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O que é “Vida”? Vídeo Acadêmico e Interpretação da Matrix/DNA

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00:44 – What’s life? In the sky, a pulsar, performing the male function, erupted giant volcanoes (the male sexual organ) emitting comets (the spermatozoons) towards a quasar (the most beautiful body in the sky, performing the female function and attracting the comets with matter from the male), containing a nuclear vortex in which the matter for stars nucleus is generated, and from which is expelled a new baby-star. This system is not alive? Pions ( and maybe electrons) are produced by similar process, by a couple of protons/neutrons at the atomic nuclei, thousand times more simplest in evolutionary scale. Still, isn’t this system not alive? So, we are learning that what we call “life” is a kind of wrong anthropomorphization , a human self-projection upon its ancestors like the idea of “humans and Earth as center of the world”. The real thing is that since the Big Bang there is a unique system that is coming evolving which passed throught atoms, galaxies and now is in biological shape. The difference between what we call “a living system” and what we call “non-living system” is merely the evolutionary stage of these systems’ internal dynamism. Knowing that, we can suppose that this galaxy that created biological systems inside it, can create such diversity of systems that we can see some and not believing that it is “life”. (ok, everything here is based on the theoretical models of matrix/DNA Theory, so, I could be wrong…)

02:30 – If Schrodinger noticed that heredity is the key, it is about information and it is due the stability of cell structures… why he didn’t the rational question: ” From which forces and elements of the state of the world before “life, origins”, life got this natural phenomena called heredity? Of course, such complex phenomena dealing with informations could not be created, invented first time in the Universe, by the stupid matter of this lost planet alone. This is one of the rational question I did before elaborating Matrix/DNA Theory. So, I asked – “There was no heredity in cosmological evolution? There is a kind of heredity, or genetic transmission link, between the super-particles and the first atom, and later, between the atoms and astronomical systems. And later yet, between this astronomical system and the first biological system? Must have it because if not, heredity falls from the sky by magics? Let’s goo looking for it” – As result I found a theoretical rational model of cosmological evolution where heredity is there at all places and time. Ok, it is still merely theoretical, but is scientifically falsifiable and the unique rational I know. It makes no sense forgetting the Cosmos, the system surrounding us, when searching the “origins of life”. There was no origins of life inside this Universe, this Universe is not magic.

03:04 – Schrodinger: “There is a code script in the chromosomes…” That’s wrong! There is no genetic code. Code would infer a kind of intelligence, because only intelligence can creates symbols representing things and obeying some sort of logics. At Matrix/DNA Theory we found that: 1) All natural systems are derivation of a unique universal initial system, so, the natural formula – the template or blueprint of the system’s circuits – must be the formula that build all following evolutionary shapes of that system. As the DNA is the formula that build all living species. 2) The first biological system’s shape must have the evolutionary state of that formula at the astronomical system that created it, which we will call “Matrix/DNA”; 3) The formula is seen composed by four nucleotides, aligned laterally horizontal and vertical: that’s the building block of DNA, the fundamental unit of information, and it is a complete working system; 4) All sequential units of DNA are merely diversified copies of that system, each one with a minimal difference; Would make sense saying that the set of employes in a car’s factory compose a code script? All them are copies of a unique species – humans – each one with a minimal specific difference. There are divisions in groups making the parts of a car, like there genes in the DNA, groups of nucleotides. Saying code is a disservice to Science and human kind because it deviates our rationality to mysticism: one group will need mythical gods, other group will need mystical magical randomness. But,… Schrodinger was a Physicist, so, we understand that he did not understood Biology. -” Then,… from where came the first code of the first shape of the universal system? Isn’t this circular reasoning?” – someone smart would ask. -” Nope: We found that the vital process that results in all life’s cycle of all systems is the same dynamics that makes a light wave propagating into time/space. See the Matrix/DNA Theory interpretation of the electromagnetic spectrum. A specif wavelength with its frequency/vibration is the first basics of an specific shape of a human life. It must be also the a specific systemic function of all systems. And the first light wave with this “code” came with the Big Bang, so, it is coming from somewhere before this Universe. If a god or randomness are the creator, they do it using merely a light wave, and everything there is here and now will be…” – ” Lol! I am creationist, I told that has a God behind everything, God is light!” – ” No. I am atheist, I told about the quantum foam from Nothing, its vibrations, etc. Nothing is pure light…” Matrix/DNA: – ” Well… I don’t know… because I only can deal with natural real facts, whose last limit is the event of the Big Bang. I can go only till the Big Bang. What is beyond it, for me, is in the reign of metaphysics, which is not my business… You believe in what you want…”

06:41 – “Biology was considered a second class science and the first molecular biologists came from Physics background…” This is the cause of Biology nightmare till today. For explaining it I need an analogy with the human body. If to a Physicist with a Mathematician would be asked to apply their fields at a human body, searching to translate it into Math logics and all anatomy movements as Physical laws, how they would do it? For sure, they would begin by the bone skeleton, is is all mechanics, loved by Physicians and Mathematicians. But arriving to the last limits of the bones, and beginning the soft meat, the cellular working, etc., what they could do? And when arriving to the neurological level? The thoughts level? Almost nothing. For studying this Universe with life on it is same thing. We had cosmological evolution with its building blocks – particles, atoms, galaxies – which is the frame, the supportive skeleton after which, the soft biological systems begins. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering all life’s properties already existing and some of them being expressed at those skeletons composing systems. These properties are hidden from nude eyes, we need smart intelligence for identifying it. A complete reproductive sexual system can be performed by five kinds of astronomical bodies’ inter-connections, in the sidereal space! Same for metabolism, homeostasis, etc. It merely indicates that life’s properties are not created here at Earth, they are product of universal evolution that begins with brute forces at the Big Bang. Atom system is so subtle and primitive alive that it express only a organ – let’s say, a stomach, or a liver – at its entire existence. Not a liver as we know it, but the universal systemic function that creates at all system a tool that performs it. So, an electron at energetic level number 6 is to atoms, what a lysosome is to a cell system, a dying star is to an astronomic system, as what a liver is to a human body system. So, the Universe today is composed all places by a bone skeleton which cells are galaxies and it is getting as a thin cover, a biological aspect, the soft meat. Do not try to see this Universe in relation to space – you will not see the truth about it because you are the universe’s cover just now – but try to see in relation to time, its evolution through time. Life creates the skeleton and not skeletons creates life. So life is most important than its skeleton, that’s saying: Biology, Neurology, would be the Science first class. It happens that our living body is inside the skeleton, he will survival if we learn about the skeleton and which technology we can do mimicking the properties of skeletons, starting by the skeleton. That’s why Physics and Math has the power today producing this kind of technology we have today. Wait more a few years… Quantum minded computers, genetic robots, a real technology for humans as living beings and not a technology for humans as machines. We will never get a Theory of Everything by Physics and Math alone, without the participation of Biologists, Neurologists… Without them we arrive to Krauss’ “Something from Nothing”…

(11:00) – The difference between life and the whole world is that life is based on chemistry? But, what is Chemistry? There is no chemistry in non-living world? The key here is that life is based in organic chemistry. And organic chemistry is merely the evolutionary product from the forces and elements of Physics when is added the liquid state of matter, the mean being water. Because the ancestors of biological systems (aka, life) were atoms and galaxies which were formed only with particles, electromagnetic forces and/or solid and gaseous states of matter. So, our ancestor produced liquid and organic chemistry like mammals produces amnion and placenta for their new baby. Life ( a wrong word) is based on our ancestors, which you call non-living, mistakenly. ( ok, I am merely expressing the Matrix/DNA Theory world view. It could be wrong )