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A Ciencia do Cerebro Busca as Origens da Compaixao e Empatia nos Humanos… e Entra em Conflito com a Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, maio 25th, 2015


Seres humanos de uma parte do globo mostram o comportamento de separarem alguns de seus pertences e envia-los a pessoas no outro lado do globo que sofreram algum desastre. A isso se d’a o nome de ‘ compaixao” . Agora cientistas estao empenhados em buscar como este fenomeno da compaixao surgiu nste mundo e justo – Segundo eles – nos seres humanos. Interessante artigo com video explicativo foi motivo para eu postar um comentario no artigo, porque a cosmovisao da Matrix/DNA tem uma surpreendente sugestao sobre como esta propriedade apareceu aqui. Abaixo vai o link para o artigo e video e a seguir uma copia do meu comentario. Tambem inseri no final uma copia da fala no video paa aquels que tem dificuldade em ouvir o ingles ( espero ter tempo para retornar aqui e traduzir tudo).

Na selva amazonica observando que compaixao e empatia ja existia de uma forma muito simplista em animais e buscando mais explicacoes na formula da Matrix/DNA fui descobrindo que as raizes destas propriedades se estendem para alem dos animais, localizando-as em sistemas nao vivos como esta galaxia que nos criou e fui descendo ainda mais no tempo ate chegar a conclusao que ela veio mesmo do antes das origens deste Universo, carregadas por ondas de luz as quais por coincidencia sao as mesmas substancias que agora estao formando nossas mentes… ou seja: as propriedades da compaixao e empatia ficaram dormindo na materia durante sua evolucao, assim como a autoconsciencia de uma nova crianca ficou dormindo na morula, na blastula, no feto e so veio a se expressar de fato na crianca, porque esta era a copia final da especie humana que a gerou e a qual ja continha em si a autoconsciencia. Desta forma, a mente humana que esta se formando com a substancia luminosa de nuvens que resultam das sinapses dos pensamentos comeca a ser a copia completa da luz que a comecou antes mesmo do Big Bang, e apenas agora comeca a expressar estas propriedades da empatia e compaixao, significando que aquela luz original ja possuia estas propriedades. Arre!…

The Science of Compassion: Kindness Is a Fundamental Human Trait


– May, 25, 2015

Which were the primordial roots of empathy and compassion, when life was not existing yet? Matrix/DNA theoretical models from those past times had located those roots, included at stupid astronomic systems. And there is no full knowledge about something if we does not know its causes, origins, evolutionary history and universal meanings. Dr. Thupten Jinpa need to know what Matrix/DNA has to say here, looking to the image below. Any natural system ( be it the human brain, atoms or galaxies) is built and based on that universal natural formula for systems and observing it we can discover the systems’ properties, like empathy and compassion. Before life’s origins, the universal system reached an evolutionary top as perfect closed system in the shape of ” building blocks of primordial galaxies”. At that system all of its seven parts worked synchronized for keeping the system’s self-defense and functioning. So, there was altruism from each part in relation to the another six parts, besides the fact that there were no neuronal network neither consciousness about this property, like  working liver is “altruistic” in relation to the organs to whom it sends clean blood.

So, the seeds, the physical forces and elements that later were used by humans brains for producing these stranger and abstract properties were installed at our ancestral non-living natural systems, like atoms and galaxies. But,.. how these mechanistic altruisms evolved to empathy and compassion when this universal system reached the more complex shape as human brains? The answer can not be demonstrated yet, but we can suppose it by logics. We have identified all existing living properties of a chimpanzee body in its mechanistic shape at a building block of astronomical system through the formula in the image below. We can see there the digestive apparatus, the blood circuit, till the reproductive sexual system, in mechanic fashion. That’s why the body of chimpanzees are the most perfect biological system reproduction of the system that created and are had driven biological evolution through its also terrestrial created environment. There is a unique property in human bodies that we never located at our creator astronomical system: consciousness and its derivative, intelligence. It means that this new property came from some natural system superior in complexity and existing beyond this galaxy, it is coming from the Universe… or beyond it. And this unknown system is using those physical structures like the altruism that emerges from closed and stupid system for installing its specific more complex properties, like compassion and empathy, now in a conscious way.

