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Renda para websites pela publicidade, Contador de Usuarios: Como funciona

sábado, setembro 9th, 2017


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A dificuldade em provar a existencia da formula Matrix/DNA

sábado, setembro 9th, 2017

Deixarei este problema que escrevi a um leitor registrado aqui para pensar nisso:

I have a problem: I know that exists the formula/receipt for natural systems I called “Matrix/DNA”, but I know that is impossible its existence in nature as system. Hells… how I will prove it?

Maybe you could find the solution. Imagine that I get a conversation with aliens from Orion, Nebula, which has no biological existence. I will send yours photo as example of humans. They will ask how Nature did such thing? By magics? I will explain the human life cycle and perpetuation by reproduction. They will not understand, than I need sending 7 photos: one with your name, Jack, as embryo, other, of Jack as kid, and so on… They will ask: “But… there are seven humans. Who is Jack?” I will try to explain that the seven is one,…

They will show the photos of Jack as a baby and Jack 67 old and will say that I am lying, it can’t be the same being. That’s the problem with systems made by this formula. The system has seven pieces, each one is a systemic function, but the pieces are created by the process of life’s cycle ( which is the Matrix formula) applied to a unique piece. So, at any given momentum, there is only one piece, no system. But the piece exists only because there is the system, which is encrypted into its DNA, the system is hidden inside the piece. That’s why I can’t prove that the seven known shapes of astronomic bodies were made by that formula starting with only one, a gaseous star, which was transformed into the other six shapes… yes, Jack I will die trying to prove that a thing that I know exists, but in fact does not exist, although it exists…