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Fluido Cerebroespinal: O Fluido do Circuito da Matrix?! Veja O Vortice…

sábado, janeiro 28th, 2017


The Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Appearance of “I Am”, Mauro Zappaterra

Prestar atenção na forma dos ventrículos, do vórtice acima da cabeca…

Ver também o paper provando que o DMT (conhecido como “a molécula do espirito”, o alucinogeno no Santo Daime e plantas), existe na glândula pineal e várias outras partes do corpo levado pelo CSF:


O dia em que descobri que o cérebro está deitado (na horizontal) e nao em pé … Pois estas imagens sugerem como os ventrículos estruturam a fórmula da Matrix/DNA, e aqui a formula está na horizontal. Isto vai modificar toda a orientacao na busca de identificar as partes do sistema.

Human Ventricular system colored and animated.gif

Rotating 3D rendering of the four ventricles and connections. From top to bottom: Blue – Lateral ventricles Cyan – Interventricular foramina (Monro) Yellow – Third ventricle Red – Cerebral aqueduct (Sylvius) Purple – fourth ventricle Green – continuous with the central canal

Rotating 3D rendering of the four ventricles



Meu comentario postado no Youtube:

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 01/28/2017

Dr. Mauro and everybody that is studying the brain and consciousness need to know the universal formula that build all natural systems, because brain is a system and human consciousness is an embryo of ex-machine consciousness, which is also a system. I am telling that because we need to sum our different expertises into this investigation. You can developing your understanding of the CSF when seeing its picture side by side with the formula’s picture. I can’t say more here because I can’t bring on the formula here, which is at my website,

First of all, the 3rd ventriloque is at the position of F1 (at the formula). The two lateral ventriloques performs the whole sphere. CSF is the flow of information that runs inside the spherical systemic circuit. The branch that leave the sphere for running as spinal cord is due the brain being an opened system ( my formula is draw as the closed system state), so the spinal cord is the extension of the system’s brain for connecting with another system, which is the body, built as an accessory.

We need to identificate which gland and cerebral region represents each systemic function, then, we will have a total understanding of the brain. The vortice above the head is saw by natives of Amazon jungle when drinking the beverage called “Saint Dayme”, a kind of ayahuasca which I think contains DMT. I watched those natives and hypnotizing them to see things that I was looking for. My big surprise is that they described a picture identical to the one described by Asian religions where they talks about kundalini and chakras, but, going further in my questions I found that the picture is anything else than the DNA ( two kundalinis in spiral are the two DNA’s streams and the chakras are the nitrogenous basis. It makes sense: the alucinogenos make our neurons to reveal what is at their nucleus – DNA. Since that the Amazon and Asian natives does not know DNA, they invented this mystical interpretation.

The vortice ( as described in Amazon) is composed by tiny, colored, microscopic flying things that moves around us. When they feel a next brain, they falls towards the cortex, drawing the spiral vortex. They enters inside CSF, they are added to another particles coming from the body and neurons and they are the energy and bits of informations carried by CSF. These particles are equal the draw of some particles described by Physics. I think that they are solar atoms burned at the Sun and sent to the space. They seem as a lizard, having a central body like a line in ice color, which, the formula suggests, is composed by protons and neutrons from the burned atoms. And they have luminous points that seems as legs, but each leg has a different color. These legs are electrons, and the different colors is due photons inside them. The Matrix/DNA formula comes from cosmic radiation and from stars like the sun, fragmented as these photons.These things penetrates our body through the top of the head, by the vortex. In this way, biological systems like human bodies and brains are built by evolution.

We have a problem to solve. The CSF running inside the spinal cord should be two ways, one going down and other going up. Like the trunk of trees. At least, this is what the Matrix/DNA formula is suggesting. But, the information I have is that till now is detected only one flow, going down. Is it right?


Cerebralspinal fluid CVS (liquido cefalorraquiano ou Fluido cerebrospinal)

Líquido cefalorraquidiano


File:1316 Meningeal LayersN.jpg

O fluido (amarelo) passando pelo cortex e rodeando o cerebro. A divisão longitudinal ‘e o corpus callosun dividindo os hemisférios – fonte:



A Guerra Materialista Contra a Auto-consciencia: O Cogumelo que Transformou o Cérebro do Macaco?

quarta-feira, janeiro 18th, 2017


Graham Hancock sempre foi um escritor e jornalista famoso, mas agora esta causando polêmica com sua teoria sobre as origens da auto-consciência. Ele esteve no Peru tomando ayuhaska ( Santo Daime?) com xamans, teve suas experiencias alucinógenas e elaborou esta teoria pela qual esta’ militando agora. E’ uma interessante e plausível teoria, mas está sendo combatida pelo pessoal do materialismo ortodoxo que acredita nem existir consciencia, e sim um fenômeno produzido pelo cérebro, por acaso. Porém, eu também estive com xamãs, também observei os efeitos destes alucinógenos nos xamãs, e com minha teoria diferente tenho alguns senões os quais foram publicados no vídeo do Youtube e copiado abaixo:

BANNED TALK Graham Hancock The war Over Consciousness

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – jan-01/18/2017

My experiences in Amazon jungle watching shamans drinking the beverage called Saint Daime gave me a different theory. At altered state of mind, he described what was seeing and feeling and I wrote and draw the images. My surprise is that the drawing showed the figures of chakras and kundalini, but it was the same image of DNA. Also, flying colored microscopic lizards were the same diagrams of particles physics, more exactly, photons.

Since that I was investigating the systems that composes the Amazon biosphere and got a constant pattern – which I call Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems – and the formula lead me to compose different atomic and astronomic theoretical models, I think that the hallucinogenic substance makes the brain revealing to consciousness what is registered at our DNA. But not only the registration of our human DNA, and so, the registration of a universal Matrix/DNA that is 13,8 billion years old.

Why and how native people that never left jungle, the American continent, describes images and histories described by the founders of I Ching which are the same images and history at the Genesis, in the Bible? And all of them, all these images, are just the DNA that are at the center of our neurons? If my theoretical models of atoms and galaxies are the right ones, how those people described those models?

To me the answer is clear: atoms and the Milk Way are our ancestrals same way that are reptiles and mammals, so, they are registered at our memories ( My bet is the junk DNA). The modern materialism is the product of inherited genetics from the system/ancestral surrounding us, which created us, and it is described by Newtonian mechanics: this astronomic system. It is a closed system. The whole biosphere is driving to reproduce biologically our flesh/meat creator. so, the goal is to reduce human kind as a common piece of the final machine ( The Brave New World under the Big Brother which will play the rules of the astronomic system non-conscious identity). That’s why they are trying to eliminate the essence of consciousness.

The problem is that consciousness is coming from beyond and before the formation of this galaxy, it was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and animals and is now a kind of embryo waken up at human beings. And it is an opened system, then, there is the conflict with our immediate creator. Our flesh meat body is the last generation of a universal systemic hardware while our mind is a universal evolving software.

I spent seven years in Amazon jungle but never smoking or drinking those hallucinogenic because I believe that my mind is the unique thing that I have in fact and I never will permit that nobody with religions and no plants with their temptations get the control of my mind. I knew how to hypnotize the shamans and getting what they was experiencing, or better, I could drive them to see what I want. I think Mr. Hancock did it wrong smoking/drinking drugs and my advise to you is avoiding these strange chemicals. The description of the Eden Paradise, with all its symbols – like Adam and Eve, the serpent, the apple, etc._ is just the exactly description of the galactic anatomy and state of existence. It was/is our creator and ancestral.

So, we know the source that was the foundations of all these bigger religions: our non-biological memories triggered as non-sense flashes by chemical substances. And their wrong interpretations because the authors of the Eden and the chakras and kundalini did not know about DNA. ( if someone wish to know more about my research and theoretical results search ” The Universal Matrix for natural Systems and Life’s Cycles). It is food for thought. Cheers…


Segundo comentario:

Louis Charles Morelli – jan-01/19/2017
We need understand the deep roots of this war over consciousness. Who banned Mr. Hancock? My theory is that it comes from the animals instincts we inherited, and these animal instincts comes from this astronomic system that created us, which has the tendency to be closed system. Think about a big predator, to say, lions. They are the strongest, they are the kings, they reached the super-specialized state of existence. So, they are conservator, don’t want any change or perturbation in their territory and over their preys, which are working transforming plants into meat. They would fight any smaller predator (wolves, foxes,etc.) or any preys could bring perturbation due reaching some intelligence or consciousness.
This instinct is in our genetic and are very strong in some individuals, which composes the 1%, or the wrong called high class. Add to them those medium predators that works keeping the preys controlled and the territory safe. There are lots of them at the education system. They do not want any change in the status quo. They has the tendency to be a closed system in itself, the extreme expression of selfishness. They hate the idea that something could came from unknown natural dimensions, like the kings dinosaur hated the meteorite that came from the sky. Then, they want to believe that consciousness is merely a product of the brain, a natural thing that can be controlled.
But… every time that a human embryo reaches 6 or 8 months, consciousness emerges in a new brain. We know that it is not each brain inventing first time in the Universe, this phenomena. Consciousness was there before the fecundation outside the embryo’s little universe, was there at the fecundation moment ( the embryo’s big bang), it was sleeping at the morula phase, the blastula phase, was dreaming at the fetus phase, hidden in the embryos genetics. These non biological ancestrals were systems and systems has an individual identity, which is set of informations from the sum of informations of all parts plus the informations arising by the connections among the parts and interactions with environment. This identity works as software, while the physics structures are the hardware. generations of hardwares goes to garbage but the software survives and keeps evolving. Our mind or consciousness is the state of this universal software just now.
The history of this Universe – 13,8 billion years – is the history of a unique natural system. It was an atom, then, a stellar system, then, a galactic system, later was reproduced as a cell system, today is a brain system, and now it is going to be a consciousness system. It is still an embryo inside humans heads ( and all other possible intelligent life in this universe). To this universal system, 13,8 billion years is what 8 months seems to human beings. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and animals, and is am embryo beginning to lift up at human beings. An like our history, it was there, at the Big Bang, and before it, as consciousness was here at Earth, inside our species and parents heads, it was inside some ex-machine natural system. The big predators can produce an abortion of this embryo, if the human specie will be extinct before our cosmological adventure. That’s why we need fighting who is fighting consciousness.
Ok, this is my theory – like Mr. Hancock has his one and the materialists has their, a valid one – which is detailed explained at my website, but I don’t believe in it, I am continuing my search and testing my models against real facts, and I could be totally wrong,… but I think it makes more rational sense

