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Auto-Consciencia: Bom Video do Atual Conhecimento

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Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli – 8/27/2016
Discovering the evolutionary link between Cosmological and Biological Evolution – the real LUCA – we had a new view about consciousness. First, because we can see LUCA arising in this Universe as natural waves of light. The seven different frequencies/vibrations composes a formula for building systems, the so called Matrix/DNA formula. After 13,8 billions years, light waves emitted at the Big Bang and containing the code for natural systems, invaded dark matter, the friction producing electricity, breaking it in slices, organizing these slices into working systems accordingly to the code. The waves were broken into photons, which penetrates electrons and drive atoms to new combinations, more complex systems. Arriving at the system called human brain, the network of photons inside neurons through synapses is re-building the light waves, but now, it is self conscious. So, the substance of consciousness is ex-machine conscious light. So, from the Bug bang till now this Universe was like a computer, composed by hardware and software. The software, or consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up in plants and animals and now is a kind of embryo being nurtured in the egg-head of humans – and elsewhere where there are intelligent life. We, humans, are 8 billion conscious genes building this embryo (with all other intelligent lifeforms), which will be our body, the universal conscious body, merely a natural and genetic reproduction of the unknown thing that creates universes. Things are so simple for understanding… So, be friend and helpfull to all humans ( and intelligent aliens) because each one is a gene of yourself, each one is a message, a bit-information, unique, non transferable, a Cosmic mission. If only one do not accomplish its mission, we will born handicapped… In the beginning there was the Big Bang ( the fecundation act), at the end will be the Big Birth. Alleluyah…. my brother!
Sometimes i suspect that my consciousness is the only that exists. All you people are just puppets in my world, playing a script along, providing the reality with wich i interact…
The material world is real just now, like my mother’s womb was my material world, my entire universe for 9 months. But my mother’s womb was not the material world of my father and neither mine after birth. So, this Universe is like the placenta, will be discarded, and you will be the only thing that exist … in a different world. Just now you are the Matrix that built the other puppets and yours body, like genes build billions of cells to get the fetus and after that, the genes goes to neurons for to be a unique personal mind. In a next evolutionary wave, 8 billions of ( Teilhard du Chardin almost grasped it) half-conscious genes called humans will perform the Gaia’s mind. And in a next evolutionary wave, billions of Gaia/stars’s minds will go to the end of this Universe, at the day of Big Birth, as the totally-conscious son of the unknown thing that creates universes…