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O que é “Vida”? Vídeo Acadêmico e Interpretação da Matrix/DNA

sábado, setembro 23rd, 2017

xxxxx ( traduzir artigo)

00:44 – What’s life? In the sky, a pulsar, performing the male function, erupted giant volcanoes (the male sexual organ) emitting comets (the spermatozoons) towards a quasar (the most beautiful body in the sky, performing the female function and attracting the comets with matter from the male), containing a nuclear vortex in which the matter for stars nucleus is generated, and from which is expelled a new baby-star. This system is not alive? Pions ( and maybe electrons) are produced by similar process, by a couple of protons/neutrons at the atomic nuclei, thousand times more simplest in evolutionary scale. Still, isn’t this system not alive? So, we are learning that what we call “life” is a kind of wrong anthropomorphization , a human self-projection upon its ancestors like the idea of “humans and Earth as center of the world”. The real thing is that since the Big Bang there is a unique system that is coming evolving which passed throught atoms, galaxies and now is in biological shape. The difference between what we call “a living system” and what we call “non-living system” is merely the evolutionary stage of these systems’ internal dynamism. Knowing that, we can suppose that this galaxy that created biological systems inside it, can create such diversity of systems that we can see some and not believing that it is “life”. (ok, everything here is based on the theoretical models of matrix/DNA Theory, so, I could be wrong…)

02:30 – If Schrodinger noticed that heredity is the key, it is about information and it is due the stability of cell structures… why he didn’t the rational question: ” From which forces and elements of the state of the world before “life, origins”, life got this natural phenomena called heredity? Of course, such complex phenomena dealing with informations could not be created, invented first time in the Universe, by the stupid matter of this lost planet alone. This is one of the rational question I did before elaborating Matrix/DNA Theory. So, I asked – “There was no heredity in cosmological evolution? There is a kind of heredity, or genetic transmission link, between the super-particles and the first atom, and later, between the atoms and astronomical systems. And later yet, between this astronomical system and the first biological system? Must have it because if not, heredity falls from the sky by magics? Let’s goo looking for it” – As result I found a theoretical rational model of cosmological evolution where heredity is there at all places and time. Ok, it is still merely theoretical, but is scientifically falsifiable and the unique rational I know. It makes no sense forgetting the Cosmos, the system surrounding us, when searching the “origins of life”. There was no origins of life inside this Universe, this Universe is not magic.

03:04 – Schrodinger: “There is a code script in the chromosomes…” That’s wrong! There is no genetic code. Code would infer a kind of intelligence, because only intelligence can creates symbols representing things and obeying some sort of logics. At Matrix/DNA Theory we found that: 1) All natural systems are derivation of a unique universal initial system, so, the natural formula – the template or blueprint of the system’s circuits – must be the formula that build all following evolutionary shapes of that system. As the DNA is the formula that build all living species. 2) The first biological system’s shape must have the evolutionary state of that formula at the astronomical system that created it, which we will call “Matrix/DNA”; 3) The formula is seen composed by four nucleotides, aligned laterally horizontal and vertical: that’s the building block of DNA, the fundamental unit of information, and it is a complete working system; 4) All sequential units of DNA are merely diversified copies of that system, each one with a minimal difference; Would make sense saying that the set of employes in a car’s factory compose a code script? All them are copies of a unique species – humans – each one with a minimal specific difference. There are divisions in groups making the parts of a car, like there genes in the DNA, groups of nucleotides. Saying code is a disservice to Science and human kind because it deviates our rationality to mysticism: one group will need mythical gods, other group will need mystical magical randomness. But,… Schrodinger was a Physicist, so, we understand that he did not understood Biology. -” Then,… from where came the first code of the first shape of the universal system? Isn’t this circular reasoning?” – someone smart would ask. -” Nope: We found that the vital process that results in all life’s cycle of all systems is the same dynamics that makes a light wave propagating into time/space. See the Matrix/DNA Theory interpretation of the electromagnetic spectrum. A specif wavelength with its frequency/vibration is the first basics of an specific shape of a human life. It must be also the a specific systemic function of all systems. And the first light wave with this “code” came with the Big Bang, so, it is coming from somewhere before this Universe. If a god or randomness are the creator, they do it using merely a light wave, and everything there is here and now will be…” – ” Lol! I am creationist, I told that has a God behind everything, God is light!” – ” No. I am atheist, I told about the quantum foam from Nothing, its vibrations, etc. Nothing is pure light…” Matrix/DNA: – ” Well… I don’t know… because I only can deal with natural real facts, whose last limit is the event of the Big Bang. I can go only till the Big Bang. What is beyond it, for me, is in the reign of metaphysics, which is not my business… You believe in what you want…”

