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A Dualidade da Luz Como Onda e Particula e a Teoria Quântica – Excelente Video

segunda-feira, fevereiro 6th, 2017


Mas antes de assistir os dois videos, veja meus comentários abaixo postados no Youtube. Você tera’ uma visão diferente e mais completa sobre os fenomenos apresentados…

Quantum Theory Made Easy [1]

Louis Charles Morelli  Louis Charles Morelli – 02/05/2017

The whole magnetic spectrum propagates into spacetime at the exactly way that a living body propagates into spacetime. I had discovered this after discovering the universal matrix/dna formula for all natural systems. If our body expands and grows changing shapes and energy intensity after fecundation – from blastula to fetus to embryo to baby to kid to teenager to adult, to senior to cadaver and then, dissipates as fragments – the electromagnetic spectrum ( a light wave?) expands and grows after the source changing the same sequence of energy and creating shapes – as gamma rays to infrared to ultraviolet to X-ray, till being fragmented into photons.
If we say that the force responsible for our body growing and changing shapes is called “life’s cycle”, this force was manifested in this Universe first time by waves of light ( probably resulting from the Big Bang). If it is correctly, it means that those cosmic light waves contains the code for building natural systems from the scratch that must be the inertial dark matter. Un another words, cosmic wave of light are the carriers of life’s code. Photons are the first ancestrals of genes. They behavior as primitive living things like the light waves they comes from. They have a lifelong drive by the life’s cycle force.
That’s why happens the Heisenberg uncertainty: if we fix our body at any given moment, we have its aspect as particle, but we don’t have its whole history of 70 years, we can not fix its aspect time. The Matrix/DNA formula is a light wave transformed Into a natural working system, where each different radiation becomes each piece of that system. The formula is encrypted into the individual unit of information of DNA ( a lateral base pair of nucleotides), it is encrypted into the building blocks of galaxies, it is encrypted into any atom system, that’s why I called it Matrix/DNA. ( If you are interested Google ” The Universal MatrixDNA for all natural systems and life’s cycles”. But, remember, it is merely a theory developed by a layman studying natural systems at Amazon jungle.
Segundo video:

Quantum Theory Made Easy [2]

Louis Charles Morelli  Louis Charles Morelli – 02/05/2017
Thanks a lot and be sure I will try to donate what I can. My Matrix/DNA Theory suggests lots of new interpretations about these issues because it is a different and never tried approach. The quantum dimension is the link between the Physical aspect of matter/energy and its biological aspect. So, the questions not answered by Physics will be answered by Biology, or the living aspect embracing the microscopic and macroscopic worlds.
The Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems suggests an explanation why it is wave and particle. The formula shows a systemic circuit running its lifelong existence and it is alternated into particles and waves. At any given moment the circuit is a wave ( when seeing the thing in its time aspect, seeing the movement that gives its age) nut it contains the particle and it reaches a peak when shows the properties of particle ( when seeing its space aspect its matter’s shape) although the particle contains the wave. Then the circuit continues running from the particle as wave, but the wave contains the particle and can express it accordingly the state of the external world ( the formula is at my website)
This whole messy becomes clear when we discover that particles/waves composes a systemic circuit that works like a systemic living body. Studying a human body, Physics and Math applies to its mechanic skeleton aspect. For studying the body beyond the skeleton ( the soft meat and substances, genetics and hard-wired neurons,etc), we need change the Physics method for the Biological method, where Math does not have too much to do. Since in the Matrix/DNA Theory we discovered that atoms and galaxies are systems that contains a tiny cover of biological properties, we grasp the whole thing. The stranger things at quantum dimensions are not unnatural, they are aspects of biological organization of matter, so they are stranger only while we are applying only Physics for investigating them. Remember that the skeleton is the solid mechanistic framework of a human body ( as atoms and galaxies are the framework of biological systems) but the human skeleton was built by a system containing biological properties ( our parents). Understanding the biological properties of an atom or an astronomic system as a human body system is necessary to know the universal formula that build them.
The formula is a system with seven principal pieces, which are different in vibrational/frequency/shapes states due the systemic circuit being the force of life’s cycle. So, the seven different electronic layers of an atom are primitive potential expression of seven different connected parts. At a human body system, these electronic layers evolves as the seven principal organs. At cell systems, they are the seven principal organelles. So, an atom does not expresses all its “organs” at same time, only those layers occupied by electrons. Evolving to astronomic systems, as the building blocks of galaxies, these parts becomes the seven known types of astronomi bodies: stars, planets, black holes, quasars, etc. ( ok, this is merely a theory, under testings. If you are interested, Google “The Universal Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems”).

Energia na Base dos Instintos para Predadores e Presas – Ben Davidson – ThumderboltsProject

segunda-feira, janeiro 23rd, 2017



Meu comentario postado no Youtube sobre este video:

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – jan-01/23/2017

Congratulations. The EU is developing in parallel with other world view, The Matrix/DNA Theory, which suggests the existence of a unique universal system containing different shapes of DNA, evolving since the Big Bang to us today. We suggest a universal formula for systems that suggests a lots about how energy works. The common points are:
1) New natural systems (as atoms, galaxies, biological cells), are composed when Nature applies the force of vital cycle upon a body resulting as mass of a prior less evolved system. The body change shapes like our body goes from the shape of fetus to kids to adults due this force. These new shapes becomes the working parts of a new complex system. A nebulae of atom becomes a galaxy, a mass of unicellular becomes a multicellular organism. But, where Nature gets the force of life’s cycles? From the universal light wave composed by all seven kinds of electromagnetic radiations. The exactly sequence of different frequencies/vibrations of this light wave is seeing as the exactly sequence that yours body is transformed into new shapes. So, we have found that when a light wave emitted by a source like the Big Bang and propagates through dark matter, it creates a system (atom) that evolves to galaxies, cells, human brains. But light does not creates it directly. When light propagates it causes friction at dark matter and the results is energy, electricity. So, the Electric universe is the link between the code for systems ( and life) imprinted into a light wave and the spatial substance, which can be called dark matter, aether, etc. It is important to know the destructive effect of electricity that occurs in chaotic environment like the Earth biosphere and the constructive effect created by energy at ordered state environments.
2) One of the biggest puzzle and mission of Matrix/DNA world view is exorcising the instincts for predator/preys from the human psyche and genetic charge inherited from animals, and yours video has contributed a lot for it. All social systems created till now ( feudalism, monarchy, communism, capitalism) are merely mimicking the rules of the jungle among animals, so, the big predators are at the high class, the medium predators composes the medium class and the mass of poors, the preys of the lower class. Our question was from what dimension of the non-biological world this mechanism came from. We can see the functions of predators and preys easy and clear at the galactic systemic model, we know where the ancestral of these instincts were at our ancestral and creator galaxy. But, where the galaxy got it? The image of DC showing how works the two sides sources of the electric current solved this problem. At Matrix/DNA formula, the stronger side is F1 and the weak side is F7, and mow we have a big understand about what is going on in this black box. You can see and analysing the inter-relations between the two sides and everything equal the relations between predators and preys. Now I will search what is the two magnetic sources at a human body, why they produces DC and not AC, end how to fix it. This will meaning the exorcism of these instincts, which leads all other species to their extinction and is the cause of the nowadays torture of 90 % percent of global population. If you see the universal formula for natural systems at my website, you can improve the EU knowledge. Google: ” The Universal Matrix of All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. Cheers..


A Base Elétrica da Materia Mostrando os Princípios dos Instintos para Predador e Presa: Sensacional!

O que revela as imagens no vídeo, quando a corrente alternada e corrente continua são acionadas:

AC – Alternating current: os dois lados são iguais, a corrente vem dos dois lados, a descarga e’ igual nos dois lados, a imagem ‘e muito simples, forma-se um raio curvo e simples, completo, igual, dentro de toda a câmara.

DC : um lado e’ muito mais ativo que o outro. O anodo esta no lado onde o raio esta empurrando-se para longe dele e invadindo o outro lado. Quando se liga os emissores de DC, na câmara que estava apresentando o raio igual do AC, o raio inteiro e’ puxado apenas para um lado, o qual se apresenta como o mais forte e mais ativo.

Ok. Para mim, particularmente, da Matrix/DNA, a visão destas imagens imediatamente me lembra um dos maiores assuntos que estou pesquisando agora. Trata-se de buscar entender a presença dos instintos animalescos com tendência a predador e presa que estão encravados na genética e na psique humana. Entendo que exorcizar a alma humana destes instintos e’ a condição primeira exigida para eliminar este escravagismo de um lado e a luxuria com seu consumismo supérfluo dos recursos naturais, do outro, esta carnificina e tortura praticada por um dos lados, ou seja, mudar totalmente o estado da humanidade, e dirigir a humanidade a desviar-se do destino da auto-extinção. Acho que não existe outro objetivo mais supremo no momento para a humanidade… exorcizar estes instintos.

