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Fisicos Sugerem que a Consciencia Talvez Sobreviva em Estado Quantico Apos a Morte

domingo, novembro 1st, 2015


Physicists Claim that Consciousness Lives in Quantum State After Death

Fisicos estao sugerindo que uma pessoa pode possuir a dualidade corpo-alma que seria uma extensao da dualidade onda-particula das particulas sub-atomicas. A dualidade onda-particula, um conceito fundamental na mecanica quantica, propoe que particulas elementares, tais como fotons e eletrons, possuem ambas as propriedades de ondas e particulas. Estes fisicos afirmam que eles podem estender esta teoria para a dicotomia corpo-alma.


Melhor critica ao artigo:

William Bliss – Yesterday 2:48 PM

There are many “levels” of speculation.

1) Violates known laws,
2) Zero theoretical support,
3) Zero experimental support,
4) Very weak hypothetical support,
5) Supported by some theoretical interpretations.

The article describes ideas which are at level 1). There is absolutely no way to look at QM or QFT and make a connection to a magical structure which itself has zero experimental support. This topic is very close to another horrendously distorted area of QM having to do with experimental “observations” and their “effects” on outcomes. These too have nothing to do with consciousness. Physicists get very tired and testy with these ongoing distortions.

A seguir, meus comentarios postados no artigo e debates:



The process by which this galaxy created biological systems suggests that all natural systems – from atoms to human beings – has two counterparts like software and hardware. The duality wave/particle is about particles, parts of systems, and humans are not particles. Waves reveals the body running through time and particle reveal the location of bodies in space. So, waves/particles are related to time and space, not death and after death. But…

The process by which the matrix/dna of a galaxy is transferred to a planet surface becoming the DNA of a biological system (aka, living being) is through photons, carrying on the galactic bits-information, and produced by electromagnetic radiation or decay. These bits are inserted into electrons inside terrestrial atoms performing an operation (trying to reproduce the galactic system), like we inserts a software into a hardware. So, we have two primary conclusions:

1) Natural systems does not die, at least, its software counterpart. Software and hardware produces evolution because one feeds the other, in feed-back. Any new hardware model will get more information from the external world which is stored in the software, and when the software becomes more informed, it needs and build a new hardware, more powerful. So, the hardware is replaced, the software is not, it only grows, eternally.The software is the ” identity” of a system, so, the identity of the human as system is its ” mind”, or consciousness.
Yet: like the software Windows is inserted in this computer, but it remains in the mind of its creator Bill Gates – which is an entity existing outside the hardware – the natural systems software, or consciousness, must had its origins from a kind of universal consciousness;

2) The wave aspect of particles exists also at systems like human bodies but it is produced by the body’s process of life’s cycles. Supposes that a human body have today 30 years, so, more one year and it will have 31 years. In this year the body has transformed, it contains new cells replacing the dead ones. Then, as the body physical aspect is being transformed, its aged also is being transformed, is running, from 30 to 31. You see the physical transformations but you can not see its age transformation. That’s it: you see the aspect particle, in relation to space, but you not see the particle is relation to time, which is wave. We discovered the waves in particles because their life time is merely some seconds of existence: if you watch the movie of the whole life of a human 80 years old, in merely a few seconds, you will see all transformations as a wave, you will not see the body standing as particle.
But, we see in the Matrix/DNA formula that when stops the aspect particle, the aspect wave continues running and as it did before, will build a new particle/hardware. So, the conclusion is that when a human die, his/her ” consciousness”, or ” software” is carried on by the wave of time which builds a new body at a new environment, or dimension, like the galaxies built biological systems at a new environment.

The first shape of the first natural system, at the Big Bang, was a wave of light, as we can see at the Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems. So, its producer must be someway light related. Should be consciousness a return to the initial light shape? Like the human baby is the shapes of morula, blastula, fetus, embryo returned to human species shape? If so, the aspect hardware of consciousness had the shapes of atoms, galaxies, plants? If so we could say: the soul was a unconscious wave of light at the Big Bang, it was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at biological systems and is lifting up at human beings… and other intelligent life forms that exists spreaded in this whole universe.

So, the final question is: ” What kind of physical body ( aka particle, aka hardware) our consciousness ( aka wave, aka software) wull built and in which light related dimension/environment?!”


Debate em

Shreekanth Pavar (Shree) 12:46 AM

The analogy between wave+particle duality and body-soul duality is pure speculation. There is ZERO evidence for the soul and our bodies don’t behave like particles, so this “convenient” comparison has no scientific basis.This whole article is an “appeal to authority” (which is itself a fallacy) because these scientists know nothing more about the soul than the rest of us!