06:41 – “Biology was considered a second class science and the first molecular biologists came from Physics background…” This is the cause of Biology nightmare till today. For explaining it I need an analogy with the human body. If to a Physicist with a Mathematician would be asked to apply their fields at a human body, searching to translate it into Math logics and all anatomy movements as Physical laws, how they would do it? For sure, they would begin by the bone skeleton, is is all mechanics, loved by Physicians and Mathematicians. But arriving to the last limits of the bones, and beginning the soft meat, the cellular working, etc., what they could do? And when arriving to the neurological level? The thoughts level? Almost nothing. For studying this Universe with life on it is same thing. We had cosmological evolution with its building blocks – particles, atoms, galaxies – which is the frame, the supportive skeleton after which, the soft biological systems begins. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering all life’s properties already existing and some of them being expressed at those skeletons composing systems. These properties are hidden from nude eyes, we need smart intelligence for identifying it. A complete reproductive sexual system can be performed by five kinds of astronomical bodies’ inter-connections, in the sidereal space! Same for metabolism, homeostasis, etc. It merely indicates that life’s properties are not created here at Earth, they are product of universal evolution that begins with brute forces at the Big Bang. Atom system is so subtle and primitive alive that it express only a organ – let’s say, a stomach, or a liver – at its entire existence. Not a liver as we know it, but the universal systemic function that creates at all system a tool that performs it. So, an electron at energetic level number 6 is to atoms, what a lysosome is to a cell system, a dying star is to an astronomic system, as what a liver is to a human body system. So, the Universe today is composed all places by a bone skeleton which cells are galaxies and it is getting as a thin cover, a biological aspect, the soft meat. Do not try to see this Universe in relation to space – you will not see the truth about it because you are the universe’s cover just now – but try to see in relation to time, its evolution through time. Life creates the skeleton and not skeletons creates life. So life is most important than its skeleton, that’s saying: Biology, Neurology, would be the Science first class. It happens that our living body is inside the skeleton, he will survival if we learn about the skeleton and which technology we can do mimicking the properties of skeletons, starting by the skeleton. That’s why Physics and Math has the power today producing this kind of technology we have today. Wait more a few years… Quantum minded computers, genetic robots, a real technology for humans as living beings and not a technology for humans as machines. We will never get a Theory of Everything by Physics and Math alone, without the participation of Biologists, Neurologists… Without them we arrive to Krauss’ “Something from Nothing”…

(11:00) – The difference between life and the whole world is that life is based on chemistry? But, what is Chemistry? There is no chemistry in non-living world? The key here is that life is based in organic chemistry. And organic chemistry is merely the evolutionary product from the forces and elements of Physics when is added the liquid state of matter, the mean being water. Because the ancestors of biological systems (aka, life) were atoms and galaxies which were formed only with particles, electromagnetic forces and/or solid and gaseous states of matter. So, our ancestor produced liquid and organic chemistry like mammals produces amnion and placenta for their new baby. Life ( a wrong word) is based on our ancestors, which you call non-living, mistakenly. ( ok, I am merely expressing the Matrix/DNA Theory world view. It could be wrong )

As origens da Biologia se escudando na Fisica e deixando-se dirigir por ela ate’ hoje

sexta-feira, setembro 22nd, 2017


O vídeo com link baixo, nos seus 6;oo minutos menciona o livro do físico  Schrodinger( o do Schrodinger cat),  “What’s Life” escrito nos anos 1940, e explica como ele influenciou os biólogos que na época era a Biologia considerada uma ciência de segunda classe. Muitos dos biólogos que seguiram escrevendo sobre teorias da vida nos anos sequentes vieram também com background da Física.

What’s Life?

A Morte de Uma Estrela Sendo Fotografada Para Comparação com o Modelo Da Matrix/DNA

sexta-feira, setembro 22nd, 2017


Crescente Olho Vermelho: Bolha Cósmica Envolve Velha “Estrela de Carbono”

Genética, Epigenética, e Doenças: Informativo vídeo e interpretação da Matrix/DNA

quinta-feira, setembro 21st, 2017



(Comentarios postados no video Youtube)”

Louis Charles Morelli – +- 09/13/2017

How the genotype gives rise to the phenotype? Intuitively we know the mechanisms and processes doing it, and why it occurs in this way. The genotype is configured as a complete working system, and we know its anatomy. The whole organism (phenotype) is again a system and configured equally to the genotype. The base guanine in a group of genes makes a function X that will be the function of a cell organelle (same system again) which will be the function of the organism’s organ. It is a non-living fractal inside half-living fractal inside full living fractal. We learned this secret key after discovering the universal formula for all natural systems, the Matrix/DNA. It works like the propagation of waves from a nuclear wave, and evolution makes it as waves of increasing complexity. But why at genetics occurs this complexity’s increasing? The answer is the environment (epigenetics), pulling the wave because the environment – the Earth biosphere – is another system made by the same formula. So, the full living fractal – the organism – is inside the astronomical fractal, which is the formula at its most perfect state, pulling the organism towards its perfection. Our problem now is how to observe, how to prove it, scientifically? Research must be focused on biophotons. They are the first universal occurrence of this formula which is encrypted into a wave of light. But these biophotons that invades the organisms’ electrons and creates networks mimicking the formula are very hard to be observed with our more most powerful scientific instruments. We need to develop the technology of these instruments now.


