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Ninguem me “Cutuca” No Maior Debate da História que Está Acontecendo Agora No Youtube? Brasileiros! Tucuta-me…please!

sábado, agosto 25th, 2012

Vídeo bombástico torna-se viral e faz pessoas a já quatro dias e noites ligadas no computador discutindo o destino dos Estados Unidos!

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

( Bill Nye, o segundo Carl Sagan: Religião não é Apropriada para Crianças)

Video publicado no Youtube por Bill Nye,  conhecido a muito tempo como o “science guy” está causando  a maior celeuma nos USA. Abaixo do vídeo, na seção “comentários”  está contecendo dois posts acrescentados por segundo e já passou dos 100.000 participantes e três milhões de visitas! É assunto da Matrix/DNA por isso estamos tentando contribuir com meus dois centavos, mas onde estão os brasileiros, se o assunto tambem é do Brazil? Vai lá… veja meus posts e me tucuta…

Ultimos posts da Matrix/DNA e os outros mais interessantes:


JungleJargon 49 seconds ago

Biologists should be on top of the origin of the programming of life forms and they hardly even know what that is.

…so much for the “peer-review” system.

They merely *assume* life started and they *assume* that life restarted, recalibrated and reprogrammed itself billions of times over without a reason!

Their belief just has no relationship with any part of reality.

Matter only does what it’s made to do and proves you have a Maker.

PROOF OF GOD in less than 10 seconds…


TheMatrixDNA in reply to JungleJargon 1 second ago

Yes, I have makers but they did not use intelligence for doing me.Why not the same for the first biological system ( aka “life”) and for this Universe? Why are you changing the proof you can see here and now by a maker nobody saw?! Why are you betraying your Nature?

What’s your scientific argument against the rational and mathematically established Godel’s theorem: nobody can know the Truth about matter and a system standing inside the matter and the system? Then, how you say you know it?


GapWim in reply to marksmith1116 (Show the comment) 43 minutes ago

[…] more amino acids in Millers own experiments?!?!

That’s incorrect. Using the new data for a prebiotic earth there is a much higher energy/mass ratio for the conversion into organic molecules and a far wider range of molecules have been found. Among those is Adenine, one of the four basic components of DNA. Adenine was not found during Miller’s original experiment.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to GapWim – 7:36 AM , Tuesday, September, 04

Only food for thought – They never will get the forces and elements that produced the process of (a)biogenesis because they are focusing Earth alone and forgetting the system it belongs. If no sun’s energy no life, which should be indicative, and what about cosmic radiation? What’s coming with it? In another hand, we have no good model of galaxies as system, the connections and origins are unknown. See the models in Matrix/DNA Theory as sample how this is important.


8:08 PM monday, september 03.

Dawkins can’t say that based in Science. Natural selection drove evolution, that’s a fact. There was a purpose? Nobody knows. If I was a microscope bacteria inside a fertilized egg I was watching an evolutionary process, but is I decided that evolution is everything I was wrong: those outside the egg knows that the steps of evolution are merely steps inside a bigger process of reproduction. So, who can prove that this Universe does not work in the same way?

wtf are you talking about, because it sure as hell isn’t evolution.

Whatever natural selection is, the final evolutionary result here and now was decided by the sum of informations choose by natural selection. So, natural selection drove the process. It not means that natural selection has a purpose, but nobody can say, based in the real scientific data, that it has not.


Scientists stretch science beyond its capacity when they claim that God does not exist because He does not register on scientific instrumentation. If there is a God,He is supernatural, which means He exists above and outside nature and thus beyond the reach of scientific investigation. It is presumptuous for scientists to claim that science alone is capable of giving us a complete tally of all that exists.Where data is not available,they should suspend judgment and remain open to possibilities.

You have a good point, I agree. But the same is true for those that had not suspended judgement, appealing to supernatural theories, and wants kids absorbing their presumptions. Just an opinion.

They do that with their own ideas: “For evolution to be disproved is actually remarkably easy. You only need a single fossil to be discovered in the wrong place in the fossil record timeline. Just one. One fossil out of place geologically in the many era of the world.” Science never really closes debates. They just give an answer and replace it when it is shown ineffective.

Science does not give answers, Science does not says anything, Science is merely a collection of real data. Scientists has personal opinions and does not give answers, only suggests their theories, it is all right.


matter and energy are eternal. next?

For to prove it you need go beyond the eternal, verifying that has no end, and then, coming back telling it to us.


Did you created yourself?

Can you reverse your flesh from decomposing?

When you become like Gods, then perhaps you will be in a Godly position to tell me these things. Until then, you’re a dupe for satanists, who are the main cause for all the world’s ills.

Don’t blame God for giving you Freewill, a soul, & Conscience.

I think you’re souless, & you may take it as a compliment

God, satan, soul?! What are you talking about? Explain to me how your natural sensors had discovered these suggested things, how is the connection between your real body and yours suggested things? Maybe your sensors are better than mine?


Dude, Only what is natural can be repeatably tested, or independently observed. I’m not switching cause and effect. Science sets out to explain the natural world naturally. The standards science set for what could be studied eliminates unnatural and supernatural phenomena from the outset. And no one is allowed to propose supernatural explanations in science. Hence the ID issue we have today. Naturalism is the filter by which you view reality therefore it is true to you.

Agnostic Matrix/DNA Theory opinion = ” And Science need be kept in this way, a collection of real data, tentative of connecting those data into elaborated “scientific” theories, experimentation. But need be aware that the human sensors and its technological artifacts are very limited, so, our limited sensors works as natural selectors of data. It choose ones and discard others, which results in a wrong final board. See for instance the Matrix/DNA models how ToE can be changed.