Closed systems – like this astronomic Milk Way that created biological systems- are extremely selfish. They does not interacts with any other thing in this Universe. From this our ancestor we inherited the selfish gene and our tendency to be predators in our own species, family. The very true fact is that the altruism of every systemic part means, in reality, leaIty to a closed selfish system, which means that that altruism is in fact, selfishness.  I have not identified any process that could drive the mechanistic altruism/selfishness for to give the evolutionary jump into conscious empathy, that is why I am supposing that information from a superior conscious system is in the air and being absorbed by humans brains.


The Matrix/DNA Formula as Closed System

Transcricao do video:

Thupten Jinpa: When we talk about the science of compassion, it’s also tied down with science of empathy. Empathy is compassion, altruism, kindness. They are all very interrelated and much of the current scientific studies really fall into two main categories. One is the study of altruistic behavior, particularly in animals and very young children. And the thinking is that if we can see altruistic behavior in animals and very, very young children, that it must have very deep biological roots. So that’s the kind of logic behind why they are focusing more on animal studies and children. The other important area that overlaps the science of compassion is the study of empathy. And again here, a lot of the work has been done on nonhuman primate studies and there is an American professor at Emory by the name of Frans de Waal and he was one of the pioneers. Many people might have seen the video of apes, you know; there were two juvenile apes fighting and one of them loses and another ape who’s not a blood relation comes over and hugs him and consoles him. So it clearly is an indication that empathy can be found in nonhuman primates as well.

And then there are some interesting studies coming from the studies of meditators who meditate many hours on compassion and then looking at their brain. You can actually see the brain’s expression in action. So this is called functioning in an MRI, which has the ability to look at a brain in action as it were. At least the claim is that the meditators are, unlike novices like us, have some ability to consciously direct their attention and thoughts so in the scanner, the brain-imaging scanner, you can ask the meditator: Can you do this? Can you do that? Can you just stay on the level of empathy and feel the pain? Now can you move onto compassion, wishing the other person to be free of suffering or wanting to do something about it. And try to tease out what brain signature, brain regions get activated when you are just in empathy feeling and when you are moving onto compassion when you are wishing to see the relief. In this way, the whole mapping of the brain regions that are involved in something like compassion is beginning to be done.


Os monstros que povoaram seus sonhos infantis eram pequenos em relacao aos modernos monstros das criancas de hoje: galaxias canibais

segunda-feira, maio 25th, 2015

xxxx (desculpem os erros de ortografia e acentos porque estou usando um teclado que so fala ingles)

A chemical enrichment map of the NGC 1512 and NGC 1510 galaxy system showing the amount of oxygen gas in the star-forming regions around the two galaxies. Credit: ICRAR


Esta ocorrendo um problema muito serio tanto nas nossas escolas como na midia geral, ao qual os pais deviam prestar atencao e atuar imediatamente como estou fazendo. Quase todos os dias o noticiario principalmente na Internet vem mostrando fotos do espaco sideral acompanhadas de explicacoes dos astronomos. Ate ai tudo bem, isto e’ otimo para o enriquecimento intelectual dos humanos. Mas as explicacoes sao bombasticas e estimulam o nihilismo, ou seja, a crenca de que o mundo e’ produto do acaso e que a especie humana nao tem outro futuro senao um dia qualquer ser pega por este acaso e destruida. Veja o exemplo desta noticia com o link abaixo.

Obtiveram uma foto atraves de um telescopio, somaram a foto aos dados obtidos por outro instrumento medidor da quimica no espaco longinquo e apressadamente publicaram que uma gigante galaxia esta comendo outra menor, tendo antes comido varias outras galaxias. Ora, isto seria o mesmo que um alienigena que nunca viu humanos bater uma foto de uma garota beijando um rapaz e apressadamente concluir que ela esta comendo ele. Pois qualquer minimo movimento de galaxias demoram milhoes de anos o que significa que nunca vamos ver uma acao completa de uma galaxia e fotos estaticas de momentos em segundos humanos nada revelam do que galaxias estao realmente fazendo.

E qualquer forma de vida inteligente neste mundo vai se apressar a desenvolver sua tecnologia espacial porque sabe que um planeta e ate mesmo um sistema solar vao morrer no futuro, e portanto esta forma de vida tera que imigrar para outro planeta ou outro sistema solar. Mas por mais desenvolvida que seja uma especie viva, e’ provavelmente impossivel que tenha uma tecnologia que a permita escapar de sua galaxia frente a uma ameaca que se aproxima, tal como estas imaginarias galaxias canibais. Em outras palavras, isto significa que nada adianta evoluir porque todas as formas de vida neste Universo serao extintas, nao tem futuro.

