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Origem da Vida: Video e Debate com Matrix/DNA

sábado, junho 3rd, 2017


Neste video ha um debate em que participo com muitos posts. Aqui farei o script dos posts e tentarei trazer os posts para ca…

 Post by Matt C – 6/3/2017
Louis Charles Morelli  – but there is no way to tell if there was an original propagation of light carrying genetic information, so the chances of you having discovered it I’d say are pretty slim. there are no astronomical bodies with the same configuration as a nucleotide. carbon atoms have not got the same configuration as any astronomical bodies, apart from solar systems in the fact that they both have a central round thing being orbited by several smaller presumably round things. I’ve looked on your website and it simply shows that you came up with your theory first and then looked for evidence for it which resulted in you making random slight parallels into evidence to fit your theory. your theory holds no logic, no credibility and no evidence.
1) there is no way to tell if there was an original propagation of light carrying genetic information
Matt C – I will answer with several posts, ok?
1) there are no astronomical bodies with the same configuration as a nucleotide
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 6/3/2017
Matt C – I will answer with several posts, ok?
1) there are no astronomical bodies with the same configuration as a nucleotide
Of course, not. I did not said that. Before explaining this in other words, Matt C, I need remember something. Sorry but our modern academic Sciences has a big hole in its method that is responsible for Science weakness today, as in the issue of diseases, etc. The big hole is about “natural systems”. For example, the Genoma Project was believing in ” one disease, one gene”. Venter discovered that it is not, each disease is due a network of spread genes in the DNA. But,… the DNA is a messy of millions systems, each one composed by a number of genes, so, the right is: “each disease, each genetic-system”. It happens that no Science field knows what is a real natural working system. If they knew it, they would be able to identificate and separating each genetic system, then, identifying the system producing each disease.
But, knowing what is a natural system is very easy, because Nature knows only one kind of system, which has been applied since the Big Bang for organizing matter/energy in a workable way, in architectures. This universal system is a formula, which we can translate it as a the must simplest diagram of software ( its appearance is simplest but its network hided all complexity we know in Nature. When you understand the whole thing, you learn to identifying what is hidden)).
It is like saying: ” All species of living things has in common, a biological formula, called DNA “. Then, you can say: ” All natural systems, be it electric-magnetic (atoms, etc.), mechanic (astronomic systems), biological ( living beings),… has in common, a universal DNA, a formula, called ( this is my chosen name, you can chose other), Matrix/DNA. What we know by a building block of DNA is merely the biological shape of a universal formula that is driving universal evolution since the Big Bang.) This formula makes the internal structure, the energetic circuit, the flow of informations, the systemic configuration, the parts and the nucleus of all known natural system.
Why the whole staff of academic and private Science did not get it ? Science began in the right way for humans, with the reductionist method, which is opposite, or complementary, to the systemic method. Our scientific instruments could grasp ( seeing the whole body) corpuscular structures, but not the network of connections among structures. There were some intuitions towards systems, like Margullis and its symbiotic theory, or Fritjof Capra, with “The Tao of Physics”. Then came Bertallanfy trying to do what Francis Bacon did with the reductionist method: a big initial theory of systems, a collection of everything that had some systemic appearance. But not knowing what is a system, how it is composed, how it works, where to grasp a synapse of connection between two parts, his big job stopped by century. Then, some Mathematicians and Physics, as Wiener, Rosemberg, etc, take the approach but thinking about systems as computational cybernetics. It is not this way that natural system works and is revealed. And nobody went back to Bertallanfy for resuscitating the systemic approach, the scientific knowledge is zero today. They are confusing systems with merely slices of processes inside a whole system.
I can’t say more in this post, but I have 30 years seeing the world, each natural phenomena, from this systemic perspective, always identifying the formula at each phenomena and getting a specific interpretation that fits very well in the big picture – from the Big Bang to consciousness. If you are interested in natural systems, you can tell here, we will continue in other posts.
So, you are right: there is no astronomical body with same configuration of nucleotide. I am saying that the system to which any astronomical body belongs has the configuration ( the same natural formula, or Matrix/DNA ) that has not a nucleotide, but a lateral base-pair of nucleotides with two sugars and four nitrogenous bases, which composition is a complete working system. But you need see over the table the model of an astronomical system, at the side of the Matrix/DNA formula, at the side of a nucleotide system, for understand it. Cheers…
( continuar respondendo os topicos abaixo)
3) carbon atoms have not got the same configuration as any astronomical bodies
4)you came up with your theory first and then looked for evidence for it which resulted in you making random slight parallels into evidence to fit your theory
5) your theory holds no logic, no credibility and no evidence.

cq33xxcq33xx2 days ago

so how life started?