O que faz voce,voce?

quinta-feira, janeiro 5th, 2017


( Copiar e traduzir este artigo. E’  muito importante sobre o conhecimento e teorias atuais da mente)

What Makes You You?

What Makes You You?

Ensaio do meu comentário a ser postado:

Congratulations, a collection of theories about the issue. There is another theory suggesting a new idea – the Matrix/DNA Theory. This theory introduces his theoretical model of the link between cosmological and biological evolution. It is the building block of galaxies (showed at my avatar above) which happens to be the same building blocks of DNA ( a lateral pair of nucleotides). The difference is

Bons Comentarios:

Corneliu Coman ·

Hey Tim! I’ve asked myself the same question over and over again, since i’ve put a lot of effort into finding “who I am”. My conclusion was close to the “continuity” (I am who I decide to be-or become).

But there goes another dillema: does any of your neurons think “I’m Tim?” or “I am Tim’s Neuron?” or “I am Neuron #1.002.125 of Tim’s Body”? Probably no (how can we know)?

So imagine Earth (or countries or whatever bigger instance) as “the bigger organism” and YOU as the neuron from the example above. Would your previous arguments still stand? probably yes. cell have atoms, molecules, dna and organelles.

So, would you realize your identity is a part of something, and you are not a stand-alone organism? Or you are stand-alone, but you cannot live isolated, so you are completely dependant to other cells (people).

So, finally, my greatest dillema: why do I see the world through my eyes (my body’s eyes) and not through yours. Or his. Or hers? It doesn’t make sense that I should be confined to myself.
Can it because all of us together are the greatest organism and I am just a cell?
Or are we simpy unable (or unconscious) of our ability to perceive everybody else’s brains?


Copia para ser traduzida:

When you say the word “me,” you probably feel pretty clear about what that means. It’s one of the things you’re clearest on in the whole world—something you’ve understood since you were a year old. You might be working on the question, “Who am I?” but what you’re figuring out is the who am part of the question—the part is obvious. It’s just you. Easy.

But when you stop and actually think about it for a minute—about what “me” really boils down to at its core—things start to get pretty weird. Let’s give it a try.

The Body Theory

We’ll start with the first thing most people equate with what a person is—the physical body itself. The Body Theory says that that’s what makes you you. And that would make sense. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life—if your body stops working, you die. If Mark goes through something traumatic and his family says, “It really changed him—he’s just not the same person anymore,” they don’t literally mean Mark isn’t the same person—he’s changed, but he’s still Mark, because Mark’s body is Mark, no matter what he’s acting like. Humans believe they’re so much more than a hunk of flesh and bone, but in the end, a physical ant is the ant, a squirrel’s body is the squirrel, and a human is its body. This is the Body Theory—let’s test it:

So what happens when you cut your fingernails? You’re changing your body, severing some of its atoms from the whole. Does that mean you’re not you anymore? Definitely not—you’re still you.

How about if you get a liver transplant? Bigger deal, but definitely still you, right?

What if you get a terrible disease and need to replace your liver, kidney, heart, lungs, blood, and facial tissue with synthetic parts, but after all the surgery, you’re fine and can live your life normally. Would your family say that you had died, because most of your physical body was gone? No, they wouldn’t. You’d still be you. None of that is needed for you to be you.

Well maybe it’s your DNA? Maybe that’s the core thing that makes you you, and none of these organ transplants matter because your remaining cells all still contain your DNA, and they’re what maintains “you.” One major problem—identical twins have identical DNA, and they’re not the same person. You are you, and your identical twin is most certainly not you. DNA isn’t the answer.

So far, the Body Theory isn’t looking too good. We keep changing major parts of the body, and you keep being you.

But how about your brain?

The Brain Theory

Let’s say a mad scientist captures both you and Bill Clinton and locks the two of you up in a room.


The scientist then performs an operation on both of you, whereby he safely removes each of your brains and switches them into the other’s head. Then he seals up your skulls and wakes you both up. You look down and you’re in a totally different body—Bill Clinton’s body. And across the room, you see your body—with Bill Clinton’s personality.


Now, are you still you? Well, my intuition says that you’re you—you still have your exact personality and all your memories—you’re just in Bill Clinton’s body now. You’d go find your family to explain what happened:



So unlike your other organs, which could be transplanted without changing your identity, when you swapped brains, it wasn’t a brain transplant—it was a body transplant. You’d still feel like you, just with a different body. Meanwhile, your old body would not be you—it would be Bill Clinton. So what makes you you must be your brain. The Brain Theory says that wherever the brain goes, you go—even if it goes into someone else’s skull.

The Data Theory

Consider this—

What if the mad scientist, after capturing you and Bill Clinton, instead of swapping your physical brains, just hooks up a computer to each of your brains, copies every single bit of data in each one, then wipes both of your brains completely clean, and then copies each of your brain data onto the other person’s physical brain? So you both wake up, both with your own physical brains in your head, but you’re not in your body—you’re in Bill Clinton’s body. After all, Bill Clinton’s brain now has all of your thoughts, memories, fears, hopes, dreams, emotions, and personality. The body and brain of Bill Clinton would still run out and go freak out about this to your family. And again, after a significant amount of convincing, they would indeed accept that you were alive, just in Bill Clinton’s body.

Philosopher John Locke’s memory theory of personal identity suggests that what makes you you is your memory of your experiences. Under Locke’s definition of you, the new Bill Clinton in this latest example is you, despite not containing any part of your physical body, not even your brain. 

This suggests a new theory we’ll call The Data Theory, which says that you’re not your physical body at all. Maybe what makes you you is your brain’s data—your memories and your personality.

We seem to be honing in on something, but the best way to get to concrete answers is by testing these theories in hypothetical scenarios. Here’s an interesting one, conceived by British philosopher Bernard Williams:

The Torture Test

Situation 1: The mad scientist kidnaps you and Clinton, switches your brain data with Clinton’s, as in the latest example, wakes you both up, and then walks over to the body of Clinton, where you supposedly reside, and says, “I’m now going to horribly torture one of you—which one should I torture?”

What’s your instinct? Mine is to point at my old body, where I no longer reside, and say, “Him.” And if I believe in the Data Theory, then I’ve made a good choice. My brain data is in Clinton’s body, so I’m now in Clinton’s body, so who cares about my body anymore? Sure, it sucks for anyone to be tortured, but if it’s between me and Bill Clinton, I’m choosing him.

Situation 2: The mad scientist captures you and Clinton, except he doesn’t do anything to your brains yet. He comes over to you—normal you with your normal brain and body—and asks you a series of questions. Here’s how I think it would play out:

Mad Scientist: Okay so here’s what’s happening. I’m gonna torture one of you. Who should I torture?

You: [pointing at Clinton] Him.

MS: Okay but there’s something else—before I torture whoever I torture, I’m going to wipe both of your brains of all memories, so when the torture is happening, neither of you will remember who you were before this. Does that change your choice?

You: Nope. Torture him.

MS: One more thing—before the torture happens, not only am I going to wipe your brains clean, I’m going to build new circuitry into your brain that will convince you that you’re Bill Clinton. By the time I’m done, you’ll think you’re Bill Clinton and you’ll have all of his memories and his full personality and anything else that he thinks or feels or knows. I’ll do the same thing to him, convincing him he’s you. Does that change your choice?

You: Um, no. Regardless of any delusion I’m going through and no matter who I think I am, I don’t want to go through the horrible pain of being tortured. Insane people still feel pain. Torture him.

So in the first situation, I think you’d choose to have your own body tortured. But in the second, I think you’d choose Bill Clinton’s body—at least I would. But the thing is—they’re the exact same example. In both cases, before any torture happens, Clinton’s brain ends up with all of your data and your brain has his—the difference is just at which point in the process you were asked to decide. In both cases, your goal is for you to not be tortured, but in the first situation, you felt that after the brain data swap, you were in Clinton’s body, with all of your personality and memories there with you—while in the second situation, if you’re like me, you didn’t care what was going to happen with the two brains’ data, you believed that you would remain with your physical brain, and body, either way.

