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Texto Padrão da Matrix/DNA para polemizar todo anuncio sobre “Origens da Vida”

quarta-feira, setembro 20th, 2017


Texto a ser usado e melhorado em toda ocasião que aparecer o tema “origens da vida”. Com as respostas, críticas e refutações vou melhorando o texto. A seguir vai uma lista dos links onde a mensagem foi postada.

There was no “origins of life” if the essential building blocks of all biological systems (mistakenly called “living beings”) are exactly a microscopic copy of the building blocks of galactic systems, and if this galactic system has produced biological systems applying the same process of genetics. There is a new theory suggesting astronomic models, DNA’s building blocks models, a model of the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution, how the complex properties of biological systems exists working at astronomical systems, and DNA is merely the biological counterpart of a universal formula Nature has used for organizing matter into systems, from atoms to galaxies to human brains. This is rational: we are not product of some powerful god coming here creating crocodiles by magics neither product of an infinite Nothing that produces Michael Jacksons throughout billions accidents at billion light years. Worst: there is no creation and no evolution, but, merely a genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang… and we are in the middle of this process… ( See “The Universal Matrix/DNA of All Natural Systems and Life’s Cycle”).