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 6/3/2017

Ok, you are in a good track. You are not convinced by people that think inside the box. They think that knows how life started and you know that they doesn’t know. Maybe you find the answer thinking outside the box. i did it and I find an answer that makes sense. Let’s go trying it? Your own life started with a Big Bang, when the membrane’s spermatozoon exploded inside an ovule. if you put over the table the shapes of the Universe from the Big Bang till galaxies ( where cosmological evolution became biological evolution at Earth), and at the side, you put the shapes of your body from that big bang to morulae, blastulae, you will see the same shapes. So, if your own life started and evolved same way of the Universe, it means that life did not started at Earth, but at the first moment of the Universe. There was no origins of life here. Lol… never nobody said that, this is thinking outside the box, really
Texto-resposta para Jay C ( postou a uma semana atras), que nao foi publicado pelo site fora do ar:
Jay C – My two cents here. Hm Grraarrpffrzz explained Materialistic Evolution (ME) in a brilliant way and his counter-arguments about the Christian God showed that this belief does not make sense, but still you can save something of God. Pay attention that ME’s hypothesis only postergate the problem of DNA information to another question: where the RNA information came from? And that DNA replication explains DNA formation does not explain the formation of the first DNA or RNA, or any biological molecule. Where were at the physical world before life’s origins something that was replicating itself? Nobody answered this question. But your assertion that information from chemicals to life was a kind of message or code and message only comes from intelligence is not true. There is no genetic code, no message in the DNA. For explaining it let’s apply another question: There are 8 billion humans. Each human has something different from all others, so, we can say that each human is a unique and specific information. Something he/she will do different from all others. Could we say that Humanity ( the sum of 8 billion humans) is a code, or a message? No. DNA is a pile of millions of different individuals, the fundamental unit of information: a lateral base-pair of nucleotides. It happens that each lateral base-pair of nucleotideos is a system in itself. It is just the universal formula of natural systems, where the two sugars at the strands are F1 and F4, and the four bases are F2,F3,F6 and F7. A fifth base, uracil , is responsible for these systems reproductions into new systems. All these millions of systems are derivation from a universal template, like all humans are derivations of a human species shape. Since this formula is the template of the – not only Earth environment, but the whole inter-galactic environment – and biological organization of matter is merely a process of reproduction of the whole galactic system, the environment produces new copies of DNA’s units for to develop this process. So, there is no genetic code, there is no message, there is no origins of life and there is no abiogenesis. There is a universal reproduction of a unique system coming from the Big Bang, being transformed into new shapes (atoms>galaxies>RNA/DNA’s building blocks>cells>monkeys>…). Ok, at monkeys, materialistic evolution opens the door to a ex-machine being and here maybe a kind of God is possible. I will explain: Each human baby’s brain expresses consciousness at 6 or 8 month of embryognesis. But, you know, it is not the baby’s brain creating consciousness first time in the Universe, it already was existing at human species, outside the little universe of the embryo. It happens that we are seeing this ” consciousness” existing as potentiality and under evolution since the Big bang as the identity of any ancestor system. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, beginning to wake up at cells and now it is a fetus or embryo inside humans heads, an embryo that still has no opened its own eyes for to see its own body. If human babies takes 6 or 8 months for expressing consciousness from its parents, and humans are the shape of the universal system here and now, it means that the ex-machine system takes astronomical 13,8 billion years. What is the problem? It is relativistic to size, time, etc. So, this universe is merely an agglomerate of galaxies like the placenta is an agglomerate of cells and inside this universal placenta is occurring a natural process of genetic reproduction of the unknown ex-machine conscious natural system existing beyond the universe. So, something from God is safe… yet. But, please, not the absurd Bible’s God, a pregnant mother and the father does not make interference at the work of the genes building their baby. Be happy that you ( as part of all conscious beings working just now at millions of galaxies ) will be one baby that will born at the end of this universal placenta, at the day of the Big Birth. ( but, ok, I only suggested to you a new theory based on Naturalistic Ex-Machine Evolution. Cheers…

Debate no NYT sobre beneficios/maleficios da Inteligencia Artificial

quarta-feira, maio 31st, 2017


December 5, 2016

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Our Lives?