Anna K – 2 hours ago

You say what?

Louis C. Morelli – 09/21/2017

I know that for those ignoring the Matrix/DNA formula is difficult to understand the text above, very bad translated. And resume of something very complex difficulties the understanding. Trying to write the first phrase in other words: The group of genes composing the genotype is modelled as a quasi-system by the system called “building blocks of DNA”: a lateral and horizontal pairs of nucleotides, which is a working system, configured as the formula. The genotype is not a complete working system because is an opened formula composed by small systems that are diversified, as different copies of the building blocks. When a unicellular organism – which is a working system again modelled by the formula ( as larger projection of the building blocks) – multiplies into diversified cells, each diversified cell has its specific difference which is a small detail of a region of the original cell. In this way, the new cells aggregated to the original cell composes a new system (organism) which them, is merely an amplification of the original cell with some mutations, where organelles becomes organs. Living fractal inside living fractal. The new organism shows a phenotype that is the result of two forces: one coming from inside (from genotype) and other coming from exterior world ( which is a second phenotype because the external environment is modelled, built, by the same Matrix/DNA formula. So, the set of organism and external environment contains two layers of phenotype. The inside phenotype suffers modification in shapes and organs functions due the necessary adaptation to the second phenotype, which is composed by different matter. Now if I go re-writing the other phrases, we need a whole book. The meaning difference between our different approaches is about the difference between reductionist approach/systemic approach > which is not very well developed and practiced by scholars’ academy. I don’t see any problem about how the genotype gives risen to phenotype. If an organism was born handicapped or any phenotypic defect, is because the genotype as a system has these defects, it is also handicapped. Knowing the formula and with this systemic approach we could fix genetically these defects before giving birth to others handicappeds. Cheers…

Uma possibilidade de contacto com consciências superiores?

quinta-feira, setembro 21st, 2017


Mensagem Extraterrestre para a humanidade: “VOCES QUEREM O CONTATO?”

Posted by  on 20/09/2017

Penso que um assunto como esse não importa se acreditamos ou não, a primeira e inevitável atitude e’ apenas confirmar o que sabemos existir ( inteligencias superiores `a nossa) e o que temos desejado a muito tempo que essas inteligencias já tivessem feito. Mas explico melhor nos dois comentários copiados abaixo. A segunda atitude e’ passar o texto para a frente, com os recursos que temos a mão.

Louis Charles Morelli – comentário enviado para moderação em Set/21/2017

Precisamos de contacto com consciências mais elevadas que a nossa, pois se e’ mais elevada, podemos confiar que realmente tem consciência. Porem, suspeito que isto assim nunca vai funcionar. Como saberão da mensagem 90% da humanidade escravizada e semi-analfabeta quando a maioria nem computador/internet tem? O que dizer de 1 bilhão de chineses e outro tanto de hindus, paquistaneses, etc.? Nunca conseguiríamos os 51%. E as crianças, surdos/mudos, etc., que são mais 30 ou 40%? So funcionaria se os que decidissem crer piamente na mensagem se dedicasse com energia na divulgação, inclusive imprimindo a mensagem e indo de porta em porta a partir do primeiro vizinho. Se o entrevistado concordar com o chamado, anotar nome e endereço, pedindo-lhe para assinar um pequeno texto sobre o chamado. E enviar sua lista para uma central de controle colhendo todos os nomes/endereços confeccionando mapas de todos os lugares para saber qual endereço não foi visitado. Ou se faz com energia e determinação aqui e agora ou esquece-se. A minha suspeita e’ que estes mensageiros podem ter dois problemas: 1) não tem poder militar para combater quem esta no poder aqui; 2) Esta impedido pelas leis da evolução natural de atuar aqui. Esperar que escravos escolham sim ou não, não faz sentido, desde que escravo não tem livre arbítrio e não sabe se existe algo mais ou o que existe alem da cerca de arame farpado instalada pelo poder atual. Eu por exemplo nasci na condição de escravo e passei a vida toda em lugares que não queria estar e fazendo o que não queria fazer, e não teria outra alternativa senão o suicídio, portanto, nunca tive livre-arbitrio. Se tem consciência elevada e com maior poder vendo isso e nada faz esta errada porque lei natural se obedece quando as criaturas tem livre-arbítrio. Senão primeiro salva-se-as da escravidão, coloca-as em posição de exercer o livre-arbítrio e então se pede decisões de escolha. Se Jesus Cristo foi verdade, a lição e’ que seu jeito suave a 2.000 anos não adiantou nada ate agora. Alguém discorda?


