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Lista de absurdos escritos na Biblia

quinta-feira, agosto 10th, 2017


1. So tell me what species of animals are the fire breathing sea monsters that are found in the BuyBull. or the dragons, unicorns or leviathans with bones made of bronze. 2. How you get snakes and donkeys to talk like they do in your book of fairy tales? Smells of bullshit and fairy tales. Then maybe you can answer some other questions i have like. 3. How did Noah get all those millions of species onto one little boat? (yes millions) 4. How did all those species get there? sloths aren’t great swimmers and south america is thousands of miles away. 5. Why did they all go back? 6. Where did Noah get the food for all the animals for a year? where did he store it? Elephants eat a fuck ton of food and they were suck on the boat for a long long time. 7. where did he get all the specific foods animals need to survive? Kuala’s only eat eucalyptus and its only found in Australia. Pandas are pick fucking eaters too…. and bamboo doesn’t grow in the middle east. 8. how did 8 people care for millions of species and yet it takes hundreds to care for a Zoo? 9 How Did all the animals not kill each other…. Hippos are assholes. 10. Why didn’t all the fish die? Freshwater fish can’t live in saltwater and vice versa….. WTF 11. what did all the herbivores eat? after the flood? all the plants would of been dead. 12. What did all the carnivores eat? every meal would of been an extinction level event for years to come. 13. Where did the waters come from? Where did it go? 14. Where did you find enough trees in the Middle East? Other questions I have are 15. How can somebody live in the belly of a whale for days? no air, and filled with acid… 16.If your god is so morally right why did he send bears to kill 42 children for teasing a bald man? your gods sound kind of like a douche bag 17. If you’re made in gods image does he have an appendix too? and why have a vestigial organ that does nothing but kill you? 18. Why would this god of cancer and dead babies…. tolerate evil…. much less create it. 19. This Satan you hate so much; has killed zero people without god’s permission yet the god you worship murders and commits genocide over and over again by the thousands if not millions. why would you worship that? 20. Why would christians support rapists and forced to marry their victims? 21. Why does your BuyBull condone and support slavery? 22. what would a being that can create the universe need with worship from something as insignificant as you?? 23. How does a being create 99.99999-% of the universe in a split second need a full week to make earth? 24. Can you make a moral judgment against rape or slavery using only scripture? Can you even find the Passage that specifically says it is even wrong? Yet the bible condones it. 25. How is it acceptable to cherry pick the bible and only follow the parts you agree with? *Why do christians lie so much*?

RNA: links para a hipotese do RNA-World

quinta-feira, agosto 10th, 2017


Mary Hales Mary Hales – 8/10/17

I am a biologist, and I have studied and observed microbial evolution first-hand. It has been established scientifically that RNA is the FiRST genetic molecule to form on Earth. RNA can store genetic information, serve as an enzyme like proteins, and help create both DNA and proteins. Later, DNA and proteins evolved and replaced this “RNA world” because they are more efficient at their respective functions, although RNA still exists and serves vital roles in biology. A 2016 study demonstrated for the first time ever that RNA molecules can form in alkaline hydrothermal chimneys.
E uma critica “criacionista” aos links acima:
+Mary Hales Sorry, you are dishonest, the RNA world hypothesis is NOT established scientifically. It is a widely contested hypothesis. The experiments in your links & Matt C ‘s links leave more questions unsolved than anything they have xplored. Most biologists think there must have been something like a cell right from the startdemonstrated. The articles even admit that. Quote “Most biologists think there must have been something like a cell right from the start”..end quote, Is taken directly from the link from Matt C in regards to the same experiments as your link covered. Do ‘activated nucleotides’ commonly exist in the inanimate environment? Even so, no RNA has ever been found in thermal vents in nature, nor has any evidence of their ancient existence & linear evolution into DNA been found. I would like to see a synthesised RNA molecule, self replicate into DNA? & then somehow the DNA program itself to manufacture its own RNA’s, proteins, cellular organelles, transcription & protein synthesis machinery?