Choosing your body to be the one tortured in the first situation is an argument for the Data Theory—you believe that where your data goes, you go. Choosing Clinton’s body to be tortured in the second situation is an argument for the Brain Theory, because you believe that regardless of what he does with your brain’s data, you will continue to be in your own body, because that’s where your physical brain is. Some might even take it a step further, and if the mad scientist told you he was even going to switch your physical brains, you’d still choose Clinton’s body, with your brain in it, to be tortured. Those that would torture a body with their own brain in it over torturing their own body believe in the Body Theory.

Not sure about you, but I’m finishing this experiment still divided. Let’s try another. Here’s my version of modern philosopher Derek Parfit’s teletransporter thought experiment, which he first described in his book Reasons and Persons

The Teletransporter Thought Experiment

It’s the year 2700. The human race has invented all kinds of technology unimaginable in  today’s world. One of these technologies is teleportation—the ability to transport yourself to distant places at the speed of light. Here’s how it works—

You go into a Departure Chamber—a little room the size of a small cubicle.

cube stand

You set your location—let’s say you’re in Boston and your destination is London—and when you’re ready to go, you press the button on the wall. The chamber walls then scan your entire body, uploading the exact molecular makeup of your body—every atom that makes up every part of you and its precise location—and as it scans, it destroys, so every cell in your body is destroyed by the scanner as it goes.

cube beam

When it’s finished (the Departure Chamber is now empty after destroying all of your cells), it beams your body’s information to an Arrival Chamber in London, which has all the necessary atoms waiting there ready to go. The Arrival Chamber uses the data to re-form your entire body with its storage of atoms, and when it’s finished you walk out of the chamber in London looking and feeling exactly how you did back in Boston—you’re in the same mood, you’re hungry just like you were before, you even have the same paper cut on your thumb you got that morning.

The whole process, from the time you hit the button in the Departure Chamber to when you walk out of the Arrival Chamber in London, takes five minutes—but to you it feels instantaneous. You hit the button, things go black for a blink, and now you’re standing in London. Cool, right?

In 2700, this is common technology. Everyone you know travels by teleportation. In addition to the convenience of speed, it’s incredibly safe—no one has ever gotten hurt doing it.

But then one day, you head into the Departure Chamber in Boston for your normal morning commute to your job in London, you press the big button on the wall, and you hear the scanner turn on, but it doesn’t work.

cubicle broken

The normal split-second blackout never happens, and when you walk out of the chamber, sure enough, you’re still in Boston. You head to the check-in counter and tell the woman working there that the Departure Chamber is broken, and you ask her if there’s another one you can use, since you have an early meeting and don’t want to be late.

She looks down at her records and says, “Hm—it looks like the scanner worked and collected its data just fine, but the cell destroyer that usually works in conjunction with the scanner has malfunctioned.”

“No,” you explain, “it couldn’t have worked, because I’m still here. And I’m late for this meeting—can you please set me up with a new Departure Chamber?”

She pulls up a video screen and says, “No, it did work—see? There you are in London—it looks like you’re gonna be right on time for your meeting.” She shows you the screen, and you see yourself walking on the street in London.

“But that can’t be me,” you say, “because I’m still here.”

At that point, her supervisor comes into the room and explains that she’s correct—the scanner worked as normal and you’re in London as planned. The only thing that didn’t work was the cell destroyer in the Departure Chamber here in Boston. “It’s not a problem, though,” he tells you, “we can just set you up in another chamber and activate its cell destroyer and finish the job.”

And even though this isn’t anything that wasn’t going to happen before—in fact, you have your cells destroyed twice every day—suddenly, you’re horrified at the prospect.

“Wait—no—I don’t want to do that—I’ll die.”

The supervisor explains, “You won’t die sir. You just saw yourself in London—you’re alive and well.”

“But that’s not me. That’s a replica of me—an imposterI’m the real me—you can’t destroy my cells!”

The supervisor and the woman glance awkwardly at each other. “I’m really sorry sir—but we’re obligated by law to destroy your cells. We’re not allowed to form the body of a person in an Arrival Chamber without destroying the body’s cells in a Departure Chamber.”

You stare at them in disbelief and then run for the door. Two security guards come out and grab you. They drag you toward a chamber that will destroy your cells, as you kick and scream…


If you’re like me, in the first part of that story, you were pretty into the idea of teletransportation, and by the end, you were not.

The question the story poses is, “Is teletransportation, as described in this experiment, a form of traveling? Or a form of dying?

This question might have been ambiguous when I first described it—it might have even felt like a perfectly safe way of traveling—but by the end, it felt much more like a form of dying. Which means that every day when you commute to work from Boston to London, you’re killed by the cell destroyer, and a replica of you is created.1 To the people who know you, you survive teletransportation just fine, the same way your wife seems just fine when she arrives home to you after her own teletransportation, talking about her day and discussing plans for next week. But is it possible that your wife was actually killed that day, and the person you’re kissing now was just created a few minutes ago?

Well again, it depends on what you are. Someone who believes in the Data Theory would posit that London you is you as much as Boston you, and that teletransportation is perfectly survivable. But we all related to Boston you’s terror at the end there—could anyone really believe that he should be fine with being obliterated just because his data is safe and alive over in London? Further, if the teletransporter could beam your data to London for reassembly, couldn’t it also beam it to 50 other cities and create 50 new versions of you? You’d be hard-pressed to argue that those were all you. To me, the teletransporter experiment is a big strike against the Data Theory.

Similarly, if there were an Ego Theory that suggests that you are simply your ego, the teletransporter does away nicely with that. Thinking about London Tim, I realize that “Tim Urban” surviving means nothing to me. The fact that my replica in London will stay friends with my friends, keep Wait But Why going with his Tuesday-ish posts, and live out the whole life I was planning for myself—the fact that no one will miss me or even realize that I’m dead, the same way in the story you never felt like you lost your wife—does almost nothing for me. I don’t care about Tim Urban surviving. I care about me surviving.

All of this seems like very good news for Body Theory and Brain Theory. But let’s not judge things yet. Here’s another experiment:

The Split Brain Experiment

A cool fact about the human brain is that the left and right hemispheres function as their own little worlds, each with their own things to worry about, but if you remove one half of someone’s brain, they can sometimes not only survive, but their remaining brain half can learn to do many of the other half’s previous jobs, allowing the person to live a normal life. That’s right—you could lose half of your brain and potentially function normally.

So say you have an identical twin sibling named Bob who developes a fatal brain defect. You decide to save him by giving him half of your brain. Doctors operate on both of you, discarding his brain and replacing it with half of yours. When you wake up, you feel normal and like yourself. Your twin (who already has your identical DNA because you’re twins) wakes up with your exact personality and memories.


When you realize this, you panic for a minute that your twin now knows all of your innermost thoughts and feelings on absolutely everything, and you’re about to make him promise not to tell anyone, when it hits you that you of course don’t have to tell him. He’s not your twin—he’s you. He’s just as intent on your privacy as you are, because it’s his privacy too.

As you look over at the guy who used to be Bob and watch him freak out that he’s in Bob’s body now instead of his own, you wonder, “Why did I stay in my body and not wake up in Bob’s? Both brain halves are me, so why am I distinctly in my body and not seeing and thinking in dual split-screen right now, from both of our points of view? And whatever part of me is in Bob’s head, why did I lose touch with it? Who is the me in Bob’s head, and how did he end up over there while I stayed here?”

Brain Theory is shitting his pants right now—it makes no sense. If people are supposed to go wherever their brains go, what happens when a brain is in two places at once? Data Theory, who was badly embarrassed by the teletransporter experiment, is doing no better in this one.

But Body Theory—who was shot down at the very beginning of the post—is suddenly all smug and thrilled with himself. Body Theory says “Of course you woke up in your own body—your body is what makes you you. Your brain is just the tool your body uses to think. Bob isn’t you—he’s Bob. He’s just now a Bob who has your thoughts and personality. There’s nothing Bob’s body can ever do to not be Bob.” This would help explain why you stayed in your body.

So a nice boost for Body Theory, but let’s take a look at a couple more things—

What we learned in the teletransporter experiment is that if your brain data is transferred to someone else’s brain, even if that person is molecularly identical to you, all it does is create a replica of you—a total stranger who happens to be just like you. There’s something distinct about Boston you that was important. When you were recreated out of different atoms in London, something critical was lost—something that made you you.

Body Theory (and Brain Theory) would point out that the only difference between Boston you and London you was that London you was made out of different atoms. London you’s body was like your body, but it was still made of different material. So is that it? Could Body Theory explain this too?

Let’s put it through two tests:

The Cell Replacement Test

Imagine I replace a cell in your arm with an identical, but foreign, replica cell. Are you not you anymore? Of course you are. But how about if, one at a time, I replace 1% of your cells with replicas? How about 10%? 30%? 60%? The London you was composed of 100% replacement cells, and we decided that that was not you—so when does the “crossover” happen? How many of your cells do we need to swap out for replicas before you “die” and what’s remaining becomes your replica?

Something feels off with this, right? Considering that the cells we’re replacing are molecularly identical to those we’re removing, and someone watching this all happen wouldn’t even notice anything change about you, it seem implausible that you’d ever die during this process, even if we eventually replaced 100% of your cells with replicas. But if your cells are eventually all replicas, how are you any different from London you?