Louis Charles Morelli – comentário enviado para moderação em Set/21/2017

Eu não consigo entender os argumentos de não-intervenção imediata assim como não entendo o que querem pessoas como mensageiros espiritas e nem mesmo o que queria Cristo. Nada disso nunca funcionou por uma razão simples e me admira que não saibam dela. Vou explicar:

Independente da existência ou não de um possível “Eu” espiritual, os humanos são constituídos de um embrião de consciência sendo gestado numa cabeça-ovo cujo amnion e placenta e’ o cérebro e seu resto de corpo. O cérebro foi herdado pela evolução do corpo físico animal e ele domina o conjunto humano ainda hoje. Os animais vieram de uma biosfera caótica, horrenda, onde impera a carnificina, basta passar uns meses na selva bruta para constatar isto. Dos filhos do caos não tem como esperar senão o caráter do salve-se quem puder e por qualquer meio disponível, senão, a morte. O pior dessa herança e’ o gene egoísta que produz os 3 instintos que determinam a divisão do poder: instinto para grande predador ( leões, tubarões, águias), para médio predador (lobos, raposas) e presas. Todos os sistemas sociais criados pela humanidade ate agora imita as regras dos animais, seja monarquia, comunismo, capitalismo. Todos tem a aristocracia ( grande predador), classe media e o povão, escravos, com todas as características do vegetariano selvagem: egoísta, individualista, inerte, incapaz de unir para expressar força para enfrentar as duas classes.

Ora, Os predadores humanos tem a psique modelada pelos genes, possuem caninos abstratos, e sem a posse de grande território e ovelhas, eles morrem. Nunca vão sair do poder. E se algum poder maior os destronar, o instinto de presa fara a massa escravizada acabar com a vegetação e crescer em população o que determina sua extinção. Então não existe solução?
O embrião de consciência ainda nem abriu seus olhos próprios de ver sua dimensão, nem sabe como e’ a forma de seu corpo ou de que substancia e’ feito. Ele não tem nem discernimento nem poder para dirigir este cérebro. Se deixar por conta da humanidade apenas a boa gestação ate o nascimento da consciência poderia eliminar os três instintos animalizados, mas isso demoraria milhares de anos e seria provável que a humanidade desaparecesse antes. Existiria uma remota possibilidade: ao menos 51% dos humanos se auto-exorcizarem destes instintos, como creio que eu o consegui, não apenas pela maneira como me comporto mas pelo simples fato de detectar suas existências aqui e agora. Mas para fazer isso, pessoas que me conhecem souberam definir bem: “Você não e’ humano. Parece uma maquina pensante, e só.” Mas se eu tivesse o poder de alguma inteligencia extraterrestre, eu aplicaria um plano para levar as pessoas a se motivarem a auto-exorcização. Por isso, não entendo porque estas inteligencias que, com certeza existem e sabem disso aqui, não atuam com esse plano. Algum comentário?

Texto Padrão da Matrix/DNA para polemizar todo anuncio sobre “Origens da Vida”

quarta-feira, setembro 20th, 2017


Texto a ser usado e melhorado em toda ocasião que aparecer o tema “origens da vida”. Com as respostas, críticas e refutações vou melhorando o texto. A seguir vai uma lista dos links onde a mensagem foi postada.

There was no “origins of life” if the essential building blocks of all biological systems (mistakenly called “living beings”) are exactly a microscopic copy of the building blocks of galactic systems, and if this galactic system has produced biological systems applying the same process of genetics. There is a new theory suggesting astronomic models, DNA’s building blocks models, a model of the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution, how the complex properties of biological systems exists working at astronomical systems, and DNA is merely the biological counterpart of a universal formula Nature has used for organizing matter into systems, from atoms to galaxies to human brains. This is rational: we are not product of some powerful god coming here creating crocodiles by magics neither product of an infinite Nothing that produces Michael Jacksons throughout billions accidents at billion light years. Worst: there is no creation and no evolution, but, merely a genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang… and we are in the middle of this process… ( See “The Universal Matrix/DNA of All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycle”).

Entendendo a origem da Vida pela origem do seu corpo

segunda-feira, setembro 18th, 2017


Para entender como e porque a Vida surgiu neste mundo, você precisa entender por uma nova perspectiva, como seu corpo surgiu neste mundo, pois os dois eventos foram produzidos pelo mesmo método.