Agora imagine o tamanho do rombo moral que isto provoca na cabeca de um jovem estudante. Estas interpretacoes vao para as escolas como evidencias das teorias cientificas atuais, as quais ja expulsaram deus do Universo e O mandaram para muito alem do espaco sideral ha muito tempo. Por isso cada vez mais estas cabecas estao correndo desesperadas na direcao das drogas escapitas da realidade. As escolas e a midia se tornaram os maiores traficantes vendendo esta terrivel droga nihilista aos jovens. Teriamos que aceitar isto se tivessemos a prova de que realmente as ciencias e a tecnologia encontraram fatos veridicos que fundamentam estas explicacoes fantasticas. Mas o fato real e’ que o menor exame da foto e dos dados obtidos apontam que de maneira alguma existem fatos comprovados que embasam estas interpretacoes divulgadas pelos ” especialistas” em galaxias tao ditantes que estao a milhoes de anos-luz de nos. Penso que fazem isto porque precisam de dinheiro de doadores e governos para manterem seus equipamentos e seus salarios, para o qual tais bombasticas noticias e uma boa estrategia.

Eu tenho que trabalhar diariamente muitas horas para pagar minhas contas e nao tenho tempo para estar vigiando a midia e os curriculuns escolares, muito menos para estudar os minimos detalhes de cada noticia. E nao tenho como divulgar os resultados quando o faco, a nao ser pelo pequeno alcance deste blog. Mas se todos os pais dessem tanto tempo de atencao que eu dou ao assunto, cobririamos tudo e garanto que esta mania de falsear a realidade ja tinha sido eliminada. E nossas criancas, nossas futuras geracoes iriam cantar o nosso sucesso ao inves de chorar o nosso fracasso agora.

Link para o artigo:

Galaxy’s Snacking Habits Revealed

A seguir copio o comentario que postei no dito artigo fazendo uma serie de perguntas e por tabela alertando os autores do mal que estao fazendo sem o perceberem.

Congratulations, good job, but I have a few questions:
1) Why the sequence of colors in that tube is equal the sequence of colors/frequencies/vibrations that we see at the electromagnetic spectrum of any light wave?! Based on the astronomical models of Matrix/DNA Theory, I think that the tube is in the wrong position. Poor enriched gas should be red (radio) and not violet (gamma ray). From the gas atomic number 1 to gas atomic number 7 there is a complete life cycle process and these phases were about the first generation of stars. The next atom, oxygen, atomic number 8, begins a new process in red, then, the tube must be expanded beginning in red and finishing in red. The proof, as you must know, is that each seven elements in the periodic table, the next one repeats the properties of the first. So… I can’t understand that tube;
2) How do you know that NGC 1510 is so next to NGC1512 that 1512 could reach 1510? The idea that have cannibal galaxies is no good for our students and human race because we can suppose that any evolved life form could escape from its stellar system going to another stellar system, but, to escape from galaxies that are attacked by cannibals… is unconceivable, which means that no life form in this Universe will escape from its extinction. The Matrix/DNA theoretical astronomic model is suggesting that there is no such thing like collisions or cannibalism in the space, and since that any events in the astronomical scale takes millions of years we never will see and will prove that violence occurs in space – which is a good and hopeness moral foundation for humans being and any other intelligent life form.
3) The article says: ” “The diffuse gas in the outer regions of NGC 1512 is not the pristine gas created in the Big Bang but is gas that has already been processed by previous generations of stars.” And “the gases were actually the remnants of galaxies swallowed earlier” . How do you know it?! My body every day change some cells and at my infanthood, the later cells were more evolved, or more heavier, than the first ones. It does not means that I have eaten another human being and his cells is in my surroundings. Inside galaxies stellar systems dies and their material forms new stellar systems, so, why not these gases could be produced inside the same galaxy?

