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As Armadilhas Nas Associações de Padrões…Ou Não?

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Quacks Like a Duck


The image above features a neuron on the left, and a simulation of large scale galaxy clusters on the right

Systems Theory: Importantes Topicos

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General Systems Theory: Applications for Organization and Management

( pag.9) …. As Murray suggests:
I am wary of the word “system” because social scientists use it very frequently
without specifying vyhich of several possible different denotations they have in
mind; but more particularly because, today, “system” is a highly cathected term
loaded with prestige; hence, we are ali strongly tempted to employ it even when
we have nothing definite in mind and its only service is to indicate that we subscribe
to the general premise respecting the interdependence of things—basic
to organismic theory, holism, field theory, interactionism, transactionism, etc. .
When definitions of the units of a system are lacking, the term stands for no more
than an article of faith, and is misleading to boot, insofar as it suggests a condition
of affairs that may not actually exist [27, pp. 50-51].