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Exo-planetas: Excelente Video Sobre O Incrivel Universo que tem se revelado nos ultimos 20 anos.

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Exoplanets: Planets From Hell


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TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Well…while astronomers are trying to understand astronomical systems from human brain perspective, I am in the jungle trying to understanding the same Universe from terrestrial biosphere and biological systems perspective. Because I think that the offspring must reveal a lot about their parents.My theoretical cosmological model, called “The Universal Matrix/DNA Theory” is different, but, till now, there is no observed situation in the Cosmos that could debunking the model.


TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

There are weird forms of biological systems in the ocean, as there are weird forms of astronomical systems in the dark matter ocean. Once thing is right, for sure: all weird life forms has the same formula called RNA/DNA. My models are suggesting that all astronomical systems have the same formula also, which I called “Universal Matrix”, the ancestor of DNA and which is showed at my website. It seems that this Universe is more alive than we could imagine.Light is everywhere the code for life.

Porque Esta Tudo Tão Quieto No Espaço Sideral? Onde Estão as Outras Inteligentes Formas de Vida?

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Artigo publicado pelo The Universe, no Facebook gera grande numero de comentarios ( ja tem 693 comentarios e eu postei 3):


Gostei · 1/9

I’m sure many of you have asked yourself; are there any intelligent, extraterrestrial beings? Perhaps a species capable of intergalactic space travel? How easy would it be for us humans to one day explore the cosmos and possibly colonize other planets? And lastly, if there are other forms of intelligent life capable of intergalactic space travel, why haven’t we seen any evidence of them?The Fermi paradox addresses this discrepancy: the likelihood of intelligent extraterrestrial beings and the absence of evidence for their existence.

The mind behind the paradox, Enrico Fermi, asked a very important question: where is everybody?

According to Fermi, any civilization developed enough for deep space travel could rapidly colonize the entire galaxy within tens of millions of years. This may sound like a very long time, but it’s actually a relatively short time period in comparison to the age of celestial objects; and considering the fact that most stars and Earth-like planets ever discovered are much older than our Sun, there’s a very great possibility that we may be the only intelligent life within vast proximities (possibly the only ones in our galaxy).

Dr. Stuart Armstrong and Dr. Anders Sandberg from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) wrote a paper in press that attempts to provide solutions to Fermi’s paradox: “There are two ways of looking at our paper. The first is as a study of our future – humanity could at some point colonise the universe. The second relates to potential alien species – by showing the relative ease of crossing between galaxies, it makes the lack of evidence for other intelligent life even more puzzling…” says Dr. Armstrong.

The Fermi paradox begs many questions. Perhaps intelligent life is extremely rare even in a cosmic sense? Or, as Dr. Armstrong theorizes, maybe intelligent life destroys itself before it can spread. Whatever the solution to the paradox, it will teach us something very profound.

Above all, we have SETI projects (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) taking place at various institutes. These projects are devoted to using numerous scientific methods in efforts to find signs of alien life, such as monitoring deep space for electromagnetic radiation. Alas, the evidence is still lacking.

Dr. Armstrong concludes that the central focus of his research is that “if any civilisation anywhere in the past had wanted to expand, they would have been able to reach an enormous portion of the universe… If intelligent life is rare, it needs to be much rarer than just one civilisation per galaxy. If advanced civilisations all refrain from colonising, this trend must be so strong that not a single one across billions of galaxies and billions of years chose to do it. And so on.”

One explanation to the paradox is that all intelligent life is roughly “synchronized,” meaning that they are at the same stage as us in terms of being capable of space travel. But because we humans have existed for an infinitesimal fraction of the age of the universe, this is rather unlikely.

More information included in the source links below.


Source links: [ article] [pdf article concerning the Fermi Paradox, by Eric M. Jones]

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Louis Charles Morelli

There are 2 issues here nobody told. First, an intelligence able for travelling at light-years speed must have their body and spacechips synchronized to different frequency of light waves than the frequency of vibrations where our body operates. Which kind of comunications could be between humans and ants? How could ants perceiving a human body? That’s it… we are the ants…

Louis Charles Morelli

But… you can’t understand this phenomenon of intelligent life situated at one light frequency without knowing the graphic model of light waves spectrum of Matrix/DNA Theory. Light contains the formula that imprints the life cycle into matter and natural systems evolves jumping frequencies, so, we, as human body system stands at different frequency other than an intelligent system able to travel at light speeds. Ants have their antenna for feeling their frequency but one ant walking over my body can’t know my existence.