E meu comentario postado no debate ( na pagina do primeiro artigo: As Robots Replace Old Jobs, New Jobs Should Be Invented )

Louis Charles Morelli

New York, NY

Will the biological brain imposes its rules upon the electro mechanic brain or will be the opposite? Let’s see it:

1) At fifty years ago there was a biological brain that decided to build its copy with hard matter in a mechanistic fashion;

2) The mechanic brain was developed till getting its own mechanistic sensors, like cameras mimicking vision, etc. But there was a novelty here: the mechanistic brains’ sensors can see where human sensors can not, like the microscopic and astronomic levels;

3 Then, the biological brain ( still imposing his software with its rules) sent these sensors into micro devices exploring the world of atoms, molecules, and spatial devices exploring the space;

4) These sensors came back with new informations that the biological brain never knew about. Based on these informations, the biological brain rewrote the software, remodeling the hardware and sent back the brains’ robots to the micro and macro world. This process is being repeated till today.

But,… mechanistic sensors are racists, they selects some data and rejects another kind of data, which would not be selected by biological sensors. Without humans perceiving it, the mechanistic brain was changing inside the biological brain, the living vision of the world by the mechanistic vision of the world. Life and the universe’s theories describes it as machines. What do you think?

Minha eterna briga contra os buracos negros

segunda-feira, maio 8th, 2017


Estão tentando tirar uma foto do ralo que surge no centro de galaxias rotativas, pensando que vão fotografar um buraco negro, o mais fantasmagórico ser espacial que existe apenas na imaginação humana. Claro não pude deixar de dar meu piteco postando o comentário copiado abaixo:

How to take a picture of a black hole

Louis Morelli

Posted at 5/8/2017

The drain produced by the spirals of rotation of water at your sink, is a black hole? Galaxies are under rotations, they are spirals, there is a drain at their center… why the hell has human beings to see a drain as the ghost and complex black hole?
Produced by singularity? There was one unique moment of singularity in this universe, its first moment. Natural singularity never could happens again at any place in this universe. If it was possible, it should happened at the beginning when matter was to simpler and there was no systems yet, but then, the universe never would evolve.
Of course, at the center of a drain in a cloud of dust from nebulae of gaseous atoms or from the death of stars, must have heavy elements at fusion, like iron, etc. These elements are what makes the nucleus of astronomic bodies.
The theory that is pointing towards the existence of black holes as described like the cannibals of entire galaxies, etc, is Math lead to extreme intellectual masturbation. There are no such things. The astronomic models of Matrix/DNA Theory, suggesting all mechanisms for origins and death of such drains is more rational.
You are looking for photos of a natural drain, never will have photos of black holes, they does not exist…

Gravitação e a Discordancia da Matrix/DNA no Youtube

terça-feira, março 7th, 2017


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – Mar-03/07/2017

My friend, since you says “the idea of how we think of mass and energy is flawed”, and you are a student, I can bet on you. I found a new and different world view applying different methods like comparative anatomy among non-living and living natural systems for understanding the formation of Amazon biosphere. The final results is a totally different history than this academic world view built by the methods of Physics and Math. So, my suggestion to you: do not permit to be indoctrinated, think and try out of the box. I am not saying that my world view is the most correct, only that it shows there are others rational alternatives. My models are suggesting that there is a link between cosmological and biological evolution. So, the first living cell is merely evolution from atoms and astronomic systems. There is a universal formula ( see it at my website) inside all natural systems, so, DNA – the universal formula of living things – is evolution of this formula that also built atoms and galaxies. I call it Matrix/DNA. I found the beginning of this formula at the Big Bang, in shape of light waves ( see the electromagnetic spectrum with the formula at my website). But my interpretation is that light has no energy, neither mass, but a force, like our thoughts, mind, has a force that moves our bodies. When the wave of light propagates into spacetime is same thing when your own body is born and propagates into space time, growing. Advancing into dark matter ( or other name for space’s substance) light produces or creates friction and this friction is energy. When a light wave is established it separates portions of dark-matter plus energy which will be parts of a working natural system – the first atom and from here, galaxies, cells systems, etc. Then, every natural system like our own bodies has this internal field of energy which produces the electromagnetic field. And this field is responsible by the effects that they are calling “gravity”. Never the big force produced by astronomic bodies could making any effect on small things like apples or papers. And if there is curved spacetime, it is not between a tree and the floor… think about it… Keep opened mind and you can correct the bad ways that are deriving our Science into fantasies, like multiverse, black holes, vacuum vibration,etc. Cheers…

Debate com a Matrix/DNA no Science/AAAS

quarta-feira, fevereiro 22nd, 2017


Earliest mollusk probably looked like a spiky slug


A tree mimics exactly the shape of Milk Way because it was created by this galaxy. A cell system also has the same number of organelles as the number of different astronomic bodies. And there is more: each organelle performs same systemic function as each astronomic system. But, we can see it only when we know the universal Matrix/DNA formula that built all natural systems. So, for a better understand about the first mollusc shape and functions we must have on the table the matrix formula and the exactly model of the building blocks of our creator, this astronomic system – both are at my website… but still it is a theory..


