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Isto e’ realmente o altruismo que o Altissimo espera de nos? A Matrix/DNA diz que nao

segunda-feira, agosto 1st, 2016


A seguir temos um video de um filosofo que representa ou apresenta varias fundacoes existentes cujos membros estariam praticando o altruismo, dando aos mais necessitados. Voce concorda que estejam agindo corretamente?

Pela visao de mundo da Matrix/DNA, eles nao estao agindo tao mal quanto os que podem dar e nada dao, porem estao longe de fazer o que realmente seria certo fazer em beneficio de cada ser humano e da Hmanidade como especie. Na formula para sistemas da Matrix/DNA, – a qual se aplica tambem aos sistemas sociais humanos – vemos como as partes individuais sao extremamente altruistas em relacao ao sistema que compoem, o qual e’…  extremamente egoista. Entao como ficamos?

E altruista uma parte individual do corpo de Sadham Hussein, como o figado, que trabalha, colabora com o estomago, os rins, etc.para manter o sistema funcionando? Mas o sistema – Sadham – e’ um monstro! Um poco de egoismo! Tambem os pistoleiros da Mafia sao fieis, super-altruistas em relacao a seus parceiros e `a Mafia. Para os que tem visao curta, por falta de informacao ou por conveniencia, o egoismo se mascara de altruismo.

Enquanto a Humanidade tiver como fim ultimo a si mesma, ela sera este sistema egoista, cada individuo dela sera na verdade, mais egoista que altruista. A Matrix sugere um diferente comportamento para quem quer ser altruista de fato em relacao ao futuro dos seres humanos. Bem,

a seguir ao video copiei meus comentarios postados neste TED Talks e voce tira sua conclusao.

Louis MorelliPosted at August(08),01,2016

There is individual altruism towards a selfish group, like it is the Mafia, and… the Humanity. We are made off a unit of information called a lateral base-pair of nucleotides which is a functional closed system in itself. DNA is merely a set of billions of diversified copies of this universal system, like its final product – the Humanity – is a set of 8 billion diversified copies of a unique system. And close systems means selfishness. They have no other destiny if not its extinction.

So, these samples of altruism mentioned by Mr. Singer are unconscious selfishness?

But,… Humanity is also something else than its designer DNA. We know that this DNA came from a closed system, which is this astronomic system that created life inside it. We know the anatomy of this system is more evolved than humans’ anatomy, it is a perfect self-recycling machine. Everything our bodies have, this creator has it and more evolved. But this creator was/is totally unconscious. So the key is “consciousness” which is another kind of information that, certainly, is coming from beyond this galaxy. We must practice altruism towards a new transcendental shape of humans, an almost exclusively conscious being. Then, we will excape from the destiny to be closed system and will be an opened system, excaping from extinction.

Of course, this new altruistic man/woman will not refuse to help those in needs. But the new understanding that we are just now 8 billion genes building an embryo of consciousness inside humans eggs-heads ( no gene can be left behind because if a unique gene does not accomplish its mission, we, as the final unique embryo – the Gaia Super-Soul – will born handicapped) will drive us to the right and cosmological type of altruism that the unknown source sending information about this thing called consciousness) is waiting from us. This new world view is suggesting a different plan for altruistic actions. Human species is a temporary and provisory evolutionary shape.


Mason Broxham

Posted 18 days ago

I don’t see how getting an MBA addresses anything like the root of the problem of human suffering. Effective Altruism sounds like a souped up protestant attitude towards charity–a way to live with your rich-ass self. Is the possibility of structural reform (one where people the world over have respectable jobs and not merely malaria nets) so beyond the pale that our best bet is to re-entrench the status quo with a shiny moral lacquer?
Note: I don’t think the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is representative of the effective altruism movement

Lindsay Ropiak

Posted 8 days ago
In reply to Mason Broxham:

Well, I don’t think getting an MBA is meant to address that. I think it’s meant to further the goals of the individual. But it also improves that person’s earning power. So while they are pursuing their “wants” they also earn more, which increases the amount they are capable to give to others.