O seu corpo foi criado por uma unica força dividida em suas duas forças opostas. Uma força começou como um ponto, no centro do ovulo, vamos chama-la de “genética”. A outra força começou como uma grande bolha, vinda do mundo exterior, amnion, placenta, vamos chama-la “epigenética”. A fonte, a força unica, chama-se “espécie humana”. Esta especie se coloca como causa primeira, na forma dos pais, e se coloca como efeito ultimo, quando sua forma renasce como uma criança. Na forma de causa primeira, ela é o ponto, o genoma dos pais, que tem a tendencia a reproduzir a forma e no seu aspecto epigenético ela é o ambiente exterior que ajuda esta reprodução porque ele é modelado como um berço para acomodar o feto e como um magneto, puxando, ajudando, o feto a ir na sua direção, na direção da forma.

Nas origens da Vida, o genoma veio da evolução anterior de 10 bilhões de anos, a chamada “evolução cosmológica”. A qual modelou planetas como a Terra para ser o ideal ovo contendo o ideal amnion, envolvido pela ideal placenta – esta atmosfera que nos circunda. Assim a epigenética se coloca como exterior ao palco onde a Vida germina e floresce, intervindo com mutações para a forma do feto se encaixar na sua forma. A estas mutações, que a humanidade ainda não conhece a causa, por isso acredita que são meros produtos causais, erigindo dai’ toda uma visão de mundo niilista que construirá mais uma civilização fadada ao fracasso, a ser derrubada pela realidade natural como foram as outras construídas em cima de visões de mundo misticas equivocadas.

A forma a ser reproduzida pela vida final ora espalhada em muitos planetas de muitas galaxias vai finalmente reproduzir o ser desconhecido que produziu a fecundação num estrondoso evento conhecido como o Big Bang. De  vem a força total, unica, e isto significa que  tem alguém esperando o nosso nascimento, como seus pais aguardaram ansiosamente e torcendo com fervor (pois pouco podem fazer para consertar os seus caminhos errados, já que os pais não podem estarem na genética dentro do ovo), para que você tivesse o melhor desenvolvimento e o maior sucesso. Mas para ser bem sucedido nesta obra de grandeza cósmica, é preciso saber o que fazer, como se conduzir, e isto só se faz se realmente entender-mos o que é este mundo e nossa Vida.

(Obs.: Isto e’ uma teoria, resultado da minha investigação e raciocínio particular. Como eu não sou dono da Verdade e de fato não a conheço, e como nao sou fanatico crente em teorias, apenas escolho a melhor sefgundo minhas preferencias. Voce deve conhecer esta teoria para acrescentar as outras existentes, pois isto enriquece as fundacoes da sua propria escolhida visao do mundo).

Evolução do Cérebro? O que é Ficção Científica, Os Obstáculos da Ciência Real, e a Teoria da Matrix/DNA

sábado, setembro 16th, 2017



Artigo extraído do seguinte debate com nossa participação ( anotar que para o assunto cérebro/energia acrescento o link embaixo para a palestra de Suzana Herculano sobre como o cérebro desenvolveu devido o cozimento dos alimentos):

Evolution of the Brain? What is Science Fiction, The Constraints From Real Science and the Theory from Matrix/DNA

Robert Beckendorff – 9/14/2017

All Biology is FLAWED in some way or another. It is up to MAN to take what Mother Nature has dished up and make adjustments and improvements. Eugenics is the future, guaranteed. Piss on all the religious idiots who oppose Human Progress. Micro-Bionics is the FUTURE: Soon enough, the entire brain and nervous system, will be enhanced with micro-chip and micro-robotic systems, the Cardio-Vascular system just the same. As humans become less dependant upon flawed raw biology, life will become much richer and longer. A whole new man made level of beauty and fitness will emmerge. Biology will be employed in our computers; Bio-Electronics will be employed in our bodies. We are about to convert Raw Biology into Man Made Bio-Technology. NO one can stop it. To Hell with all the religious fanatics, the all their BS about the “End Times”.

Louis Charles Morelli – Robert Beckendorff – ” … flawed raw biology…”

