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Epigenetica: Como as experiencias da infancia sao escritas no DNA

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Palestra no TED, meus comentarios na discussao:

Epigenetics: How Early Life Experience is Written into DNA

And my comments published in TED:

Louis Morelli – 01/23/2018

From the Matrix/DNA world view we have some different theories about epigenetics:

1) First of all, epigenetics is the evolutionary development of the primitive force that search systemic’s internal thermodynamic equilibrium, survival and good functioning. When the system is born, earlier problems with the environment obligates the system to internal rearrangements, (expressing unusual genes at unusual time), which makes it weak and this weakness increases with time.

Nature has one unique template/formula that has built all natural systems since the Big Bang – from atoms to galaxies to cells and now human bodies (see the Matrix/DNA formula). So, the same formula creates the bigger system, the environment, and the microscopic system, the creature. So, there is a common final point of convergence for environment and creature. The secret for to fix the creatures individual expression of genes is also to fix the problems of immediate environment (like slavery of monkey four by monkey one, bring on the real mother, etc.)

Post n. 2

2) Epigenetics is a kind of abstract force, like softwares throught hardwares, or the mind acting upon the body’s physical matter. At the ancestors non-biological systems it has been called “the identity of systems”, which arises as the total set of information of each part plus the new information from the internal interaction among parts plus external changes. Its evolution goes towards to be consciousness.

This force acts also trying to avoid impulses or instincts from each part, which is prejudice to the whole system. It is everything natural, no intelligence here, like the flow of forces. Human beings has a bad instinct encrypted into the DNA code and inherited from animals, which is the tendency to big predator, or medium predator, or prey. But, this trait is coming from the bigger systems environment in state of chaos, which created our biosphere. This explains why automatically monkeys 1,2,3.4 are self-arranged into a hierarchy.

Our biggest challenge is to lead each human being to self-exorcizing from these instincts. All diseases from epigenetics are caused by non-optimal human evolution in synchrony with the changes in the environment, which is going towards the ordered state. Our social systems mimics the rules of wild jungle in state of chaos, and humans predators of humans as human preys are conservative of this chaotic state. The insistence in this behavior results like in the jungle, everybody goes to extinction, as reaction from the forces of the environment’s biggest system.

Post n. 3

3) DNA is not a code, like 8 billons different human beings does not compose humanity as a code. DNA’s building blocks are two parallels nucleotides working as a system and in same configuration of the universal natural formula for systems, Matrix/DNA. So, each building block is a copy of that perfect formula with some unique individual little difference, like each human being has something that no other has.

So, the DNA can be two ways: 1) one a fixed pile of inherited copies arranged into a fixed configuration; 2) second, an emergent set of those copies performing new configuration, as a second layer, produced volatile by the momentum. If the earlier configuration of the external stimulus are changed, what happens with the second layer? I think it will change only if the entity of the system imposes the change. Because is the entity that has made the first change.  Since that the older stimulus will be always weaker than the first infant stimulus, the identity will take time or never will perceive the external change. I think this is a job more for psychology than geneticists, because psychology acts upon the entity. But, the psychologists need to know the changes in the genes.