Correlations without causation

Endurance of stable shapes i.e celestial bodies are spherical due to their gravity, just like there is a limited number of shapes in organisms that provide practicality and durability. But this doesn’t connect the two systems in any way.


No, Kotsios, there is no apophenia here. It is perceiving meaningful patterns (the common at genetic inheritances) within not random data, but within data as evolutionary links. Yours scholar world view does not see these patterns because learned to be blind to the connection between cosmological and biological evolution. So, there is a big hole in their wiring of neurons.
You does not see the correlation because yours causation (origins of life) is not the first causation (origins of the universe).
If this astronomic system (Milk Way) does not connect with the first biological systems, what and who created biological systems: Some supernatural forces and elements coming from outside the materialistic realm of this galaxy? And remember: such parent, such offspring, no matter the differences of environments and big mutations. By the way, if you do not know my theoretical astronomic model and the explanation how it fits exactly as the unit of information of the DNA, you never will accept that we were created by stellar system and not by dust of stars…

All you did, was to replace a supernatural creator with the Milky Way.
Celestial organisation is based on gravity.
Biological organisation is based on chemistry.

Gravity is very weak to act on the molecular level and chemistry requires much more proximity than the celestial distances allow.

There is no connection between the origins of the two systems, besides their existence in the same universe


No creators, it is all about our ancestrals. Galaxies,atoms, are our ancestrals.
The human body pressure and homeostasis acts over organs and flows, it is also to weak at atomic and molecular levels. But was not gravity neither body pressure that organized matter into systems. You are missing the essence, the code, which is the formula at my website.

Organic chemistry emerged with a new state of matter – the liquid – which was not existent at galaxies’ formation. But, chemistry alone, leads matter to eternal equilibrium, never to compose working systems.

Th new planetary surface environment, different from the space, and new state of matter caused the big mutations in biological systems. While our direct astronomic ancestor was a closed system, we happened to be opened systems.
If you believe there are no connections between the system you live inside and was here producing your past ancestors and the system you are, you need to appeal to a mystic agent, like a magical randomness.. or magical supernaturals. We do need such jumps of imaginations anymore..

You forgot about prions, viruses, RNA based life, etc.

You forgot that there are known reasons for the shapes of bodies in space, and, organ functions, etc…and that they do not share reasons.

Saying “Astronomic system” and “function” assumes things that are entirely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.


You are seeing patterns that are not there.


You are also calling a “feeling” a “theory”.

In science, a theory is an explanation that has been tested, to falsify it, and passed the tests…and so forth,

…..not merely what a stoner says after seeing a Bohr Diagram and thinking…wow, that looks like our solar system!


No TJ, I did not forget these things, all them were hardly and perfect inserted in the same evolutionary lineage, from this astronomic system to complex biological organisms. Nature has used a unique formula for all biological systems (DNA) because Nature has used a unique formula for “all” natural systems since the beginning of this Universe. I can’t believe you can not understand this obligatory evolutionary detail. If all galaxies are similar like all biological systems, it is because all galaxies has a common essence like DNA. Same for all species of atoms systems. The evolutionary tree does not begins with archaea, fungus, but, with atoms. That’s why we can find all biological properties (metabolism,sexual reproduction,life’s cycles,etc) at atoms ( as electromagnetic fashion) and astronomic systems ( as mechanic fashion), expressed or not due evolutionary phases.
If you can’t see the evolutionary sequitur from a galaxy to a cell system you will need some mystical belief, like “spontaneous origins of life by chance”…
There is a universal evolution of a unique system in this 13,8 billion years, so, since it is a unique evolutionary lineage, must have repetitive universal patterns among all shapes of this universal natural system.
Science took the name ” theory” from philosophy (the Greeks coined the word). I am using the word in its real meaning and science is not the owner of this word

Religious Forum: Participacao da Matrix/DNA Theory

quarta-feira, novembro 30th, 2016


Comentario/resposta postado no Forum “Religious Forum”

( notar que registrei uma conta através da minha conta do Google, pondo meu e-mail e o nome :Louis Morelli (nao foi feito passyword, username, etc).

Question About Evolution

Discussion in ‘Science and Technology‘ started by Animore, in 11/30/2016 at 7:14 PM.

