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Visões do Mundo: Qual a Melhor Estratégia para Muda-las/Conserta-las? Matrix/DNA ou Filosofia Oriental?

domingo, abril 5th, 2015


Este tema foi inspirado no seguinte post:

Action is driven by Thought,Thought by Mindset…then why do we Focus more on Action..?

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Vejamos qual a resposta/comentario da Matrix/DNA. O que você pensa?

Congratulations, this has been an issue I have thought a lot about. We have here an opportunity for a debate between the western mindset ( mine) and the eastern mindset ( yours). If you have interest in this debate with me, I will appreciate it, because I can learn with it ( I don’t know if you can understand my non-native English). For starting, I think that yours logics above is wrong or not complete. I will explain:

Mindset is the key that build cultures, civilizations, humans behavior, then, we must focusing in it. That’s why I have created a new world view ( mindset) called Matrix/DNA Theory, which I think could produces better humans behaviors. But… I think that yours phrase above needs some working. First there is an external stimulus or internal wish. They produces a thought which is driven by the brain’s installed mindset. Then, it is produced the effect, or action. We see that the beginning of this process is the stimulus ( internal or external), and the end is the act. Which moves the body for to produce some alteration in the the external world.

So, we learn that must of humans acts are automatized, like animals. In most times, there is no time for to pull the mindset, and even, any thoughts. It is very important understanding this whole process because from here you get lots of good lessons, like:

1) If you are a fighter for introducing spirituals values and practices like meditation in search of nirvana, yours public is very small, at least in the western world. People here is very busy into the “stimulus>action” cycle and the time for talking about and pulling the mindset is almost zero. This is my problem here just now: nobody want to stop their busy life for rearing about world views. If we tell these people that the eastern people is more worried about thinking about high analyses about humans actions, the people here will answer that this is the cause that eastern people is more poor and are later in science/technology. What do you think about? Do you have a strategy for reaching the normal busy people today and talking about nirvana, meditation?

2) Mindset is the final product of how a human being interprets natural facts and events. But… this interpretation is not made by the individual, and so, by the collective. The interpretations from the collective is inserted into young brains through “education”. The interpretations from the collective is economically tendentious. This tendency is product of our genetic inheritance from our ancestral animals… and the wild rules of the jungle. The human species is shared into big predators ( 1%), medium predators ( 9%) and preys (90), like in the jungle. The big  force of predators at the jungle was substituted by the military institution and the culture produced by the predators.  A culture is a specific way of interpreting natural facts and events. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering that almost all human knowledge of natural facts and events are distorted. For instance: DNA is not a code, but it is merely a pile of different copies of an unique natural system encrypted into nucleotides – the building blocks of DNA. And so on, which is being taught at ours schools are almost all wrong interpretations that are good for predators domination. For changing it, the talking about the needs for meditation, spiritualization does not works. It is necessary working with sciences for discovering new interpretations that are more “real”. And producing experiments/products that prove yours interpretations. So, about the issue of changing/ correcting bad mindsets, the Matrix/DNA strategy is better than yours strategy, I think. What do you think?