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Sistema Imunológico; Atuando a nível dos átomos do invasor

sexta-feira, abril 10th, 2015


Onde estavam os mecanismos do sistema imunológico na fórmula da Matrix/DNA ainda é um dos mistérios não resolvidos,  por isso estudamos com interesse tudo o que se descobre sobre ele. Ler isto e pesquisar:

How human immune response to virus is triggered at the atomic level

July 15, 2010
Texas A&M AgriLife Communications

Viruses contain RNA, which are molecules similar to DNA in many ways but which play different roles. The RNA molecules from virus often have structures that do not exist in human RNA. RIG-I specifically targets these unique structures and launches an immune response by triggering the secretion of interferon, Li said

Interferons are proteins produced and released by the infected cells to fight pathogens such as viruses or bacteria.