The Body Scattering Test 

Imagine going into an Atom Scattering Chamber that completely disassembles your body’s atoms so that all that’s left in the room is a light gas of floating atoms—and then a few minutes later, it perfectly reassembles the atoms into you, and you walk out feeling totally normal.


Is that still you? Or did you die when you were disassembled and what has been reassembled is a replica of you? It doesn’t really make sense that this reassembled you would be the real you and London you would be a replica, when the only difference between the two cases is that the scattering room preserves your exact atoms and the London chamber assembles you out of different atoms. At their most basic level, atoms are identical—a hydrogen atom from your body is identical in every way to a hydrogen atom in London. Given that, I’d say that if we’re deciding London you is not you, then reassembled you is probably not you either.

The first thing these two tests illustrate is that the key distinction between Boston you and London you isn’t about the presence or absence of your actual, physical cells. The Cell Replacement Test suggests that you can gradually replace much or all of your body with replica material and still be you, and the Body Scattering Test suggests that you can go through a scatter and a reassembly, even with all of your original physical material, and be no more you than the you in London. Not looking great for Body Theory anymore.

The second thing these tests reveal is that the difference between Boston and London you might not be the nature of the particular atoms or cells involved, but about continuity. The Cell Replacement Test might have left you intact because it changed you gradually, one cell at a time. And if the Body Scattering Test were the end of you, maybe it’s because it happened all at the same time, breaking the continuity of you. This could also explain why the teletransporter might be a murder machine—London you has no continuity with your previous life.

So could it be that we’ve been off the whole time pitting the brain, the body, and the personality and memories against each other? Could it be that anytime you relocate your brain, or disassemble your atoms all at once, transfer your brain data onto a new brain, etc., you lose you because maybe, you’re not defined by any of these things on their own, but rather by a long and unbroken string of continuous existence?


A few years ago, my late grandfather, in his 90s and suffering from dementia, pointed at a picture on the wall of himself as a six-year-old. “That’s me!” he explained.

He was right. But come on. It seems ridiculous that the six-year-old in the picture and the extremely old man standing next to me could be the same person. Those two people had nothing in common. Physically, they were vastly different—almost every cell in the six-year-old’s body died decades ago. As far as their personalities—we can agree that they wouldn’t have been friends. And they shared almost no common brain data at all. Any 90-year-old man on the street is much more similar to my grandfather than that six-year-old.

But remember—maybe it’s not about similarity, but about continuity. If similarity were enough to define you, Boston you and London you, who are identical, would be the same person. The thing that my grandfather shared with the six-year-old in the picture is something he shared with no one else on Earth—they were connected to each other by a long, unbroken string of continuous existence. As an old man, he may not know anything about that six-year-old boy, but he knows something about himself as an 89-year-old, and that 89-year-old might know a bunch about himself as an 85-year-old. As a 50-year-old, he knew a ton about him as a 43-year-old, and when he was seven, he was a pro on himself as a 6-year-old. It’s a long chain of overlapping memories, personality traits, and physical characteristics.

It’s like having an old wooden boat. You may have repaired it hundreds of times over the years, replacing wood chip after wood chip, until one day, you realize that not one piece of material from the original boat is still part of it. So is that still your boat? If you named your boat Polly the day you bought it, would you change the name now? It would still be Polly, right?

In this way, what you are is not really a thing as much as a story, or a progression, or one particular theme of person. You’re a bit like a room with a bunch of things in it—some old, some new, some you’re aware of, some you aren’t—but the room is always changing, never exactly the same from week to week.

Likewise, you’re not a set of brain data, you’re a particular database whose contents are constantly changing, growing, and being updated. And you’re not a physical body of atoms, you’re a set of instructions on how to deal with and organize the atoms that bump into you.

People always say the word soul and I never really know what they’re talking about. To me, the word soul has always seemed like a poetic euphemism for a part of the brain that feels very inner to us; or an attempt to give humans more dignity than just being primal biological organisms; or a way to declare that we’re eternal. But maybe when people say the word soul what they’re talking about is whatever it is that connects my 90-year-old grandfather to the boy in the picture. As his cells and memories come and go, as every wood chip in his canoe changes again and again, maybe the single common thread that ties it all together is his soul. After examining a human from every physical and mental angle throughout the post, maybe the answer this whole time has been the much less tangible Soul Theory.


It would have been pleasant to end the post there, but I just can’t do it, because I can’t quite believe in souls.

The way I actually feel right now is completely off-balance. Spending a week thinking about clones of yourself, imagining sharing your brain or merging yours with someone else’s, and wondering whether you secretly die every time you sleep and wake up as a replica will do that to you. If you’re looking for a satisfying conclusion, I’ll direct you to the sources below since I don’t even know who I am right now.

The only thing I’ll say is that I told someone about the topic I was posting on for this week, and their question was, “That’s cool, but what’s the point of trying to figure this out?” While researching, I came across this quote by Parfit: “The early Buddhist view is that much or most of the misery of human life resulted from the false view of self.” I think that’s probably very true, and that’s the point of thinking about this topic.


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– Here’s how I’m working on this false view of self thing.
– And things could get even more confusing soon when we have to figure out if Artificial Superintelligence is conscious or not.

Very few of the ideas or thought experiments in this post are my original thinking. I read and listened to a bunch of personal identity philosophy this week and gathered my favorite parts together for the post. The two sources I drew from the most were philosopher Derek Parfit’s book Reasons and Persons and Yale professor Shelly Kagan’s fascinating philosophy course on death—the lectures are all watchable online for free.

Other Sources:
David Hume: Hume on Identity Over Time and Persons
Derek Parfit: We Are Not Human Beings
Peter Van Inwagen: Materialism and the Psychological-Continuity Account of Personal Identity
Bernard Williams: The Self and the Future
John Locke: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Chapter: Of Identity and Diversity)
Douglas Hofstadter: Gödel, Escher, Bach
Patrick Bailey: Concerning Theories of Personal Identity

And a fascinating and related video
For a while now, my favorite YouTube channel has been Kurzgesagt. They make one amazing five-minute animated video a month on the exact kinds of topics I love to write about. I highly recommend subscribing. Anyway, I’ve spoken to them and we liked the idea of tag-teaming a similar topic at the same time, and since this one was on both of our lists, we did that this week. I focused on what the self is, they explored what life itself is. Check it out:


O Tanque de Isolamento Sensorio, Ironizado por um Cético

domingo, janeiro 1st, 2017


What a Sensory Isolation Tank Taught Me About My Brain

E meu comentário a respeito (não publicado)

What a modern culture isolation jungle taught me about my brain:

1) The jungle biosphere is a product of entropy attacking Milk Way;
2) The separated particles-photons of the galactic building blocks fell in state of chaos at Earth surface;
3) The photons bits-information tried to re-build the system here and got the shape of a pair of nucleotides ( the building blocks of RNA/DNA), due different environment, water and its effect, organic chemistry;
4) The same building block, less evolved, is the template for atoms systems;
5) This template is a formula made up when a portion of matter (space substance or dark matter) gets the dynamics of life’s cycles, which comes from any natural wave composed by the seven known electromagnetic radiation ( gamma-ray, visible light, X-ray, etc).
6) So, in the beginning, from a Big Bang, a wave of light with the code for natural systems penetrating dark matter created atoms which evolved to stellar systems, to galactic systems, to cell systems, to plant and animal systems, to human brains… which expresses that wave of light in shape of consciousness. (cont.)

7 Our head is the egg; the brain is the placenta; the actual fetus is the formation o fan ex-machine consciousness ( or mind, you choose the words); It is expressed as a cloud of light produced by electrical neuronal synapses.
8) Mind, or consciousness is merely the last more evolved shape of that formula, called by me ” the universal matrix/dna”.
9) So, we are 8 billion genes for consciousness which will be added to billions of bullions another genes spreaded in this universe. The Universal History must be called ” From the Big Bang to the Big Birth”.
10) Why we can not do anything as consciousness, yet? Because it is a fetus, at last an embryo of consciousness, It did not opened its own eye (the third eye) for to see its own body.
11) It is losing time trying transcendental experiences. What we must do is understanding that we are genes, bits or bubbles of consciousness. Of only a unique human does not do its job, we all will born handicapped. So, this world view has the moral code we need just now.


(I)rradiacao Eletromagnetica do Cerebro: Pensamentos, Ideias. Raios Gama, Radio?

domingo, dezembro 4th, 2016


Hipoteses Sobre Consciencia

Penso que o que emite  – nao radiação –  e sim, radioatividade (é a propriedade de certos tipos de elementos químicos emitirem radiações ) sao apenas átomos. Mas existem diferentes formas de radioatividade devido o estado e situação em que se encontra um atomo. Quando um átomo compõe um sistema maior, a identidade deste sistema reverte sobre o átomo modelando seu tipo de radioatividade.

O nome “radioatividade”, dado pela Física, não está correto em nossa aplicação. Para nos, o escape de particulas de um átomo ou sistema e’ um efeito entrópico, degenerativo.