MoheekTV: Your question is rational: how the stupid matter of this lost planet could invent the extraordinary engineer of two bodies separated in space and producing a third body?! No God, no man had solved this puzzle. But, the comparative anatomy between living and non-living systems discovered a surprise solution: the way the building blocks of astronomic systems are organized and working, two flows of energy are the ancestors of X and Y chromosomes. See Matrix/DNA Theory.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

The word “theory”is being used a lot in this debate but it seems that different people has in mind different definitions. Result? Total confusion. The word was coined by ancient Greeks but is has being appropriated by new cultural/professional branches, like the scientific discipline, that has changed the original definition. I think nobody is the owner of the word “theory” then, must be kept the Greek definition, described in Wikipedia: Theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract ..


wmpratt2010 30 minutes ago

What about the rest of us that don’t support current evolutionary theory but are not creationist either?

MegaAtheistman in reply to wmpratt2010 17 minutes ago

It means that you don’t understand it. It means you are ignorant on the subject. It means you don’t except something that all of the experts around the world say is their understanding of how life arrived at its current state and how it continues to change. You have your blinders on and thats what religion does to you. It dumbs you down.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MegaAtheistman 1 second ago

You don’t know about the natural forces acting over biogenesis which logically continues acting over biological evolution. That’s why ToE is not the science of evolution. Either Creationism and atheism can not prevail and be the guide of human destiny. Both should conquer Earth and aliens civilizations with a power based in slavery, murder and so on. Those don’t recognize that the microscope human knowledge can not reach the Truth are not prepared for govern. “Free thought” is “free everything”

MegaAtheistman in reply to TheMatrixDNA 15 minutes ago

Not sure what planet your from but your drinking the same coolaid as the rest of the numbnuts who can’t accept reality.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MegaAtheistman 1 second ago

No, I can’t accept the kind of natural reality surrounding us, then, I am here for change it, at least in my space. Our home is inside the body of a very primitive ancestor ( a planet that is part of a system, the Milk Way) far from perfection. The biosphere is salvage and chaotic, which indicates is product of chaos. I want my home in a ordered system. And the modern human socials system (theist and atheist) and technologies are mimicking the rules that govern the chaos, what is no good.

MrWiseinheart in reply to truvelocity (Show the comment) 4 hours ago

A theory is still a theory scientific or not its not a fact. My theory (belief) is that God crated the heavens and the earth. And its not a blind faith, there was the great flood which we see the runes till this day, where the dinosaurs were wiped out and for which we have the fossils, the Bible has answers its just people are to lazy to read. Bill is attaching creationist so I’m defending its stand, why is Bill doing that I don’t know he could of just did a lesson on evolution instead.

sn0wchyld in reply to MrWiseinheart 2 minutes ago

you clearly do not understand the difference between scientific theory and ‘laymens term’ theory.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to sn0wchyld 1 second ago

Science is not the owner of the word “theory”.Theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking, or the results of such thinking. Depending on the context, the results might for example include generalized explanations of how nature works, or even how divine or metaphysical matters are thought to work. The word has its roots in ancient Greek. If creationists want saying they have a theory, they have the right to say that.

joe1234567890i in reply to TheMatrixDNA (Show the comment) 2 minutes ago

LOL. I love your argument, it made my day. So Science doesn’t “own” the word? Yeah, and science doesn’t own the word gravity, but there’s a secondary, non-scientific definition for that word too?

In this case, which definition you use is extremely important. I usually don’t like to engage in semantic battles, but it is impossible because of the underlying assumptions that people have about the phrase theory, disregarding which one is actually meant.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to joe1234567890i 1 second ago

Yeah… this misunderstanding has been used against the name “The Matrix/DNA Theory”. I wrote it wrong, I should write: “the scientific community is not the owner of that word”. I think the owner is the ancient Greeks who coined the word, than, prevail their definition.


Gnodnarb: “God is the way, the truth, and everything. He sent his only son to us and he died for our sins. Let us rejoice and remember the name, Jesus Christ!”

The Matrix/DNA: “If you send your son to be tortured in a salvage tribe I will call you a monster, not a God. There is no love nether rational explanation for this fairy tale.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Paladins, when matter is organized as systems, the systems fits in full with the spectrum of light, each part has its light frequency. This is memory, the system registered as light. The system is fragmented by entropy, this memory transferred to new system. In this way, the system called “chicken” is linked with the system called “Milk Way”. Any star incubates its offspring (planets), so it is the instinct that leads the chicken doing the same with its eggs. See pictures in Matrix/DNA Theory


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

JungleJargon : The Maker of the fabrication of time space is not made of or limited by time and space.”

Matrix/DNA Theory: “Time is a ghost, merely a human abstraction as unit of measure for control the natural chain of events in a chronological order. Space is a ghost, as a unit of measure about things that expands in the vacuum or are transferred from locations. Since they are bot, ghosts, non-existent, if there was a creator of them, it would be a ghost, non existent.

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

JungleJargon: “Matter can only do what it’s made to do which proves you have a Maker.”

Matrix/DNA Theory: The Godel’s theorem is very clear that nobody can prove the Truth about a system standing inside the system. So, for to prove your affirmation above you need go outside matter… tell us when you came back.

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

alfadrone : ” It is important to note that “micro-evolution” is a misnomer, as it implies that “a little” evolution.”

Matrix/DNA Theory: ” Darwin could not look to evolution from a universal perspective. The result is that his mechanisms of evolution (VSI: Variation, Selection, Inheritance) is only three from the real seven variables that acts over macro evolution. One need know atomic and astronomic systems, thermodynamics, relativity, etc., for fulfilling the gaps in ToE.

Gnomefro in reply to TheMatrixDNA 30 minutes ago

In fact, this is one of the reasons why the theory of evolution is so powerful. It transcends all the details you are talking about and provides a high level understanding of what’s going on. The physics are still needed of course, but only to supply the logical building blocks that ToE relies on. They could conceivably be implemented differently, such as is the case with genetic algorithms in a computer.

