas Ciências que comprovariam a teoria moderna (neo-darwinista ou Moderna Síntese) que almeja explicar a diversificação das especies, e vem acoplada com a teoria da abiogêneses que almeja explicar as origens da vida na mesma linha logica sem ainda ter o respaldo cientifico, continuando o trabalho real investigativo na Natureza, dão o salto metafisico para fazer afirmações sobre o que ainda não foi alcançado por esta investigação. Ateísmo é fé metafisica, a outra face da moeda religiosa deísta. E quando a fé’ se instala, vão de choque com a fé oposta. Os dois grupos também rejeitam o agnosticismo e neste caso sim, é um conflito entre a presença de fé metafisica e ausência de qualquer tipo de fé metafisica.

Video Origens da Vida: Debate entre “Cristianismo x Darwinismo x Matrixismo

domingo, abril 30th, 2017


Debate acontecendo na secao de comentarios de video no Youtube:

Edward Payne Edward Payne – 04/29/2017

There are scientific laws that says information can never come from matter (soupy primordial water) and can never happen spontaneously, so evo. magic (poof life appeared) never happened, it is scientifically impossible.
As is life improving by millions of small mistakes (mutations) over millions of yrs. because mutations always take away genetic information and is never beneficial.And of course there is the fact that there has never been a fossil found that supports the evo theory not one transition fossil has ever been found and never will be found, thats a fact.
The theory is the religion of the dead and dying according to evo everything must die, even whatever it is in the process of making. It is a mass murderer, a serial killer on a never ending killing spree, nothing would ever satisfy it and it could never recognize perfection because it is always in the process of killing even whatever it is making.
What is seen in fossils and alive today are all fully formed creatures self sustaining and reproducing after their kind, the only improvement would be if evo could give them eternal life, but it cannot because it kills all its offspring. Who does that sound like, satan right, so satan and evolution are buddies and walk hand in hand looking for anyone to kill. But God sent His Son to destroy the works of evo and satan, that through Jesus no one has to die but all can enter into eternal life, it is one way or the other and by rejecting Jesus you automatically accept satan. That is why there are only three peoples on earth today.
Choose Jesus and receive eternal life, reject Jesus and suffer eternal death, where you will be alive but considered dead and you will be forgotten forever in a terrible place. But in Jesus you will receive life abundantly, eternally.
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 04/30/2017
You began talking about facts and, then, you jumped to non-facts, at least, no known facts by me and my ancestors. Keep what you can not prove as facts for yourself, we only accept known facts. Evolution is a fact that I can see at embryogenesis: shapes transforming into new shapes and getting complexity. I can see the enormous diversity of life at manny shapes and the differences in graduation of complexity, but, I couldn’t see how it happened. Searching the answer the only known fact I know – embryogenesis – at individual level is projected into the collective level of life an it fits in. Magical supernatural ghosts creating shapes one by one is not unknown fact by me neither by my grandfather, so, this hypothesis is out of question. I can bring embryogenesis over the table, so, please, bring on your supernatural fact over the table.
There are different theories of evolution and you know one, the Darwinian theory plus its Modern Synthesis or neo-Darwinism. I think the amount of fossils, the evidences for an evolving DNA, etc., strongly suggests a natural process of evolution, but not the neo-Darwinian theory. As you said, there are serious gaps. But another theory of evolution described as ” The Universal Matrix for All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”, or Matrix/DNA Theory, suggests strongly and rational explanations that fits these gaps, because it is a theory linking cosmological evolution and biological evolution in a unique logic lineage. The big mistake by neo-Darwinians and those believing in abiogenesis theory is that they are separating universal evolution into two blocks without any link between them.
Matrix/DNA, doing comparative anatomy between the so called ” non-living systems”, as atoms, astronomic systems, and living systems starting from the first cell, projected a drawing of the suspect evolutionary link and it is just this galaxy, but, also a different theoretical model than that accepted by modern astronomy. It happens that the mechanisms and processes found at this cosmological model fits well the Darwinian gaps at biological level. Now, I really bet for evolution. And I learned that there was no origins of life here, and so, cosmological embryogenesis with mutations and natural nanotechnology.
Your argument about evolution is the science of death is wrong from Matrix/DNA perspective. What matters is not the hardware of natural systems, but, so, the software running inside them. There is a unique universal natural system that was born at the Big Bang, and it has changing shapes till today. An atom or a galaxy are such your ancestor like a bacteria is. All these systems had a kind of universal matrix as template, like a genetic code, and DNA is merely its biological shape here and now. It never has died, it is 13,8 billion years old We see now that there was a purpose for this “universal evolution”. Like a human body reveals consciousness at 6 or 8 months old, this universal system used to reveal it at 13,8 billions years old. What is the problem? Merely a relativistic issue. We know that it is not each human brain that creates consciousness first time in the universe: there was consciousness at Earth before. it was encrypted at my genetics since the little big bang when the membrane’s spermatozoon exploded inside an ovule and my life began.
Finally, there is no evolution inside this egg-universe. What we are watching are merely steps of a reproductive process like we see at embryogenesis. it means that here is being reproduced by natural process the unknown thing that uses universes for its reproductions.
And like here must be there, this unknown thing already has consciousness, but it is not magical, everything here is natural. And probably, this unknown thing is not watching what we are doing, our sufferings, our claims, like a pregnant woman can not knows which are the problems of the genes building her baby.
You see: my world view is totally based on facts that I can see here and now, and can prove it. Do not tell me about supernatural mechanisms and processes because you can not show and prove them. Keep them to yourself, so, no problems with that. Cheers…
mhammad alkhateeb – 5/5/2017 – 6 hours ago
Mocking creationists does not make you scientific, i have watched the whole video and you can not be sure about anything related to the beginning of life, there are a lot of assumptions that are not proven yet.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/5/2017 25 minutes ago