Louis Morelli

Posted a few seconds ago
In reply to:

Lindsay Ropiak

Ok, then, let’s suppose that justice comes to Earth and the 8 billion people can get MBA. Of course, all them will want to earn more. There will be a fight for equal wage for everybody. Nobody will need charity. But, without robots doing all dirty work by the price of the low class wages, this system will not work. So those that have MBA and is earning more is because is earning the wage that is not being paid to the father of these kids that are dying in misery and will not get a MBA. What altruism?! Tell me another joke, please…

Each human being eats 40 tons of vegetables in his/her lifetime. Each human being uses cars, houses, produces garbage, etc. Have you produced this food, yours house, etc., with yours own hands? Oh, no, because I am pursuing my MBA. And you wants to earn more than those producing these things for you, because they can not pursuing their MBA?

I know, the book of yours god, called Bible or Kuran, approves five times slavery in its versicles. So, you got yours moral support.

Louis Morelli

Posted a few seconds ago
In reply to:

Mason Broxham

I think you are right, Mason, see my answer to Lindsay below and my post on the following. But has no value a critique without pointing out yours suggestion for solution, as I did. The protestant, christian, islamic, etc., idea of charity is an effect of the conflict between the humans instinct inherited from our ancestors primates and this novelty called consciousness. In the jungle the social system is shared into three class: the big predators, the medium predators and the preys. All social systems created by humans and theirs religions mimics this wild rule, so we have the high, the medium, and the low class. Why the humans predators are worried about giving what they does not need to the prey?!

The right thing to do, the real altruistic thing to do, would be all three class doing the maxim sacrifice for exorcising this selfish gene from their beings. Included the low class, the prey, because they are equally selfish too. But instead doing that they invented a kind of “moral” that created “charity”, by which they can keep their demon inside their soul.

The real altruism must be focalized in the fight and search for our own transcendence, the transformation of this human shape which is a temporary and provisory evolutionary shape. It is to avoid acting like big, medium predator or prey.


Seguindo este tema, um comentarista postou um link para o video abaixo, para o qual tambem postei um comentario no Youtube, copiado a seguir:

Louis Charles Morelli –  August, 08/01/2016

Lions and sheeps repeats this image, revealing the human animalistic nature. The preys spends all day working, transforming plants into meat while the lions are sleeping in the shadow at the hill. When the sheep has got fat, the lions comes down the hill for devouring it. I have repugnancy for these humans still acting under the animalism instinct, not only about Mr. Monopoly but about the prey also. I was born condemned to be a prey: parents death at my 3 years old, no family, no house, growing in the streets of a third world country, but I break the code early in my life and had a decision: I will not reproduce myself, I will not furnish fresh meat to the predators and I will not be a slave. Then, I made my bag and walked to Amazon jungle, to live alone among the genuine animals.
I found some gold, and came back for fighting for changing this social system through trying to exorcise this animals’ inherited selfish genetics dominating humans minds. I know that animals and humans are not the culprit by their natures. We are the sons of chaos, this biosphere was created by a nature in chaotic state. In the jungle I learned the essential cause of all social systems created by humans, from capitalism to communism to monarchism, etc. It mimics the rules of the jungle: the big predators are the high class, the medium predators (wolves, fox, etc.) are the media class and the sheeps are the low class.
Human species is a temporary provisory evolutionary shape. It has two alternatives: or fight against the animalist and chaotic demon in its genetics looking for its own transformation or it will be extinct, like dinosaurs and all predators… and preys when this planet can not more support life. So, any plan for fighting poverty need a parallel education revealing to the poor and to the rich, their real personality. Religions are a culture created by predators to keep the preys working by accepting their absurd condition.
E mais uma resposta aqui para:

communism is the answer
 Louis Morelli – 08/01/2016
Nope. Tolstoi, Trotsky, the intellectuals behind Russian communism recognized they made a big mistake when seeing the people allied to government for burning the books. Communism and capitalism are the prisons of minds. The predators gets the bureaucratic power and the preys continuing their labor under high taxes. The solution is fighting all situations where there are predators and preys, no boss and no employee, but only partnership. Included about the government.


