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Os Perigos em ser o mais esperto, pois estudo sugere que é o mais “burro”. Debate na Internet com Matrix/DNA

quinta-feira, julho 12th, 2012

Tentando encontrar maior discernimento sôbre quais seriam os valores morais mais adequados para uma melhor sociedade humana, filósofos e outros intelectuais, religiosos, estão debatendo hoje esta importante questão no link abaixo, onde o leitor pode ver na seção comentários a participação da Matrix/DNA com sua cosmovisão. Deixo aqui registrado para voltar a desenvolver êste tema e traduzir tudo.

Big Think:

The Dangers of Being Smart

Tauriq Moosa on June 13, 2012, 7:21 AM

Comentário postado pela Matrix/DNA:

Human beings has no knowledge for a final and true definition of “smart people”. Because it is a relativistic concept. He is smart in relation to what? Which is the reference point? Should be considered smarter the person that is most successful today, in relation to finances, health, power,social status, etc. But, our environment is short, in time and space.We only know the chaos state of Nature, which made this biosphere and we inside. So, this person is rewarded by the half-face of Nature. Beyond our short Nature there is the Cosmos, and we see an ordered state. This is the another half-face of Nature and nobody can prove that a natural system like him/her, will not be judged by the another half-face. All of others are, at least by the evolutionary process.

If a person is rewarded by chaos, like in our non-ordered social system, he/her must be a loser under the ordered state. But since the ordered state is not dominant here at Earth surface, it does not produces its correctional effects over us, at least, here and now.

Experience has show that Nature is composed of two extremes opposites and above them, a third transcendent state. A sample should be: the good, the bad, and wisdom. The cold, the hot, the tempered or absence of temperature. Etc.. So Nature is composed by three faces of any natural phenomena. What our modern society considers the smarter person, is instead, only 33% smart.These person is successful in a social system that mimics the salvage chaotic state of Nature, like capitalism.The communist bureaucratics are successful in relation to insects social systems, aunts and bees, ordered state of the past, because there is no consciousnesses there.
Religion is a way for trying to understand the unknown state of wisdom.So, it jumps the face of ordered state, for elaborating its clues. Science, by another hand, is searching knowledge about the ordered state, and has no clues about wisdom.It is the right pathway, I think. The problem is that the smarter people today is taking their moral values from the scientific knowledge about chaotic state alone.
We can’t know who is the smarter person today because we and our neurology science don’t know what is consciousnesses.The chaotic state leads us to believe and to bet that it is merely a temporary existence, by another hand, the wisdom seen by religion bet that it is eternal. What suggests the ordered state?
In the Matrix/DNA world vision I introduce theoretical models about the ordered state, where atoms and galaxies are the fixed structure under ordered state that fits the role as our ancestrals in an unique evolutionary lineage.But the theory suggests that this Universe is composed by hardware and software, which are coming evolving in feed-back process since the Big bang. Here, the hardware (mass bodies) are finite, but the software (circuit energy of natural systems), which presents the state of consciousnesses today here, is surviving by all these 13,7 billion years, then, probable, is not mortal.
Ok. If consciousnesses is not mortal, the smarter person here and now is the less smart person in relation to his/her own future, because the ordered state will correct him/her, painfully, like in surgeries.
But…maybe Matrix/DNA is a wrong theory about the ordered state, and only the scientific method, our space exploration, will bring the right realm. After that we will need to know the realm of wisdom. Mean wile, Nature (or God, if exists one) is playing with us.  Nobody knows which is the kind of “smart person” in relation to the final true.