Gnomefro, Thanks a lot… Your information about genetic algorithms in computers lead me to Google it and finding this great job of Sir John H. Holland which has everything to see with my researches. But, this theory is suggesting models where these building blocks have the blueprint of biological properties, and these properties that were not seen by Darwin and is not seeing by scientists developers of genetic algorithms for computers are just the tools that living organisms uses for solving problems. A question: do you know why Youtube are defining comments like this as spam?

TheMatrixDNA in reply to Gnomefro 1 second ago

Gnomefro, Thanks a lot… Your information about genetic algorithms in computers lead me finding this great job of Sir John H. Holland. But, this theory is suggesting models where these building blocks have the blueprint of biological properties, and these properties were not seen by Darwin and by scientists developers of genetic algorithms for computers. They could be just the tools that living organisms uses for solving problems e evolving. And fulfilling the theoretical gaps.

Gnomefro in reply to TheMatrixDNA 35 minutes ago

“One need know atomic and astronomic systems, thermodynamics, relativity, etc., for fulfilling the gaps in ToE.”

That’s utter bullshit. If that was true, then the entire field of genetic algorithms in computer science would simply not work. However, what we instead see is that such algorithms can be mathematically proven to be general optimization algorithms. The Theory of Evolution is more than complete in the sense of being able to account for organisms.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to Gnomefro 1 second ago

Gnometro, Sir John H. Holland, himself said: ” We still have much to learn about classifier systems”. The proper fact that computer’s hardware is a physical machine indicates the nature of genetic algorithms’programs. They are elaborating programs without inserting knowledge about astronomical systems, for instance, because the hardware already mimics some astronomic mechanical properties inherited by living organisms. By the way, I will study it and hope later we can change fruitful thoughts.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Maybe the fundamental key where the Bible really prejudices the student is the contradiction between the data got by the scientific method and the contents in the Old Testament. The New Testament does not emphasizes any focus in creations, only teaches love and morals. I don’t understand why Christians keeps the Old Testament if Christ said that came for fixing its errors (or something like that). Why believing in a foreign and antique mythology, and its cruel God?!

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

waksibra: ” mutations can create new “information”.

Matrix/DNA Theory: “No. Mutations can create new hybrid informations resulting from the mixing of two or more authentic natural informations. It is an effect of “fuzzy logic”. The Universe can’t create information from nothing. All information were here at the Big Bang, in shape of quantum vortex, like all information for building a human baby were in the genome at the moment of the Big Bang of the spermatozoon envelope inside an ovule.”

MrRandoTheAmazing in reply to TheMatrixDNA 4 minutes ago

I see why you’re comments are being marked as spam, you have no clue what you’re talking about. You just said it yourself “Mutations can create new hybrid information” the “information” is new, you playing games with semantics will not be able to hide that. I’m sorry, I wasted my time on a dishonest troll like you.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MrRandoTheAmazing 1 second ago

There is a big difference between hybrid information and authentic information. Authentic is that information got from external world and incorporated in a system for acting externally and hybrid is a information that arises inside a system. If the hybrid matches with external information, it is kept, if not, collapses inside the system. Prove-me you have clue what you are criticizing and not being dishonest…

MrRandoTheAmazing in reply to TheMatrixDNA 19 minutes ago

Ah, now you’re moving the goalposts. First information is already inside the DNA of organisms, and as organisms give birth information gets weeded out. Now you tell me new information can only come from a new external source. Sorry troll, in the real world it doesn’t work that way. DNA gets shifted around all the time, either through random mutation, sexual mutation, or Transcription Error Mutation.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MrRandoTheAmazing 1 second ago

You misunderstand it. The Matrix/DNA does not models says, as ditto above, information already inside an organism becoming hybrid gets weeded out. Yes DNA get shifted all the time but never can create new information from nothing.

MrRandoTheAmazing in reply to MrRandoTheAmazing 14 minutes ago

This hole MatrixDNA theory is a variation of the panspermia idea. Life started on another planet and that planet broke up and part of it ended up here. It has interesting potential but it does not help the Intelligent Design community. Unless of course they want to tell us that the intelligent designer is actually an alien.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MrRandoTheAmazing 1 second ago

Nope. Panspermia only transfers the problem to another location. Matrix/DNA introduces a cosmological model where the building blocks of astronomical systems are exactly like the building blocks of DNA. It means that a kind of astronomical genome is spreaded over the Universe as seed of biological systems. Life can arises where the conditions are favorable. Totally different than panspermia and ID.

In just two comments to me you’ve changed your story twice. First new Information can only come from an external source. this source must be outside of our universe, because all DNA was programmed before life even began. DNA can be reshuffled but if it is done within our universe it doesn’t count as new information. The only thing you would consider as new information is DNA from another dimension. Now you tell me that information is not regular DNA, but somehow it’s magical astro DNA . This astro DNA originated when the cosmos began and the hung around in the reaches of space. The when the Earth formed that’s when the astro DNA got into our system. The only way to get new information now is if we somehow magically change this new astro DNA. Not only must our regular DNA change, but now we have to show how astro DNA changes too? Can you seriously get any crazier?

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MrRandoTheAmazing 1 second ago

Nope again. External source in relation to living things is not “outside the Universe”, but, outside the living body, in the immediate environment. It happens that this environment is not resumed to Earth, since Earth is bombarded with informations as cosmic radiation. Nature is the whole galaxies, the whole Universe. Besides that, the informations around living beings are not resumed to our astronomical system as a Newtonian watch because this is a closed system and Nature has the another half informations about opened systems. DNA programmed before life began? Only if the Universe was programmed before the Big Bang. I don’t know if universes can evolve or not. The Matrix/DNA did not got in our solar system: a living genome does not got inside the atoms of the baby. Sorry, it is not that easy.

MrRandoTheAmazing in reply to TheMatrixDNA (Show the comment) 6 minutes ago

Seriously are trying to prove your nuttier than a squirrel turd, cause believe me I’m convinced you’re nuts. DNA information was programed into us, the universe, the planets, and solar radiation now. We’ve already established that you think information can only come from space sperm, so I’ve been convinced you’re nuts!