And the problem is bigger: all best fittest went extincts or are going to extinction. Where are the dinosaurs? The eagle of the sky, the whale of the ocean, the lion of the continent? Unique possible answer: is not the fittest that is selected and the environment does not selects… it must be something else, unknown yet. Only Matrix/DNA Theory has a plausible explanation here: the selector is the galactic Matrix/DNA.
At the end of the day, Atheists and Scientists will have to receive this by faith; Atheists because, humanity, like, come on! who would deny its own existence! so they have to come up with something other than religion beliefs, so they hide themselves behind the curtains of Science, and Scientists because, well… They have nowhere else to go, lol; Yup! well, not so different from us Christians huh! Who would have thought! Let’s see who’s the delusional one here. Receive by faith that a big bang exploded into existence out of nothingness, and that nothingness created rocks and a hot soup in a rock created life form, and life form continued advancing through time and “evolving” into what we are today… In contrast to the Christian faith that the Bible (a Holy Book inspired by God himself) narrates in Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Science is a religion, thankfully for Atheists, Science is a religion of peace, so if you ever want to convert to Christianity and leave those irrational stories that something came from nothing, (contrary to Islam that the penalty for leaving such cult is death) and bunch of baloney then I invite you to follow Christ 😀 Or if you want to explore other “religions”, then do so! 😀 if you keep thinking there is nothing beyond this universe, and there is no God, no Spirits, no souls, no nothing, then, I advise you to continue thinking that the hot soup created all life and eventually yourself and everyone else around, then and just then, in that case I would also think this is a rational approach, But since I’m already Christian I can’t just leave my faith, I must continue 😀

