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Imagem da NASA pode ser Evidencia da Matrix/DNA no Cosmos

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The impact of sloshing on the intra-group medium and old radio lobe of NGC 5044

CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY > astro-ph > arXiv:1310.2163

Ewan O’SullivanLaurence P. DavidJan M. Vrtilek

(Submitted on 8 Oct 2013 (v1), last revised 23 Oct 2013 (this version, v2))
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t seems to me we are watching here the birth of a new cluster of galaxies from an atomic nebulae. The astronomical model of Matrix/DNA introduces a formula that Nature is using for organizing inertial matter into working systems and observing this image remember me that formula: the bright center is F1, the green filament is F2, F3, the massive blue omage at lower right is the entropic matter from F6 and F7. The explanation about the asymmetry is that any system is shared in left and right face where the amount of matter is equal but the concentration is not. By the way, the Matrix/DNa model suggests there are two process for galactic formation, like there were two process for cell systems formation, and we don’t know if this galaxy is obeying the first or the second process.



  • Title Hot gas sloshing in a galactic cauldron
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