_Just because a scientist believes something doesn’t lend it credence or make it more likely to be true!_

Louis Charles Morelli – 6:44 PM – Nov – 01 – 2015

 And your aggressive attack upon this analogy is pure speculation. At the microscopic quantum dimension, the aspect of particle is result from the relation body+space, the wave aspect is the relation body+time, which reveals the body age and the body running, moving, through time. You need to prove that at our human dimension, things are different, so, proving that our bodies don’t behave as particles. Rationally, things here must be equal there, since that the universal Nature is the same.  

For to prove that the human body has no soul, you need to demonstrate that this body is based on absolute vacuum, nothing else.

I agree that the existence of souls are theories made by people that has hard-wired brain different from mine, which makes them to feel different. But I have no scientific proved facts for saying that they are liars. What’s yours agenda for aggressive criticism like this?


Video : Debunking the Arguments Against Evolution and the Arguments for Evolution – by Matrix/DNA Theory

domingo, novembro 1st, 2015


The video with the link below was produced by creationists as response to the evolutionist Bill Nye video against creationism. Since that there is now a middle-term world view, which is against creationism and academic theory of evolution, called Matrix/DNA Theory, I am exposing below the Matrix answers to the topics related by those videos.

CMI: Evolutionism is not appropriate for anyone – a response to Bill Nye 

CMI = Creation Ministries International

Following, the Matrix/DNA answers posted at the Youtube comments section:


Louis Charles Morelli – Nov – 01 – 2015

CMI: ” If you try to ignore the problems with evolution your worldview becomes just crazy, just untenable, itself inconsistent.”
Matrix/DNA Theory: ” Yes, the Darwinian theory of evolution has lots of non explicable problems and the absurd conditions of life of those more evolved species is a fact against this theory. If God ask me: ” Do you want repeat your life again or do you want to born as a bacteria?” My answer should be: ” If I will born again like these 95% of world population that are slaves today, I will prefer to be a bacteria”. All species that reached the best fitness, adaptation, were extincts or going to extinction. So, there is no biological evolution, this world is inconsistent. But… If we know the right process of natural, universal, cosmological, evolution, we learn that an intelligent species could evolves, and at other planets some of them did it. Life and evolution at Earth dimension are untenable, but at the universal, the world dimension, it is not, it makes sense. The problem is that the natural process of evolution is not limited by the three variables mechanisms discovered by Darwin. VSI – Variation, Inheritance and Natural Selection alone will drive any specie to the wrong fitness, wrong adaptation, selected by the wrong agent, like humans have selected the wrong leaders and celebrities. There are more four mechanisms coming from cosmological evolution. Non-intelligent animals can not knowing them but we can and so, we could produce the right behaviors and mutations on to the right way.”


Louis Charles Morelli – Nov-01-2015

CMI: “Sure animals change with each new generation, but the types of changes that are observed will never amount to the kind of change that evolution requires even given millions of years.”

Matrix/DNA Theory: “Both, evolutionists and creationists are 50% wrong and 50% right. In fact, mutations alone, by chance and natural selection, does not amount to what evolution requires. But, in fact, biological evolution did it. Them how Nature did it? Applying the same method applied at embryogenesis. In the hierarchy of natural systems that Earth belongs to, there is a system revealed by Matrix/DNA that is driving biological evolution for reproducing it, like at embryogenese the evolution of that process does not amount to the kind of change required for a blastula becoming a baby in 9 months. If embryogenesis do it is because there is DNA and a system beyond the ovule, which is the human species. This explanation is the explanation required by biological evolution. So, there is a system, beyond Earth and surrounding Earth, that emitted seeds of life containing its ” DNA”, and this system is the parents, it is driving evolution here. The human problem for knowing the thru is the academic official Astronomy. They does not know what an astronomic system is, they don’t have the right model of the galactic system that created life internally. Matrix/DNA Theory has the right astronomic model where all life’s properties, included a kind of DNA in shape of a Matrix, are there. It does not need any information from outside this galaxy and from any supernatural entity, this galaxy has all information, since it is the link between cosmological and biological evolution, and since it is half-mechanics and half-biology. Darwinian evolution can not explain completely the mechanisms of evolution because it is limited to Earth and based on wrong concepts coming from Physics, Math and Astronomy.. It is possible that a hypothetical superior intelligence has developed a kind of genetic-computational program for generating such galaxies that can produces biological systems, but, if it did, it must be before the Big Bang, from beyond this Universe.