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli 5/5/2017 3 minutes ago

First, please, you need to prove scientifically there is a God and he is like you believe he is. Second, prove that someone human has talking or seeing this god. And that this human wrote a book called Bible. If you can not prove that, or can not show lots of real facts known scientifically that can be used as parameter and evidence, it is waste of time going ahead with your theory. “Scientists will have to receive this by faith; … They have nowhere else to go”. Nope. This is one theory but scientists has others theories to go on…” ” … a big bang exploded into existence out of nothingness, and that nothingness created rocks…” But,.. you own body had its first moment after a big bang, when exploded the spermatozoon’s membrane at the center of an ovule. So, besides the evidences pointing towards a cosmological beginning described by Big Bang Theory, we have here facing our eyes that nature do it, and through it nature develops a complex system like your body. What’s the fact, the natural parameter, for a magical god? ” … and a hot soup in a rock created life form…” Nope. There was no origins of life at Earth, but merely an evolutionary development of a universal system existing since the Big Bang. This system emits by radiation bits-information in shape of photons that entering the electrons of planetary atoms drive these atoms to biological combination. The evidence is that a unit of information of DNA ( a lateral base-pair of nucleotide) is equal the unit of information for galaxies and atoms. See the models… If you says that a rat is a living system, then, you need saying that galaxies and atoms (our simplest ancestors), are also living. ” … In contrast to the Christian faith that the Bible (a Holy Book inspired by God himself) narrates in Genesis…) Sorry, I have no time for reading mythology of foreign and ancient people with zero scientific knowledge. And I never saw nobody talking to any god, so, I can not believe it is possible. But you are free, believe what you want…
Marwan Yafi 5/4/2017 – 1 day ago
Origin of Life – How Life Started on Earth: Creation by Allah, be exalted.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 25  seconds ago

A very bad engineer. Any human engineer can do a better job. Have you seem a beast eating a living kid in the jungle? What evil Allah…!
just wanna learn about the origin of life n i get a 50 min long documentary about niggas talmbout minerals and crystals n shit
nature has to build the ovule, the amniotic liquid ( the hardware) and the placenta for inserting the software-program called DNA, before beginning the construction of a new baby. The minerals, rocks, water, etc., were the formation of the hardware for beginning life. The software came and was inserted into these materials. From where? Of course: from who was living at that time, it is surrounding us by all sides and is encrypted into our genetics as the ” junk DNA”: the Milk Way. See at my avatar above or my website how how it fits very well.
And it just so happened that earth became perfectly round, just the precise size to inhabit life, and in the exact precise position from the Sun to inhabit life.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 2 hours ago

You are right, it was designed. Like babies are previously designed by parents. Since we discovered that the unit of information of our DNA is equal the unit of information of this whole galaxy. which means that this galaxy is our creator parent, we learned that biological systems (aka, life) was previously designed. If you want to know how and which was the process applied by Nature, see Matrix/DNA world view. Mother giraffe designed its babies too, but it did not applied any intelligence..
Out of the millions of species in this world, we humans are the only ones that evolved into a super intellect being that is able to create and fabricate the world we see it now. Not one other species has involved into something intelligent. We are created in the likeness and image of God. That means we share attributes of God. We create, we strive for social connection, we are compassionate and we share love. Not all species share this. Evolution are signs of dominion of this world. We created the “Theory” of evolution because we can. Life was designed by our creator, an everlasting GOD, and not something that evolved out nothing. Evolution should be consider a religion, because, you’re believing into an idea or theory, out of blind faith. If evolution became a fact. Then religion wouldn’t exist because it would disprove everything the Bible in particular represents.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/5/17

Only from the brain of a human fetus or embryo 6 or 8 months old emerges consciousness. It does not emerges before the fetus shape. It means that the brain evolved from ancestors were not prepared for receiving or processing the information for consciousness. But, any human body or any brain is a system that came from less evolved systems, like bacteria, galaxies, atoms… There is a unique universal system under evolution, it gets different shapes like your body can be a fetus, a baby, an adult. This universal system is cosmological, then its time scale is astronomic. it does not matter that it takes 13,8 billion years for this universal system developing a brain able to the next shape, consciousness system. If you god is the thing that generates universes as egg and reproduces itself through this universal system, and if your god is a conscious being, ok, you ate right. It is everything natural process, no magics needed
What if cells were there as soon as the Universe came to be? Is that completely impossible?

