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Ventos magnéticos vindos do espaço sideral para o Sistema Solar muda direçao

sábado, setembro 7th, 2013

Uma informação e confirmação de um tópico importante nesta noticia: Forças, electromagnetismo  ventos galácticos e ate mesmo átomos como hélio vem do espaço alem do sistema solar. Cientistas se admiram que eventos na macro-escala astronomica podem ocorrer em curtos periodos de tempo

” Our heliosphere, which is inflated like a balloon by the sun’s solar winds, deflects powerful cosmic rays, much the way the earth’s magnetic field shields us from much of the sun’s radiation. But the heliosphere doesn’t block everything. Certain uncharged particles from interstellar space, such helium atoms, can enter and be tracked by spacecraft.”

A strange interstellar wind blows through our solar system,0,1470097.story


Interstellar winds

Interstellar winds appear to have changed direction, and scientists aren’t certain why.(NASA/Goddard/Adler/University of Chicago/Wesleyan University / September 6, 2013)

the interstellar winds that gust through our heliosphere — the vast bubble of magnetism that surrounds the sun and planets — has changed direction over the last 40 years.

“it was very surprising to find that changes in the interstellar flow show up on such short time scales because interstellar clouds are astronomically large,”

“Previously we thought the very local interstellar medium was very constant, but these results show just how dynamic the solar system’s interaction is,”

It remains unclear to scientists exactly why the interstellar wind would change direction