I know this is a stupid question, but bear with me here. This is not skepticism of any kind, but a mere question.
If a cause of natural selection is mutation, how would that work, if mutation is a random process? I’m stuck here. If natural selection is adaptation, then how could genetic mutation be a part in it if it’s random? Thanks in advance.


Louis Morelli New Member

Animore, I think I got your problem, because it is my problem also. Environment is not static, it is changing, and not by random, the changes obeys the laws of Physics. So, will be adapted the mutation that follow laws, that walks and dance in syntony with the environment’s movement. The academic official understanding of evolution is not the knowledge of the long chain of causes and effects that’s coming and advancing since the Big Bang ( and since before it because there was an ex-machine chain producing the Big Bang). We can’t know if is there evolution, or, for example, if we are watching a merely process of reproduction of the thing that was existing before the Big Bang. We are inside this chain, rolling with the chain, we have no view about where it came from and where it is going. As says the Godel’s incompleteness theorem: ” Nobody can knows the thru about a system standing inside it”. Then, we have an academic official “theory” believing in evolution.

I think that natural selection selects what is naturally designed. Natural design is the force producing all mutations. A random mutation should be produced by something coming outside the long chain (which is nature itself), so, a non-natural force. I think that due the existence of another theory, which I think is more rational than the Modern Synthesis from Darwinian theory. It is called ” The Universal Matrix of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”, or Matrix/DNA Theory, which is not known by the academic world.
Matrix/DNA built an astronomical model which is exactly equal an unity of information of the DNA – a base-pair of nucleotides. it is the theoretical model that should be the evolutionary ( or reproductive?) link between cosmological and biological evolution. So, if at 4 billion years ago occurred a mutation in the way that terrestrial atoms were doing their connections and producing water, rocks,air, and went to producing RNA, DNA… which already was existing 10 billion years ago at the astronomical system to which this planet belongs,…it was not atomic mutations by random, but, by natural design. If you are interested in seeing this theory, google it. Cheers,…

Assista o Video sobre Chico Xavier e Alienigenas e Veja a Surpreendente Explicacao da Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, junho 27th, 2016


Palestra | Chico Xavier e a Ufologia – ( comentário da Matrix/DNA postado abaixo)

( podes ver no Youtube, digitando o titulo acima)



Louis Charles Morelli

 Louis Charles Morelli – 27 de junho de 2016
A resistência e ate mesmo violência de muitos humanos `a simples menção de alienígenas vem do tipo de suas cargas genéticas. Na selva, os grandes predadores como os leões reagiriam violentamente contra quem mencionassem a existência e possível vinda de dinossauros, pois lhes tomariam o poder sobre seu território. As passiveis presas, como o gado, ficaria alarmada com a ideia de que vacas aladas viriam comer de sua relva e perturbar sua rotina.
Com nossa genética vinda das selvas e de primatas, trazendo estes instintos, os mesmos se manifestam nos grandes predadores humanos ( os mais ricos e poderosos) assim como nos humanos em que o principio-ovelha ainda ‘e dominante e são ainda mais medrosos quanto a perturbações em suas rotinas. Então temos de buscar uma estrategia psara acelerar as mutações psicológicas que por sua vez refletem nas mutações genéticas. O fato de nossos corpos humanos terem esta triste formação genética não foi culpa nem mesmo de todas as formas de vida ancestrais, e sim de um ancestral que criou esta biosfera e que a cerca por todos os lados: esta Via Láctea. Ainda inconsciente de espiritualidade, ela cometeu um terrível engano ao escolher a forma de sistema fechado em si mesmo e deste evento ainda trazemos em nos o gene egoísta, isto esta bem explicado na Matrix/DNA world view porem ‘e um extenso assunto.
Quanto a possibilidade de uma guerra nuclear, e’ decorrente da mesma genética, onde grandes predadores disputam um único território com outros grandes predadores. Digamos como aconteceu com o advento dos gorilas quando existiam os leões. Nada pode impedir a ferocidade – ate mesmo tao corajosa que pode se tornar suicida – de um leão que não possa satisfazer as gulas oriundas de seus caninos. Bastara acontecer alguma súbita escassez de algum bem essencial ( como a água, o petróleo, alimentos) e nada impedira’ um grupo de grandes predadores de invadirem reinos vizinhos onde ainda exista tal bem, e assim, vivemos por um fio. Creio que a evolução resolve este problema ( se tiver tempo, antes que a especie pereça) com transformações ambientais que reduzam os recursos disponíveis paulatinamente, o que limita o exercício da gula e assim vai atrofiando os caninos.
Para ajudar a evolução fazer isso na especie humana seria necessário a grande massa com espirito-ovelha e portanto mentes preguiçosas e individualismo egoísta se conscientizasse deste real risco `a sua sobrevivência e se unisse numa estrategia de boicotar o fornecimento do produto de seu trabalho aos grandes predadores, porem, ao mesmo tempo que essa união criasse uma forte auto-defesa.O espirito belicoso que produz armas não e’ tipico apenas a humanos, pois como dito na palestra, seres morais superiores teriam esquadras de vigilância do sistema solar, as quais certamente terão que ter material bélico, nem eles conseguiram evita-las. As armas infelizmente são inevitáveis `as nações humanas porque sempre aparecem em outras nações seres que invadem. A bomba atômica foi um enorme esforço como resposta a ameaça de Hitler e o ataque japonês a Pearl Harbor.
A nossa grande sorte foi que ela surgiu primeiro na America – uma nação onde seus grandes predadores eram de certa forma contidos por larga população que estavam na fase de superação dos instintos de predadores e presas, principalmente pela influencia da moral crista. Senão, não teriam dado tempo e permitido a nenhuma outra nação a produção de suas bombas. E a elevada produção destas bombas pelos Americanos impediu que grandes predadores de alhures, corajosos porque animalescamente insanos como as feras, não tenham ainda causado o a terceira guerra.Ao humano que deseje combater estas nossas inefáveis heranças genéticas, o primeiro e mais certeiro ato e’ promover a moral socializante nos seus vizinhos mas no seu aspecto de agentes econômicos, pois ainda são os objetos materiais que aqui mantem,alimenta ou regride os instintos animalescos e determinam sobre as guerras. Este tem sido nosso maior objetivo dentro da Matrix/DNA world view

