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Refazendo a Introducao da Pagina Home

sábado, novembro 28th, 2015


E’ preciso refazer a pagina Home consertando vários erros e acrescentando as ultimas descobertas, como o gráfico da luz, consertando a parte em Inglês, etc. Nesta pagina vou registrando o que fazer:

1) O Software do DNA = Identidade do Sistema.

O DNA ‘e como um computador apenas no sentido de que ele ‘e composto por software e hardware. O Hardware e’ a parte visível, física, biológica do DNA. O software ‘e o conjunto de informações resultante da soma de informações de todas as partes do sistema mais as informações geradas pelas experiencias da existência do sistema, inclusive as novas informações geradas dentro do sistema pelas interações entre as partes que não são vizinhas na sequencia do circuito. Essa totalidade de informações e’ o elemento que regula o sistema, portanto e’ o governo do sistema, ou a identidade do sistema. Esta identidade ‘e invisível, como o e’ a mente em relacao ao cérebro.

Mas num forum ( cujo link vai abaixo), um participante mostrou que a forma como esta escrito na introdução da home page, o leitor interpreta tudo errado. E isto fica aqui registrado para fazer a devida correção quando houver oportunidade.

In your opening page, which is linked to, you claim;


DNA is material structure and an unknown command of instructions, and computer is software plus hardware – the process of universal evolution is composed of hardware and software that interact among themselves retroactively;

This is a bad analogy. If I had to use it, I would say DNA is the software, and the proteins that read it are the hardware. A better analogy would be the DNA is the blueprint to our body.

E minha resposta foi ( muito mal, devia ter respondido como faco a explicação acima)

You said: “This is a bad analogy. If I had to use it, I would say DNA is the software, and the proteins that read it are the hardware. A better analogy would be the DNA is the blueprint to our body.”

Matrix: Proteins are like the hands (or robots) of the DNA for to build a cell system, and after that, a multicellular living body.  But, for to understand this theory it is necessary to explain what I think is a natural system and I can’t do it here. A cell system is merely a little bit complex reproduction of a nucleotide system. Which is reproduction of a proto-astronomical system. Universal evolution is evolution of a unique system that was born with the Big Bang. Then, from atoms system to human body system is the same evolution we see about computers. There are a process of feed-back between a universal formula of natural systems (a kind of software called Matrix) and the hardware, which produces evolution.

You said: “If it is possible, it’s going to happen.”

Matrix: “Yes, I agree that your theory is possible. But, the Matrix/DNA theory is possible also. The three billion years used for to build the first living being (the first cell system) could be by abiogenesis (as you explained above) or astronomical embryogenesis (as suggested by Matrix/DNA theory). I don’t know if abiogenesis theory is scientifically falsiable, but embryogenesis is. We need photos from a hundred different kinds of astronomical bodies for to prove that LUCA is real. If all photos are only about the seven known shapes we know today, your theory will earn. But, take care, look to the photos that NASA is publishing almost every day: each photo is coming with the same comments: this body is not a common planet or star or pulsar like our models and we need to change the astronomic theory.

Obs: Este leitor esta me trazendo uma confusão, pois segundo o que entendo aqui, ‘e que o software “lê” o hardware. Penso que ele lê não o hardware, mas as informações depositadas no hardware através de softwares. O DOS não e’ tambem um software? Em todo o caso, quando digo que o software e’ a identidade, o governo do sistema, e’ obvio que ele lê o sistema inteiro, quando o controla. Proteínas são pedaços do circuito esférico do sistema desenhado como a formula da Matrix/DNA,, incluindo o tempo (setas, ondas) e as partes ( as figuras, partículas)

2) Tirar a insinuação de criacionismo da evolução,30719.0/nowap.html?PHPSESSID=88b399afd79dc2d55eac885b6ee72726

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Re: First Post: The Universal Matrix?
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Darwin and The Matrix/DNA Theory agreed with the idea of Evolution and with the suggestion that there was a primitive common block which would have brought forth life on Earth. But Darwin thought LUCA as a microscopic stump and could never imagine that LUCA is astronomical, formed by the seven shapes of astronomical bodies! This picture is the Face of LUCA. This discovery enhances the idea of evolution by adding four more variables observed in LUCA upon the Darwinian formula with only three variables (VSI – Variation, Selection, and Inheritance), fulfilling the gaps and explanations in the biological and cosmological evolution, and suggesting the existence of an Intelligence Supreme beyond the borders of this universe.

So you are filling the gaps with god? Sounds like you are giving up to me. Sounds like, a god of the gaps. I hope you don’t convince anyone out there with real talent, to not explore the subject any further.

Have you ever watched smoke from a cigarette? That is partical interaction, thats happening billions of times a second, in say, a drop of water. Things are getting sloshed around, collided together, knoted, twisted, ripped apart, literaly every movement possible. Now if there are already simple organics, like those found throughout our solar system, would it not be possible to create more complex organics? Why draw the line there? Something will find a way to reproduce, the interactions are so random, that you basically cover all the possibilities of current particle interaction, over an extended amount of time. If it is possible, it’s going to happen. When it happends, it is the only thing to matter, everything else is innert matter, waiting to be fed apon, by the most complex interaction of particles available.

E minha resposta foi:

Hi, Unlimited, thanks by the helpful comments.

You said: “So you are filling the gaps with god?”

Matrix: “I never said the word “god”. You are saying it. No, the gaps are not filled with god but with variables coming from LUCA as a closed thermodynamic system: entropy, fragmentation, chaos, mutation due new state of matter, order, super-specialism, entropy, fragmentation… Universal evolution is about the evolution of a unique system that appeared at the Big Bang. The biological organization of matter and its evolution is merely a step of a macro-universal evolution. And you cannot explain evolution ( for instance: the transformation from the reptile cyanodont to mammal) if you don’t apply those variables.

I have mentioned that the models of Matrix Theory suggests the existence of an ex-machine intelligence because the models suggests this universe carries out a genetic reproduction. So, if intelligence is a shape of the embryo, the system ex-machine being reproduced here must have intelligence. But, it does not mean that there is an intelligent design: any mouse or giraffe are able to reproduce itself without applying intelligence. I did not use intelligence for doing my son.