Mas de onde os animais receberam estes mecanismos, processos, forças? Na formula da Matrix/DNA para o estado de sistema astronomico se vê claramente ali estes instintos, quando a peça anterior no circuito sempre se transforma na peça seguinte, ao mesmo tempo que pode se interpretar ao reverso, onde a pesa seguinte sempre devora a anterior. Isto faz parte inevitável do ciclo vital. Que as moléculas orgânicas, e depois as bactérias, repteis, leões, e humanos apresentem este fenômeno, já era de se esperar.

Mas porque a formula tinha que ser assim? Ela vem de um onda de luz, e nesta vemos que toda frequência se transforma numa frequência seguinte. Tambem continua isto acontecendo na formula quando ela montou os sistemas astronômicos. Que a forma seguinte engole a forma anterior e’ apenas uma questão relativa do ponto de observação. Vendo-se por outro ponto o que se vê e’ a forma anterior transformando-se na forma seguinte. Porem quando se formaram os sistemas biológicos, a linha evolucionaria que carrega a transformação funcionou mas ao mesmo tempo, se dividiu e funcionou também pela outra perspectiva, aquela onde realmente a forma seguinte – que e’ a maior, mais forte – devora, se sobrepõe, escraviza, parasita, a forma anterior – que e’ a menor, mais fraca. A linha da transformação funcionou transformando bactérias em repteis e repteis em mamíferos. Mas surgiu em paralelo a linha da cadeia alimentar, dividida entre predadores e presas. Este surgimento e’ o grande mistério e o qual precisa ser eliminado da face da Terra. Sabemos que ele surgiu quando a Natureza apresentava como dominante a sua face do caos, mas ainda não resolvi se o caos produz a carnificina primeiro, ou se o cais foi produzido pela carnificina primeiro. Este fenômeno, estava presente na onda luz original? Sim, mas apenas a linha das transformações de sequencias. A luz nunca se colapsa fazendo o caminho inverso. A ano ser que uma outra nossa teoria tenha consistência: a de que a onda de luz original de fragmenta em fótons e estes reencetam o caminho inverso através da matéria, reproduzindo a onda de luz, dirigindo-se de volta a fonte inicial. mas isso envoveria

Ora, as imagens de DC (   ….  ) do que ocorre na dimensão evolucionaria anterior `a existência de sistemas astronômicos e biológicos, revelam que esta dicotomia conflitante já existia desde quando o avançar da luz criou a energia. Então a causa primeira destes instintos esta no Universo Elétrico?! Entao estes instintos fazem parte de um significado cosmico muito distante do nosso conhecimento? Entao seria impossivel exorcizar estes instintos da psique humana, pois toda vez que o cortassemos fora, a base energetica da carga genetica o traria de volta?

Sinto que acabamos de dar um grande passo na busca do entendimento destes insintos, porem, caimos numa dimensao muito distante e complexa, e nela teremos que esmiucar e buscar explicacoes.

Sera um efeito da diferenca entre sistema fechado e sistema aberto? Porque essa diferenca entre os efeitos da AC e da DC? Ok,… de subito nos surge a verdade de que nao avancaremos aqui senao voltarmos ao tempo da escola e pesquisar tudo o que define AC e DC.

( hipotese em desenvolvimento)


The Fibonacci Spirals no Sol

Não apenas Ben Davidson e seu pessoal da Teoria do Universo Elétrico defende essa ideia, mas também a NOAH, do governo Americano desenharam a espiral de Fibonacci sendo vista no Sol. Ben diz que essa espiral e’ vista em todo lugar no Sol.

Isto une duas predições feitas a 30 anos atras tendo como base a formula da Matrix/DNA:

  1. Na origem dos sistemas biológicos entraram informações carregadas por fótons vindos de dois lugares principalmente: do Sol e do núcleo da Terra onde jaz um germe estelar. O processo que determinou estas duas vindas e’ o mesmo processo sexual mostrado pela formula, onde a energia da Terra seria feminina e a energia do Sol, masculina. Sendo assim, a energia do Sol opera com base na F5, que e’ a carga genética masculina emitida para fecundar a carga feminina na Terra. Ora,…
  2. A espiral de Fibonacci esta relacionada com o numero Phi, responsável pela simetria dos corpos que da ordem e beleza aos corpos. Mas a formula da Matrix/DNA mostra que no circuito sistêmico onde cai o numero de Phi (1,618…) e’ justamente a posição ocupada por F5. Sendo responsável pela função da reprodução, deduzimos que a simetria ocorre porque F5 copia ou reproduz a face esquerda dos sistemas e a situa a sua direita, para se tornar a face direita. Portanto a formula já havia previsto que o Sol produz F5, o qual e’ Phi, através da espiral de Fibonacci.

Grande evidencia para a teoria da Matrix e ótima informação fornecida por Ben Davidson, novamente.


Teoria da Mente tendo como substância, um plasma:

Num frasco-câmara passa a corrente eletro-magnética gerada por dois magnetos. O ambiente dentro da câmara pode ser mudado, do vácuo total para atmosfera. Cada ambiente muda e produz um estado específico da corrente. Num ambiente ela se apresenta como plasma (no vácuo total), no outro se apresenta como linhas ou raios vibrantes de eletricidade ( quando a câmara e’ enchida com ar).

Dai me leva a suspeitar e elaborar os princípios de uma nova hipótese, quando junto isso com a formula da Matrix/DNA. Sabemos que as imagens das sinapses se assemelham ‘a imagem da energia na forma de raios, aleatórios. Isto acontece no ambiente da massa de neuronios. Mas dessa massa e destas sinapses, se produz a mente, os pensamentos, e mais exatamente em outro local, o neocortex. Então podemos suspeitar que no neocortex o ambiente e~diferente, e produz o outro estado desta energia, uma espécie de plasma.

A primeira questão aqui seria: se na câmara podemos ver o estado de plasma, porque o MRI que vê as sinapses não pode ver o plasma da mente?

( teoria a desenvolver ) 


Elegant Simplicity

Ben defende que a teoria do Universo Elétrico e’ construída sobre argumentos que são elegantemente simples. O que define esta expressão? penso que se trata do seguinte: pega-se fenômenos naturais simples e conhecidos e interpreta-se de maneira diferente do que foi interpretado ate agora, mas de maneira que na imagem do simples se adivinha encriptado complexos significados, processos e mecanismos. Se for isso, isso e’ justamente o que e’ a Teoria da Matrix/DNA, principalmente ‘e o que sente ao ver a formula da Matrix.

Mas porque a Teoria do Universo Elétrico impregna estes fenômenos simples com elegância? Baseando-me na Teoria da Matrix/DNA, realmente deve existir um mundo elétrico como template, como substancia de fundo, do universo material que nossos sensores captam. Isto porque tudo tem inicio quando a onda de luz universal composta dos sete tipos de radiações eletromagneiticas, se expande infiltrando-se na substancia do espaço – que deve ser a dark matter – ela produz friccao neste contacto. O produto desta friccao e’ o que denominamos de energia, ou pode ser o mesmo que eletricidade. Então como essa luz contem em si o código para ciclo vital que e’ o que monta os sistemas naturais, ela passa esse código para a energia. Esta existindo no meio da dark matter, separa-a em porcões de acordo com cada tipo de sua vibração e assim cria as partes para montar os sistemas. Então, a energia ‘e o elo entre a dark matter – que fornece a massa para o hardware – e a luz, que e’ o software. Se realmente for assim, então e’ claro, a energia esta na base, como pano de fundo, de todas as coisas materiais desse Universo. Não se esta errando ao chamar isto de Universo Elétrico e realmente os modelos teóricos desta teoria são elegantemente simples – porque na verdade revelam uma complexidade estonteante e bonita.


Teoria da Gravidade versus Teoria da Atracão da Eletricidade:

Mostrando como um lado e’ mais forte e puxa o mais fraco, Grahan sugere que esta eletricidade e’ o que mantem astros e galaxias unidos e não a hipotética força chamada de gravidade.


Jatos cosmicos de luz dos buracos negros sugere a emissão de um circuito sistêmico vital pelo núcleo galáctico segundo a Matrix/DNA

A imagem de um jato emitido por uma região do espaço sideral ( onde, como Ben diz, o mainstream diz existir um buraco negro, mas ele não concorda com esse nome e teoria, e espera que se ache um nome melhor, justamente como nos da Matrix/DNA não concordamos e esperamos esse nome melhor) mostra o jato dividido em segmentos que são “equidistantes `a parte”, quer dizer, o jato e’ dividido em segmentos de tamanhos iguais e têm distâncias iguais entre si. Isto bate com o que sugeriu a Teoria da Matrix, 30 anos atras. Este emissor deste jato seria um astro executando a função número 1 da formula (F1) e ele deveria emitir o template do circuito por onde a semente ou germe de um novo astro vai percorrer tocado pelo processo do ciclo vital. Como este processo vem de energia produzida por uma onda de luz – e a onda de luz contem a formula para este processo vital – cada segmento antecipa uma das formas que o astro vai apresentar em determinada idade. Em outras palavras, se a Matrix/DNA estiver acertando aqui, este jato cósmico deve ser dividido em sete segmentos, cada qual composto pelo estado vibratório da frequência eletromagnética que ele representa. Muito boa previsão da Matrix e ótima informação do Grahan.