Fantastico Argumento Indicando que Existe Vida Apos a Morte

sexta-feira, janeiro 8th, 2016


 Existe vida apos a morte? Como e’ que posso saber, ninguem voltou de la’. Mas,… eu por acaso aprendi um método que tem me levado muito mais longe do que poderia imaginar. Quando você tem uma questão sobre a existência de alguma coisa, pergunte a Natureza e ninguem mais. A natureza de um jeito ou outro lhe propicia um sinal onde a resposta esta. Geralmente ela aponta uma cena, um evento ou um fenômeno acontecendo aqui e agora que explica dentro de uma logica impecável a pergunta feita. mas tinha que ser assim, pois a Natureza ‘e uma so, ela ‘e do tamanho do universo, o universo e’ natureza, então se e’ uma so, ela faz suas coisas diferentes aplicando um método so. Tal como o artista se revela em seus quadros. Se eu pergunto porque se no mundo todos os bichos botavam os ovos fora e de repente alguns acharam de manter os ovos dentro, gerando a parafernália da embriogênese, ela me mostra um modelo astronomico onde um sistema astronomico nosso ancestral ja fazia as duas coisas: botava os ovos fora e em seguida, mantinha os ovos dentro. se eu pergunto como e porque o Universo começou com um Big Bang, ela indica o momento da fecundação de um ovulo, me faz ficar pequenino e dentro do ovulo observando tudo, ai vejo chegando um espermatozoide que parece uma nave alienígena, a nave para no centro do ovulo, fico esperando abrir as portas para descer os genes-passageiros, mas ao invés disso, a nave explode num espalhafatoso big bang dentro do ovulo!. Acontece que o espermatozoide veio enrolado dentro de uma membrana e a membrana rompeu-se subitamente. Ai a Natureza me tira de dentro do ovulo, me faz ficar grande outra vez e me manda para casa dormir. No sonho duas cenas ficam se intercalando no meu cérebro: o big bang do universo e o big bang do ovulo… e as imagens se fundem numa so. Esta’ respondido! Claro, eu tinha começado a dormir bem antes, e a historia de que ela me levou para o ovulo já fazia parte do sonho.

Mas parece que tem um outro caboclo perdido por ai no mundo que esta me passando a perna. Ele aplicou o mesmo método perguntando a Natureza se tem vida apos a morte. A Natureza fez ele ficar pequenino, levou ele dentro de um saco embrionário onde estavam os embriões de dois gêmeos. E ai ele ouviu a seguinte conversa entre os gêmeos: ( esta em inglês, mas voltarei aqui para traduzir tudo)

Existe uma historia, escrita por um desconhecido autor, que fornece uma boa analogia do porque eu penso que deveríamos levar a serio a possibilidade de que exista vida apos a morte.