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MrRandoTheAmazing 1 second ago

You usually change the words, names, semantics, so, changes the final meanings.Ok, your body is made of sperm and ova information, and your existence is dealing with informations composing the environment. At the day you can create a new information besides those mentioned, show it to to me and I will throw the models to the garbage. Ok? I am suggesting that yours experience as a natural system is equal the experience of all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies. Oooops… the new information can not be hybrid, result of fuzzy logic. Because for being a real new information we will watching if natural selection will approve it.

You are wrong, you are absolutely programmed and you have a Programmer because matter is not able to programme itself!

Proof of God in less than 10 seconds,

Matter can only do what it’s made to do which proves you have a Maker.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to JungleJargon 1 second ago

A new theory suggests that yes, there was a kind of program, the first cell system was designed but the design suffered mutations due new conditions But the designer of the first cell system was not intelligent, it was/ís our primitive last common ancestor (LUCA), more stupid than an amoeba. It does not means that all things were designed by an intelligence, but, if so, it was before Big Bang. See the face of LUCA in “The Universal Matrix/DNA of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”

TheMatrixDNA in reply to MrRandoTheAmazing 1 second ago

Nope. Sexual mutation, transcription error mutation, etc., any new DNA that not fits with the blueprint of the environment are the same case. It could be possible that a new different DNA incorporated information from a system hierarchically superior to our astronomic system that produced this biosphere, but then, it should be about consciousnesses, not biological bodies.


jimmy20i0 1 minute ago

biogenisis is a freakin ridiculous theory when you concieve electrons in their natural state

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago


sn0wchyld in reply to DanThemes (Show the comment) 6 minutes ago

We can observe fossils, genetics, computer simulations, the quantity and breath of proof is huge. and it all points in the same direction – evolution. The fact that it hasn’t been observed directly does not mar its validity

TheMatrixDNA in reply to sn0wchyld 1 second ago

Nope. We don’t know black holes exists as such. We can see effects surrounding something, the following is only theory. And based in things never observed before an any other places, like extreme density. Like atom model changed totally from the first to nowadays quantum model. If one day we will be able to see what is in that place, is possible the model will be totally changed. For instance, just now, in Matrix/DNA models, the same effects suggests a totally different object in that place. And a different process of evolution.


rch111384 in reply to Philgood391 (Show the comment) 45 seconds ago

I don’t get it. whats the punch line? Orange trees don’t produce apples. Orange trees produce orange trees. Pines produce pines . Oak make oaks etc…. How about you have sex with a monkey and tell me how it work out for you. tell me if she ever gets pregnant.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to rch111384 1 second ago

Yes but apples and oranges begins as a small thing, changes its shapes several times till maturation… everything repeating the process of macroevolution.


“Evolution is dead”!

Signed: an energetic being evolved from humans.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Great America! Please keep in this way, several different beliefs, this is the country where creation and the right natural progress is possible!.What about those countries where prevail one unique belief? Today America is believing that evolution is real ( even because we can watch evolution at any case of embryology, when the shapes changes from fetus to embryos) and is believing in a son of a Creator beyond the Universe ( the steps of evolution could be a larger process of reproduction).

1GODISNOWHERE1 in reply to themanningsjdsjjj (Show the comment) 16 seconds ago

Well stated by themanningsjdsjjj, “EVOLUTION IS A THEORY ABOUT LIFE FROM zero…” Something from nothing. Poof! or Big Bang! or Singularity! or, Magic! Yet, believers in a creator God that would have designed what was created is called silly nonsense and magic that has no evidence to support it. How many more Puff the Magic Dragon fossils will need to be studied before science admits all the known creatures appear in the fossil record fully formed? Talk about a waste of money and life…

TheMatrixDNA in reply to 1GODISNOWHERE1 1 second ago

There is no life from zero since was no origins of life. What you call “life” is “biological system”, a new way for arrangement of matter due the novelty of liquid state of matter at planets. Before that were the half-mechanical/half-biologica­l systems, which are the building block of complex astronomic systems such galaxies. These ones emerged only with gaseous and solid states of matter, but all biological properties are there in a mechanic fashion. See the models at Matrix/DNA Theory

z28west in reply to thelichkingz (Show the comment) 14 seconds ago

That is what we call micro evolution or variations within a kind. No one is arguing that this happens, its observable, its science. We can get big dogs or little dogs. But no one has ever observed a whale becoming a parakeet or macro evolution. Thats when you step from science to your religion.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to z28west 1 second ago

Macro evolution is about systems, natural systems: atom, stellar, galactic, cell, and now, consciousness The whole Universe is suggesting that something inside it is under a process of life’s cycle like we are, and these systems are different shapes of a unique system, like the shapes of fetus, embryo, baby, teenager… are for a unique human body. It is occurring a normal process of universal reproduction. One can see evolution, others can see the birth of God’s son. I don’t know.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

The scientific data is enough for convince someone about the Darwinian origins of species, although it is hard to prove it scientifically. The problem with ToE maybe will be solved with Matrix/DNA Theory: it takes out from the Earth the last common non-living ancestor, put it in the sky and shows its picture: the building block of astronomic systems. It explains how happens the diversity of species, how everything is reducible to this ancestor, which is the most logical as creator of life.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

lowend15 : How did sex originate? Asexual reproduction gives up to twice as much reproductive success (‘fitness’) for the same resources as sexual reproduction, so how could the latter ever gain enough advantage to be selected? And how could mere physics and chemistry invent the complementary apparatuses needed at the same time (non-intelligent processes cannot plan for future coordination of male and female organs).

This was answered by the models of Matrix/DNA Theory. Milk Way is the answer

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Is it merely coincidence these two interpretation of the world’s existence has broken the Universal History in two blocks, without any connection between them?! The forces and elements producing biological evolution are not being see in cosmological evolution; the love and forbiddenness of Christ in the N.T. is the opposite of the criminal God of O.T. Between the two blocks there is dark abysmal, which is fulfilled with myths. In Matrix/DNA Theory we found the connections and no myths.

