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Mensagem da Matrix/DNA

quarta-feira, setembro 13th, 2017


Louis Charles Morelli – 9/3/2017

My comment posted on Youtube – 9/13/27 and LiveScience

Lessons that I got watching this video:
1) This biosphere was produced in state of chaos, horrendous, there is no intelligent lovely design. It must change and humans can do it, we must be the flow of order that lift up from the chaos. We need a world were there are no predators neither preys;
2) The human body came from these animals, we can see similar scenes among humanity, which means we inherited the animals instincts. The fetus of consciousness I don’t know from where it came from, but the body and the R-Complex in the brain are obvious.
3) The cows are extremely selfish. Would be enough joining and attacking as group for to safe their fellow. Instead, they kept inertial, some of them even leaving the head down looking for food facing the scene of torture. This selfish gene still is the basics of our genetics. Humans of the low class watch their neighbors being explored by humans predators and do nothing. We need to self-exorcising these instincts out from us and trying to convince others to do the same.
4) In the jungle, the rules among animals cause the division into three class: the big predators ( lions, alligators), the middle predators (wolves, fox) and the preys ( cows, sheep). At humans, we see all social systems created till now – be it monarchy, communism, capitalism, etc. – mimicking the same rules of the jungle. Always is the same division of power: the 1% ( big predators), the middle class and the low class. So, humans need to create a social system that not mimics the animals.
5) This world, our world, is not a product of intelligent design, or from someone that would love life. This is a pork, bad design. No, the world is not this way, it must not be kept in this way. Lift up your eyes to the sky and see that there is another face of this world, the face of order and harmony. We need bring it here. No God that loves life as we understand it would be watching scenes like that without doing nothing. There are humans that loves life, they are able to design a better world. And we will be trying to do it. Ok,… but everybody is free to believe what one want, I would appreciate to know if you learned any lessons from this video, thanks.