Efeito Placebo: Efeito de ondas magnéticas emitidas pelo cérebro sobre a química do corpo…?

Estas possibilidades sugeridas pelo Universo Elétrico leva Ben Davidson a citar o The Global Consciousness Project



Procurar no website de Ben e outros lugares, imagens dos dois magnetos lado a lado da câmara produzindo a visão da eletricidade, para por no site e fazer cartaz para palestra.

Luz e Ondas Eletromagnéticas: Importantes Informacoes

sexta-feira, novembro 11th, 2016




(Wiki) – Ondas eletromagnéticas são normalmente descritas por qualquer uma das seguintes propriedades físicas: frequência (ƒ), comprimento de onda (λ), ou por energia de foton (E). O comprimento de onda é inversamente proporcional a frequência da onda, a qual representa o números de períodos existentes na unidade de tempo. Desta forma, raios gama tem comprimentos do tamanho de frações do tamanho de um átomo, enquanto o comprimento de ondas no extremo oposto do espectro podem ser tão grandes quanto o universo. A energia de um fóton é diretamente proporcional à frequência de onda, portanto os raios gama possuem a maior energia, enquanto ondas de rádio possuem energias extremamente baixas.


Qual a diferenca entre “ondas eletromagneticas” e luz?

A luz é uma onda eletromagnética, cujo comprimento de onda se inclui num determinado intervalo dentro do qual o olho humano é a ela sensível.[1] Trata-se, de outro modo, de uma radiação electromagnética que se situa entre a radiação infravermelha e a radiação ultravioleta.

A onda ou radiação eletromagnética é uma oscilação em fase dos campos elétricos e magnéticos, que, autossustentando-se, encontram-se desacoplados das cargas elétricas que lhe deram origem.  Dentro do ponto de vista da Mecânica Quântica, podem ser entendidas, ainda, como o deslocamento de pequenas partículas, os fótons.

Portanto a radiacao de um corpo, ou emissao de radiacao, nao sai em linhas retas formando raios, mas sim na forma de ondas. Como a desta figura:

Circular.Polarization.Circularly.Polarized.Light Right.Handed.Animation.305x190.255Colors.gif

Representação do vetor campo elétrico de uma onda eletromagnética circularmente polarizada

Fotons: Importante Fenômeno Natural da Luz para a Matrix/DNA

sexta-feira, novembro 11th, 2016


1 – Extraido de

Wiki –  Um feixe luminoso é composto por pacotes discretos de energia, caracterizados por consistirem em partículas denominadas fótons. A frequência da onda é proporcional à magnitude da energia da partícula. Como os fótons são emitidos e absorvidos por partículas, eles actuam como transportadores de energia. A energia de um fóton é calculada pela equação de PlanckEinstein:

{\displaystyle \displaystyle E=hf}\displaystyle E=hf.

Nesta equação, E é a energia, h é a constante de Planck, e f é a frequência.

Se um fóton for absorvido por um átomo, ele excita um elétron, elevando-o a um alto nível de energia. Se o nível de energia é suficiente, ele pula para outro nível maior de energia, podendo escapar da atração do núcleo e ser liberado em um processo conhecido como fotoionização. Um elétron que descer ao nível de energia menor emite um fóton de luz igual a diferença de energia. Como os níveis de energia em um átomo são discretos, cada elemento tem suas próprias características de emissão e absorção

Imagem de Ísis Coincide com A Genese pela Matrix/DNA

sexta-feira, setembro 9th, 2016


Para quem conhece a Matrix/DNA, e suspeita de alguma verdade nela, as vezes fica impressionado com intuicoes dos antigos de 5.000 anos atras! ja citei varios casos de coincidencias espantosas com o que sugere a formula e modelos teoricos da Matrix/DNA nos mitos antigos. Agora me deparo, por acaso, com mais uma. Observe esta imagem:

ÍSIS Negra, a Grande Mãe Cosmica

ÍSIS Negra, a Grande Mãe Cosmica

A menção a Deusa Ísis e seu significado me parece que esta no Livro dos Mortos, de um sábio fundador da mitologia egípcia, chamada Thor. Pois bem,… na sua cosmologia mais distante, quase beirando a metafisica, pois chega aos limites deste Universo perceptível aos nossos sentidos e limitado as teorias do nosso racionalismo, a Matrix/DNA esta sugerindo que no principio, onde surgiu este Universo, era o espaço, e este tinha uma substancia, uma matéria escura, ou dark matter. Esta substancia teria o mesmo significado existencial que tem o liquido amniótico num ovulo não-fecundado. De repente neste espaço surgiu uma fonte de luz que se abriu causando um Big Bang, que teria o mesmo significado existencial quando um espermatozoide alcança o centro de um ovulo e sua membrana se rompe bruscamente liberando sua carga genética.

Na imagem, Ísis, representando essa substancia espacial negra, de significado feminino, segura o ventre onde surge uma fonte de luz…

Incrível, não?

Thunderbolts project, The Electric Universe, e a Coincidência com Desenhos na Caverna

terça-feira, agosto 30th, 2016


A descoberta da formula da Matrix/DNA e a sua sugestão de como foi a Historia Universal me levou a perceber também que a passagem do estado evolucionário na forma de sistema astronomico para o estado de biológicos –  na versão desta Historia – foi similar as narrativas misticas que fundaram as grandes religiões. Como não acredito que seres extraterrestres ou supernaturais estiveram aqui contando esta historia para humanos primitivos, elaborei a teoria de que cérebros humanos de 5 ou 10 mil anos atras não estavam tão lotados pela cultura humana como estão agora, e sendo mais virgens e vazios, propiciavam flashes com cenas relâmpagos sobre o passado remoto quando a Matrix/DNA era ainda aquele ancestral astronomico, e como aqueles homens nada sabiam de genética, astronomia, etc., pensaram estarem vendo cenas de outro mundo, como o Eden, etc. Todos os símbolos usados naquelas narrativas, assim como os enredos das fabulas, batem em cheio com a versão da Historia pela Matrix/DNA.

Agora me deparo com uma nova teoria sugerindo que os desenhos e hieroglifos feitos nas rochas das cavernas a milhares de anos atras são iguais a cenas de descargas elétricas no plasma do espaço sideral. Na faço a minima ideia do que são estas descargas, e os autores parecem serem excêntricos pensadores sem muito credito pela comunidade acadêmica, mas a coincidência apontada nesta teoria bate com a coincidência entre os mitos e a versão da Historia da Matrix. Então surge a possibilidade de que trate-se do mesmo fenômeno, e se for assim, estas descargas elétricas no espaço ocorrem tambem de alguma forma  a nível de DNA, dentro dos nossos corpos, portanto, os antigos não teriam visto isso no espaço mas dentro de seus próprios cérebros.

Então, obviamente teremos que abrir mais este capitulo de pesquisa. Cheguei a esta teoria através de posts do Scientific Lee, que defende sua teoria muito interessante denominada ” The Electric Universe”. Lee esta no Google+ com o grupo  apontou este vídeo de David Talbott e aproveitando os links abaixo vamos tentar entender esta teoria.

E’ importante estudar esta teoria por vários motivos. Primeiro porque ela combate o paradigma academico alicerçado na força gravitacional pelas teorias de Newton e Eisntein, para explicar a conexão entre os corpos separados do Universo. No lugar da gravidade eles defendem a “eletricidade” como força de conexão e transformações evolutivas. Ora, a Matrix/DNA considera este um gigantesco salto da inteligencia humana. Pois segundo a Matrix/DNA, a fundamental força são as ondas de luz natural, e quando estas se propagam na substancia espacial ( eter ou dark matter) ela provoca atritos com essa “massa” e desta friccao surge a eletricidade ( a qual pode ser confundida com energia). Então, entre a massa mais sua forca, a gravidade, e a luz fundamental, existe ainda a eletricidade, ou energia. E saltar da visão de mundo centrada na massa e gravidade para uma visão centrada na eletricidade e’ dar um gigantesco passo na direcao da verdadeira essência, a luz. A eletricidade são raios alternados ou corrente continua, portanto ela não pode conter codigos, ela rompe, desmancha, explode. A massa e um eterno continuo sem diversificações, inerte, portanto tambem não pode conter um codigo. Mas a luz sim pois ela mesma, em seu corpo completo, apresenta sete diferentes formas/frequências/vibrações e como defendemos em outro capitulo, esse corpo de uma onda de luz contem o código para todos os tipos de sistemas naturais conhecidos, de átomos a galaxias a cérebros humanos.

Segundo porque, quando a teoria do Universo Elétrico arrola evidencias, ela forca a ideia de que tudo no universo esta interconectado, o que bate com a Teoria da Matrix/DNA. Estas evidencias arroladas, muitas ainda nao foram aproveitadas por mim, e consistem de muitas figuras, fotos, etc., como as figuras do hour glass (ampulhetas) – que devo colher e utilizar.

Published on Jul 19, 2016

Evidence gathered from around the world has made abundantly clear that intense electrical activity above observers on earth was the subject of massive collective endeavors to record the forms on stone. Especially compelling is the rock art theme called the “stickman.”