What is the secret of the Bible? Memory is something inherent to matter since its origins, then, the origins of Universe and life are registered into DNA’s memory.Certain altered states of mind makes these memories comes to the brain as confuse flashes. We discovered that the astronomical state of the world before life’s origins described scientifically is the same that described by metaphors in Genesis. The Same for I Ching, Secret Doctrine, etc. See how in the models of Matrix/DNA Theory.

A minimal cell needs several hundred proteins. Even if every atom in the universe were an experiment with all the correct amino acids present for every possible molecular vibration in the supposed evolutionary age of the universe, not even one average-sized functional protein would form. So how did life with hundreds of proteins originate just by chemistry without intelligent design?

TheMatrixDNA in reply to lowend15 1 second ago

The rational answer is: there was a designer, but less complex than the design, and not intelligent, because intelligence is a recent phenomena in nature. See the Matrix/DNA Theory, the design of the designer.

cooljr99 : I have a question for you Bill Nye. How did life as we know it, just, happen? The reason we’re here is God. Here’s another question. Why is there a universe?Well, again, the answer is God.

You need be rational and first of all, looking around the answer that nature is offering.How the life of your body just happen? Natural parents. Why is there a universe containing this life? Simple: why is there an egg containing life? You have real answers facing yours eyes. See Matrix/DNA models

frenchfrys12 in reply to TheMatrixDNA 6 minutes ago

“Reason” “Purpose” “Accident” are philosophies developed by mankind.

There is a Universe because there is one.

The universe is a big-ass place and is billions of years old. You can’t expect something odd never to happen.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to frenchfrys12 1 second ago

Human reason is product of Nature, then, only the creature can understand its creator. Only could happen what the Universe has information for doing it. Information does not comes from nothing. And is more rational that the universe make things ( like biological systems) in the same way he was did.

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Just my dumb opinion: any children educated with fairy tales elaborated by foreign and ancient people have his/her imagination occupied with those fantasies and never will be able to concentrate in the deep details of Nature, like this one: if you are in motion and increases the speed, your body becomes heavier ( Einstein). The imagination need be feed as condition for mental evolution, but lying to a kid that Santa Claus is real makes he no observing the grace of his father.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

phillipsjoshua30: ” Last I checked massive explosions ( Big Bang) don’t make things, they destroy things.

Have you ever seen a natural explosion (OK, maybe, volcanic?). There are several kinds of explosions, and “explosions” that makes things. Like the “explosion” of the spermatozoon’s envelope inside an ovule, it makes the most complex thing that I know. Now, what’s if the Big Bang’s explosion theory was just a macro-projection of the same fecundation mechanism, making universes? Why not?



bawward: Evolution has never been proven in a lab (even under the perfect circumstances!)

I don’t understand what do you understand by “evolution”. It is proven naturally all times in a natural lab: the womb. Transformation of an individual as projection of transformation of its population. From blastulae to fetus to embryo… and before that… the morulae mimicking the galaxies, etc. Ooops… you believe that God appears inside the womb creating a new baby, sorry.




Super mistaken, Evolution explain you origin a way from God,that should be clear to everybody.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to YamiYami17 1 second ago

Nope. The process of evolution we are watching here suggests that the problem of creationists is about the “size” of God: is not irrational suppose that outside the Universe and before the Big Bang could exist something like gods producing universes, but such gods never could fit inside a universe for talking to humans or driving evolution. Furthermore, we humans could design softwares where evolution develops by itself. You are reducing the size and the intelligence of possible gods.

By the way kind of hard to evolve into something when there has never been one instance of new information producing a new “kind” of animal. Of course ironically for an evolutionists they don’t have too because to them it would take millions of years of process. How convenient. And yet just one more proof that evolution is a religious position.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to cctman 1 second ago

Informations for new “kind” of animal ( biological systems) are free in the air. We are inside the Newtonian watch that works good and this watch is inside the most perfect machine of all times: a galactic system. It happens that these systems are decaying by entropy so its photons-fragments that reaches a planet surface and penetrates its atoms leads them to reproduce the astronomical system. So, it is not right saying that “has never been one”, because the best exists before life’s origins.

Very fine,Random mutations can’t code a information,and natural selection can’t detect small change ( he doesn’t have a goal) so step by step up,if nothing appears to be functional,noting will be selected,which means natural selection can’t make any system at all. Done

TheMatrixDNA in reply to YamiYami17 1 second ago

Your problem is that has no code, no symbolic message in the DNA. DNA is a pile of sub-systems (base-pair of nucleotides), each one having some detail different, simple like that. In fact, natural selection only discards the bad changes. Evolution here is merely a sequence of steps of a big process of reproduction, so, changes are the same that occurs in embryology, like fetus becoming embryo. But you need to know the picture of the agent behind natural selection for understanding it.

before i say anything, im a deist. dont know what it is? look it up.

i just cant understand how scientists and other intellectuals fail to see the world around them and assume that mankind, in all its perfection, was created by “accident”. look at our bodily systems such as the circulatory and digestive systems. they are WAY too complicated and perfectly made to be naturally created. there are also countless species with distinct color patterns and instincts. not to mention planet earth itself

TheMatrixDNA in reply to epicsaxman2012 1 second ago

But… what I can do if the real world is showing that ancient natural systems have all mechanisms and process enough for evolving into all systems and details of a human body? How could me changing these evidences by a hypothetical invisible creator doing miracles, if I never saw any act of magic and any invisible thing? Now we have pictures of that ancient real world containing those details in the Matrix/DNA Theory, it is easy to see them.


Hardcorerockerforlif : Abiogenesis is practically us just spontaneously appearing, right? Or is there more to it than that that I don’t know about?