O cérebro deve emitir radiação porque ele ‘e apenas mais uma forma de sistema natural. Então que tipos de radiação sao as emitidas pelo cérebro humano, e como diferentes cerebros produzem diferentes radiacoes? Como a radiacao do cerebro se expande adentrando o mundo externo a sua volta? Como esta radiação na forma de pensamentos ou ideias influencia modificando as coisas a sua volta? Como ela entra e muda outros cerebros? Porque alguns cérebros emitem radiação forte, penetrante e funcional (grandes predadores humanos), enquanto outros emitem radiação muito fraca que logo se perde ao ser emitida ( a massa/presa humana)?

Ele e seu tipo de radiação devem serem acrescentados na tabela do espectro eletromagnético, nao como algo especial, mas sim apenas como mais uma forma evoluída dos sistemas naturais. Vamos trazer o espectro electromagnetico oficial e o outro, segundo a Teoria da Matrix/DNA, para ca.



Devemos notar que a “escala aproximada do comprimento de onda” nao significa que as figuras correspondentes emitem tais faixas.

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum

Devemos notar que este grafico esta sugerindo que o corpo humano, a medida que se desenvolve e muda de formas, deveria mudar tambem as faixas em que opera. Nao parece ser o caso. Porem existe a possibilidade de que um corpo emita apenas uma faixa, porem cada faixa se transforma por si propria, nas sete formas do espectro inteiro.

Radiação ( ou irradiação?) e’ resultado da entropia, ou avanço do tempo de vida de um corpo, ou sua degeneração, quando ele vai aos poucos perdendo sua essência inicial.

Façamos agora uma pesquisa sobre o que a humanidade conhece deste fenômeno e que pode se relacionar com a hipotese deste artigo:




Em física, radiação (do termo latino radiatione) é a propagação de energia de um ponto a outro, seja no vácuo ou em qualquer meio material, podendo ser classificada como energia em trânsito, e podendo ocorrer através de uma onda eletromagnéticaou partícula.[1] As radiações podem ser emitidas tanto artificialmente em procedimentos médicos ou atividades industriais, quanto naturalmente, como a luz solar por exemplo. Independente do tipo, elas interagem com os corpos, até mesmo com o ser humano, e depositam neles energia. Essa interação depende do tipo da energia de radiação e do meio em que está se propagando.

  • Radiação solar – É causada pela energia emitida do sol, provenientes de reações que ocorrem na superfície do astro. A radiação solar se propaga por onda eletromagnética.
  • Radiação de Cherenkov – Causada quando uma partícula carregada eletricamente, com a velocidade superior à da luz no meio, atravessa um meio isolante. A cor azul característica de reatores nuclear deve-se à radiação de Cherenkov. O nome é em homenagem ao cientista soviético Pavel Cherenkov, vencedor do Prêmio Nobel de Física de 1958.
  • Radioatividade – Radioatividade (ou radiatividade) é a propriedade de certos tipos de elementos químicos emitirem radiações, um fenômeno que acontece de forma natural ou artificial. A radioatividade artificial ocorre quando há uma transformação nuclear, através da união de átomos ou da fissão nuclear. Já A radioatividade natural ocorre através dos elementos radioativos encontrados na natureza

Radiação corpuscular – A energia se propaga através de partículas subatômicas, como elétrons, prótons e outras formadas através de fissão nuclear, como os nêutrons. Assim, ela é caracterizada pela sua carga, massa e velocidade, podendo ser carregada ou neutra, leve ou pesada e lenta ou rápida

(Continuar pesquisa)


Novo modelo teórico dos cérebros com as três tendencias instintivas selvagens

terça-feira, setembro 13th, 2016


Na verdade este e’ um novo modelo teórico da mente humana e não do cérebro. Mas para pessoas muito primitivas, talvez este seja tambem o seu estado anatômico de cérebro.

Imaginando como esta o cérebro forjado ate o macaco pelo estado caótico da Natureza, e depois iniciado o forjamento ao emergir o principio de consciência no homo sapiens, acrescentando a isso tudo o comportamento moderno que deduzo ao observar as pessoas, me surge a intuição para um modelo de como esta configurado, ou hard-wired o cérebro atual.

Para isso considero como base a presença ainda dominante na carga genética humana, os instintos para grandes predadores, médios predadores e presas. E ainda considero uma das ultimas conclusões: não adianta, não tem como mudar as pessoas, não tem como desconfigurar e reconfigurar seus cérebros numa so existência.

Então, o cérebro – pela teoria da Matrix/DNA, esta fisicamente, anatomicamente configurado pela formula da Matrix. Tenho ainda a duvida se esta configuração já esta terminada ou se ainda esta se formando, por isso não sei se existem todas as peças do sistema e se essas peças (F1,F2,F3, etc.), estão solidamente conectadas entre si. Sei que esta havendo uma falha – a dominância do hemisfério esquerdo e a recessividade do direito – o que prejudica a eficiência dos pensamentos.

Mas este cérebro esta sendo projetado numa reprodução sua, com uma substancia muito sutil, desconhecida, a que se denomina mente ou auto-consciência. Esta nova forma do sistema ou da formula universal tenho quase certeza, ainda esta em formação, talvez na fase de feto, ou de embrião, ou recém-nascido que ainda não abriu seus próprios olhos e não tem consciência de como e’ seu próprio corpo.

E esta reprodução sutil chamada de mental que vou teorizar agora seu modelo anatômico. E de cara, sinto que deve existir três tipos diferentes deste modelo, e mais ainda inúmeros tipos que seriam intermediários entre estes três principais. Os três principais são justamente os tendentes a grande predador, médio… etc. Intermediários seriam os mais evoluídos, que misturam um pouco de duas principais, ou as três, e assim vive um conflito interno de tendencias.

Então o modelo do grande predador seria desenhado trazendo-se a formula da Matrix porem, sem todas as setas de conexão, ou sem algumas delas. Então as peças estariam em formação mas como grupos isolados de pedaços, de genes sutis. Ao invés de setas colocaria bolas, mantendo as figuras das peças como quadrados ( ou vice-versa? talvez seria melhor). Digamos que as peças seriam pretas, então as bolas intermediarias seriam vermelhas, mostrando-as como vácuos de conexões.

Para as presas seria a mesma configuração porem com as cores contrarias. Nas bolas ( ou quadrados), representando os locais das conexões, a cor seria preta e as peças, vermelhas.

As peças deveriam ser brancas, representando a luz, mas isto apenas quando a consciência estiver completamente formada, e isto precisa ser explicado no desenho. Teria um desenho para mentes em formação e outro para mentes formadas.

E as intermediarias? Tem que suavizar as cores tanto de peças como de vácuos, e ainda mostrar que alguns vácuos estão se tornando setas de conexão.

Um dos principais objetivos  seria mostrar como e porque e’ impossível mudar os comportamentos das pessoas, ou ate mesmo faze-las entender o que precisa mudar. Um cérebro predador jamais iria aceitar que ele teria que se associar, se acasalar, com o cérebro de presa, e vice-versa.

Então, por enquanto fica registrada a ideia desta tese esperando a oportunidade de ter tempo e melhor equipamento para fazer os desenhos. O fato e’ que sem estes desenhos, sem a imagem visual, nem os estudiosos vão ler e quanto mais entender essa situação.




Analogia Entre o Processo do Pensamento Com o Processo Geográfico dos Rios e Oceanos

sábado, setembro 10th, 2016


Uma imagem interessante sobre o mistério dos pensamentos e da mente me surgiu na “mente” agora:

Como, porque, e para que? – este planeta produziu este fenômeno de neurônios emitindo sinapses que funcionam como pensamentos? Qual o estado anterior deste planeta – ou do sistema astronomico ao qual ele pertence – forneceu a forma e os mecanismos para o fenômeno tal como ele se apresenta dentro de nossas cabeças, aqui e agora?

A imagem que pintou no meu cérebro apos me fazer estas perguntas foi a seguinte:

Imagine um pequeno rio cujas águas correm serpenteando no meio de vales. Em certo local existe uma queda abrupta do terreno , o que faz as águas caírem abruptamente, formando uma cascata. Ao bater nas pedras la’ embaixo as águas encontram um mais amplo espaço nos vales portanto se abre num largo, com até 800 metros de largura, como os grandes rios do Amazonas.

Como o continente continua a declinar e diminuir sua altura `a medida que se aproxima do nível do mar, esse grande rio termina por desembocar no imenso oceano, o qual circunda o continente.

Pois bem, voltemos aos pensamentos, `a mente.

Pensamentos – ate’ que a neurologia elabore uma teoria melhor – são produzidos quando neurônios disparam substancias químicas eletricamente carregadas na direcao de outros neurônios `a sua volta. Observando com o MRI uma certa região do cérebro em atividade, veríamos estas sinapses semelhante a imagem de uma região do Amazonas cheia de pequenos fios de rios correndo nos vales. Em dada região do cérebro – como possivelmente o hipocampo – estas sinapses caem abruptamente formando como uma nuvem clara devido a luminosidade cargas elétricas na substancia química. Essa imagem se assemelha a imagem dos grandes rios vistos na Terra.