In the illustrations above, a well-documented electric discharge form in the laboratory (two graphics on the upper left) is compared to the remarkably similar rock art carvings from different parts of the world.

The rock art stickmen above are taken from Anthony Peratt’s 2003 paper in “Transactions on Plasma Science” of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Peratt states his conclusion forthrightly: “[The recurring petroglyph patterns] are reproductions of plasma phenomena in space.”

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Meu comentario postado no video do Youtube:

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – July – 26 – 2016

These coincidences could be the same phenomenon found by Matrix/DNA Theory. If so, the rock art carvings are not about images saw in the sky, but saw inside the human brain as flashes triggered by memory of our own states when we were our ancestors, like atoms and galaxies.

Since that we – our genetics and DNA – are produced by the same universal natural formula of all natural systems, it is possible that the electric plasma discharge is occurring at the level of our neurons, and or DNA inside those neurons.

The discovery of the universal Matrix/DNA formula suggested a new version of Natural Universal History and by that, we have been surprised that the initial mithos that are the foundations of all religions describes by metaphors what really was and happened in the world before life’s origins. How could the ancient people do that? Our theory:

The ancient people had a brain not occupied by human culture of 5 or 10 thousands years. Their memories were fresh still producing instantaneous flashes of images of events that occurred billions years ago and continuing occurring, because we are made by the same formula that was made atoms and galaxies. But, since that people did not know about genetics, astronomy, etc., they thought that was seeing images from another world, a supernatural one. No, they was seeing the normal course of operations of that universal formula that are registered into our genetics.

By the way, thanks by this new and surprising issue, which is suggesting same thing, and I will research yours theory deeply.


Neste artigo com titulo e link abaixo, onde uma escritora ( Ghada Chehade do blog Ghada Soap Box) fala do Electric Universe. O post nao foi publicado, verificar se foi para moderacao ou se e’ muito extenso)

The Electric Universe Theory: A More Tenable Explanation of the Origin and Development of the Universe?

Louis Morelli – posted in July(07) – 26 – 2016

Slow down, Ghada…Electricity could be the product of friction of light waves passing through the space substance (dark matter, ether,etc), creating our material world (mass+energy). If so, the real essence that has all answers is not the effect (electricity,energy,) but… the light waves. Do you know that a natural light wave propagates by the same force that yours own body propagates ( grows in time and space)? Go to my website and see the electromagnetic spectrum described in the same way that we can describe the history of yours body life.

Of course, that when we leave the gravity universe for entering into the electric universe, we will learn lots more because electricity is next to the thru (light) than gravity.

The hour glass dynamics and structure is fundamental for understanding lots of things, more than light itself can say to us. Because the natural light waves are produced and ends as hour glasses. If you don’t know it, please, search the fundamental understanding about hour glass in the Physics of the Nobel Prize Hideki
Yukawa, explaining how is the glue between protons and neutrons at atomic nuclei.

But you can understand his hard technique description by merely using yours two hands. And you will see the image of yours insightful dreams.

Put yours two hands facing yours eyes. One hand is totally opened, the other is totally closed, like a point. The opened hand means a balloon full of energy (a hour glass full of sand). Then, the energy begins to escape at the direction of the closed hand. So, the opened hand begins to close because is going empty of sand (energy), and the closed hand begins to open, because is receiving energy.

Finally you have the inverted situation, right? In this way, when the proton is full it sends a signal of energy called pion towards the neutron, which has no energy. When the neutron receives all energy, it becomes a proton and the past proton now is a neutron.The whole matter in this Universe composed by atoms is supported by this tiny mechanism.

So, at the beginnings of this Universe there was the space and popping up these balloons full of energy at the side of points absent of energy. There was no matter because these “balloons” have short life. But when a full ballon joined with an almost dying point-balloon, they created the pion mechanism and voila – matter was manifested.

You need to understand that those balloons can be seen as spirals vortex, because the energy escapes spiraling like waves. And when this vortx are fragmented they becomes light waves. When a light wave ends, it is fragmented into photons. The photons try to reproduce a light wave creating dark energy or negative energy till re-composing the initial vortex. The hour glass.

Finally, if the Matrix/DNA Theory is right, the light waves produce at the Big bang had the code for life and all natural systems, till atoms and galaxies. It is like a genetic-computational program> Which suggests that in this Universe is occurring a natural process of genetic reproduction of the “thing that created it”. You can call it God, or a single natural system with consciousness, but everything here is natural, there is no magics. I will follow the development of the EU Theory with attention because they can get good data and expanding our knowledge… towards the last and superior instance: light waves and their ex-machine vortexes.


Outro video by Scientific Lee e meu comentario postado:

The Electrical Vine -2nd year- The Force Awakens.

Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli – 8/29/2016
I think it is good every time that somebody is observing nature (99% is after only money) and searching knowledge about nature with a different approach other than the academic mainstream. But when this person has a belief that he reached the Ultimate cause, the Absolute Truth, I think it is bad. Since that the microscopic human with their limited brains’ sensors can not reach the ex-machine cause, his/her knowledge will be deviated and his/her ideology will be a knowledge-stopper. The author here is doing interesting, honorable, observations, just at the field of real facts. I think we must support it. Beyond the real observable facts, comes the human interpretations about what is hidden, so, arises the theories, some of which can be scientifically falsified. The vortexes, the clockwise tendency, are evidences that these plants are being influenced by forces, which can be external, internal, or both. Putting names, brands in these hidden, unknown forces, like “electricity”, leads to deviation of knowledge. And believing that a human being can know the source of these forces, telling that this source belongs to a theoretical other world (like gods, spirits, etc.)), is not rational. It takes the control, the ability for manipulation, of this force out of the hands of man. Since this force is too much important ( electricity can kill humans and can be used for humans’ evolution), you becomes a kind of traitor, an enemy of Humanity. The clockwise spin related to the magnetic spin related to the axis direction, must be related to the fact that life choose left-handed molecules, the chiral phenomena. It means a bottom vortex spinning to left. But the inorganic world is most based on right-handed molecules, which means that another vortex, at the top gets the energetic cycle from the left circuit and begins another circuit right-handed. If you see the theoretical model of Matrix/DNA formula, the bottom vortex is at F1 and the top vortex is F4. It is a different approach to the same real fact, it reveals lots of things that yours approach is not revealing, it is suggesting that the basic force is light – electricity is produced by light waves propagating and generating friction in dark matter. In certain way the code for organizing matter into natural systems – like atoms, galaxies, plants and humans – is carried by energy, but energy is not the first cause of the code: it is imprinted in light waves. But, I will not fall in the same mistake: no god told me nothing, the Matrix/DNA world view is theoretical, under testing. And for sure, it can not be the Ultimate Truth, since that microscopic humans with limited brains can discover and understand it.
“The clockwise spin related to the magnetic spin related to the axis direction, must be related to the fact that life choose left-handed molecules, the chiral phenomena.”…I see YOU trust in magic…when I trust in what I have seen….your words?…are magical unicorn stories while mine give reason….Thanks for the comment….left spin is 137.5 degrees, the right is 160 degrees…..funny how I know that…where did it come from Louise?…do you even understand what i just wrote?
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 8/31/2016
No, and I need to know it: why the right is bigger? If my formulas are suggesting they have equal intensity-sizes? Oh, there is a common mistake when we can’t see where finishes a spin and begins other, maybe you are doing this mistake, or,.. my formulas are wrong.
Why biological systems (aka, life) are composed only by left-handed molecules? My explanation has no magics: my theoretical model of the state of the world and this galaxy minutes before producing organic matter here indicates that if the first aminoacids and nucleotides had right-handed molecueles, life and evolution could not exist as it exists today. I am opened and waiting another explanation, since ” I don’t believe in theories” neither mine. I need scientific proof.
Magic unicorns? It is not me using and believing in magic Christh. My naturalistic investigation began guided by the hard method of natural philosofy and always that the investigation was going into metaphysics I stopped and went back searching what I did wrong. That’s why there is no other world view produced by humans more rational than Matrix/DNA world view. If you think that you have more evidencies as proved facts on other theory, bring it to me.
You are observing Nature in locco, but I can hear the sound of cars, you are next to the asphalt. You go there in the morning and go back home in afternoon. I observed Nature in the middle of Amazon jungle ( Jamanxim Territory) where no white man went before and I stood there by seven years. So, my theory must be better supported by facts than your theory. But, at thetime I had no these modern and powerfull scientifics insrtument for medition and observation. You have some of them, that is why I respect your theory and I am glad that you are a human in search of knowledge, like me. I think that the dialogue, changing information, and studying one/another theory is useful for me, because I can correct my mistakes. Cheers…



Luz: Uma Nova Ciencia Sobre a Luz em Contradicao a Ciencia Academica

quarta-feira, agosto 3rd, 2016


Temos que abrir mais um imenso capitulo de pesquisa a partir do artigo com link abaixo. Esta diferente interpretacao da luz traz muitas coincidencias com a teoria da Luz pela Matrix/DNA ( como ” a eletricidade ‘e luz eterica caida”, ou “o corpo humano se comporta como a luz”, etc. Portanto o texto tem aqui que ser copiado, relido, sublinahdo cada topico relacionado `a Matrix, cada autor e depois no final, ver as referencias. Talvez seja por isto que a minha analise da Luz pela Matrix esteja emprrada nao conseguindo aplicacoes praticas na realidade: minha fonte de dados tem sido a teoria academica, a partir da interpretacao de Newton na camara escura, mas se essa teoria estiver muito incompleta, ou errada, estou na fonte errada. Ai’ nao e’ de se estranhar que a luz, no seu aspecto vital, nao se encaixa na luz academica, com seu aspecto mecanico.

