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Origem da vida por energia nos raios na atmosfera ou energia nos ventos termais? A energia que levou a formulação da Matrix/DNA Theory/

sexta-feira, setembro 15th, 2017


Sao duas as principais hipóteses sobre onde e como começou a vida: ou na reduzida atmosfera imitada pelo Miller/Urey experimento ou nas profundezas oceânicas devido aos ventos termais. Uma coisa que se nota e’ que nos dois casos, energia foi crucial para esse início. Os ventos termais sao matéria quente, portanto contendo energia, entrando em agua fria. Dentre os motivos que levaram a formulação da Matrix/DNA Theory esta observação foi importante. O que e’ esta energia, de onde ela veio? Etc.

O video abixo ajuda a ver as duas hipoteses nitidamente. E a seguir esta a explicacao como esta observacao levou a formulacao da teoria.

Origin of Life – How Life Started on Earth

The two meaning hypothesis in this video ( life began as the Miller/Urey experiment in reduced atmosphere or life began at deep oceans thermal vents) has a common essential factor: both were dependable of energy. No energy, no life. Ok, but, as the energy in reduced atmosphere as the energy in thermal vents comes from a unique species of source: astronomical bodies. The atmosphere energy coming from Sun and thermal vent coming from the Earth’s nucleus. But,… how energy works transforming non-organic matter into organic matter? The hypothesis in the video is that energy breaks down inertial and quasi-eternal non-organic molecules permitting to them new combinations, and it happens that from these new combinations, organic matter arises. In shape of amino-acids. But – accordingly to my information – these amino-acids from Miller experiment are not one of the 20 amino acids used by life. Now we are getting those 20 amino acids from synthetic chemistry, which merely mimics the exactly atoms and its location in a molecule. The next step in life origins was linking amino acids into bigger chains, resulting in proteins. The Miller amino acids never could doing the second step. Synthetic amino acids are doing it, but, I guess, need a new burst of energy. Again, the energy, without it there is no first step, no second step… To me it is clear that energy is driving the whole process of life’s origins. If there is an agent at all steps of life’s sequences, life is not a product of chance, it is a natural normal result due the action of a unique natural force. The big question now is: What’s this energy? What energy contains that can drive non organic matter into an organized biological system? The answer must be in its source: astronomical body. The question persists: What’s an astronomical body? What an astronomical body contains and transfer to its emitted energy that can transform non-organic matter into complex biological systems?
Possible and rational answer: an astronomical body contains information about a system, non-biological, and when these information are emitted to outside and falls in a new environment with water and other elements, these information reproduces that non-biological system mutated to biological system. But,… what non-biological system is there, inside an astronomical body? Of course, the system to which belongs the astronomical body, which can be a stellar system as a galactic system.
From these speculations began the birth of Matrix/DNA Theory.