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Video Sobre Divisao de Cromossomas e Explicacao pela Formula da Matrix/DNA

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Chromosome and Kinetochore


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 04/23/2017 or 23/04/2017

What we are seeing here is the universal formula for natural systems expressing several mechanisms, functions, that are encrypted into the formula, a formula that built atoms and galaxies and became the unit of information at DNA – a base-pair of nucleotide. There are two possible explanations about which mechanisms are being expressed here ( but, for understanding it, you need to see the formula at my website):
1)The separation of chromosomes can be an analogy with the separation or divorce of a couple. The two chromatin are like a husband (F4 in the formula) and a wife (F1 in the formula) with two sons, at divorce. Each one pulls a son for its side. The female chromatin pulls the boy and the male chromatin pulls the girl. Since the whole cell is hermaphrodite, when the one-sex chromosomes are separated, the cell express its another sex counterpart, so, the daughter cell works normally.
2) The mechanism is the re-cycling of systems ( which is the method of galactic reproduction) at biological fashion. Then, the two chromatin has the function of F1.
The molecular motors carrying on proteins is the way that nature solve the transformation from astronomic to biological organization of matter into a system. At our ancestral and thousand times more simplest ancestor – galaxies – there are a flow of systemic circuit. It is not possible to repeat the process at Earth environment, then, nature broke the circuit in smaller portions – which are proteins. The sum of all different kinds of proteins represents the entire systemic circuity. Since that the flow can not move by gravitational forces at Earth surface, nature replied the whole formula as molecular moving motors which gets proteins moving on.
The debate here – if this magnificent movie is produced by intelligent designer or natural evolution – will never be answered while we can not go outside this universe, because the answer is there.
It seems the job of a superior intelligence. But we do not need this hypothesis by while, because we are seeing that everything can be reduced and produced by a single formula that can be built with a wave of light. But we can track on this light till the Big bang, or the last frontier of the Universe. Then we get the suspect that this formula is coming from before and beyond this universe. Then, we do not know its origins. Since every step of this formula inside the universe, building from particles to human beings were merely natural process we don’t see any intelligence guiding it inside the universe, we suppose that beyond must be all natural also. But, an intelligent production outside this universe can not be discarded because we have no facts for proving it.
PacificCircle1PacificCircle  –  2 years ago

Good evidence for evolution. Millions of molecules in billions of cells in million of organisms equals many chances for error, i.e., mutations.
wvhillbillywvhillbilly2  –  years ago

There’s just no way this could happen by chance–it’s far too complex. Only God could design something like this.
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 1 second ago

So,… the mutations that transform a fetus into an embryo are due genetic errors? By another words, biological systems (aka, life, mistakenly), were produced by a planet that is one part of a stellar system which is one part or cell of a galactic system. Same way that a fetus is transformed into an embryo by a program emitted by its parents, its creator, why not to consider that our creator – this galaxy – emitted a program that is guiding evolution here? You don’t know, but there is a new theory that has a new model of galaxies that fits very well like our genetic code. Google ” The Universal Matrix for all natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. There is no intelligent designer here, there is no accidents building complex things, everything is merely natural flows of causes and effects.