+YHWHisSovereign This video was absolutely hilarious and so true! He’s even wearing that stupid, dr who bow tie!  Bill Nye is, as you guys pointed out, totally wrong about Evolutionism keeping america in the science race, in 1962 America’s public schools rated in the top 10% worldwide in science, math & overall education. Then, in 1963, we removed prayer & creation & began teaching kids they evolved without God. Today, America’s schools rank in the bottom 20%. The Bible Word warns us to avoid false science and today we’re reaping the fruit for not doing so.

+Michael Friedl : In fact, removing prayer & creation from schools, and replacing them with the atheism world view, can diminish the moral motivation of students and producing a non-humanist adult. But, the thousand of years when schools were dominated by creationism, build this social system, based on slavery of the weak and privileges for the those linked to sacerdotes, these absurd and torturing condition of 95% of world population. We doesn’t need a world view based on chance, and doesn’t need a world view based on magical thinking. We need a new world view which reveals a humanist moral code, based on better life for all humans. Like the Matrix/DNA world view.
We all wish evolutionists would turn to science instead of trying to indoctrinate children into their religion. Evolutionism has nothing to do with science. It is contrary to some of the best scientific laws. In information theory, it is well known that information cannot increase when being transmitted from one point to another. With evolutionism, it can, and must increase. Evolutionism has been thoroughly debunked, but its proponents don’t care.
+YHWHisSovereign – That’s information theory. In evolution, there are free informations in the air, coming from more evolved systems than biological systems, which can be aggregated to biological systems like us. At embryogenesis, how new and more complex information are added to the fetus shape, making it an embryo and baby shape? Because the new informations are existing inside the fetus and at the fetus environment. Learn about the right astronomical model and you will see these informations in the air.
Your statement is completely false. We cannot observe, test, and predict evolution. It would take millions of years of observing, testing, and predicting which no one has or can do. Observing finches change from one variation of a finch to another variation of a finch, does not prove evolution. All it shows is adaptation. No one can observe the origins of kinds (I’m not talking about species), except the creator of those kinds.  Believing in creation, as what the Bible lays out, is not blind faith. The Bible has been proven to be very reliable. Thanks to archaeology and extra-biblical resources, many of the claims in the Bible has been proven. The consistency of scripture also validates the Bible. The logic behind the necessity of the attributes of God, being a requirement for the reality that we observe, or rational thought itself, is overwhelming to me. An example of this is: God is universal, immaterial, and invariable. The laws of logic are universal, immaterial, and invariable. The existence of the laws of logic are therefore explained by the existence of God. From ID, they can predict the existence of irreducible complexity in biological structures. Engineers also learn a lot from studying nature. If nature came about by chance, there would be nothing to learn except that the approach to engineering should also be about chance. Hopefully no engineer would take this approach. The DNA code is also amazingly similar to the coding practices of engineers. You should take the time to research this area.
Louis Charles Morelli – Nov -21 – 2015
+YHWHisSovereign You said: “Believing in creation, as what the Bible lays out, is not blind faith.”

Of course, it is blind faith.
1) You said above that ” Your statement is completely false… because No one can observe the origins of kinds”. Have someone observed, watched, creation? No, then, the Bible’s authors statement is completely false.
2) Saying that ” the universal laws of logic are universal, immaterial and invariable and it proves a God that has these properties” is circular reasoning. And false: nobody knows what the universal law is while does not go outside and beyond the universe. Nobody can know the thru of a system standing inside it. And I am seeing these laws evolving, under variation, from merely electromagnetic laws to Physics to Chemistry to Biological laws.
3) If these laws are immaterial, only by magis they could acting among mater. Have you watched magics anytime?  

I am suspecting that in fact there are laws from a universal logics. From the Big Bang ( with a different interpretation) to human beings, the Matrix/DNA Theory has grasped a logics hat fit everything we know, but this logic is the same of genetic computation. So, this universe can be merely a kind of cosmic egg where is occurring a genetic process for the reproduction of the thing that triggered the Big Bang. This logic is pure natural. If you want to believe that genetic computation was created by a God before the Universe, there is no problem with that, but then, such God does no need coming all time at every planet that holds life creating species by species. Genetics programme alone can do it, from electromagnetic level to biological and even consciousness level. Yours God is too much small, and is he less intelligent than Bill Gates? And why this universal logics couldn’t be produced by a natural being existing beyond the observable universe that is merely being reproduced as consciousness? Where all conscious beings like humans are the genes? Genes does not know what they are doing, and why are them here.Remember: Jesus Christ, the great human philosopher, pointed to the floor and said ” Son” and pointed to the sky and said ” The Father”. He doesn’t said God. Between father and son there is genetics.