TheMatrixDNA: Abiogenesis is another name for cosmological embryogenesis. The whole process from aminoacids formation to the first cell system ( billions years) was a process of reproduction from this galaxy in shape of living cell. You can see the picture of a cell as a copy of the building blocks of astronomical system in the models of Matrix/DNA Theory.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

To solve this division in the mindset of this great country, we need avoid the world “origins”. There was no origins of life, no origins of universe. The word “origins” brings on the idea that the normal natural chain of causes and effects was broken due to interference of something non material. Then creationists appeal to “God” and atheists to “randomness”. There were transformations between natural systems, never “origins”.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

feryqueen – “Evolution is bull crap i’m not teaching that to my kids and i don’t even have one yet”

Feryqueen, God made a version of species’ evolution for you watch it with your own eyes: the 9 months, from a single cell to a baby. The universal evolution from atoms to galaxies to humans is the same process. But evolution is an illusion. You watch in the womb a process of reproduction composed by several evolutionary steps.Go to universal and grasp the reproduction of God’s son, same thing.

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago Why Darwinian evolutionism is a failing theory? Because in Nature everything get tired, falls, transforms, and lift up again more strong and complex. Darwin observed only biological transformations, which are all about biological systems. This is micro-evolution, another micro-cycle inside a universal macro-evolution process. The real evolution includes all natural systems, from atomic ones to galaxies. We don’t know how works a galactic system, and how it fit the gaps of ToE. xxx TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago tigerade85 : Humans did not “evolve from apes”. Humans and Apes have a common ancestor. Get your facts straight. Have you never learned about the hierarchy of natural systems? Homos Erectus, apes, the common ancestor were produced by biological systems. But biological systems can not produces consciousness. Never learned about Godel’s theorem: “it is impossible to a physical system like a brain to produce the self reflection of any part as a new emergent system.” There is hidden systems. xxx TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

ScienceResponder : “Over the last 25 years, scientists have discovered a world of nanotechnology within living cells. Scientists have found functioning turbines, miniature pumps, sliding clamps, complex circuits, rotary engines, etc. Could natural selection have produced this appearance?”

Yes. The selector behind natural selection has all these things before life’s origins. We are discovering that all these things can be performed in electro-magnetic and mechanical way. See Matrix/DNA Theory.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

A question for Intelligent Designer:
I have a pet, a baby giraffe. Everybody knows that the first moment the body of baby giraffe came into existence was through a Big Bang: the “explosion of spermatozoon’s envelope inside an ovule. Everybody knows that the parents giraffes never lived in the Universe of that embryo( the egg ), but they were the designer of the baby. What kind of intelligence the giraffes used in that design? Why the universe needs an intelligent design if Nature can do it?

A question for Intelligent Designer: I have a pet, a baby giraffe. Everybody knows that the first moment the body of baby giraffe came into existence was through a Big Bang: the “explosion of spermatozoon’s envelope inside an ovule. Everybody knows that the parents giraffes never lived in the Universe of that embryo( the egg ), but they were the designer of the baby. What kind of intelligence the giraffes used in that design? Why the universe needs an intelligent design if Nature can do it?

xxx TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

How reptiles became mammals? Reptiles have no feelings towards their offspring, usually they eat them. So, why happened the biggest heroic sacrifice by the reptile female cyanodont trying to keep eggs inside? It was her own will? No. We discovered in the cosmological model of Matrix/DNA Theory that our ancestor – the Milk Way – already have the two traits: puts eggs out and at the same time, keeps it inside. The photons-genes from the galaxy expressed “eggs inside” in that female.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

What happened different with the Homo that shared a common ancestor with apes? The hierarchy of natural systems explain it. Homo found a big cave and lived there as a tribe. Babies, children, seniors, got the opportunity to feed the rests of hunting brought by the stronger. Began the first familiar system and human emotions, feelings, empathy. It happens that there is a natural system composed by the substance of consciousness. The substance was attracted to the Homo’s brain. (Matrix/DNA Theory)


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Why are there different species? The Last Universal Common Ancestor was one and still exists. But instead transmitting its entire genome inside a closed envelope called chromosomal, his genes-bits are spreaded in space and time. If these “genes” meets in some place and time, they have the tendency for linking again at the same sequence. Then arises small packages of genes expressing less organs, different dominant genes, etc. The ancestor is the Milk Way, by the model of Matrix/DNA Theory.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Derrickmartell: “Religion is where kids get their values, morals. If take religion away they won’t fear doing something like lying or stealing.” Nope. Kids get their values from their physical state in this physical world. Religion changes the nature of poor kids with lies, for turning them into happy slaves. The best moral values will come from the real knowledge of human and world’s reality, where all kids understands that we are alone and by ourselves as Humanity, as Matrix/DNA worldview.


813trooper 37 seconds ago

Is that right? So let me get this straight, There was a big boom boom, then after the big boom boom, Ameoba came out from such a cataclysmic event? Then it turned into apes then humans. LolololololoLLLLLL. Okay, I am going to go teach my kid that now.

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Danny Wise: Your body began with a Big Bang inside an ovule. Few days later a human embryo came out from such “cataclysmic event”. Now, with this natural real parameter known here, go making a theory about universe’s origins. You will be surprised by the wonderful results, like I am with my result, the Matrix/DNA Theory.


Somebody wrote:  “some new findings lead us toward the recognition of evolution as more than a hypothesis”

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago
Nope. The fact is The Modern Synthesis is being prejudiced by currently non complete and/or wrong astronomic cosmological models. Are increasing new finds of gaps in the evolution theory, but gaps of our poor knowledge does not change reality. The gaps refers to mechanism and process that comes from astronomic systems, as explained by the cosmological models of Matrix/DNA Theory.


droolaxx 18 seconds ago

At some point in time we humans believed the world was flat, we believed the earth was the center of the universe, and that we would have to sacrifice someone for the sun to rise. Obviously none of those are true, but those world view changes wouldn’t have changed without science. We as humans cannot progress without science. I’m all for religion, but don’t let it blind you from what’s closer to the truth.