Não podendo ser destruído nos limites do cérebro onde o imenso rio das pequenas sinapses ocorre – pois energia não se destrói – estas especies de nuvens abstratas e invisíveis ( que foi amplamente mencionadas por Pietro Ubaldi com o nome de “neuras”, em seus grossos volumes descrevendo o que ele dizia ver por clarividência), emergem dos cérebros de 8 bilhões de humanos e desembocam num imenso anel circular localizado a dois metros da altura do solo circundando o planeta, no que Teilhard du Chardin denominou em sua teoria de ” camada mental do inconsciente coletivo do super-organismo Gaia”. Ai esta’ o oceano visto na imagem da Terra. E então – como sabemos que essas imagens de rios, cachoeiras e oceanos existiam neste planeta antes das origens da vida – encontramos o estado do mundo e os mecanismos que mais tarde a Natureza foi aprimorando até obter hoje tudo isso que ocorre dentro de nossas cabeças…

Quando eu era adolescente e sem teto – sem família, e dormia escondido no porão da biblioteca municipal e como rato noturno devorava todos aqueles livros com muito prazer, eu roubei um grande livro ilustrado – o Atlas – e durante o dia ficava no banco da praça com um lápis vendo os mapas e redesenhando-os em folhas de papel de embrulhar pão que eu roubava da padaria. Eram meus cadernos. E me lembro que um dia um dois adultos me observando, enquanto passavam um comentou: ” Esse moleque quer botar o mundo dentro da cabeça…” Mas ao mesmo tempo no porão da biblioteca tinha livros de biologia/anatomia com as figuras dos órgãos do corpo humano e também os desenhava, pensando neles. Tal era minha concentração naquelas figuras que acabei notando uma interessante semelhança: a figura de uma placenta cheia de pequenas veias, e estas se juntando na extremidade da placenta formando uma grande veia que la’ ia pelo cordão umbilical e se esparramava no corpo da mãe…( esta coisa adorada que me fazia falta todas as noites pois perdera a minha quando tinha 3 anos), era exatamente igual ao mapa da America do Sul, vendo-se os pequenos afluentes da Amazônia se juntando, formando o grande Rio Amazonas, que depois saia do continente-placenta e se esparramava no oceano.

Curioso corri a ver novamente os mapas dos outros continentes e todos tinha mais ou menos a mesma imagem, todos tinha um grande rio (o Nilo na Africa, o Vouga, Reno, na Europa, o Mississípi-Missouri na America do Norte). Todos os continentes formavam o que se denomina “bacias”, a imagem e semelhança de como a placenta forma a grande veia com seus pequenos vasos serpenteantes!  Inclusive a bacia da placenta esta’ dentro da bacia dos quadris…! Nesta idade comecei a perceber que o berço embrionário de cada individuo humano imita exatamente o berço geográfico da Humanidade, ou seja, do conjunto de todos estes indivíduos. Era o estado do mundo antes da origem da vida se repetindo em imagem e semelhança num estagio avançado da evolução da vida, quando esta mesma espetacular artista, a Natureza, aplicava o mesmo método, os mesmos mecanismos, para criar suas obras de arte. Mas na época não tinha muito tempo para ficar embevecido admirando as figuras e pensando nisso, pois tinha que arrumar algumas moedas para comprar bananas e pão e aproveitar roubando mais umas folhas na padaria para meu caderno.

Naquela infância eu me perguntava se existiria um Deus como os adultos diziam e se ele seria a mente inteligente por trás desa natureza artista.mas imediatamente me lembrava que a metade da obra desta natureza ‘e uma obra porca, cheia de dor, gemidos, e ranger de dentes, de ovelhas sendo devoradas vivas por leões, bebes humanos sendo comidos vivos por anacondas na Africa, e afastava esta ideia de deus como mente dessa natureza. Mais parecia que o dabo estava ou trás dela. Ou então Deus criou essa natureza artista e foi embora, deixando-a a seu livre sabor por aqui. Porem, todo artista tem que fazer um borrão no quadro onde vai assentar o desenho final, sua obra terminada. Então este estagio da natureza mostra que tudo esta sob o reino do caos, como nos encontramos na Terra, seria o borrão do artista. Uma artista desastrada, diga-se de passagem, pois ela não esta’ notando que no seu borrão aqui tem seres vivos que sentem dor e sofrem e estão pagando o pato em seus borrões.

Claro, hoje, e depois da selva amazônica, minha visão de mundo tem outra interpretação desta realidade. Aprendi por exemplo que toda vez que esta Natureza criou uma nova forma do sistema natural universal, ela aplicou o mesmo processo: primeiro tem uma fase dos ovos botado fora e abandoados a própria sorte; e depois vem a segunda fase mostrando que minha interpretação da primeira fase foi uma ilusão de ótica, pois na verdade os ovos sempre ficaram protegidos dentro do sistema maior e então começa a fase dos ovos mantidos dentro, nutridos e protegidos ate sua maturidade. A fase dos ovos botados fora explica porque este nova forma de sistema natural denominada auto-consciência esta passando e sujeita a predadores e tantas tragedias ao sabor do acaso. E também na selva aprendi que este Universo e’ como uma placenta formada de galaxias dentro da qual esta sendo reproduzido a ” coisa desconhecida” que gerou este Universo através de um Big Bang assim como o pequeno big bang que acontece dentro do ovulo quando rompe bruscamente a membrana do espermatozoide e tem inicio a construção de uma nova vida. Então neste Universo esta ocorrendo um mero processo natural de reprodução genética onde nos e mais os trilhões de outros seres semi-conscientes como nos espalhados por este Universo afora estamos construindo um embrião auto-consciente que sera nosso próprio corpo unico futuro, e como este embrião agora, aos 13,8 bilhões de anos desta placenta-universo esta’ apresentando o fenômeno da autoconsciência assim como todo embrião humano aos sete meses começa a apresentar sinais de auto-consciência, e isto porque fora do nosso saco embrionário existem pais autoconscientes que passaram geneticamente esta autoconsciência para o embrião, assim tambem a coisa desconhecida alem deste Universo deve sr um sistema natural autoconsciente. mas assim como a menina quando descobre no primeiro mês que esta gravida e a unica coisa que ela sabe e’ que dentro dela tem genes trabalhando e formando um caroco, assim deve ser este ser ex-machine fora do Universo, a forma como ele deve saber que estamos existindo,porem, ainda como genes quase invisíveis para ele. A natureza traquinas aproveita esta invisibilidade e taca tinta nos seus borrões, e nos pagamos o pato aqui.

Espetacular? Fantástico? Porem, seria fantastica a habilidade artística quase inteligente da Natureza quando cria suas coisas complexas e funcionais, ou esta minha imagem mental seria apenas produto da imaginação de uma humanidade ainda infantil que ainda ontem acreditava em fantasmas e amigos invisíveis supernaturais e inclusive falava para eles, no que denominamos de “orações”? Esqueça a filosofia agora e retorne no texto acima e aprecie a analogia das duas imagens… Se a minha imagem for semelhante a realidade, você estará dando um valioso passo na sua evolução mental, pois sua mente que ainda nao abriu seu “terceiro olho” para ver seu próprio corpo e o ambiente que a rodeia, ou seja, a cela escura dentro do cranio – estará’ tendo uma pista de como sera sua substancia corpórea e o ambiente em que ela esta, a nivel astronomico.


Pesquisa: Preciso retornar `a biblioteca de Londrina, ou da Universidade de Londrina, onde estavam, a 30 anos atras, os livros de Pietro Ubaldi e reler aquilo. Agora me despertei e me interessei pelas suas “correntes de neuras fluindo na atmosfera terrestre”… pois naquela época quando li, e cético como era, apenas fiquei me perguntando como o cérebro humano poderia produzir tanta imaginação de fantasias inexistentes. E talvez – se toda essa hipótese acima estiver errada – eu esteja no mesmo caminho do Ubaldi… ou talvez ele realmente estava “vendo” fatos reais!

Auto-Consciencia: Bom Video do Atual Conhecimento

sábado, agosto 27th, 2016



E meus comentarios postados no Youtube:

Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli – 8/27/2016
Discovering the evolutionary link between Cosmological and Biological Evolution – the real LUCA – we had a new view about consciousness. First, because we can see LUCA arising in this Universe as natural waves of light. The seven different frequencies/vibrations composes a formula for building systems, the so called Matrix/DNA formula. After 13,8 billions years, light waves emitted at the Big Bang and containing the code for natural systems, invaded dark matter, the friction producing electricity, breaking it in slices, organizing these slices into working systems accordingly to the code. The waves were broken into photons, which penetrates electrons and drive atoms to new combinations, more complex systems. Arriving at the system called human brain, the network of photons inside neurons through synapses is re-building the light waves, but now, it is self conscious. So, the substance of consciousness is ex-machine conscious light. So, from the Bug bang till now this Universe was like a computer, composed by hardware and software. The software, or consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up in plants and animals and now is a kind of embryo being nurtured in the egg-head of humans – and elsewhere where there are intelligent life. We, humans, are 8 billion conscious genes building this embryo (with all other intelligent lifeforms), which will be our body, the universal conscious body, merely a natural and genetic reproduction of the unknown thing that creates universes. Things are so simple for understanding… So, be friend and helpfull to all humans ( and intelligent aliens) because each one is a gene of yourself, each one is a message, a bit-information, unique, non transferable, a Cosmic mission. If only one do not accomplish its mission, we will born handicapped… In the beginning there was the Big Bang ( the fecundation act), at the end will be the Big Birth. Alleluyah…. my brother!
Sometimes i suspect that my consciousness is the only that exists. All you people are just puppets in my world, playing a script along, providing the reality with wich i interact…
The material world is real just now, like my mother’s womb was my material world, my entire universe for 9 months. But my mother’s womb was not the material world of my father and neither mine after birth. So, this Universe is like the placenta, will be discarded, and you will be the only thing that exist … in a different world. Just now you are the Matrix that built the other puppets and yours body, like genes build billions of cells to get the fetus and after that, the genes goes to neurons for to be a unique personal mind. In a next evolutionary wave, 8 billions of ( Teilhard du Chardin almost grasped it) half-conscious genes called humans will perform the Gaia’s mind. And in a next evolutionary wave, billions of Gaia/stars’s minds will go to the end of this Universe, at the day of Big Birth, as the totally-conscious son of the unknown thing that creates universes…

Terceiro Olho, Glandula Pineal,… Baseado no Terceiro Olho da Tuataras

quinta-feira, agosto 25th, 2016


Para aqueles que ja conseguiram exorcizar de sua mente o espectro herdado geneticamente dos animais relacionados aos instintos de predador/presa, qual a alternativa que temos na tentativa de conduzir outros humanos a realizar tal facanha? Praticamente nenhuma desde que o estado natural desta biosfera favorece eles e nao a nos, portanto. eles tem a forssa, as sortes, os privilegios.