 I don’t blame Nature due flawed Biology because it seems clear that there is a cycle “chaos>order>transcendence>degeneration>chaos>order…” so, it seems Nature has three states, and this Earth biosphere emerged in state of chaos. What you are wishing about our future is merely the natural sequence, we are going to an ordered state. Our biggest problem is the human inheritance of three animal instincts – instinct for big predator, middle predator, and prey – which are product of chaos and we still carries on these in our genetics and modeling our psyche. So, if we produces high technology now, it will not be used for the well of the whole humanity but will be appropriated by the 1% as big predators against the other two class. Preys – the big mass of 90% of the population are inertial, they don’t care about human progress, only food, which is their way to extinction due overpopulation. So, if we don’t self-exorcise ourselves from these three instincts and don’t make efforts for others doing it, high technology will lead us to worst scenario: The Brave New World ( where everybody are stupid in the paradise) under the government of the Big Brother ( where included the human minds are not free).
Robert Beckendorff2 days ago
Humans have always been ruled over and controlled by a tiny power above them. This is the natural way of things. Those who have control of knowledge in a scoiety, have the power to rule over the masses, and they do so usually in a benevolent way. Today, there is no excuse for being ignorant. We have instant global sharing, and an Internet that can settle any dispute, and answer any question.
Louis Charles Morelli2 days ago
Robert Beckendorff – Are you a hard work in construction or 12 hours/day in a factory, as 7 billion humans works or are dependent of these workers and their misery wage? And still you can pay a college where one gets such knowledge? My friend, you don’t know the third world or the reality of the “projects” at the first world and these is 90% of humans. And for your sake, it is a tactic among the big predators of the third world that the population must be kept ignorant.
redlegagent 1 day ago
Try not to allow science FICTION to override real science.  It is one thing to merely deliver a micro-electrical pulse along a nerve track or to an area of the brain in a crude fashion so as to stimulate a response – as the nervous system is already established and you are merely mimicking energy transference.  It is another thing altogether to attempt to interface with human memories in a coherent fashion which may originate from different areas of the brain and for which we are not able to understand right now.  The same for attaching synthetic parts to our bodies – again via that already pre-established system.  So I would not hold my breath just yet waiting for human/technological hybrids as we clearly have a lot to learn yet.  Our brains are as good as nature could make them.  While science fiction loves to blather on about humans supposedly developing more advanced brain capacity – our current brains already use a lot of the resources our bodies can provide.  To increase brain capacity would require a fundamental re-working of our bodies to deliver the additional oxygen and nutrients required to sustain said higher functioning.  In short – we would over-tax our organ systems which could not deliver the necessary metabolic elements without compromising themselves in the process as our brains are already “hogs” who steal a sizeable chunk of our oxygen etc. from our blood supply.
eeeaten – 1 day ago
apparently i’m somewhat more optimistic than you three. i see no reason to ascribe laws of cycles or instincts to our fates, and i doubt these are even true. newton’s second law implies a natural move towards disorder, while specific systems within the universe may or may not have increasing complexity depending on local energy sources (eg a star). in regard to humanity and instincts, we have a tendency toward increasing civility and decreasing violence (pinker’s better angels is a great read on this), suggesting humanity is capable of creating a future for itself without tyranny or even war. i don’t think human-technological augmentation is far away at all (check out ray kurzweil’s predictions). we already have infinite-information devices in front of our eyes every day: it’s a small step for these to be accessed directly by our brains – limited only by (fast-evolving) technology. as ever, the future is scary but bright.
redlegagent -n1 day ago
Think of it like the old Westerns where the bad guys would climb a telegraph pole and listen in on the wire.  Things like devices which release a small electrical charge to a section of the brain so as to “disrupt” the electrical signals to prevent a seizure or else attaching a artificial limb which likewise is connected to the existing nerve pathways is basically the same thing.  All you are doing is applying an electrical charge which then transits the existing nerve pathways by overriding natural bio-chemical signals.  That is not the same as somehow tapping into our memories and being able to generate new memories + recall and manipulate neuron transmission in a coherent fashion.  To use artificial technology to enhance our knowledge means that we must be able to accurately access the human brain – understand what areas need to be stimulated to generate specific results – and to then be able to do that.  Suffice to say we are no where near that today.  It’s not like we have a USB plug in our brains.  Our brains process different information is different places – thus one must be able to understand and influence the entire brain to facilitate new information.  As to cultures – technology has always grown at a faster pace than human behavior.  We develop new technologies – and eventually we learn how to use them in a responsible way.  Social development is always the weak link in the chain since people are individuals – each with their own wants and needs – which is why change is always slow.  The way to stimulate altruism and empathy has always been via mass communication.  The more people are connected and see what goes on in the world around them – the more that awareness stimulates responses to what they see
Louis Charles Morelli
redlegagent – “To increase brain capacity would require a fundamental re-working of our bodies”.
Maybe not. We increased the processing capacity of computers while diminishing the size of hardware by advancing electronics. Same for the relation motor capacity/truck size. This is still fiction, but the Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting a formula for systems made by biophotons and a network of biophotons could replace electrical chemical signals and network, without needing more nutrients from the body…
Louis Charles Morelli
eeeaten ” I see no reason to ascribe laws of cycles or instincts to our fates”.