Louis Charles Morelli
Why intelligent beings are not here? Why aren’t you in the jungle where are living the ants? Because you have no interest in there, you don’t want to hurt yourself with malaria, serpents, etc. Why intelligent beings – if they are coming here – does not talk to us? Why you don’t talk to ants in the jungle? Why we can not see aliens here – if they are coming here? Why ants does not see human beings if they are in the jungle? We can see only matter vibrating at the visible frequency o light, but light have seven different frequencies. Ants has antennas for capturing vibrations of a different frequency, not humans frequency. For travelling at light speeds we need a new evolutionary jump, when our body will be at a different frequency, more light than bones and meat. But… with Matrix/DNA Theory we are beginning to understand the next evolutionary step, our intelligence is going ahead our body, and we are going to be able to send signals that others superior intelligence could perceive, and wishing talk to us. Than, they could help us like I would help the cells bacterias that are living in my body if I know what they need and how I could do it. Because, any intelligent life in this Universe knows that they are like genes building the conscious baby son of the extra-universal system that created this Universe, and they know that any other conscious being here are genes also, then, they need that we be safe, that we will do our mission, the part of the baby that they and us will be at the Big Birth… (well… now I am extrapolating from reasoning to metaphysics, but this is a logical metaphysics suggested by Matrix/DNA world view)
há 3 minutos · Gosto
There is another explanation for this problem suggested by Matrix/DNA Theory. When a human body is still at blastulae shape, having no fetus shape yet, the group of genes responsible for making one part, can’t change signals with any other groups making the other parts. This Universe is a kind of cosmological egg and inside it is occurring a process of genetic reproduction of the extra-universal system that sparked the Big Bang. Your own body began with a Big Bang, when a spermatozoon exploded inside an ovule. Nature does not play dice with us, so, the way she does your body is the same way she was made. At fetus formation there are groups of genes. Inside these groups are diversity of species, like the diversity of species here. But the whole group (let’s saying: biological shapes of natural systems) responsible for doing the liver are different from the whole group responsible for making the hearth. Then, must have lots of other life’s forms in this Universe, but all of them are at the same stage of evolution that we are. Perhaps there are a more evolved intelligent form just now, which is the responsible for making the head, brains, neurons, of this universal fetus. For sure, the unknown system that fecundated this “space/time” and transmitted its genetic code in shape of natural light shared into genes in shape of quantum-vortexes-bits-information is already “conscious”. If not, consciousness would not emerge here. But the question is: why our conscious extra-universal parents does not help us, are not watching us here? The answer is easy again if you asks to Nature: she would show to you that humans mothers and fathers are conscious beings, but they are not inside the womb that are making their new baby. Second: Evolution of any new system obeys two steps: the first is eggs out, the second is egg in. We must standing now at the eggs-out phase, where creatures are abandoned to their own destiny, subject to predators, natural storms, etc. But, when you see the Matrix/DNA formula that Nature has applied for building new systems, the phase of eggs-out really does not exists, since that the eggs never went out of the hierarchic superior system surrounding them. Don’t worry, you are safe even being eggs-out. Yours Cosmos’ parents needs you, that you, being a gene of your own future body, will make yours job. They are waiting for yours universal birth like yours parents were anxiously waiting for yours biological terrestrial birth. And I, as other gene, I need that you be successful also. If you lose, my body will born with defects. ( From the Big Bang to the Big Birth chapter of Matrix/DNA Theory).


Teoria da Universal Matrix/DNA e Seu Argumento Racional (Artigo sob construcao)

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Meu post piblicado na IO9:

What’s going on with the Human Reason at academic community?! Why Humanity is again repeating the same movie that our ancient

O que esta acontecendo com a Razao Humana dentro da comunidade cientifica academica? Se na epoca de seu nascedouro, nas raizes do Iluminismo, haviam 500 milhoes de seres humanos sendo torturados no trabalho forcado escravagista e pelas doencas tradicionais mortais, passados varios seculos temos como resultado final hoje acrestandos mais 6 bilhoes de humanos ainda nas mesmas condicoes, porque a inteligencia humana perdeu ao inves de ganhar? Contra numeros nao existem argumentos e estes provam que sob o metodo e o pensamento dito “cientifico”, mais humanos sofrem, ao inves de diminuir o numero inicial.