Newton was wrong, Goethe was right. Tom Brown Shows us the truth about Light

When we open our eyes and view our surroundings this is possible because of a phenomenon we term “light.” What is the origin and cause of this “light” so necessary for optical perception of the objective world? Battles have raged over this question. It has been claimed to have been answered many times over the centuries, but has it truly been answered? Is light a particle, a wave, a Janus-headed aberration mixing the two and confusing the mind, or is the expression of a cosmic force which the gravity-bound viewpoint of modern science is unable to understand in its entirety due to definable yet immeasurable aspects? At the root of all this is the question of the formation of colors. Modern science claims that color is a mere rate of vibration impinging upon our eye, that it is but an illusion… But there are flaws in this view, serious flaws which anyone of average intelligence can see for themselves if they but look.

Modern conceptions of color formation generally derive from the basic experiment of Sir Isaac Newton where he closed himself into a dark room and allowed in only the tiniest slit of light. This slit of light was directed to pass through a prism and onto a white surface. The result was the spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Newton concluded from this single experiment that the colors of this spectrum are “hidden” or “contained” in light and can be extracted with the prism. Newton declared that as a result of his experiments he discovered that “white” light contains all colors and black is the absence of all colors. Certain pigment mixing experiments may mislead one to consider this viewpoint, but a full analysis of prismatic experiments will quash this error in thinking.

The linear mode of thought arising along with the Newtonian concept of the spectrum has given rise to modern conceptions of the “electromagnetic spectrum”. This grand spectrum is one in which all energies, be they light, sound, diverse electrical waves, etc., are claimed to line up like well-trained soldiers marching in perfect order, from zero to infinity, in hierarchy of what is alleged to be their true nature—their vibratory rate. While there can be no doubt that the electromagnetic spectrum has a specific, engineerable reality, whose conception has provided us the many volition-saving products of technology, we should not jump to the conclusion that it is an all-encompassing reality until we take all experimental considerations into account.

Universal Approach

While Newton followed the analytical, scientific methods in his path of discovery, the great poet Goethe took a more universal approach. Rather than simply studying light and color by shutting himself into a dark room and reproducing the experiments of Newton, which of course he did very methodically to assess the results firsthand, he chose to discern the nature of color in its full glory and expression in the manifest world.

Goethe accepted that Newton’s experiment showed scientific truths, but he was not so rash as to leap to the same hasty conclusions. He could clearly see that Newton was in error in his deduction of the red-orange-yellow-blue-indigo-violet (ROYGBIV) spectrum as a primary attribute of light alone. Goethe clearly saw that the ROYGBIV spectrum was a manufactured product of a specific arrangement of slit and prism, a secondary effect of the process of color formation.

In Newton’s theory of gravity the most important question goes unasked: that of how the falling apple got up in the tree in the first place, what made it grow through various formative stages into its fruiting stage—all the time growing in the opposite direction to the force of gravity? In this same manner the larger part of color formation theory—that gleaned from observing and understanding the essence of light and color in Nature—was lost from this gravity-bound viewpoint.

Now, let us consider that glamorous, classic experiment of Sir Isaac Newton. He is isolated from the natural field of light in his darkened room, with his apparatus allowing in only a small beam of light which is directed through a tiny aperture which then permits a smaller slit of light through, then on through a prism onto a white surface (actually Newton ran the light through a circular hole, but we will consider the more common slit-form of the experiment). The concept of the “ROYGBIV spectrum as the absolute structure of the components of white light” comes from this setup (just think of it … studying light in the dark!). Now let us take over the experiment and widen this slit: green disappears, with the white of the projection surface taking its place. We see two bands of colors, red-yellow and blue-violet, facing each other as polarities across a white middle. Bring the slit together again and green again reappears when yellow and blue intermingle. Forgetting for the moment all sorts of theories, examination of the observable phenomena shows that color formation consists of border effects between light and dark areas. The red is over the shadow, or black portion of the projection and the yellow is in the illuminated, or white portion. Blue appears on the white and violet on the black. The results of this experiment can be more easily observed by looking through a prism at diagrams which illustrate the borders in various arrangements.

Let us continue our experiment by reversing the borders across which our experimental light is travelling. Rather than running the light through a slit, let us run it around an object whose width can be easily manipulated. If we are looking through the prism at a card let us look at several dark lines of varying width on a white background. What we now see is another spectrum: yellow, red, magenta, violet, and blue (YRMVB). If we widen the object or line magenta disappears and we have darkness separating our two polarities, yellow-red and violet-blue, red and violet over the dark side of the slit, and yellow and blue over the illuminated side.

View chart through a prism to see the various color phenomena appearing at the borders between light and dark..

If all the colors of the Newtonian spectrum are contained in light, then shouldn’t all the colors of this second, or Goethean spectrum be contained in darkness? The actions of infrared and ultraviolet rays which are below and above the Newtonian spectrum are well known and studied, but what appears above and below the Goethean spectrum? Research carried on by Professor August Kirschmann has shown that “a broad zone distinguished by the absence of ultra-violet rays extends into the colorless light adjacent to the yellow. Adjoining the blue there would probably also turn out to be a zone with the absence of infra-red rays. To the theories of present day physics this is a mystery, since according to these theories ultra-violet as well as infra-red rays must be present in the colorless zones, just as in any white light.”

We must also question the wavelength theory of light. It no doubt has an engineerable reality attached to it, but how does magenta fit in? It doesn’t, even though green and magenta can be clearly discerned as being formed from the two color poles. All prismatic colors are not allowed into the “electromagnetic” spectrum, and thus magenta must have no wavelength. It is considered to be a secondary mixture, unlike it’s polar opposite, green. How is the wavelength deduced? By use of diffraction gratings and similar objects which manufacture colors along borders. Thus it may be considered that the wavelengths have a certain reality, but that it is a secondary activity related to the interaction of the materials used in its production, and thus may not be a primary attribute.

Thinking along these lines gives rise to grave concerns with the present conception of the linear electromagnetic spectrum. This is not to say that the experiments giving rise to this conception are incorrect, rather, their interpretation has produced a comprehension of only part of our functioning reality, and with the attitude that this is the whole story on the energies of the universe.

Goethe combined the two projectable spectrums together to create a color circle (Fig. 3 in the above chart) which takes in the true structure of prismatic colors. Let us start travelling his circle at red, then follow around to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and then back to red. To fully understand this diagram we must define the colors as Goethe used them in this circle: “red” is what we shall term magenta, it is the central prismatic color in the dark slit experiment, Goethe also termed it pur-pur, peach-blossom, or pure-red; “orange is what is red”; yellow, green and blue are as they are, and “purple” is violet. Goethe had clear reasons for these designations. It is outside the scope of this present article to explore them or the full range of experiments available along these lines. We shall suffice here to organize the basic structure of color phenomena.

There are many color circles presented by proponents of various theories of light and color, and these cover a wide range from various interpretations of Newton’s spectrum through to industrial pigment grading charts. Goethe’s color circle is based on actual prismatic phenomena. This color circle is expressed around the six pointed star, the ancient designate of the maxim “as above, so below”.

Goethe felt that green was actually the lowest among the “living” colors (white, black and grey being “dead”). As a mixture of what he considered the two true colors, yellow and blue, it was closest to the grey, created by mixing black and white. He said, “Green reminds us of a molecular mixture”, and he saw green as the dissolving of light via the mixture of yellow and blue.

On the other hand he called magenta “pure red” and considered it the ascent of color towards its highest point, “The path to culmination in pure red appears more dynamic; the appearance of green has more of an atomistic nature.” It is clear that Goethe considered green and magenta to be polar opposites.

For reasons now becoming clear the light slit (ROYGBIV) spectrum will be forthwith designated as the “physical” spectrum, and the dark slit (YRMVB) spectrum as the “etheric”. It will be discerned that this true structure of color has a direct and profound relationship with the structure and function of the human body.

Let There Be Light…

An interesting and important researcher in color theory was Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali. Known as “Dinshah”, in the 1920s he introduced his color healing system known as Spectro-Chrome. While Dinshah was an ardent disciple and tireless defender of Newton and his theory of color, it is apparent from the study of Dinshah’s conception of the structure of color that his system is quite useful for understanding the Goethean color circle. In fact, the prismatic colors around the six-sided star as presented by Goethe are the fundamental structure of the Dinshah Spectro-Chrome system as seen in the chart at right.. Dinshah’s research was based on the works of Newton and Edwin Babbitt. Curiously, Goethe’s color theory never gets even the slightest mention in a shelf full of books and magazines written by Dinshah.