So, how could be broken the natural course that all ancestors ( living and non-living ancestors) has followed to such fate? The answer would be ” self-exorcising the selfish gene” since that our surrounding environment ( this biosphere) is modeled by and for to keep the selfish gene. But how you will drive a human with tendency to be big predator to other humans beings – which has the abstract shape of canines in its psyche designed by genetics – to wish their self-exorcising? A predator has canines, no way to change its behavior. Take out the preys he will die.
Louis Charles Morelli
eeeaten – ” I think you’re implying our ancestors were all selfish and violent…”
No. They were all selfish, but about violence, there is the instinct for prey which is inertial, not aggressive neither for self-defense. This is our problem, the universal duality (hot/cold,male/female,etc.) is here, how to eliminate a universal duality? But it is not, as you said “is an inescapable part of our nature” The two opposites of any duality will arrive to a marriage (hot/cold = no temperature or a median temperature). So you can go to “no more human species” or a descendant more evolved shape resulting from the marriage. It is upon to us our fate. Till now the human history offers no hope. All social systems created till now mimics the rules in the jungle among animals: there is the big predators ( the 1% or high aristocracy), the middle predators (wolves, fox, as the middle class); and the preys ( the 90% still slaves and uneducated). That’s why I am fighting my fight: we need self-exorcise this instincts from our genetics and primary psyche at the same time we need insisting with others to do that, and it means you against the three class. That’s why I am no leftist, no rightist, neither neutral: we need a new kind of social system that does not mimicks animals… or death.
redlegagent – +Louis – computers require electricity which is not an internal part of the system but rather comes from an external source.  Look at your body.  There is a reason why oxygenated blood goes directly from the left ventricle to shunt straight to your brain – your brain requires the highest amount of oxygen of all your organs in the body to sustain itself.  Your brain is only about ~20% or so of gray matter – and gray matter is the portion which is associated with complex thinking.  The white matter represents the bulk of your brain and it is mostly there to facilitate transmission of signals for the gray matter.  This means that most of your brain is not conducive to higher thought.  So understanding that – understand that our brains place a high demand upon the rest of our body to keep it supplied with enough oxygen and blood to facilitate our currently level of cognition.  In order to foster even higher brain function – our cardio-pulmonary and circulatory systems would have to supply even more sustenance to our brains………… the expense of their own function + the rest of our body which also requires a certain level of cellular nutrition.  In short our brains are developed about as good as they can based upon what the body can supply them.  To access as noted via external devices – we must first understand where and how the bio-chemical signals which represent our memories and thought processes originate = and then be able to interface them in a coherent fashion so that our brain understands what we are trying to tell it and vice-versa in order to operate in a cogent fashion.  So while we are learning about how certain areas of the brain are associated with certain functions – that is not the same as being able to input new commands or recovering memories such as are associated with cognition.
Louis Charles Morelli
redlegagent – Thanks, by good information, you have demonstrated why Robert Beckendorff must slow down his optimism and what seems science fiction. We will wait to see how natural evolution will solve this problem ( maybe giants humans?). If you have not seen the theory of this smart scientist ( human brains developed due cocking food increasing absorption of energy), here is the link, TED TALK: By my hand, I am involved in an investigation about brain and consciousness that seems “weird” or “esoteric” by people with current world view. I am trying to get a full anatomy of the brain in 3D for superimposing the picture upon the drawing of a software diagram that works as a formula for all natural systems. If I can locate at least seven different regions/or pieces as glandules, the brain picture will fit with the formula picture, then, we can identify the specific systemic function of each piece/organ. The brain is a system in itself, so, it must have as template or blue print, this formula for systems. The second investigation is more “weird”. A surprising suggestion from the formula that I got is the explanation why we are using more the left than the right hemisphere. The brain is divided into two sides like the formula is also. In the formula there is a flow of information running in a spherical circuit but when the flow arrives to a Function 4, it is divided into two flows, one continuing the sphere and other going down towards the beginning, where is Function 1. In the brain, the trajectory of this lateral flow would be from the cortex towards the hippocampus, through the corpus callosum. Final conclusion: the human life still needs the fight for survival which needs focusing here and now and the attributes for these are at the left. We can’t lose time/energy with things beyond our survival zone, which are attributes of the right H. Then what is happening? Our thoughts happens only in half potential. When we begins a new thought, it must obey the systemic trajectory which designs the process of life’s cycle like our body. Each thought seems a living thing, with birth (must be at the hippocampal region, F1) , grow, maturation, degeneration and death. If it is useful is registered in the memory, if not, it is lost. It happens that in this still primitive phase of brain evolution, and the fight for survival, the thought as flow of energy’ information is born in F1, goes clockwise through the left h. and when arrive at the cortex, instead going to the right for to be enriched with its attributes, it quickly go down back to hippocampus. We can’t jump to a more elevated, holistic, cosmic, understanding and processing. I suspect that the effort in practices of meditation, like those Indian guys says they can reach nirvana, is the effort to push on the flow making it crossing the barrier of corpus callosum and entering into the right side. My second investigation is more “weird” yet. My formulas and models are suggesting that consciousness must be based in a more subtil network composed by biophotons, which our scientific instruments are not able to detect yet. There are too manny indications suggesting this hypothesis and, since consciousness must be a new system also based on the formula, I have indications about how is designed and evolving this network. If it will be proved existent, then, forget the problem brain/energy supply in relation to evolution and complexity of our mind, nature already has the solution: it is other kind of energy, free in space. ( ok, I told these things only as curiosity and since you like the issue about brain, maybe is your curiosity also). Cheers…