Reddit: Debate sobre robotizacao do humano queimando livros

segunda-feira, agosto 1st, 2016


TIL in Fahrenheit 451 the gov’t didn’t burn books because they were an oppressive dictatorship. The people voted to ban the books because they had short attention spans didn’t want to be offended


Meu comentario de entrada:

[–]TheMatrixDNA July (07) – 31 – 2016  as 7:30 am 

Pretty good point! But,.. why the common people has short attention spans? Because the genetics inherited from the primates and ancestor animals are dominant in their brains. For surviving in the jungle, short attention span is essential. But,… why Nature did the Earth’s biosphere – aka life – in this way? Because the creator of this biosphere is this astronomic system that the Earth and the Sun belongs to. And this system is a closed system, mechanically working, which is the extreme expression of selfishness, from where living things inherited the selfish gene. If it was an opened system, the biosphere here would be totally different. The purpose of this biosphere is to reproduce the creator, so, we are going to be merely a piece of a machine. Bradbury wrote the book at the time of “The Brave New World” which was followed by Orwell’s “1984 – The Big Brother” both about humans getting short attention span till the total stupidity in a robot/mechanical world.


O comentario ensaiado a ser postado era o seguinte, porem nao entrou:

Good point, BriceMo, but yours analyze is falling in the same short. Why the majority of people till today has the tendency to short spans? It is the genetic inheritance from primates, animals, who are the most experts at surviving, the most practical and right over the point, the most smarter. In the jungle, if you are not good at short spans, you does not survive.
Books are the dialogue among minds dealing with larger horizons in time and space. It is a talk from mind direct to another mind through printed signals.
But, how, in this terrestrial biosphere. emerged this new face of the universal dichotomy between two opposites tendencies? Why? Where were the forces and elements at the state of the world and the state of this planet about 3 billion years ago, that produced this phenomenon?
As everything else in the origins of life and its properties, the theoretical astronomic model that dominates the scientific academy does not reveals them. So, these properties and phenomenon are believed to be produced by chance selected by natural selection.
But, if you pay attention to another model outside the academic mainstream, you see these forces and elements that were the creator of this dichotomy short/larger spans.
Why we should searching the universal roots of this phenomena? because if we don’t we never will know the real phenomenon and we never will know the solution or how to control it.
The another astronomic model reveals the non-living precursors of short or larger spans, as being the dichotomy between closed and opened systems. The state of the world that created life here was a closed mechanical automatized system, described a little bit by Newtonian mechanics. So, our creator has the tendency to be closed, which means, short span, the extreme representation of selfishness, responsible by animals and humans selfish genes and its genetics still dominates the behavior of the majority.
But then, were come from the tendency to larger horizons – in another words, those that like talking mind to mind in the silent climate of the imprinted word in books?

It happens that this world dos not finishes as galaxies, neither as universes. And from somewhere beyond our creator galaxy came another genetic force, or element, which develops consciousness. This is about larger horizons. So, there are a conflict here and now inside human brains, a fight between the creator galaxy and the grand father universe. If the galaxy will earn, people will burn all books, we go to the Brave New World under the Big Brother. This was the brilliant insight of Bradbury.


Outro  comeco para comentario:

Nope. There are people wanting to burn books because they are dominated by their genetic tendencies which cames from the very deep laws of the Universe. The short hand behavior is inherited from the primates, the rinates inherited it from the creator of life in this planet: this astronomic system which is a closed system, so, extreme selfish and short standed.


Minha resposta a outro comentario:

[–]skztr – 7/31/2016

Democratically elected governments can be oppressive, too.

“this isn’t about an oppressive government, the majority supported this measure when it began!” seems like a severe misunderstanding of what it means to be an oppressive government


I think that a democrat government can be oppressive and supported by the majority, by the three social class. This phenomena comes from human genetics, which was inherited by wild primates. The social system at the jungle is shared into three class: the big predators, the medium predators and the preys. All social systems created by men till today mimics the rules of the jungle, shared into high, the medium and low class.

Books, those hard ones of philosophy, sciences, macro-economy, is about minds talking straight to minds throughout the silent imprinted word, where thoughts express larger attention spans and the issue are about larger horizons. The readers are humans which genetics is mutated by the brain which is bombarded by free-air-bits-information of something that our creator astronomic system does not have: consciousness. It is something coming from somewhere beyond this galaxy. They are minority and over them falls the oppression of the whole society. ( Merely my opinion)