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Dois Planetas Orbitando um Par de Estrelas-Gêmeas ! Como Seriam os Seres Vivos em tal Sistema?

terça-feira, agosto 28th, 2012

Two alien planets found with twin suns

By Charles Q. Choi

Esta informação abaixo fornece uma curiosidade a ser pensada pela Matrix/DNA:

” The inner world completes an orbit every 49.5 days, while the outer one takes 303.2 days, giving it the largest known orbit for any transiting exoplanet. The stars themselves whirl around each other every 7.5 days.”

Notei que a proporção matemática entre 7,5 e 49,5 é igual a 7… e entre 49,5 e 303.2 tambem é +- 7. E 7 são as funções universais de qualquer sistema natural. Portanto é plausivel que na fórmula, a distancia entre as particulas-funções sejam iguais, mas que justamente estas distancias repetem cada uma a medida da totaslidade do sistema é algo curioso. Isto vai merecer maior atenção se tempo houver.

Comentários postados pela Matrix/DNA no artigo acima:

Ok. In this stellar system configuration – if are there life in these planets – it is made of right handed molecules as suggested by the astronomic models of Matrix/DNA Theory. If so, will be hard for us to recognize living systems.

Biological systems arises by the right convergency of 50% informations from a star ( inside photons radiation) and 50% informations from the planet’s nucleus. Planets provides the informations for a nucleotide of RNA and the left nucleotide in the DNA’s stream and stars provide for the right nucleotide performing a base-pair (which is the fundamental unit of information in DNA). The models suggests that is hard difficult a right-handed molecule triggering a life form because it is the field where entropy is strong. But maybe there is an unknown catalyst.!

Reply#3 – Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:41 PM EDT

life always finds a way…

Reply#4 – Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:52 PM EDT

“The inner world completes an orbit every 49.5 days, while the outer one takes 303.2 days. The stars themselves whirl around each other every 7.5 days.”

There is a mathematical proportion between 7,5 – 49,5 – 303,2 … which is 7. This rate can be merely random, but, for Matrix/DNA models, 7 is just the sum of universal systems functions, and maybe is not casualty, maybe something is repeating the sacred geometry of number phi. While I will investigate this detail, someone here has any information, comments, about? Thanks.

Reply#5 – Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:13 PM EDT

You are assuming a decimal numbering system. There are others. For example, I visited an Anasazi cave with seasons depicted that was based on 8. It is about the cosmological constant ratios and fundamental physical constants, not the numerology. Right idea though, nature tends to emerge from the microscoptic to the macro: For example, the Archimedes spiral is evident everywhere throughout nature.

Reply#6 – Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:29 PM EDT

DavInDnvr , Thanks by the comment and I will get time for learning about these informations ( Anasazi cave and Archimedes spiral). But I know the difference between fundamental physical constants and numerology. My approach is not based in numerology but the physical constants can be resumed to numbers due the natural hierarchy among natural systems. The number phi seems to be magical/beautiful because it is the physical point in any natural systems that links the left face with the right face, that reproduces the first formed left side into the right side, as happens in DNA reproduction. It is the point in the systemic circumference circuit responsible by bi-lateral symmetry. I will not be surprise if a twin-solar system’s configuration obeys this physical constant. By the way, it is just a hypothesis. that deserves an investigation. Sheers…

#6.1 – Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:18 PM EDT