Dinshah’s yogic sensitivity combined with his scientific research provided him with indications that this color structure is directly related to the function and structure of the human body. Red he saw as being directly relating to the function of the liver and the red blood cells. Violet relates to the spleen. The “white” blood cells, Dinshah claimed, are really “violet” in nature. To green Dinshah gave the role of governing the head and its functions. This triangle of liver, spleen and head relates directly to the red, violet, green triangle. Green is also the dominant physical color and is used to stabilize physical functions of the body. To the Yellow-Blue-Magenta triangle Dinshah related the functions and flows of the body. Yellow acts as a motor stimulant for muscles. Blue, a motor depressant. Magenta rules the energetic flows and was used for balancing the sexual energies and the heart.

We can see in this structure a direct correlation to Goethe’s idea of green being “atomistic” and magenta being the higher, upward striving side of the color circle. Dinshah stated his belief that green and magenta were “the same color”, but that they rotated in opposite directions during their oscillations in the ether. In effect he agreed with the wavelength theory, but felt that magenta had the same wavelength as green.

To get the 12 colors used in Dinshah’s Spectro-Chrome therapeutic system five glass slides were used: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet, all “tuned” for each individual color treatment machine to produce the proper full color circle. They were thus called “attuned color waves” and they were mixed as follows. Red + Yellow = Orange; Yellow + Green = Lemon; Green + Blue = Turquoise; Blue + Violet = Indigo; Red + Blue = Scarlet; Red + Violet = Magenta; Violet + Yellow = Purple. What Dinshah considered to be the etheric colors are italicized.

The operation of the Spectro-Chrome system was simple, but precise and profound. Specific colored lights were projected upon a person, either on the whole of the body or on specific parts. Long standing, or sluggish conditions, such as tumors, were seen to be on the ultra-green, that is from green to violet. Infra-green colors, those from red to green, were used to “normalize” these conditions. For recent, sudden, or red conditions, such as burns, bruises, etc., one would normalize using the ultra-green colors. For conditions relating to the circulatory and sexual functions of the body one would use the etheric colors between red and violet: scarlet, magenta and violet.

Color, consciously or unconsciously, is a profound alterant on our human physical, mental and spiritual states, the fundamental functions of those curious beings who stand fully upright between the lightness of heaven and the darkness of earth, and are structured and sustained by that interaction.


Should your glance on mornings lovely
Lift to drink the heaven’s blue,
Or when sun, veiled by sirocco,
Royal red sinks out of view—
Give to Nature praise and honor,
Blithe of heart and sound of eye,
Knowing for the world of color
Where its broad foundations lie.


Let us observe the sky. During a cloudless day we see two distinct atmospheric colors, yellow and blue, which we now know Goethe considered as the only true colors. The yellow is the dot of the sun and the blue is the dome of the atmosphere. The red-yellow pole of color formation is observed as the sun moves from overhead towards the horizon, it progressively darkens through orange-gold-red colors of diverse variance, until it disappears beneath the horizon. As the sun sinks the blue sky turns darker towards the black sky of night, lit only by the stars. Mountain climbers and jet pilots have reported seeing the sky turn to violet at high altitudes. We can see that this is the blue-violet pole.

In terms of propagation the yellow light of the sun can be seen as a radial transmission wave, or rays, directly connecting the atmosphere with the solar body itself. This red-yellow pole is a longitudinal, instant direct connection. At night the longitudinal beam of stars can be seen. It is possible, given this line of thought, to conceive of the probability that the starlight we see is an instant transmission, a direct “real-time” connection to the star we are viewing.

The domed blue sky can be attributed to the luminescence of the atmosphere by the solar wind—that energetic stream which the sun continually feeds into space. The solar wind takes approximately eight minutes to travel to Earth from the Sun, though some atomic particles carried by it may take longer. It cannot travel the distance to other star systems and this is why we see only the longitudinal rays of stars at night. We could see them during the day if it were not for the blue sky. Actually, a transverse light filter may be manufactured by digging a deep well and climbing down to the bottom. One may use this device to view stars during the day. Viewing distant objects through a tube produces a similar, but less profound effect, the objects appear more clearly.

As the solar energy cannot be separated from the life force, we look to Wilhelm Reich’s observations of atmospheric orgone for help in understanding the structure of this blue atmosphere. Reich discovered, learned to isolate and scientifically study the life energy which he termed “orgone”. Its observable form is that of a pulsing vesicle which has specific properties. Reich reported that among the observed optical properties, the orgone was bluish and that it moves through the atmosphere in a “corkscrew” pattern. We can see this as a progressive, life-positive, transverse wave. Once one begins to “read” the clouds, they will notice this corkscrew pattern as a regular function of cloud formation. Its signature manifests in diverse metamorphosis, but once recognized, it will be readily noticed.

From the Ethers

The glow retreats, done is the day of toil;
it yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring;
Ah, that no wing can lift me from the soil,
upon its track to follow, follow soaring…

These words running through the young Nikola Tesla’s mind released from within his imagination the discovery of the rotating electric field, the result of which is the polyphase AC current in use worldwide today. Through this signal instance one can see that Goethe’s works have transformed our world. However, the potential within them for far greater things will be appreciated by those with the eyes to see. Carrying with him the profound poetic vision of the 19th century natural scientists, Tesla went on to far greater inventions, inventions whose understanding is not possible with modern conceptions of the physical nature of the universe. He speaks of wireless power extracted from the luminiferous ether and delivered freely to anywhere on earth; of transmitting and recording thought through electrical analogs of the optic structure. There is good reason to believe that Tesla had working models of these fantastic devices.

Rudolf Steiner, editor of Goethe’s scientific archives at Weimar following his university years, was a prolific writer and lecturer. Among his thousands of lectures, ranging from simple means whereby one may attain stages of higher consciousness on through medicine, anthropology, philosophy, history, he gave three full scientific courses, Warmth, Light and Astronomy. Steiner was no stranger to Goethe’s color theories or to the science of electricity.

Steiner attributed all energetic activities to the “sensible”, the “supersensible”, and the “subsensible” realms. The sensible is what we directly perceive with our physical senses. The supersensible is that which is above the normal range of our senses. In order to “see” into that realm one’s senses must be in an aware and open state, which allows a higher consciousness to function. That which is below our senses, the “subsensible”, is beneath matter and is studied through the dissection and dissolution of material substance. This is most especially the case of the products of material dissolution, the protons, neutrons, electrons and related cloud chamber patterns claimed to be particles. We need meters and machines to “sense” this realm.

While light has the eye to perceive it, no organ has developed in the human body for the perception of electricity and thus it is subsensible. Electricity and electrons are very real, our electronic technologies depend on their reality for operation. However, we must understand their true place in the structure of the universe if we wish to progress in our knowledge.

According to Steiner the supersensible realm contains four ethers, Life, Tone, Light and Warmth, which are reflected in the four sensible states of matter, solid, liquid, gaseous and plasmic. Steiner stated his impression that electricity is the fallen Light Ether. It is an interesting thought, for which I have not as yet found any correlation in his scientific works. However, our knowledge is always progressing with further research and we shall see a relationship emerge from acknowledging certain polarities discovered in electrical waves.

In order to progress in our understanding of the relationship between light and electricity we must interject some basic concepts on projective geometry. Projective geometry was considered by Steiner to be the truly universal geometry, of which the Cartesian system is but a subset. Relegated to pure inertial matter, the Cartesian x,y,z coordinate system fails in interpretation of the geometry of living systems.

In projective geometry the point and the plane are the same object at different perspectives. This is quite easy to perceive with the use of the imagination: envisage a minute point, plastic in nature; this point begins to expand until we see it as a ball; we can put our arms around this ball as it continues to expand like a balloon being filled with air; as our the ball expands our arms move wider and wider apart, until when the ball is expanded to infinity our arms are stretching straight out at our sides. We are here against a plane, and can see that the plane is a sphere expanded to infinity. If we take our plane at infinity and progressively reduce it, it becomes again a sphere and finally a point. Further study will indicate that the polarity of point and plane are mediated by the line, or ray.

Back to our model, where we may continue reducing on past the observable point to a sphere expanding towards the infinite plane on the interior of the point. This reverse situation is in the realm of counterspace. Steiner considered the etheric energies to be operating in this inner space. Modern science, of course, tries to penetrate the inner realm of matter, but does so in a crude and destructive manner, destroying what it looks into, and mistaking the particles of decay for the “building blocks”.


Electricity has always been recognized as operating with inherent polarities. We know of positive and negative electricity, obtained through friction against glass and resin and related substances. The polarity of the colors of the electric fields surrounding the anodes and cathodes in vacuum tubes are well known, they are respectively reddish, with radial forms, and bluish, with planar (sphere at infinity) forms. These colors and shapes are directly related to atmospheric color, but in relationship to electrical power usage we must turn to certain modern researches to observe the full range of polarities inherent in transmitted electrical waves.

