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Processamentos em serie e paralelo: como isto veio das galaxias pela Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, novembro 30th, 2015


Extraido do meu comentario sobre ” My Stroke Indight”:

Why the left hemisphere is serial processing and the right is parallel processing and why consciousness lays on the right? The working system is composed by a spherical circuit where flows the flux (or stream) of informations about the system and it irradiates light. Observing the running of the point of light we see the system arising by series, while observing this flux at right speed we see the point of light as a continuous line of light representing the whole system at the same time, which is the parallel processing. The whole circuit emits the ” the identity of the system”, This identity is the ruler, the consciousness of the system. Everything as Dr. Jill had interpreted her experience.

Portanto, percebi mais este detalhe auferido da formula da Matrix e devo ampliar este conhecimento, fazer completa pesquisa.


Google Search:


Serial memory processing is the act of attending to and processing one item at a time. This is usually contrasted against parallel memory processing, which is the act of attending to and processing all items simultaneously. (cont.)

Parallel computing is a type of computation in which many calculations are carried out simultaneously,[1] operating on the principle that large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which are then solved at the same time. There are several different forms of parallel computing: bit-levelinstruction-leveldata, and task parallelism. (cont.)

Modelo de programação paralela ( ver isto e comparar com modelo da formula da matrix)

Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.

modelo de programação paralela é um conjunto de tecnologias de software para expressar algoritmos paralelos e criar aplicações compatíveis com sistemas que suportam a computação paralela. Isso inclui as áreas de aplicações, linguagens de programaçãocompiladoresbiblioteca (computação), sistemas de comunicação e I/O paralelo. Devido a dificuldades da atual paralelização automática, pessoas tem que escolher um modelo de programação paralela apropriado ou uma forma de mistura deles para desenvolver suas aplicações sobre uma plataforma paralela.

Modelos de programação paralela são implementados de diversas maneiras: como bibliotecas invocadas de linguagens de programação seqüencial, extensão de linguagens, ou novos modelos de execução. Eles também são categorizados a grosso modo em 2 tipos de sistemas: Memória compartilhada e troca de mensagens, apesar das linhas entre eles estarem embaçadas hoje em dia.

Um Modelo de programação é geralmente julgado por sua clareza e simplicidade, fatores os quais são conflitantes. O último objetivo é aumentar a produtividade da programação


Teoria da “Energetic Matrix” e diferencas com a ” Teoria da Matrix/DNA”

segunda-feira, novembro 30th, 2015


The Matrix Literally Has Your Soul — Reclaim It!

If you are a powerfull father/mother, would you leave the drug dialler around yours children’s school? Of course, not. Then, there are no such thing like a powerful God/our father and a demon around us. Or, there are no such God and demons, or there is no demons. There is no supernatural, invisible, enemies of humans ( if there is a powerful God’our creator). I means, there is no such supernatural Matrix. When you said in yours article: “…the five primordial elements, and the soul loses them temporarily when the five senses take over in duality. This results in the undermining of the soul and the five elements, due to the illusion that is taking the center stage over one’s consciousness…”. I can’t buy it. But,…
Seven years alone at Amazon jungle for excaping from this Matrix as human social system, and searching answers for our existence, I found a Matrix also, but, different from yours. Maybe we could bring the two interpretations together and thinking about the differences, maybe we will find the ral entire Matrix.
Maybe there is a “natural” Matrix, created by ourselves, applying our free-will – as suggests my Matrix/DNA Theory. The Matrix is the building blocks of this galaxy, the Milk Way, and the Milk Way was our ancestral, our own body 10 billions years ago – it was a kind of paradise. We were one unique creature, a natural system under evolution like the reproductive stage of embryogenesis that is reproducing the universal ex-machine ” parents”. We suspected about this “matrix/DNA” when we discovered that the astronomic building block is equal the microscopic building block of DNA.
So, we were made as councious genes building our future body, a cosmic counciousness. So we should be here for reproducing our ex-machine father/mother. But, instead, we are reproducing our ancestral because its genes are encrypted into our biological DNA and it is moddling/creating this biosphere environment. The big mistake from us happened when we were the imperator of the sky and we choose to be a closed system, cutting all links with the external world and closing the doors to our own evolution – like the cattle appreciates the fence that protects them inside their ” paradise” full of grass and fresh water.
I need reading more of yours theory for getting where yours Matrix comes from, what’s it? But, my advise is that I will never accept this idea of a supernatural power dominating portions of counciousness ( like we are), at any place, any time. My Matrix is natural, uncounscious like our primitive ancestrals, and works like natural viruses, which can control our body, changing our behaviors, when leave us to be sick, but never the viruses reaches our counciosness or…soul. If you want to debate the two theories, I will be here.

Google e outros só mostram artigos de websites e não de blogs?

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Quando se digita MatrixDNA no Google News, diz que nada foi encontrado, e entao sugere 3 caminhos. O primeiro, ‘e:

Try Google Blog Search

E aqui entao se encontra milhao de resultados. Preciso ver isto, se for caso, tentar trocar o blog para website.

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