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Custo de uma familia para gerar um baby nos U.S.. Total: U$ 41.158,00

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Custo de uma familia para gerar um baby nos U.S. Total: U$ 41.158,00. Tem muitas informacoes uteis no debate do Reddit com link abaixo ( onde, como sempre, publiquei uma opiniao que nunca ninguem iria sequer imaginar… copiada abaixo):

One family’s cost of having a baby (C-section) in the U.S. Fontes:   e




Debate no Reddit:

The Cost of Our Baby’s Birth (C-Section) in the US [OC] from dataisbeautiful

E meu comentario no Reddit:

[–]TheMatrixDNA – post at 01/19/2018 at 8:04 pm

My humble opinion: each worker has an initial value about U$ 300.000,00. This is about the cost for parents to raise the son till the university certificate. How they will get it back? Any work contract must consider that the worker is like a machine with this value. All following laws, all market and products prices, must starting from this premise. No? Ok, stay with your system, no business between us. I need payback my parents…it is their savings for retirement.