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Organismos: multilevel organizacao e funcional integracao – Topico aberto para “paper”

sexta-feira, maio 18th, 2018


Multilevel Organization and Functional Integration in Organisms

A FRONTIER, uma coletanea de jornais cientificos lancou este topico para pesquisa e aceitara papers ou artigos inclusive de cunho filosofico apenas, e eu entrei com um ensaio/teste para ver se tem respostas e orientacoes se vale a pena mandar um artigo, na forma de comentario copiado abaixo: 

My commnet publishe in Frontier in 5/18/18:

Louis Charles Morelli says:

“Furthermore, the concept of the genome understood as a kind of instructional algorithm that determines the organization of biological systems is seriously compromised”
Sorry as a layman and a naturalist philosopher curious working in the Amazon jungle biosphere, this issue is my job and I think could contribute with some insights here. Nature does not know and applies humans algorithm because the reason of Nature is different from the human rational operations.  A natural algorithm is a living process, humans algorithm is not, still is mechanical. Each new level of complexity of an evolutionary universal system – be it atomic, astronomic, or biological level – are organized by a universal formula that reveals a process of life’s cycle. This formula ( which can be seen at my website in the shape of algorithm), called Matrix/DNA, begins with a new moving environment (let’s say, the primordial soup), which works as a womb (F1), from this environment is emitted an initial smaller body which is like the baby (F2), which gets aggregation of nutrients and grows ( F2, like a kid), then it falls in free space like eggs out (F3, the young), gets maturity like sexual maturity (F4) nd so on till to dye as a cada at F7. You can see all known natural systems in this world made by this formula, be it atoms, astronomic, building blocks of DNA, cells, brains, etc.). By mimicking ( or introducing in this world) the process of life’s cycle it gives life, or functional operations to the initial object. be it an amino acid at life’s origins.
So, it is not the genome ( which is merely a pile to-be-a-system-itself of diversified copies of this matrixial formula) that determines the organization of biological systems, because: 1) there was only one formation of biological system, which comprises abiogenesis finishing with the first complete and working cell system; 2) All following species of this biological systems already inherited the organization from its parent system.
I think that every researcher in this topic that does not know the Matrix/DNA formula never will understand these multilevel interactions, connections and hierarchy of life, atoms, astronomic systems, in the right way. So, if he/she gets new discoveries will be by accident and not guided by a solid theory.