O motivo deste fracasso pe o desvio dos ideais dos fundadores da retomada da Razao esta no fato de que o coletivo humano ainda mantem o comportamento do individual humano nos seus primeiros anos de vida, em que na forma de crianca ao inves do racionalismo impera o pensamento magico na interpretacao dos fenomenos naturais que compoem a realidade da Vida e do Mundo. Por exemplo, descobriu-se que a enorme diversidade de fenomenos naturais existentes atualmente e a existencia de sistemas naturais tao complexos como o cerebro humano tem como causa um processo universal de evolucao, entendido como transformacao do mais simples na direcao do cada vez mais complexo, ou seja, maior aglomerados de informacoes. Aprendeu-se que todos os sistemas mais complexos o sao devido a transformacao de um sistema ja existente anterior, ou seja, nenhum sistema surgiu pronto por sua propria conta e risco vindo do nada ou de outras causas senao da longa linhagem evolucionista que tem resultado de uma unica linha de causas e efeitos desde as mais remotas origens do mundo natural que podemos conhecer. Mas apesar de todo este aprendizado separou-se arbitrariamente o ultimo sistema natural mais complexo no estado do mundo a 3,5 bilhoes de anos atras, dos primeiros sistemas biologicos (erroneamente denominados ” seres vivos”). Separou-se arbitraria e irracionalmente pois o modelo teorico do ultimo sistema (erroneamente denominado de ” nao-vivo) nao foi calculado como sendo a imagem e semelhanca do primeiro sistema biologico, sendo evidentemente impossivel que tal modelo teorico tenha sido a estrutura transformada na sua proxima estrutura evolutiva. Ou seja, se o sistema biologico esta sendo entendido como um sistema vivo, os sistemas atomicos e astronomicos que existiam na epoca de sua formacao estao sendo teorizados como nao-vivos! Onde e como foi detectado que uma soupa de massa amorfa deu origem espontanea a um sistema funcional e ainda complexo?! Onde e como foi constatado o fossil de algum sistema natural dando tamanho salto sobre o vacuo, saindo da normal corrente de causas e efeitos para ressurgir apos o vacuo totalmente transformado e contendo propriedades nunca existentes antes? Nao resta duvida que os modelos teoricos dos sistemas atomicos e astronomicos acreditados pela comunidade academica atual estao totalmente longe de suas realidades, tao incompletos que tais propriedades – visiveis nos primeiros sistemas biologicos – nunca foram detectadas nas suas expressoes mais simples e menos evoluidas em tais modelos. E como resultado as origens da vida sao cercadas de reflexoes fantasistas magicas, assim como toda crianca imagina causas magicas para todos os fenomenos que se lhe aparecem as suas vistas.

people made, when their reasoning escaped out of control and they invented religions, magical thinking? What is the key element that gets the fetus, embryos, self-organizing from existing supra-molecular forms? The template coming from parents. Then, what is the key element that gets atoms into supra-molecular forms? The template coming from their parents. Who are the parents that made possible abiogenesis, creating from atoms the molecules and finally the first living being, a complete cell system? This stellar and galactic system. How parents makes their offspring? Genetic code. What is genetic code? Is a nanotechnology resume of a given system. Then, how this galaxy and this stellar system made the first biological system? As a microscopic copy of itself, mutated due different materials and initial conditions.

So, the logical thinking is searching how this galaxy and/or stellar system fits as the template for the first biological system. I did it and the result is a new cosmological model for astronomic system formation and function that fits as the template for cells systems. And the conclusion that our problem trying to elucidate the life’s origins is due our modern academic astronomical model which is wrong. I am challenging any person to point out a scientific proved fact that debunks the models of Matrix/DNA Theory. You can see there the Matrix universal formula that Nature has applied for formation of all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies to human beings. I can’t understand why people lose the control of their natural “Reason”, which is a natural product! Matrix/DNA Theory suggests that this two steps of life’s formation at two different planets is possible, and not only two, but seven steps.