TheMatrixDNA in reply to droolaxx ( domingo, 18:55 hs., New Yotk time)

Put it in real terms: those world view changes wouldn’t have changed without new observed empirical evidences. The word “science” is a trap. Then, past experiences have showed that has new observed facts that changes worldviews, and this includes “ours” worldviews, which will be changed. Who guarantee to you that nowadays “science” with its scientific reductionist method is closer to the truth than natural philosophy with scientific systemic method like the worldview of Matrix/DNA Theory?

xxx TheMatrixDNA 1 minute ago

Congratulations America, you still is a open mind what means science and technology will evolves here. The country that has no such debate, no such division between different worldviews is a country where one wrong mindset has established and its population closed their minds. I am proud that I can watch evolution working human minds here at America. Or God, or the primordial soup – I don’t know – blessing you !!!

xxx TheMatrixDNA 6 minutes ago

Opinion of an agnostic: 1) Theory of Evolution is not complete because we don’t have the knowledge of how works a galactic system ( the real creator of life and natural selector of evolution) from where comes some mechanisms acting over differentiation of species; 2) Torah, Bible, etc., caught real facts of the world, connects and organizes these facts in a big board, but the connections are wrong, the missing pieces seems supernatural. The solution is The Matrix/DNA version of evolution.

xxx TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

darkroadsrec: “I love how he tells parents how to parent in a free country.” You have a good point. But I am sure there are priests, pastors, also telling how to parent. So, if one can do it, the other side can do too. I think that children has natural imagination as extension of their minds, and these imaginations need be feed and used for evolving the mind. If it is not used, it is entropic discarded. Religion is a kind of fantasy that fits this task. What about modern scientific theories?

xxx TheMatrixDNA 15 second ago What about our beloved children? It seems that every people here are advocating his/her worldvision and forgotten the great opportunity and responsibility this issue offers to the best goods to our children. How works the brain’s children? What about imagination? Which are the effects of ours theories, religious or scientific on children? Should be better ressuscitates natural philosophy in schools teaching all worldviews and leaving the child to choose what he want? Keeping the free thought? xxx TheMatrixDNA 12 minutes ago

Noah’s Ark is a strong fairy tale because the Ark is the symbol of chromosomal envelope and the animals inside is the symbol of the genes inside.It is a metafhor that fortunately reproduces a real past event occurred in biogenesis. It not makes truth that Noah have existed.

DYNASTYBASSMASTA20 5 minutes ago

As a Christian I have a question for all atheist and nonbelievers and I honestly empathize if you refute against it and even try to disprove my faith. If we are just biological creatures who serve to procreate and sustain life on the planet for ourselves and our offspring; what is emotion, or faith in your fellow man, trust, hope, morals and values and standards, or hate and jealously? How can these things exist in mere biological creatures?


TheMatrixDNA 12 minutes ago

The method of education need be inverted: kids be educated as free thinkers and as adult  choose what to believe. The tool is philosophy teaching the evolution of thought, paganism, religions, scientific method. They need know all theories, like Darwinian evolucionism, Intelligent designer, I Ching, etc. Imagination is the extension of the mind and need be feeding . The fairy tale of religions and myths is doing this job. ToE has no fantasies yet, but Matrix/DNA Theory have it.

xxx Zakariye Hassan 1 minute ago

200 million fossils refute evolution.


Watergun6850 23 seconds ago

  • Modern science has shown that there are genetic limits to evolution or biological change in nature. Again, all biological variations, whether they are beneficial to survival or not, are possible only within the genetic potential and limits of a biological kind such as the varieties among dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc.
    TheMatrixDNA in reply to Watergun6850 1 second ago
    Wrong.  What’s genetics? Is the science of genes, heredity, and variation. So, genetics is the name of a scientific discipline and Science can’t put limits in evolution. Whats is biological change? Is the change in the inherited characteristics, namely, in the genes. What is genes? A gene is a molecular unit of heredity of a living organism. Gene is stored data. What is the limit for increasing data? The environment. But the environment is the galaxy, the universe. So, no limits.

    Watergun6850 3 minutes ago
Evolutionists claim that the genetic and biological similarities between species is evidence of common ancestry. However, that is only one interpretation of the evidence. Another possibility is that the comparative similarities are due to a common Designer who designed similar functions for similar purposes in all the various forms of life. Neither position can be scientifically proved.
TheMatrixDNA in reply to Watergun
Oooops…! You are touching the biggest secret of Nature. Congratulations! The models of Matrix/DNA Theory are suggesting the picture of the designer, but, coincidentally, he is just the common ancestor. His name is “Milk Way”.
  • How do you know if your computer was created ?! from a scientific view ?!,yep,it’s the same way we know how your brain was created,sure not ‘Nature did it’, So if Evolution can’t make systems and can’t account for information,we conclude that you were created ! and we conclude that evolution is not even logical,so it’s can’t be a scientific theory! do you understand this ?!
    TheMatrixDNA in reply to YamiYami17 1 second ago
    Wrong. Computers were not created from nothing but man reproducing nature.
  • Nature can make systems. Natural light plus mass from Higgs field made lighters atomic systems ( See Matrix/DNA models), which made stars. Stars made galaxies and galaxies made biological systems, till apes. We don’t know the source of natural light, but, saying that it is god, is saying nothing. Upon apes something unknown in Nature brought consciousness, and we don’t know what’s it.


    YamiYami17 in reply to whereismymascara (Show the comment) 1 minute ago

    Appeal to authority :) A lot of theories where accepted once from the overwhelming majority of scientists yet they failed,that proves the the appeal to scientists is a failed argument!
    fawkUtube in reply to PizzaBlade17 (Show the comment) 3 minutes ago

    DNA could also be proof of a designer and the fact that we can manipulate this DNA to create our own versions of species then it is apparent we are nothing more than selfreplicating computer programs but instead of 1’s and 0’s we have A’s T’s C’s and G’s

    BlackBeardDelight187 22 minutes ago

    “Almost no one attempts to educate themselves on the basics of science and technology, yet our society is based on these. TV takes up far too much of our time and is apparently much more attractive to most of us than the beauty and wonder of science. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and? power is going to blow up in our faces.”