The researches of Eric Dollard have provided us with an understanding of the basic nature of electrical propagation. Dollard has demonstrated, through experimentation with discharges from inductors and capacitors, that the realm of electricity contains many polar phenomena.

In experiments in Borderland Labs, circa 1988, the polarities of magnetism and dielectricity, and their geometric relationships in transverse and longitudinal waves, were clearly demonstrated (see references 7,8,9). Dollard demonstrated the inverse relationship between the coil, or magnetic inductor, and the condenser, or dielectric inductor, and their usage in propagation of the electrical polarities.

The coil, or magnetic inductor, is used for the storage and return of magnetic energy in electrical circuits. This energy is stored in space, being the magnetic field around the inductor. The coil is spatially open, and this space is used for the storage and return of the magnetic energy. The discharge from a magnetic coil, being electromagnetic in nature, is taken as the magnetic pole in our developing picture. This pole propagates as red/yellow discharges, suggesting a relationship with natural color formation.

When the magnetic pole predominates, as in electromagnetism, the propagation has been shown to be a retarded transverse wave, slower than the speed of light. Eric’s engineering mathematics, solidly based on a thorough study of the works of Tesla, Steinmetz and Heaviside, describes the transverse electromagnetic wave (TEM) to be like a sail against the wind, which allows us to easily picture its retarded propagation characteristics.

As all electricity is considered to be “electromagnetic” in nature, it is easy to see why people have trouble understanding the reality behind Tesla’s work. Electromagnetism is only one side of electrical phenomena, just as Newton’s spectrum is only one side of color phenomena. But let us move on to learn of the “other side” of electricity, which has really been right in front of us all along.

The condenser, capacitor, or dielectric inductor, is used for the storage and return of dielectric energy in electrical circuits. Dielectric energy commonly manifests as “static” electricity, though it is anything but static. The condenser is spatially closed and the dielectric energy is stored in counterspace, that is within the component, which consists of insulating materials that are generally considered as not allowing electricity to pass. The dielectric manifestation of electricity is taken as the electric pole, which propagates as blue/violet sparks when discharged from a condenser.

Orgone accumulators are a type of capacitor and the blue optical properties of orgone may be seen when using one. This indicates a strong relationship between dielectricity and orgone.

The electrical pole is dominant in the transmission of Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric (LMD) Waves which have been measured at speeds well above the speed of light. This is the form of electricity Tesla was propagating from his Magnifying Transmitter. The LMD wave is totally misunderstood in modern electrical theory, and is functionally a direct connection between transmitter and receiver, which renders them as one unit.

This LMD propagation can be best understood from the perspective of projective geometry. Let us take the earth as an electrical plane at infinity, which it is as far as electrical and geological engineering generally consider it. What Tesla did with his Magnifying Transmitter was to change the electrical perspective from the plane to the point! Thus during the operation of the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter the earth became a single point electrode which could be tapped at any point as though it were the output terminal of the transmitter.

In projective geometry the line mediates between point and plane and in our example the LMD wave appears to manifest as a direct line between transmitter and receiver. Let us picture this line as a solid rod. If one pushes the rod longitudinally, the opposing end reacts instantly, there is no time lag. On the other hand, the TEM wave can be pictured using a piece of rope that is given a sharp shake, the wave can then be seen travelling down the length, loosing energy as it goes, taking its time to reach the end.

When the magnetic and dielectric inductors, now pictured as polar in function, are combined in parallel, upon electrical stimulation there is created an oscillating circuit (OC). Depending upon the specific engineering of the OC it can produce predominantly TEM or LMD waves. Oscillating circuitry allows us communication via radio waves of diverse sorts.

There is an interesting analogy of oscillating circuits to the human structure: The inductor is like our coiled intestines representing the metabolic pole of the body and the capacitor relates to the plates of the skull, connected with the nerve polarity in the body. In the body the nerve and metabolic poles interact to allow the rhythmic system to function, allowing us to communicate using our breath.

Analog computers

To fully understand the polarities inherent in electrical propagation we turn to the use of analog computers in the study of electrical propagation. These computers are demonstrated, with measuring equipment, in reference 8.

At left is a schematic of an assembly of two capacitors and two inductors forming an element of an analog computer used to study the characteristics of TEM and LMD waves. The transverse and longitudinal components move at 90o to each other, that is the transverse along the transmission line, and the longitudinal at 90o to it. This can be understood more clearly from the following diagrams:

At right is an analog computer of a classic transmission line for use in determining the characteristics of TEM waves. The power source is at left. Magnetic distribution, as measured by a pickup coil, is highest at left and lowest at right. Dielectric distribution, as measured by a unique multipactor-photomultiplier detector, is lowest at left and highest at right. The magnetic and dielectric components are in space opposition. Finger testing shows that the coils are hot on the left where magnetism is highest and cool on the right where it is lowest, and the capacitors are cool on the left where dielectricity is lowest and warm on the right where it is highest. This type of circuit produces weak oscillations and has slower than light propagation characteristics. The TEM wave can be seen as an unnatural form of electrical propagation. We can relate this to the concept of Newton’s apple falling.

At left we have an analog computer of the longitudinal magneto-dielectric component of an electric wave which travels at 90o to the TEM component. This configuration is used for determining the character of LMD waves. Source, again, is at left. Magnetic distribution measures low at the left and rises towards the right. Dielectric distribution measures low at the left and high at the right. The components are in space conjunction, in contradiction to the Law of Electromagnetic Induction which says these components must be in quadrature relationship in space and time! Finger testing shows coils cool on the left rising to hot on the right in direct relation to the quantity of magnetism distributed through the circuit, and capacitors are cool on the left and hot on the right, again in direct relationship to the distribution of dielectricity in the circuit. This circuit produces strong, sharp oscillations (high “Q”). This is the natural form of electricity, as Tesla well knew, and propagates faster than light. We can relate this to the growth of the tree which produced Newton’s apple.

To Steiner a tree’s growth-producing etheric energies would exist in counterspace. To Dollard the LMD wave propagates in counterspace. In living systems such as plants, this counterspatial energy can be understood to partake of the shaping of the plants. Interestingly enough, Dollard’s Tesla apparatus was capable of emitting discharges (or possibly implosive charges as the equipment indicated current flowing to ground during discharge) which looked uncannily like plants. Pictured at left is a free air discharge and at right is a discharge burned into wood. Changing the pulse rate and bandwidth Dollard could produce discharges that varied from scrawny desert bushes to lush foliage. This is the living, ignored side of electricity so absent from our modern textbooks, just as the etheric spectrum is absent. A magnetic or dielectric discharge at the same frequency each has its own peculiar characteristics. Which is to be placed in the linear electromagnetic spectrum? Or are we ready to rethink our basic concepts?

We can see from these observations that electricity and light are directly related as inverse functions of color formation and wave propagation phenomena. We thus build a picture in our imagination of electricity being the fallen Light Ether. One piece that doesn’t fit exactly is the previously mentioned vacuum tube anode/cathode color scheme which has the same color/propagation characteristics as atmospheric color—there is no reversal in that instance. This may be due to the nature of electricity operating within the vacuum tube, and this possibility is being considered. In a vacuum tube driven Tesla Magnifying Transmitter we would get LMD waves propagating from it, but internal to some tubes we could get opposing color/propagation effects, so a logic develops as we look into this question.

This chart summarizes and attempts to map the salient polarities of the generalized color/propagation characteristics of atmospheric light and electrical waves & discharges into geometric form for further study. The in vacuo cathode/anode propagation forms are in brackets to separate them from the general picture until we understand that situation better. Much further research and thought needs to be directed into this area, and these color/electricity relationships should be taken as a preliminary excursion into an exciting new area of research. This information is presented as a guidepost and cornerstone for others to build upon, and may very well be updated through alteration or refinement as research continues.

The crude and improper concepts of electricity and color formation which the modern world view has shackled our civilization with must be overcome. In order to progress to higher, more refined levels in the generation of power to sustain our civilization’s endeavors it is fundamental that all energies are properly understood and defined. The only way to do this is to observe the totality of phenomena with our full range of human capabilities, and work upwards from there. This will elevate the characteristics of our endeavors towards those which are most life-positive and fruitful.


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© 1996-2008 Thomas Joseph Brown

Luz tem Interacoes com a Materia que sao discriminadas pelos instrumentos eletronicos, como previu a Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, julho 18th, 2016


… from a theoretical standpoint, “Most light-matter interaction processes are ‘forbidden’ by electronic selection rules, which limits the number of transitions between energy levels we have access to,” Soljačić explains.

For example, spectrograms, which are used to analyze the elemental composition of materials, show a few bright lines against a mostly dark background. The bright lines represent the specific “allowed” energy level transitions in the atoms of that element that can be accompanied by the release of a photon (a particle of light). In the dark regions, which make up most of the spectrum, emission at those energy levels is “forbidden.”