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 5/5/17

Cells have seven principal organelles which performs the same systemic function of seven kinds of astronomic bodies in the system called galaxy. These astronomic bodies performs functions like the seven layers and its electrons performs at an atom. And these seven electronic layers of atoms performs same functions as the seven different frequencies/vibrations of a wave of light as result of the radiations. This wave of light was emitted at the Big Bang. So, yes, not the cells, but its ancestors were there as soon the Universe came to be. That’s why the first moment of the existence of your own body mimics exactly the first moment of the Universe’s existence: the spermatozoon membrane of your father exploded in a kind of big bang at the center of an ovule… If you want see this whole universal history look for ” The Universal Matrix for all natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”
The bible says we came from dust of the Earth but the key ingredient your missing.  Go back and read the bible, it says God breathed LIFE.  There is no evidence of Abiogenesis and there will never be.  God is LIFE.  Go play in your mud and play with ingredients, but God is the one you seek.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli –   5/5/17

Wrong. God said to me: ” If you want know Me, If you want to know how I think, look at my job, Nature. The art work reveals the mind of the artist.” So, if you want to be smart like did those ancient parasites that wrote the bible for not working hard looking Nature, do not invite me for doing that. I prefer studying Nature and the best method for doing it is the scientific method. I have learned lots more than you about how the generator of this universe thinks…
I think this show is hogwash.  Earth was not formed this way at all.  Easiest way to know is by seeing there are no planets formed this way now.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/5/17

There is two ways for formation of a cell system: 1) symbiosis among micro-organelles as was made the first cell; 2) Then, the cells learned how to replicate themselves, this is the second method. But the stupid matter of this planet did not invented these two ways. They came from the cells’ ancestors, the galactic systems, which has planets as its elements. The Matrix/DNA Theory’s astronomical model discovered how was the first method, the symbyosis method, for formation of original galaxies. Now we are searching how is the modern process, how stellar or galactic systems learned to replicate themselves. You are right: Earth was not formed as suggested by the academic astronomical model.
Come on now, don’t you know that we all came from some god-thingy that snapped his fingers and made all the life that we have today. I mean, this science stuff….who has the time to think about this?

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 6 days ago

Those that has no time for listening people talking about ghosts and talking snakes…

Todas as Religioes ( 10 ) e a Causa dos Predadores de Humanos em Cria-las

sábado, abril 29th, 2017


Obtido no Youtube, comentarios, em:

Mick Healy Mick Healy2 days ago (edited)

Christianity, the New Testament.
Islam, The Quran.
Hinduism, has many holy books, but most popular is Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Veda.
Buddhism, Tripitakas.
Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib.
Judaism, has two religious books. One is Torah and the second is Talmud.
Baha’ism, has the Kitáb-i-Aqdas.
Confucianism, four texts as containing the central ideas of Confucian thought: two chapters from the Book of Rites, namely, the Great Learning, the Doctrine of the Mean; the Analects, and Mencius.
Jainism, has The Agamas.
Shintoism, has the Kojiki.
( E tem ainda as crenças esotéricas como a teosofia, ocultismo, cabalismo, etc.)
soooo whats your point, you, believer? … Until you realise you have been duped into being a mind slave you can never learn the truth or accept the truth, and why would anyone want to enslave your mind and make you act and think a certain way? Ask the rulers, they love religion, it makes there sheep useful for toil and war… The rulers of men long ago discovered that to chain a man by his mind with fear of death is far better than chains and whips, to promise them eternal rewards when they die for obeying and being a submissive slave while alive is far better than an equal share in earthly riches the rulers enjoy.. look around you, read history…escape