There is a story, written by an unknown author, gives a good analogy of why I think we should take seriously the prospect of an afterlife. It is based around two babies who’s whole life is dependent on the umbilical cord, analogous to our body, and they ponder if they can survive after it is cut. The mother is a reference to God, please ignore that, because I have no “evidence” for God at all:

— In a mother’s womb were two babies. One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?” The other replied, “Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.”
“Nonsense” said the first. “There is no life after delivery. What kind of life would that be?”
The second said, “I don’t know, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths. Maybe we will have other senses that we can’t understand now.”
The first replied, “That is absurd. Walking is impossible. And eating with our mouths? Ridiculous! The umbilical cord supplies nutrition and everything we need. But the umbilical cord is so short. Life after delivery is to be logically excluded.”
The second insisted, “Well I think there is something and maybe it’s different than it is here. Maybe we won’t need this physical cord anymore.”
The first replied, “Nonsense. And moreover if there is life, then why has no one has ever come back from there? Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery there is nothing but darkness and silence and oblivion. It takes us nowhere.”
“Well, I don’t know,” said the second, “but certainly we will meet Mother and she will take care of us.”
The first replied “Mother? You actually believe in Mother? That’s laughable. If Mother exists then where is She now?”
The second said, “She is all around us. We are surrounded by her. We are of Her. It is in Her that we live. Without Her this world would not and could not exist.”
Said the first: “Well I don’t see Her, so it is only logical that She doesn’t exist.

Luta pela Liberdade de Comunicação Contra os Monopólios Brasileiros – Veja video

domingo, maio 10th, 2015


A nossa proposta é que ondas eletromagnéticas que fluem livres nos ares do Brasil e que atravessam nossos corpos não podem ser cedidas oficialmente a nenhuma pessoa ou empresa privada. Elas devem ser livres como a Internet onde cada qual cria seu blog, seu website, assim cada qual pode instalar sua radio, canal de tv, jornal, etc. As transgressões aos bons usos e costumes – como radios/tv pornograficas, etc.  – seriam punidas nas mesmas regras aplicadas na Internet hoje. Favoravel a este movimento, divulgo o link abaixo sobre bons videos a respeito:


Mas temos tambem que considerar as opiniões contrarias como a do Ian Gopfert publicada nos comentarios do Youtube, a qual me provocou a publicar ali tambem uma resposta,  a seguir:

Louis Charles Morelli  – Maio, 10, 2015 

+Ian Gopfert –  Voce diz que “o brasileiro é consumidor de rádio e tv e existe uma relação de satisfação entre consumidor e produtor”. Ora tudo isso se aplica ao viciado em drogas e o traficante. Se você acha que não se deve combater o traficante que fica nos portões da escola esperando seus filhos para pega-los como a fera pega a ovelha no vídeo – e neste caso os traficantes são o Marinho e as famílias seculares que dominam o Brasil a 500 anos, qual então sua estratégia proposta para salvar seus filhos dos traficantes?

Combater o “Estado”?! Isso seria combater a escola. Chega de ocultar os nomes aos bois por trás de palavras-slogans que são abstratas e inatingíveis como estado, pais, brasil, etc., e vamos direto à causa do mal a qual são “pessoas” com o instinto de predadores da própria espécie humana. Se alguém pode e está expressando publicamente sua ideologia como é o caso das emissoras e seus donos, eu tambem posso e tenho todo o direito de montar a minha radio e expressar a minha ideologia. As ondas eletromagnéticas que fluem livremente nos ares do Brasil e inclusive atravessam o meu corpo não pode de maneira alguma serem cedidas a pessoas ou grupos privados, elas me pertencem tambem como brasileiro dono deste pais e não autorizo tais concessões. Emissoras devem ser como a Internet onde cada um pode criar seu website e o poder publico pode coibir os abusos contra os bons usos e costumes, apenas isso. Eu não vi no seu comentário a sua critica seguida da sua sugestão estratégica e o que você esta fazendo de útil para combater este problema?… como os pais que nem sequer vão às escolas para vigiar os traficantes e ao pega-los, descer o porrete neles… os quais são irresponsáveis para com os seus filhos e os demais filhos do Brasil.

A culpa é do sistema em geral que não nos dá tempo para pensar, poucos entendem as palavras de jesus cristo que a mais de 2.000 anos esteve aqui para ensinar a procurar dentro de nós mesmo a solução e sem esperar que os outros nos diga o que devemos fazer, eu falo de jesus não do ponto religioso, mas um jesus sem religião, religião inventada pelo homem para tentar dar conforto devido a sua grande ignorância, eu tenho vergonha de estar nesta condição de ser humano !!!