Talvez houvesse uma alternativa, uma esperança. A mente – ou auto-consciencia – não e’ uma heranca desta galaxia (como sao os instintos animais), ela vem de algum lugar fora da galaxia, segundo o que esta sugerindo a formula da Matrix/DNA. Acho logico supor que esta dimensao inimaginavel da mente seja superior em complexidade, poder, `a galaxia e  suas coisas internas. E parece provavel que nesta dimensao superior haja entidades – ou coisas – conscientes. E estas “entidades” devem, de alguma forma, notar quando suas “crias” comecam a desabrochar em qualquer lugar. E talvez, ao verem estas crias em serias dificuldades, poderiam ate intervir e ajudar. Nesse caso, nos teriamos alguma ajuda para afrontar os humanos apoiados pela galaxia. Mas o que isto tem a ver com o “terceiro olho”, a glandula pineal, etc.?

Duas coisas. Primeiro que forssamos nossa mente a acelerar seu desenvolvimento e para tanto precisamos forssar o aprimoramento de nossos sensores. Existem sensores que regrediram na evolucao dos ancestrais, como esse terceiro olho das tuataras. Temos que buscar informacoes sobre tudo relacionado a eles. Segundo que se possivel for acelerar o desenvolvimento destes sensores ( pelo metodo esquematico de meditacao da Matrix/DNA), talvez consigamos gritar mais alto e ser-mos ouvidos pelas entidades do mundo auto-consciente. Claro isto e’ mera especulacao e uma possibilidade remota, mas a maioria do que conseguimos hoje era possibilidade remota antes de surgirem.

Entao no Reddit surgiu um debate sobre este assunto:

Tuataras have a “third eye” that is “no longer” used for vision. Was it earlier in evolution? Are there creatures with 3 functional eyes in the fossil record? sobre seu ^terceiro oljho_used/?sort=old&limit=500

E entao postei o seguinte comentario no debate:

TheMatrixDNA – 8/26/2016

This is speculation, but, based on a solid theory, Matrix/DNA. The third eye was the first sensor produced by the astronomic template of DNA for perceiving itself. This template was built by photons, which are the bits-information-like-genes trying to reproduce here at Earth surface the decayed astronomic system, that’s why the third eye, the pineal gland, the antennas, are related to light.

The problem was that the decay of this astronomic system was produced by entropy which creates chaos from which lift up order. Our biosphere began with the chaotic state of Nature, biological shapes surpassed the force of the ancestor template and the third eye, as everything related to light, became a recessive dominated trait, waiting that biological organisms reaches the state of order for coming back again. As I said, this is what I’m getting reading the formulas of Matrix/DNA and I could doing mistakes. But it is useful for us, in the sense that it wake up our wishes to resuscitate the third eye, the antennas through the recovery of pineal gland, because for understanding this world we will need sensors able to grasp electromagnetic fields… or the photons network behind the DNA, the solar system, the galaxy, etc., merely called “Matrix/DNA”. Cheers,…


Vamos fazer uma breve pesquisa e retornar depois ao debate no Reddit.

O que e’ tuatara?

Tuatara are reptiles endemic to New Zealand and which, although resembling most lizards, …

Sphenodon punctatus in Waikanae, New Zealand.jpg

Tuatara, apenas em New Zeland

E sobre seu terceiro olho:

The eyes ( tuataras) can focus independently, and are specialized with a duplex retina that contains two types of visual cells for both day and night vision, and a tapetum lucidum which reflects onto the retina to enhance vision in the dark. There is also a third eyelid on each eye, the nictitating membrane.

The tuatara has a third eye on the top of its head called the parietal eye. It has its own lens, cornea, retina with rod-like structures, and degenerated nerve connection to the brain, suggesting it evolved from a real eye. The parietal eye is only visible in hatchlings, which have a translucent patch at the top centre of the skull. After four to six months, it becomes covered with opaque scales and pigment. Its purpose is unknown, but it may be useful in absorbing ultraviolet rays to produce vitamin D, as well as to determine light/dark cycles, and help with thermoregulation. Of all extant tetrapods, the parietal eye is most pronounced in the tuatara. It is part of the pineal complex, another part of which is the pineal gland, which in tuatara secretes melatonin at night.[17] Some salamanders have been shown to use their pineal bodies to perceive polarised light, and thus determine the position of the sun, even under cloud cover, aiding navigation. The tuataras third eye are pronounced photoreceptive eye, which is thought to be involved in setting circadian and seasonal cycles.

A parietal eye, also known as a third eye or pineal eye, is a part of the epithalamus present in some animal species. The eye is photoreceptive and is associated with the pineal gland, regulating circadian rhythmicity and hormone production for thermoregulation.

Adult Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) clearly showing the parietal eye (small grey/clear oval) at the top of its head.

The parietal eye (very small grey oval between the regular eyes) of a juvenile bullfrog









The third eye (

(also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.[1] In certain dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra.[2] In Theosophy it is related to the pineal gland.[3] The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In New Age spirituality, the third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras,[4] precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who are claimed to have the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.

According to this theory, humans had in far ancient times an actual third eye in the back of the head with a physical and spiritual function. Over time, as humans evolved, this eye atrophied and sunk into what today is known as the pineal gland…

The pineal gland, also known as the pineal body, conarium or epiphysis cerebri, is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. The shape of the gland resembles a pine cone, hence its name. The pineal gland is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two halves of the thalamus join. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles.

Debate no Reddit:


Falha na Formação dos Nossos Cérebros a ser Corrigida, Explica Deficiências Humanas

sábado, agosto 20th, 2016

Pensamentos simples funcionam por neurônios esticando tentáculos para tocarem outros neurônios e passar o pensamento para a frente. A maioria dos humanos apresentam uma falha incomoda quando neurônios se unem em grupos, pacotes, num pensamento mais complexo, para emitirem seus tentáculos na direcao de outros grupos de neurônios e assim estes pensamentos não se completam. Então, surge falhas absurdas,  em que pessoas nascem e morrem sem nunca conseguirem formular pensamentos que para nos, filósofos, acostumados a exercitarem pensamentos mais complexos, parecem muito fáceis. Por exemplo:

Todos os sistemas sociais humanos criados ate hoje – capitalismo, comunismo, feudalismo, monarquia, etc. – são baseados na mesma premissa, no mesmo caráter ideológico humano, apesar que se diz erroneamente que cada sistema tenha uma peculiar ideologia. Essa premissa basilar e’ que todos estes sistemas apresentam uma mesma regra de interação social entre suas partes: tem uma alta classe, uma classe media, e a classe pobre. A causa fundamental geradora desta premissa e’ fácil de detectar, e’ demasiada evidente para os filósofos, mas 95% da população, ou mais, ainda vai morrer sem conseguir realizar esta operação mental. No deserto no oceano, na selva, existem seus sistemas interativos também, e em todos eles, existe uma divisão básica, evidente. O sistema apresenta uma regra que e’ a lei governante local: a divisão entre grandes predadores, médios predadores e presas.

Quando pensa, numa operação mental, o filosofo tem a habilidade de amplificar a propagação de sua mente nas direções de tempo e espaço mais distantes, abrangendo horizontes alem do que seus olhos e sentidos estão percebendo no ambiente limitado imediato a sua volta. Depois que descobri a formula da Matrix/DNA, tornou-se impossível evitar que meus pensamentos, perante qualquer situação nova nunca percebida antes, façam um volupteante zigue-zague, num vai-e-vem frenético ligando o alfa ao omega. Ou seja: ao focar a nova situação, um novo fenômeno ou evento natural, a mente absorve sua aparência externa, tenta penetrar para ver sua aparência interna, sente o ambiente que o envolve o fenômeno, e dai busca o significado existência do fenômeno ao tentar montar mentalmente sua historia total, retornando do agora ao momento do Big bang onde tudo começou, retornando imediatamente ao momento presente mas passando pela historia evolutiva deste Universo, e dai tenta ainda fazer uma projeção da historia futura deste objeto ou fenômeno, indo ate o final do Universo. Isto e’ movimento mental em vai-e-vem na velocidade da luz.