Origem da vida por energia nos raios na atmosfera ou energia nos ventos termais? A energia que levou a formulação da Matrix/DNA Theory/

sexta-feira, setembro 15th, 2017


Sao duas as principais hipóteses sobre onde e como começou a vida: ou na reduzida atmosfera imitada pelo Miller/Urey experimento ou nas profundezas oceânicas devido aos ventos termais. Uma coisa que se nota e’ que nos dois casos, energia foi crucial para esse início. Os ventos termais sao matéria quente, portanto contendo energia, entrando em agua fria. Dentre os motivos que levaram a formulação da Matrix/DNA Theory esta observação foi importante. O que e’ esta energia, de onde ela veio? Etc.

O video abixo ajuda a ver as duas hipoteses nitidamente. E a seguir esta a explicacao como esta observacao levou a formulacao da teoria.

Origin of Life – How Life Started on Earth

The two meaning hypothesis in this video ( life began as the Miller/Urey experiment in reduced atmosphere or life began at deep oceans thermal vents) has a common essential factor: both were dependable of energy. No energy, no life. Ok, but, as the energy in reduced atmosphere as the energy in thermal vents comes from a unique species of source: astronomical bodies. The atmosphere energy coming from Sun and thermal vent coming from the Earth’s nucleus. But,… how energy works transforming non-organic matter into organic matter? The hypothesis in the video is that energy breaks down inertial and quasi-eternal non-organic molecules permitting to them new combinations, and it happens that from these new combinations, organic matter arises. In shape of amino-acids. But – accordingly to my information – these amino-acids from Miller experiment are not one of the 20 amino acids used by life. Now we are getting those 20 amino acids from synthetic chemistry, which merely mimics the exactly atoms and its location in a molecule. The next step in life origins was linking amino acids into bigger chains, resulting in proteins. The Miller amino acids never could doing the second step. Synthetic amino acids are doing it, but, I guess, need a new burst of energy. Again, the energy, without it there is no first step, no second step… To me it is clear that energy is driving the whole process of life’s origins. If there is an agent at all steps of life’s sequences, life is not a product of chance, it is a natural normal result due the action of a unique natural force. The big question now is: What’s this energy? What energy contains that can drive non organic matter into an organized biological system? The answer must be in its source: astronomical body. The question persists: What’s an astronomical body? What an astronomical body contains and transfer to its emitted energy that can transform non-organic matter into complex biological systems?
Possible and rational answer: an astronomical body contains information about a system, non-biological, and when these information are emitted to outside and falls in a new environment with water and other elements, these information reproduces that non-biological system mutated to biological system. But,… what non-biological system is there, inside an astronomical body? Of course, the system to which belongs the astronomical body, which can be a stellar system as a galactic system.
From these speculations began the birth of Matrix/DNA Theory.

Mensagem da Matrix/DNA

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Louis Charles Morelli – 9/3/2017

My comment posted on Youtube – 9/13/27 and LiveScience

Lessons that I got watching this video:
1) This biosphere was produced in state of chaos, horrendous, there is no intelligent lovely design. It must change and humans can do it, we must be the flow of order that lift up from the chaos. We need a world were there are no predators neither preys;
2) The human body came from these animals, we can see similar scenes among humanity, which means we inherited the animals instincts. The fetus of consciousness I don’t know from where it came from, but the body and the R-Complex in the brain are obvious.
3) The cows are extremely selfish. Would be enough joining and attacking as group for to safe their fellow. Instead, they kept inertial, some of them even leaving the head down looking for food facing the scene of torture. This selfish gene still is the basics of our genetics. Humans of the low class watch their neighbors being explored by humans predators and do nothing. We need to self-exorcising these instincts out from us and trying to convince others to do the same.
4) In the jungle, the rules among animals cause the division into three class: the big predators ( lions, alligators), the middle predators (wolves, fox) and the preys ( cows, sheep). At humans, we see all social systems created till now – be it monarchy, communism, capitalism, etc. – mimicking the same rules of the jungle. Always is the same division of power: the 1% ( big predators), the middle class and the low class. So, humans need to create a social system that not mimics the animals.
5) This world, our world, is not a product of intelligent design, or from someone that would love life. This is a pork, bad design. No, the world is not this way, it must not be kept in this way. Lift up your eyes to the sky and see that there is another face of this world, the face of order and harmony. We need bring it here. No God that loves life as we understand it would be watching scenes like that without doing nothing. There are humans that loves life, they are able to design a better world. And we will be trying to do it. Ok,… but everybody is free to believe what one want, I would appreciate to know if you learned any lessons from this video, thanks.