Louis Charles Morelli  – Maio, 10, 2015 

+Bonfim Barros Mas você está colaborando com o errado ao desviar a causa da culpa que são “pessoas” para relega-la a palavras teóricas como “sistema” que se referem a entidades abstratas e fantasmagóricas que são invisíveis e inatingíveis para quem quiser exorcizar esta causa. Os humanos ainda estão com sua genética e mente dominadas pela sua recente herança animal cujo tipo de “sistema social” é baseado nas regras da selva e são divididos entre grandes predadores, médios predadores e ovelhas. O tipo de sistema social pregado por Jesus é o alvo longínquo a ser alcançado mas apenas depois que se exorcizar esta herança animalesca e para isso é nela que se deve concentrar combatendo os comportamentos dos três grupos, pois todos estão errados em relação ao ideal cristão da grande e sagrada família universal. As relações entre emissoras e povo são as versões humanas das relações entre o predador e as ovelhas e não tem como chegar ao sonho de Jesus senão eliminar os efeitos sanguinários do que vês no vídeo eliminando da mente dos humanos a infecção dos vírus do predador e da ovelha. Concentre suas armas e poder de fogo nas pessoas e suas mentes e não os desvie para slogans fantasmas. se queres fazer algo de concreto e útil para para os outros e para nosso mestre e bom filósofo Jesus.

Visões do Mundo: Qual a Melhor Estratégia para Muda-las/Conserta-las? Matrix/DNA ou Filosofia Oriental?

domingo, abril 5th, 2015


Este tema foi inspirado no seguinte post:

Action is driven by Thought,Thought by Mindset…then why do we Focus more on Action..?

Founder & Chief Knowledge Facilitator, NIRVAN Life Sciences.Top Contributor

Vejamos qual a resposta/comentario da Matrix/DNA. O que você pensa?

Congratulations, this has been an issue I have thought a lot about. We have here an opportunity for a debate between the western mindset ( mine) and the eastern mindset ( yours). If you have interest in this debate with me, I will appreciate it, because I can learn with it ( I don’t know if you can understand my non-native English). For starting, I think that yours logics above is wrong or not complete. I will explain:

Mindset is the key that build cultures, civilizations, humans behavior, then, we must focusing in it. That’s why I have created a new world view ( mindset) called Matrix/DNA Theory, which I think could produces better humans behaviors. But… I think that yours phrase above needs some working. First there is an external stimulus or internal wish. They produces a thought which is driven by the brain’s installed mindset. Then, it is produced the effect, or action. We see that the beginning of this process is the stimulus ( internal or external), and the end is the act. Which moves the body for to produce some alteration in the the external world.

So, we learn that must of humans acts are automatized, like animals. In most times, there is no time for to pull the mindset, and even, any thoughts. It is very important understanding this whole process because from here you get lots of good lessons, like:

1) If you are a fighter for introducing spirituals values and practices like meditation in search of nirvana, yours public is very small, at least in the western world. People here is very busy into the “stimulus>action” cycle and the time for talking about and pulling the mindset is almost zero. This is my problem here just now: nobody want to stop their busy life for rearing about world views. If we tell these people that the eastern people is more worried about thinking about high analyses about humans actions, the people here will answer that this is the cause that eastern people is more poor and are later in science/technology. What do you think about? Do you have a strategy for reaching the normal busy people today and talking about nirvana, meditation?

2) Mindset is the final product of how a human being interprets natural facts and events. But… this interpretation is not made by the individual, and so, by the collective. The interpretations from the collective is inserted into young brains through “education”. The interpretations from the collective is economically tendentious. This tendency is product of our genetic inheritance from our ancestral animals… and the wild rules of the jungle. The human species is shared into big predators ( 1%), medium predators ( 9%) and preys (90), like in the jungle. The big  force of predators at the jungle was substituted by the military institution and the culture produced by the predators.  A culture is a specific way of interpreting natural facts and events. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering that almost all human knowledge of natural facts and events are distorted. For instance: DNA is not a code, but it is merely a pile of different copies of an unique natural system encrypted into nucleotides – the building blocks of DNA. And so on, which is being taught at ours schools are almost all wrong interpretations that are good for predators domination. For changing it, the talking about the needs for meditation, spiritualization does not works. It is necessary working with sciences for discovering new interpretations that are more “real”. And producing experiments/products that prove yours interpretations. So, about the issue of changing/ correcting bad mindsets, the Matrix/DNA strategy is better than yours strategy, I think. What do you think?