Read more at:

Study opens new realms of light-matter interaction

July 15, 2016 by David L. Chandler

Matrix/DNA: A Matrix/DNA sugere que os sistemas naturais ditos inanimados ou não-vivos executam funções mecânicas que se tornaram, com a evolução, as propriedades vitais. Então ela sugere um novo e diferente modelo teórico para sistemas atômicos e astronômicos, nos quais, as ocultas funções biológicas aparecem e podem serem identificadas. Esta sugestão e’ totalmente estranha ao mundo intelectual acadêmico moderno, cujos cérebros não conseguem processar o significado disso e seus efeitos no mundo real. Mas isto acontece porque as ciências tem focalizado e percebido apenas os aspectos mecânicos e eletromagnéticos destes sistemas, e esta percepção limitada cresce devido o feed-back proporcionado pelos instrumentos científicos que são meras extensões dos sensores cerebrais. Assim, os instrumentos científicos reforçam a crença em que o mundo real contem apenas o que se percebe, e as características biológicas – que não são mecânicas nem eletromagnéticas – não são admitidas por este mode de ver o mundo.

Mas o esforço das pesquisas vão aprimorando tanto os sensores cerebrais como suas extensões tecnológicas e com isso vão entrando nas faixas das dimensões indivisíveis e adivinhando ou descobrindo novos fenômenos. Estes novos fenômenos vão, por sua vez, confirmando os modelos teóricos da Matrix/DNA.

Trechos do artigo dignos de nota:

With this new study, Kaminer says, “we demonstrate theoretically that these constraints can be lifted” using confined waves within atomically thin, 2-D materials. “We show that some of the transitions which normally take the age of the universe to happen could be made to happen within nanoseconds. Because of this, many of the dark regions of a spectrogram become bright once an atom is placed near a 2-D material.”

Electrons in an atom have discrete energy levels, and when they hop from one level to another they give off a photon of light, a process called spontaneous emission. But the atom itself is much smaller than the wavelength of the light that gets emitted—about 1/1,000 to 1/10,000 as big—substantially impairing the interactions between the two.

The trick is, in effect, to “shrink” the light so it better matches the scale of the atom, as the researchers show in their study. The key to enabling a whole range of interactions, specifically transitions in atomic states that relate to absorbing or emitting light, is the use of a two-dimensional material called graphene, in which light can interact with matter in the form of plasmons, a type of electromagnetic oscillation in the material.



In physics, a plasmon is a quantum of plasma oscillation. As light consists of photons, the plasma oscillation consists of plasmons. The plasmon can be considered as a quasiparticle since it arises from the quantization of plasma oscillations, just like phonons are quantizations of mechanical vibrations. Thus, plasmons are collective (a discrete number) oscillations of the free electron gas density. For example, at optical frequencies, plasmons can couple with a photon to create another quasiparticle called a plasmon polariton.

Luz é gerada pelo vácuo … ?!

terça-feira, julho 5th, 2016


Ler isto:


Repentina Imagem Mental da Realidade Ultima deste Mundo

sexta-feira, maio 6th, 2016


Sabemos que quando descemos tudo no nível microscópico a matéria desaparece e no seu lugar fica o espaço vazio onde flui e flutua uma força, invisível, inexplicada. assim somos atacados por m repentino desanimo, sabendo que o que acreditamos ser uma realidade – este mundo material – não existe de fato. Então o que estamos fazendo aqui?

Mas… me lembrei do jeito que a formula da MatrixLight/DNA interpreta as ondas de luz, e de repente uma imagem pintou no cocuruto, a qual parece ser tao simples, racional e factível que pode ser racionalmente considerada como possível. Com a insuperável importância de que esta imagem afugenta o desanimo e aponta uma razão sublime e infinita para nossa existência… e explica porque o material não existe alem de explicar o que e’ esta força.

Para explica-la eu teria agora que ir a um aplicativo de graphic designer e desenhar a imagem que trago na cabeça. Como não tenho tempo e os recursos técnicos agora, vou tentar descrever na forma de texto. Antes temos que puxar para ca a imagem da interpretação da Matrix sobre as ondas de luz:

Light-The-Electro-Magnetic-Spectrum by MatrixDNA THeory

Pois bem. Ate ontem, a teoria que mais aceitei sobre o instante inicial deste Universo material era a de que …. Existia este espaço onde hoje se assenta o Universo. Este “espaço” nada mais era que uma região dentro de um mundo infinito contendo uma substancia espacial, que bem pode chamada de dark matter, ou ether, ou outra coisa qualquer. Uma substancia inerte, amorfa, eterna. Esta substancia estaria dentro de um mundo infinito que deve conter muitas coisas inimaginaveis ao nosso cérebro. Mas esqueçamos o que pode conter alem dessa região deste universo material e focalizamos aqui dentro.

De repente, com o Big Bang – assim como acontece com um ovulo cheio apenas com o liquido amniótico e informações sobre este liquido que representa o corpo feminino inteiro que o contem, quando entra um espermatozoide e da a partida para a construção de um novo ser – uma onda de luz natural invadiu essa substancia, A medida que ela se expande adentrando esta substancia ela gera friccao devido ao atrito da forca movente com a massa inerte. Desta friccao surgem as partículas de energia. A onda tem em si a dinâmica do ciclo vital, ou principio vital, dinâmica esta que cauda suas mudanças de frequências e vibrações a medida que se expande. Essa energia mais essa massa assimila estas frequências diferentes e se separam em porcões, as quais são dinâmicas e desempenham o mesmo efeito das frequências da onda de luz. Depois estas partes separadas se reorganizam na mesma sequencia vital da onda e resulta num sistema material funcional, qe pode ser um quark, um lepton, uma partícula elementar da matéria.

Pois bem, agora observe na imagem acima aquela faixa onde a onda no gráfico parece uma linha serpenteante. Separada aquela linha por faixas de frequências, e imaginando o que acontece do movimento de uma frequencia na substancia espacial, pensamos ver uma imagem onde, naquelas duas linhas formadas pelos picos de onda, linhas que vemos no grafico apenas como figurativas, na verdade se constituem nas linhas de faíscas elétricas que resultam da friccao.

Ao lado de uma passagem de uma frequencia, corre em paralelo outra frequência sendo que a linha divisória entre as duas faixas sao sempre aquelas linhas de faíscas eletricas. Pois em cada linha de faisca eletrica se cria uma realidade de mundo, ou melhor, uma dimensão da realidade total. Assim como e’ a dimensão da realidade material, a unica que os sensores do nosso cérebro podem captar por enquanto.

Esta explicado a razão da existência do Universo material e dentro dele, a nossa existencia. Somos como eletrons pulando de camada em camada eletronica dentro de um  átomo. Apenas estamos dentro destas linhas fronteiriças entre diferentes estados vibratórios, diferentes frequencias. Mas ao invés de eletrons, somos seres biológicos, e enquanto humanos, seres biológicos com um principio de auto-consciência.

As margens do nosso mundo real, ou seja, da nossa dimensão de realidade, existem, abaixo, uma dimensão de uma faixa de estado vibratório mais forte, mais acelerado; acima, ou do outro lado, existe a faixa de uma frequência mais amena, menos acelerada. Quando estas duas faixas de frequências chegam a suas fronteiras no seu outro lado oculto a nos, ela cria outra linha de faíscas que gera outro mundo de fenômenos, outra dimensão.

Então, estamos sob um processo evolutivo que se assemelha aos pulos dos elétrons entre as camadas eletrônicas. Se conseguíssemos atravessar , ou a faixa da direita, ou da esquerda, entraríamos em outra dimensão, um mundo bem diferente do nosso, porem, que se for resumido ao seu menor nivel microscópico, tambem resulta em nada, ou melhor, apenas na força se expandindo na dark matter.

Poderíamos transcender para uma realidade superior na faixa de cima ou cair regredindo a um mundo inferior na faixa de baixo.

E isto explicaria magistralmente a questão do porque neste mundo existe o dualismo, aquele sempre repetido caos dos dois extremos opostos entre si ( quente e frio, alto e baixo, etc.). A margem superior da nossa faixa de existência produz um elemento, a outra, produz seu oposto. No meio da faixa, ou seja, no território da faixa se da os eventos do embate entre os dois, gerando caos, o casamento, gerando a ordem, e quando se da uma extrema dominância da linha acima, transcendemos, quando se da predominância da linha debaixo, regredimos. Não e’ uma solução fantastica? As vezes ate’ penso que, apesar de ter passado a vida apanhando feito burro, as vezes tenho uns lapsos de inteligencia. Quack…quack…quack….

Então existe uma esperança de vida com a qual os ateus não contavam. Vou ficar por enquanto com esta imagem na cabeça que brotou justo agora depois de uns três dias de baixo astral quando vi um video de um astrônomo mostrando as fotos que sugerem ser este universo feito de galaxias infinito, pois parece não ter fim para nenhum lado. Aquela imagem nos causa um desconforto existencial, pois ela aponta a possibilidade de que este mundo não passa disso: um superaglomerado de aglomerado de galaxias sem fim… e isso significaria que não existe um sentido inteligente, sublime, para nossa existência. A minha imagem de hoje e’ mentalmente mais salutar, me mantem o animo para continuar querendo viver e fazer, evoluir. … fico com ela ate que provas ao contraio a possam derrubar. E vou inclusive ficar penando e procurando um jeito de pular para a faixa de fenômenos superior.


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