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O vicio de jogos no computador: Corrida contra a Face Negra da Matrix/DNA

quinta-feira, agosto 6th, 2015


A figura abaixo lembra esta multidão de pessoas modernas viciadas em computadores e video games. Onde vamos parar com isso? Ela foi postada no Google+ e ali postei meu comentario que vai transcrito e no link abaixo:

Louis Charles Morelli

5:55 AM – 8Aug/06/2015
This is a very serious problem that affects youngers generation. So I would like to see a debate, searching causes/solutions. My two cents go to two big causes and one solution:
1) The modern materialist world view does not provides a sense or meaning for life;
2) We were created by a machine, described by Newtonian mechanics: this astronomic system. By entropic radiation this system is being fragmented into its smallest bits-information ( photons from stars and cosmic radiation). These bits are spreaded in time/space and when they met at a planet that are in good conditions, they work like virus or communists, penetrating atomic particles, taken control of atom’s machinery and leading them to combinations that mimics the system where they comes from. This is pure genetics. Then we have this biosphere and everything, included human beings will be merely stupid pieces of a future machine, the biological son of the sky’s creator.

Welcome to the New Brave World under the Big Queen rules, like the bees and ants already went. The addiction to video games is the virus from the machine inserted into our brains, photons like.

Now, the solution:

But, bigger than this astronomical system is the Universal Nature. And it organizes matter into natural systems applying a unique formula, called The Matrix/DNA. This formula is for opened systems, which are opened to their evolution, but, one of our ancestral, the building block for astronomical systems became a closed system, the most perfect machine, a kind of perpetual motor – this is our last creator.  This is the black face of the Matrix, the negative force. Knowing the formula we see that it suggests a great sense and meaning of life for human beings, and this would be the solution.

Do you agree? Of course, you don’t, you doesn’t know what I am talking about and the bad English is worst. Let’s go to debate it? What’s yours cause/solution for to save our loved off-springs?