Sentindo Emocoes Atraves das Maos… e a Explicacao da Matrix/DNA

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No artigo com link abaixo, uma cientista esta investigando como podemos sentir emocoes que estao no ar, atraves das palmas das nossas maos…! Parece coisa de louco mas desde a antiguidade muita gente ja percebeu isso e os instrumentos cientificos e experiencias de laboratorio usados pela cientista nao mentem. Esta noticia caiu em cheio sobre  nossa teoria da Matrix/DNA que tambem esta investigando as maos humanas desde que descobrimos que as formas, tamanhos e posicoes dos nossos 5 dedos revelam a historia da vida de um corpo humano ao imitarem exatamente as formas, tamanhos e posicoes no tempo da faixa etaria que sao produzidas pelo ciclo vital. Tambem descobrimos que duas maos emparelhadas formam exatamente a imagem de uma seccao inteira do DNA. E devido a isso tudo descobrimos que as maos humanas foram modeladas pela mesma formula universal que modelou todos os sub-sistemas e acessorios dos nossos corpos. E agora com esta noticia descubro mais uma evidencia para minha teoria, pois ela ja previu a muito tempo antes que as maos podem expresser propriedades do cerebro porque ambos sao feitos pela mesma formula. Arre…!!!

A seguir copio aqui meus comentarios postos no artigo que ajudam o leitor a melhor entender o que estou dizendo:

Air Burst Bracelet Transmits Human Emotion from Afar


The explanation is that a hand and a brain are both like fractals based on the same systemic formula with same properties ( you can see the formula called Matrix/DNA in the image below). The thumb, index finger, and middle part of the palm is the hand’s region of this fractal that is the right hemisphere and the superior cortex brain’s region. Dr. Marianna is doing a good job but limited to the effects, she need to know the deep causes of this phenomenon. Evolutionary theory believes that human hands are merely and unique product of natural selection plus the needs and efforts for survival of creatures. This idea is partially right because the real factor is that when creatures need to develop a new organ or accessory, their body produces first of all a universal formula for systems and it will be the limitations and adaptations that will shape the final forma of this formula. So, every organ or accessory like brains and hands are diversified copies of the same fractal formula. Specialization of each structure due the type of job it was made for makes strong expression of some functions while other functions are not used, but the disposition for to be expressed lays in it forever. Samples that are evidences:
1) beginning from the minor finger and going towards the thumb each finger mimics the exactly shape and energetic state that our whole body develops from the initial minor size ( baby) to the final older shape. In another words, our hand tell the history of a living being life’s cycle. The palm represents the womb from where the initial finger arises. That’s happens because the universal natural formula for perfect functional system has an energetic circuit which is also the force behind all life’s cycles ( see at my avatar above how this life’s cycles force applies to humans and astronomical bodies).

2) Put yours hands facing yours eyes. Leave the right hand with the palm towards yours face and the left hand in the opposite way. Now approximates the two hands in the way that four fingers are joined, leaving the two thumbs free. What did you get? Just the shape of a building block of information of the DNA – two lateral pair of nucleotides and the thumbs represents the lateral streams. Why? Is it merely coincidence? Nope. The explanation is that, again, the building block of the DNA was made by the same fractal universal formula. Like were made the cell system, the building block of galactic systems and so on.

It means that if we could training our hands for repeating the brain’s functions, after some million years we would make the cells of hands working like neurons and we would have a brain inside our hand…

Desde as primordiais ondas de luz no Big Bang, passando pelas galaxias e pelos animais, tudo foi feito pela formula universal da Matrix/DNA


Desde as primordiais ondas de luz no Big Bang, passando pelas galaxias e pelos animais e chegando ate as maos humanas, tudo foi feito pela formula universal da Matrix/DNA, a qual reproduzo na figura abaixo. Agora ponha sua mao esquerda sobre esta formula de maneira que a palma fique sobre o cone, o dedo mindinho fique sobre F2, o outro sobre f3, ate o polegar ficar sobre f7… e entenda melhor o que estou tentando explicar. E fique ainda mais surpreso com a incrivel maravilha secreta nesta Natureza ao saber que esta formula mostra simplesmente o que resulta quando um corpo vivo qualquer rola no tempo e espaco ao sabor da forca do ciclo vital, assim como seu corpo comeca sendo gerado em F1, nasce em F2 e chega moribundo a velhice em F7 como e’ o jeitao desengoncado do seu polegar que tambem esta em F7. A seguir a Natureza pegou as duas pontas deste circuito ( aonta inicial de F1 mais a ponta final de F7, uniu as duas fazendo uma roda, e assim surgiu o primeiro sistema natural e funcional neste mundo! A coisa e’ tao espetacular que chego a desconfiar que tenha uma inteligencia suprema por tras desta formula…


The MatrixDNA as Astronomic Closed System

The MatrixDNA as Astronomic Closed System