    Melanth89 in reply to cowman1970 (Show the comment) 8 minutes ago

    Now continue that process over a longer timescale using the same gene pool. Preserve one of your original stock. After a few million years clone your original stock and try to breed between them. You will find that they are not the same species anymore.

    This is what you fail to understand. Macro and micro evolution are the same thing- the only variable is timescale.


    WitnessOfNewLaodicea 10 minutes ago

    You cant appreciate any theory without teaching its alternatives. Anyone who advocates the censorship of ideas is an enemy of intellectualism and truth. You teach knowledge by contrasting it with ignorance, good by contrasting it with evil, freedom by contrasting it with slavery, and so on. Whenever you hear anyone saying “you may not teach that” or “you may not believe that,” you are listening to a fascist. Teach both sides, let the truth arise in each mind, which it will.


    Religious: They went from comic books as children, to bibles as adults; from modern-day comic books, to ancient comic books. They never grew up.

    How did the USA become great? Science: The Manhattan Project, Hubble telescope, Space shuttle, The internet, Human genome project, etc., etc. Whether you’re religious or not, you need to recognize that science is what made us great. Stop denying things that are well beyond your knowledge. Scientists aren’t out to destroy religion, they are out there trying to improve make life better for all mankind. If you want to see a country that rejects science, look at Afghanistan.


    Curta e correta explicação do que é “speciation”

    AlphaDogmatist in reply to REPAIRMN1 (Show the comment) 2 minutes ago

    “you can mutate all you want within a “species” but until it jumps into a new “species” it isn’t the “evolution” I was taught in school”

    This is incorrect. What you are referring to is “speciation” when so much change occurs the two can no longer interbreed. They may still be able to breed and be different.


    Prova de Criação de Novas espécies?

    you’re talking about microevolution, not macro. And your statement is false — we can observe the creation of new species. What do you think happens with disease, for example, when you don’t finish all your antibiotics? the stronger bacteria survive. Over time they change dramatically as they hop from person to person. Because the lifecycle is so much shorter you can watch the process quite easily.


    Alguem chegando perto da Matrix, comparação entre womb e evolução

    renattowandering in reply to Tom Adams (Show the comment) 7 minutes ago


    Its interesting to notice the similitude between the Darwin evolution(the primordial cell to the man) and the micro-evolution in every pregnant women womb.

    Because everyone must pass through this micro-evolution (womb) to be here.

    Rumi in XIII century talked about spiritual-biological evolution long before Darwin:

    ‘I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as plant and rose to animal, I died as animal and I was Man. Why should I fear?’


    ojideagu 43 seconds ago



    HazeGreyAndUnderway 23 minutes ago

    If and when I have kids, I won’t pressure them to believe or not believe in a God, I know that with certainty. I myself believe in evolution, and that there is some supreme being out there. But the one thing I don’t like that comes from both sides of the topic is the offensive way they go about telling each other off. Why do you have to care what I believe, and then hold that against me for whatever reason? I certainly don’t care what you believe. People are arrogant.

    But you’re a blessed exception…you can hold true to your beliefs without pressuring others to confirm to them. Can’t really say the same thing for the people who allow religious beliefs to influence the policy our government follows.

    You are right. People are arrogant. And while you are raising your kids with no real direction on spirituality and God, one of those arrogant people in the form of a friend, neighbor, teacher, relative, coach or the like will fill your kids with their views. Kids don’t just come up with their views. They get them from someone and it might as well be you. Yes, they are free to accept or reject them, but if you don’t do your job, someone will do it for you.


    Part 1) Out of all of the knowledge in the entire universe I would estimate that the total that mankind possess is less than 0.0001%. Yet, some have the audacity to claim that, with this minuscule bit of information they can proclaim that “THERE IS NO GOD”. Making a conclusive statement like that after gathering just 0.0001% of the data is lunacy. Or should we call it for what it is, the religion of atheism. 

    Part 2) let’s say that I give an atheist a revolver with 10,000,000,000 chambers in it and he could look only into one of the chambers. He sees that there is no bullet in that one chamber. Assuming that the other 9,999,999,999 chambers are as empty as this one, is not only bad science, but is paramount to something most would call blind faith.

    Part 3) The fact is, there is a lot more we don’t know, than what we do know. And it is very conceivable, and most likely, that the massive amount of information we don’t know, could prove what little we think we know, to be completely wrong. So, go ahead atheist and demonstrate your faith in all that knowledge that you DO NOT have by placing that gun to your head and pulling the trigger, let’s see how lucky you are. Part 4) It takes just as much faith with the information we now possess to proclaim there is NO God as it does to proclaim there IS a God. It is A Faith either way. So you should continue searching until definitive proof is found or until you die, then you know for sure.

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of Ignorance” Albert Einstein – GSpotter63 in reply to gjford (Show the comment) 3 minutes ago

    Do you know me? Do you have even the slightest bit of information about me? Where I live? My education? How can you, despite the extremely small amount of information you poses of me, make that last statement?

    Nonsense? You must not realize how big the universe is. Let me break it down for you. There are over 300,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy and there are over 250,000,000,000 galaxies in the universe. Again, the chances of conditions being suitable for life in many many many many places in the universe are exactly 100%.

    If I’m wrong, maybe you could explain why the most religious countries in the world are also the worst shitholes with the highest crime rates; and why the most non-religious countries in the world are the most successful, with the highest standards of living for their population?


    I asked my 9 year old what he thought and he said ” Daddy, if we came from monkeys and there are lots of monkeys in Africa then shouldn’t we see half monkey half people running around somewhere?”. I had a hard time explaining why there are no half monkey half man people in the zoo…

Vai lá… veja o post e me tucuta… prometo que no seu aniversario te mando um pirulito de presente, sabor tutti-frutti…