Assim se descobrem significados e com eles aparecem as acoes necessárias a serem feitas para nossas conveniências e interesses. Como geralmente estas acoes precisam envolver forcas humanas em larga escala, portanto necessitando muitos humanos na tarefa, o filosofo tenta comunicar o problema a sua volta, mas desmorona perante uma muralha surda, cega, intransponível, formada pelos humanos ao redor. Cito um exemplo:

Um dos maiores e mais importantes significados e’ o do próprio Universo e nossa existência nele. E deste tipo de operação mental a velocidade da luz, emerge imediatamente um significado. A espécie humana esta existindo como uma ponte temporária, para algo dentro dela realiza uma perigosa travessia. perigosa porque se os humanos não construírem essa ponte solidamente, ela pode desmoronar e a Natureza descartara’ a especie inteira, como fez com tantas outras. Alguém pode detectar um significado mais importante e urgente que este? A ponte e’ o cérebro humano e o que esta realizando a travessia e’ a auto-consciência. Uma outra maneira de ver o fenômeno e’  a exata semelhança dele com a embriogênese e gestação de um corpo humano. Assim, a cabeça humana esta representando a função “ovo”, ou bolsa gestacional, o cérebro e’ a placenta, o liquido amniótico, e o feto e’ a auto-consciência sendo formada. Neste contexto, cada humano na sua semi-consciência esta funcionando como um gene, o qual tem uma informação unica, especifica, intima sua que não pode ser transferida, cedida, tomada, como todos os genes do DNA. Somos neste momento 8 bilhões de genes construindo nosso próprio corpo futuro, uma forma transcendental a forma da especie humana. E isto, o conhecimento deste significado, faria o humano mudar a maioria dos seus hábitos comportamentais, mas este conhecimento não vai obter esta mudança porque ele não pode emergir do cérebro, desta placenta, com as falhas, os buracos de conexões entre grupos, pacotes de neurônios que citei acima. E isto e’ triste, muito triste, pois o filosofo e’ obrigar a assistir 90% dos humanos sendo torturados numa condição de vida absurda porque não sabem se sintonizarem o seu sentido de existência individual, com o sentido de existência requerido pela Natureza Universal. E o pior: o tempo de oportunidade esta se reduzindo, ameaçando ocorrer um aborto prematuro deste feto auto-consciente, que pode não nascer vivo aqui.

Temos que descobrir uma maneira de tapar estas falhas do cérebro humano. E como sempre quando tenho um problema de essência natural, tenho um método, que e’ desenhar o problema, a sua forma atual e colocar este desenho ao lado da formula natural para sistemas perfeitos. Assim fico vendo os pontos de falhas no desenho do sistema deficiente e quais os mecanismos, as funções, desenho do sistema perfeito que estão localizados naqueles pontos. Esta tarefa teria que ser realizada por grupos de pesquisadores que tem condições materiais, claro, eu sozinho e sem as minimas condições não vou obter nada, alem de apenas lançar a semente numa seara inóspita torcendo para que ela desabroche. Mas para curiosos e se possível, alguém que entenda estes significados, e deseje participar e deste esforço, vou detalhar mais o método, trazendo primeiro a formula para cá:

E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software

E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software

Esta formula construiu a primeira célula, depois o corpo abaixo do cranio, e depois o cérebro. Portanto todos estes sistemas são derivados, baseados n mesma infra-estrutura, no mesmo template. Sao sete peças, cada qual materializando uma função sistêmica universal, fortemente interconectadas numa especie de rede, uma network. O cérebro humano atual já formou a maioria destas peças ( na forma de glândulas, regiões cerebrais, etc.), porem ainda falta aprimorar estas peças e falta principalmente pavimentar as setas de conexos entre as peças. Entre as partes, ou, em outro nível, entre grupos, pacotes de neurônios. E como um feto que já formou os tecidos com regiões diferenciadas, porem os órgãos ainda são deficientes e a rede de conexão própria quase não existe. Por isso, notro exemplo, e no caso especifico do sistema social brasileiro, a maioria da sua população tem uma visão muito fraca do significado da sociedade brasileira e com isso, não conseguem ver e muito menos se tornarem em agentes ativos visando corrigir suas falhas. Nos movimentos políticos e de massa atuais, fala-se e poe se toda a culpa no PT, um grupo que influenciou a historia social em apenas 15 anos, enquanto o grupo dominante dos outros 400 anos da historia são ignorados e não se faz a conexão mental entre estas duas faixas de tempo, com isso, qualquer decisão destes indivíduos sera pior para o pais. Existe um buraco impedindo a conexão entre os dois blocos da historia.

E preciso esforçar-se no exercício das percepções dos fenômenos e eventos naturais – mais que na ação dos humanos a nossa volta – para apressara formação destas peças, destes sensores cerebrais, e imaginar estes sensores lançando tentáculos buscando tocar os sensores vizinhos. Um serio exemplo:

Quem assistiu o vídeo do depoimento da neurologista Dra Jill ( Bootle?) que teve um derrame da parte esquerda do cérebro e passou momentos com apenas o hemisfério direito funcionando, percebeu a enorme importância deste hemisfério, o novo surpreendente mundo que ele sugeriu, e o grave problema para nossa condição de vida pelo fato de estar suprimindo a ação deste hemisfério. Mas porque isto esta acontecendo? A formula explica.

Observe a formula e veja como ela e’ dividida em duas metades. Todo pensamento nasce no hipocampo – que na formula corresponde a Função 1 – seu fluxo inicia-se pela esquerda no sentido horário, vai para a Função 2, dai para a F3, e na F4 ele se bifurca, tendo um ramo principal que continua o circuito esférico para F6 e outro ramo lateral que desce direto para F1. Esta estrutura esta exatamente formada como cérebro humano, sendo que na divisão entre os dois hemisférios criou-se uma ponte de massa solida. E a evolução dos seres vivos fez com que no resultado de cérebro humano o fluxo de energia/informações, quando chega em F4, ao invés de passar a ponte e se dirigir a F6, ele despenca indo na direcao de F1. Assim apenas a metade esquerda, o hemisfério esquerdo do cérebro, esta funcionando de fato, ou ao menos, como forma dominante, enquanto o direito esta recessivo, dominado. Alem de nossos fracos e limitados sensores nos mostrar muito mal esta parte material do mundo que nos envolve, ainda estamos vendo apenas a metade do mundo. Mas a sabedoria, a base para tomar decisões corretas e controlar o mundo depende da plena função dos dois hemisférios e principalmente  do produto que emerge da interação destas duas partes, que e’ a uma maior e mais poderosa auto-consciência.

Image result for hippocampus

Hipocampo e sua região eletro-magnetica

E preciso se esforçar em realizar operações mentais de maneira que, quando o fluxo chegue a Função 4 – ao córtex cerebral no topo alto do cérebro – el se lance com força para atravessar a parede divisória e alcance F6. Quando eu comecei a praticar estes exercícios, descobri o código da vida nas ondas de luz… Para se ter uma ideia do que este avanço evolutivo vai significar em nossas existências.

Se estes humanos que estão empregando enormes partes de seu tempo nas academias de ginastica para desenvolver músculos tivessem consciência dessa falha em seus cérebros e soubessem que ela sera vencida tambem através de exercícios como a malhação,tentaria dividir este tempo nos dois tipos de exercicios. Temos justo nestes dias uma noticia bombando na imprensa internacional que explica bem esse problema:

O caso dos atletas americanos que praticaram vandalismo num posto de gasolina no Brasil e geraram uma historia confusa de assalto. Apenas um dos atletas gerou a historia do assalto, mas pelo que li nos comentários entre americanos, este atleta já seria conhecido por ter apresentado comportamentos anormais antes, talvez revelando alguma forte disfunção cerebral. Ele passou a vida malhando os músculos na natação, e praticamente nada investiu na estruturação, formação e saúde do cérebro. O resultado esta ai em mais este evento.

O método da meditação sistematizada, baseada na formula da Matrix/DNA ainda e’ uma iniciativa débil tentando mudar ou aprimorar as conexões entre neurônios, grupos de neurônios e partes sistêmicas do cérebro. Se for levado a casos extremos de esforços – como talvez tenha sido meu caso enquanto vivia na selva, pois quando estou na civilização não consigo o estado físico, a quietude mental para repetir tal façanha – pode produzir resultados surpreendentes. Estes exercícios fracos não vão desenvolver tentáculos de conexões fortes como o corpo físico pode desenvolver músculos que afloram a flor da pele. Pois o nível mental e’ algo muito mais complexo e difícil de alcançar que o nível do corpo físico. Mas, tem-se que fazer o esforço, tem-se que empregar uma parte do nosso tempo nesta atividade, antes que a Natureza nos descarte, devido 95% da população mundial ainda estar no ciclo da miséria e com o tempo todo voltado nas lides da sobrevivência imediata. Sao genes que não estão desempenhando suas missões, que estão desviados do sentido da existência para o qual o mundo os fez.

Eu vou tentar arrumar algum tempinho para ficar observando os desenhos do cérebro humano ao lado do desenho da formula perfeita para ver se descubro algo que se possa fazer no sentido de levar o cérebro `a perfeição da formula.