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NASA publica video da Terra em que ela parece uma criatura viva, e respirando

quarta-feira, agosto 23rd, 2017


Cada vez mais o intuitivo inconsciente dos funcionarios da NASA vem se aproximando da conclusao que eu cheguei a 30 anos atras publicando a Matrix/DNA Theory, na qual apresentei modelos teoricos de astronomia onde sistemas astronomicos apresentam propriedades biologicas, como os seres vivos. Agora, publicaram um video das simulacoes computacionais que eles calcularam sobre a Terra, e talvez tenham se surpreendidos como a logica ( no caso, computacional) so’ pode nos conduzir a esta conclusao. Pena que ainda quase nada se sabe do nucleo terrestre e a teoria academica sobre ele nao esta sendo modificada devido falta de dados, pois entao, a criatura quase viva seria melhor revelada. Pois segundo meus modelos, a Terra externa ‘e como um ovo carregando como nucleo o germe vivo de uma estrela.

Vale a pena ver o video e ja localizei os autores da musica usada pela NASA, que merece ser ouvida no link para o segundo video abaixo:

Who are the authors of this beautiful music? Look here:

E meu comentario postado abaixo do video no Youtube:

Louis Charles Morelli  Louis Charles Morelli – 8/23/2017

So,… who says that life came from non-life? Or who needs magical gods for explaining life here? Earth is not a living creature as we understand “life”, but it is not non-life also. Any living being is a working system and Earth is not a system in itself, it is merely part of a system, called stellar system. System only comes from previous systems, there are no self-organizing systems. We can not making comparisons between systems as living beings with parts of systems, like Earth. So, is the stellar system, more “alive”? Has it all forces and elements for producing organic matter and biological systems? Where “life” came from? Thinking about this question, applying comparative anatomy between these systems, I elaborated Matrix/DNA Theory with the following explanation: No, a stellar system alone has no all forces and elements necessary for building biological systems, but a building block of galaxies has all forces, all elements, and the exactly anatomical configuration for reproducing itself – nannotechnologically – as the building blocks of DNA, a lateral base-pair of nucleotide. The evolution of these building blocks towards the fist cell system was due the new state of matter, water, and its production, organic chemistry. Earth alone, neither this stellar system are alive, but they are organs, or parts, of something half-alive… By the way, Earth, the Sun, this system and this galaxy are our ancestors like bacteria and monkeys are… ( this is merely, a theory, don’t forget it)

O que é Ciência? Definição pela Matrix/DNA perspectiva…

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Esta definicao me aconteceu intuitivamente quando lia o debate no link:

e postei o seguinte comentario:

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli

Science had several owners since it was born, although the owners comes and go, Science will continuing walking by itself along the time.
Science has no theories, the very scientific act is solely the observation and experimentation of real facts and events happening in the material world, and the clear identification of what is Science is the accumulation of data got by its acts. So, at Earth, humans are merely a tool, an instrument used by Science. But Science is universal, then, at other planets, aliens are its tools.
Science can not think by itself, it can not elaborate theories, linking facts here and now with supposed facts far away. There are rocks, rocks are subject of Science investigation. Linking rocks with the far away event of life’s origins is merely human business. It is a valid tentative, although, I like human’s theories because has theories that have driven Science to successful investigations, as have others driven Science to nowhere. But, this is how human knowledge advances: trial and error. This painful method would not be necessary if humans decides not be owners of Science, searching for profits or power, only knowledge, as was the goal of the Founding Fathers of the new Enlightenment.
It happens that humans sometimes drives the scientific acts to points of their personal interests for profits or ideologies, like the ancient apostles did and the modern are doing also. Who decides which point, are those “fundraisers”, the big corporations and their apostles inserted into universities, like the big corporation Catholic Church did. Driven Science means repeating acts upon a unique dimension of reality, selecting a line of research and ignoring others, in the way that these acts works as feed back to the prior acts, and only a fake face of Nature is revealed. This is the opportunity for Science applying a painful lesson. “Do you want a mechanistic reality? Science will give it to you, and then, will slaving you inside yours mechanical reality.” That’s why we are going towards the Brave New World under the rules of the Big Brother.
And that’s why I choose to live isolated at Amazon jungle leaving Science working through me, without driven it,without any other personal interest than the search for knowledge, and got the fave of an living Universe, described the most by Biology than Physics and Math. Please, never forget that those that were believing they was the owner of academic knowledge and our schools, were replaced when Copernicus opened the doors to the modern apostles. Who, for sure, will be replaced again… Meanwhile, Science walks free its own way…